What Smart Locks Work with SimpliSafe?

It’s a great way for home security to increase your home security by integrating your door locks with SimpliSafe. The system monitors your doors and immediately notifies you when there’s a security breach attempt. Users also get real-time alerts about their lock’s status, lock and unlock the door via SimpliSafe mobile app, and more.

But first, you’ll need to get SimpliSafe compatible locks, which we’ve featured in this article. Let’s head right into it!

SimpliSafe smart locks: How do they work?

SimpliSafe has its smart lock that can be used with its security system. SimpliSafe only supports August smart locks. These are the August Smart Lock Pro, August Wi Fi Smart Lock, and August Smart Lock 3.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll consider the details of each lock, how SimpliSafe works, and how to connect your compatible lock with SimpliSafe. Let’s dive in!

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SimpliSafe: The Best Smart Locks

1. SimpliSafe Smart Lock

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SimpliSafe Smart Lock is packed full of exciting features like compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, and more. You can pair the lock directly with Alexa or Google Assistant to make it hands-free.

SimpliSafe Security System compatible. It can be seamlessly integrated with the Simplisafe security system to provide real-time monitoring, security alerts, remote locking and unlocking, and other features.

The lock will ensure that your door remains locked regardless of whether you forgot. The timer will automatically lock your door when it is opened for a certain time. SimpliSafe can also be used to auto-lock your door.

SimpliSafe app can be used to control the lock. You can also lock and unlock the lock via Key Fob and PIN.

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2. August Wi-Fi (4th Gen) Smart Lock

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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, the latest addition to August smart lock range, has built-in Wi Fi, unlike the previous two models. What this means is, users don’t need a smart hub to connect to their smartphones and other smart home systems.

The lock is compatible with SimpliSafe and you don’t need a hub to integrate with SimpliSafe as it has built-in Wi-Fi.

This smart lock also has voice control and auto-lock/unlock. The auto-lock feature detects when you arrive and opens the door automatically.

As previously mentioned, the lock can now be controlled by voice command. This works with Alexa, Siri and Google Home.

This lock can also remotely be controlled via your smartphone. It also includes a mobile app that can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

3. August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen)

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This August smart lock also works with SimpliSafe. This smart lock requires a hub to be integrated with SimpliSafe. It is not compatible with the WiFi lock. This is because this lock uses Z-Wave to connect, so it needs a hub to connect with Wi-Fi-based systems.

Users can get a third party hub, such as the Samsung SmartThings or August’s Wi-Fi Bridge.

The lock also includes an auto-lock. works with Alexa Google Assistant for voice control

The lock is compatible with SimpliSafe, and allows seamless remote control via the smartphone app. You can also control the lock remotely using SimpliSafe.

4. August Smart Lock with Connect Wi Fi Bridge

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This lock does not have a key. built-in Wi-FiIt is compatible with SimpliSafe and other Wi Fi-based systems.

The Connect Wi-Fi Bridge makes pairing with smartphones easy. SimpliSafe can control the lock remotely from your smartphone using the mobile app.

The lock is compatible with August Smart Keypad, if you’re looking to unlock it via a keypad. The Keypad doesn’t come with the lock, so you may have to purchase it separately.

What is SimpliSafe, and how does it work with door locks

SimpliSafe is a home security system. The system includes a security camera and video doorbell, a sensor, and a smart lock. Upon installing it in your home, the system provides real-time monitoring and alerts you or the security center when there’s a security breach and other dangers in your home.

As mentioned, the system comes with its own smart lock for door locks. The system works with many smart locks, including August smart locks. When integrated with a smart lock, users can get notifications about their lock’s status, lock and unlock their doors via the SimpliSafe app, and more.

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SimpliSafe can be compared to the Ring Alarm Security systemHowever, it has some distinctive features.

NotificationSimplisafe professional monitoring plans are required to enjoy real-time monitoring as well as other premium features.

