Ninja Foodi Neverstick Non Stick Pan Review (October 2022)

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After looking at different nonstick pans, Ninja Neverstick caught my attention and I was instantly drawn to it. The Ninja Foodie Air Fryer with Pressure Cooking capabilities has been a great addition to my kitchen. It’s a trusted brand and has expanded to non-stick products.

I bought a 12-inch nonstick Ninja frying pan to test it. This allows me to cook on a larger surface. To get all sizes and types of pots and saucepans, you can buy the entire set of Ninja Never Stick. Check out our recommendations for the best ceramic Non-Stick Pans.

Ninja NeverStick Nonstick Pan to the Test

Based on:

  • Even cooking
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Heating time
  • Release of food from the surface
  • Comparison with Blue Diamond nonstick pan

Let’s see how it performed against all our tests. But before we do that, I will list all its features so you know what to expect when testing.

Ninja Never Stick Features

  • Handle in Stainless Steel
  • Oven-safe 500 F
  • Aluminum base, heavy gauge 4.5mm
  • Induction compatible
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hard-Anodized Exterior
  • Safe for Metal Utensils

Ninja Foodi Neverstick Non Stick Pan Review 2022

Construction – Substantial & Solid

The 70% factor that determines how well the nonstick pan performs is its material and construction. The design details and the care taken to use the non-stick pan are key factors in determining how well the product performs.

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Ninja nonstick pans are more durable than other pans. They use a manufacturing process that allows for a maximum of 30,000 F, while other pans only allow for 900 F.

The pan feels heavy, just like a mini-cast iron pan. The Ninja Never Stick pan’s aluminum is hard anodized which makes it stronger than stainless steel.

Ninja nonstick has a unique feature: Its 4.2mm thick aluminum base extends to a relatively thinner side. It is strong and can withstand heat, cooking, and burning.

A plate is attached to the base that makes it compatible with induction burners. The underside of the pan is flat and flush against the glass surface on the electric or induction cookers. However, the interior surface has an indentation in the middle.

Design – Simple and Effective

The Ninja Never Stick pan design is simple but effective. It has flared sides and is deep. This pan is deep enough to store more ingredients.

The exterior of the pan is shot-blasted with a rough texture. However, the interior is smoother and has a sheen.

The handle made of stainless steel is long and solid. To hang the handles on the rack, there is a hole at one end. The handle’s fixed end has Ninja’s name inscribed. It also has a forked design that dissipates heat so it doesn’t get too hot.

The handle got hot after being in the oven and on the stove for long periods. Dual rivets are used in the interior to attach the handle. The non-stick coating is not applied to the rivets, which means food can get stuck to them and it becomes difficult to clean.

Heat Retention & Distribution

The pan is thick and takes a while to heat up. This is due to the professional-grade aluminum that was used in its construction. The Ninja pan is different from other nonstick pans. It must be preheated before you start cooking.

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Once the pan is heated, the heat is evenly distributed to the sides and edges of the pan and it retains heat. However, I found that the temperature would drop if you added cold ingredients to the pan.

Ninja Never Stick Non-Stick Pan’s Performance

I tried the eggs with the standard egg test, and then tried scrambled eggs without oil. The eggs didn’t seem to glide off the surface as easily as I had hoped. However, the eggs did release the surface when I placed the spatula underneath the egg. The eggs cooked perfectly when I added a little oil to them.

As I have already mentioned, the interior has a slightly domed shape, which means that oil pools around the edges.

Next, I tried a pan-seared and oven-finished steak on high heat. The steaks were perfectly seared with a crusty browning, and then I cooked the steaks in the oven.

I made crepes and pancakes. It was amazing how even the browning was and how easy the food popped off the pan.

Super easy to clean

It is very easy to clean a nonstick Ninja pan. You can scrub and scratch food residue from regular pans that have cooled on the surface of the Ninja nonstick pan. The sponge can be used to remove any food residues from the Ninja’s pan’s surface. They don’t need extra effort or scrubbing. It can be washed in the dishwasher. However, it is best to not make the pan too often to prolong its life.

Comparison with Blue Diamond Nonstick Pan

It was side-by-side compared to my Blue Diamond nonstick pan. Both are nonstick pans. However, Ninja’s nonstick coating is stronger at 30,000 F. Blue Diamond has a ceramic coating.

Here’s a quick look at the main differences I noticed, aside from the nonstick coating.

Ninja Non-Stick PanBlue Diamond Nonstick Pan
The Ninja nonstick pan is heavy.The Blue Diamond pan doesn’t weigh much.
A high-temperature manufacturing process strengthens Ninja’s nonstick pan.The blue diamond pan is infused with diamond dust for strength.
The Ninja nonstick pan is moderately affordable.The blue diamond pan can be purchased at a budget-friendly price.
The Ninja nonstick pan is a combination of a rough exterior and a smooth but grainy interior.The surface of the blue diamond pan is smooth and poreless.
Induction compatible Ninja nonstick panIt is not compatible with induction.
It is a nonstick, oven-safe frying pan that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F.It can be baked at 600 F.
It can also be used with metal spoons and whisks.It can also be used as a nonstick, metal-safe pan.
Dishwasher safeYou can wash it in the dishwasher.

The pans are nonstick and food is easily released from the surface. The ceramic nonstick isn’t as durable as the Ninja. Although these pans are advertised as being durable and nonstick, they can be damaged by the daily use of metal utensils or washing in the dishwasher.

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The Pros and Cons Of Ninja Foodi Nonstick Pan


  • Durable coating and sturdy construction
  • Even browning
  • Induction compatible
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Handles are comfortable and easy to grip


  • It is difficult to clean the riveted area of the handle
  • Heat-up takes longer due to thicker insulation

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Ninja non-stick pan use Teflon?

Yes, Ninja’s nonstick pan has a PTFE coating. This is also known as Teflon. The coating does not contain PFOA, a substance known for having harmful health effects. These top recommendations will help you find a Teflon-free saucepan.

Is Ninja Foodi cookware worth it?

Ninja Foodi Neverstick premium cooking ware is worth the investment due to its high performance, easy cleaning, heat distribution, and build quality.

Are metal utensils allowed on Ninja NeverStick cooking ware?

The Ninja NeverStick cookware can be used with metal utensils. You can use metal spoons, knives, whisks, and spatulas. To avoid scratches, knives and forks cannot be used on cookware.

What is a Ninja Non-stick made from?

Ninja nonstick is made from hard-anodized aluminum and has a proprietary coating of PTFE that is free of PFOA.

The Bottom Line

The Ninja nonstick pan was a great choice because of its excellent performance, sturdy construction, and even heat distribution. This is a great nonstick pan at a reasonable price. It can also be used with induction ranges.

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