How to connect your Smart Lock with SimpliSafe

Recall that SimpliSafe only works with its own smart lock—SimpliSafe Smart Lock and August smart locks. So in this section, we’ll take you through the process of integrating your lock with the security system, starting with August smart locks. Let’s begin!

SimpliSafe Integration of your August Lock

This guide will focus on the August smart locks models. Two other locks will be covered in this guide. require a hub SimpliSafe can be used to connect with SimpliSafe, apart from the August WiFi smart lock. Smart hubs are required for Smart Lock Pro and Smart Lock 3rd Generation. Yes, you can use August’s hub—the Wi-Fi Connect Bridge. It works great.

These are the steps you need to take to integrate your August smartlock into SimpliSafe.

  • Step 1Ensure your August smartlock is connected to SimpliSafe using a Wi-Fi network
  • Step 2: Log in to your account using your SS2 and SS3 systems. System Settings SimpliSafe Web Application. Next, visit IntegrationsYou can still use the System Settings.
  • Step 3: Click here Click on Authorize To log in to August, You can find the Authorize button within the Integrations
  • Step 4: If you’re logged in to your August account, it means the authorization is successful. The system will now prompt you to select a location where your August smartlock is installed.
  • Step 5 The system will show you a list with locks that are associated with your SimpliSafe account once you have selected the location for your August lock. You’ll also see the alarm mode of each lock—Away, Home, and Off.
  • Step 6: Now you can choose the action for each lock or mode. For example, you might choose to lock the front door in Home/Away mode and unlock it in Off.
  • Step 7: If you got all the above steps right, you’re now set to control your August smart lock via SimpliSafe system—through the keypad, key fob, or mobile app.

You can as well enjoy all other features of SimpliSafe Security System—such as when you arm or disarm your SimpliSafe system, your August lock automatically locks or unlock based on your configurations.

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SimpliSafe Smart Lock Integration with SimpliSafe System

It takes only a few minutes to pair SimpliSafe Smart Lock and its security system. Here’s how it works.

  • Step 1: You must ensure that the lock is properly installed on your door.
  • Step 2: Via the lock’s keypad, enter the menu and navigate to Devices. Next, choose Add Device Scroll down to locks, and choose your SimpliSafe lock.
  • Step 3: The system will prompt you to answer the question—have you installed the lock on your door? You should click Yes. Before you click Yes, make sure your lock has been installed. See installation guide here.
  • Step 4: Click the button behind the lock’s battery plate. Wait for the lock to open. Base Station To confirm that a lock was added,
  • Step 5 Follow other prompts on your lock’s keypad to complete the process.

So that’s all about integrating your SimpliSafe smart lock with its security system.

FAQs about SimpliSafe and Smart Locks

Is Schlage Connect compatible with SimpliSafe

The SimpliSafe system is not compatible with any Schlage smart locks models at this time. More so, other smart locks brands like Kwikset and Yale doesn’t work with SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe can I use with my door locks, even if I don’t have a professional monitoring plan?

Yes. But you’ll have to do all the monitoring work yourself. To receive live monitoring, security alerts, and control your door locks using the mobile app, you will need a professional monitoring plan.

Will SimpliSafe call the police if there’s a forced entry attempt on my door?

Yes. If your home is in danger, SimpliSafe will call you first and if there’s no response, they’ll alert the police. This is only possible with a professional monitoring plan.

Can SimpliSafe be monitored remotely from your phone?

Yes. With SimpliSafe interactive plan, you’ll have access to its mobile app—where you can remotely control your door locks, view live video, and receive security alerts.


So that’s it!

SimpliSafe Smartlock and the three August smart lock are the best and only smart locks compatible with SimpliSafe at the moment. Perhaps, in the future, other smart locks may be compatible with the SimpliSafe system, we’ll see!

SimpliSafe is a security system that integrates smart locks with SimpliSafe. This will allow you to enjoy all of the security features.

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