6 Best Indoor Hanging Barn Lights 2023

Are you searching for hanging barn lights compatible with a sloped or vaulted ceiling in your home? You have come to the right place. This article contains the best indoor barn lights that can be used with different ceiling designs.

Of course, that’s not all you need to consider when looking for hanging ceiling lights. You should consider the design’s elegance, durability, compatibility, wattage, dimension, and safety ratings. These features were taken into consideration in our selection process. We even went further to find out what users had to say about the products.

We have included detailed descriptions and reviews to each light fixture in order to make it easier for you to find the right one. You will find the best ones by reading carefully.

And if you’re ready to have a look, we have a quick list for you below.

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The Best Indoor Hanging Bar Lights at a Glance

6 Best Hanging Barn Lights — Reviews

1. LEONLITE Industrial Metal Pendant Light

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This pendant light is perfect for indoor use. It can be used in kitchens, hallways, warehouses, and other areas. It’s mainly for indoor use and not suitable for a humid environment.

The light fixture comes with a matte black finish and a hallowed iron lampshade. It is compatible with many interior decors. The light fixture’s stylish appearance is also enhanced by its minimalist lines and minimal detailing.

It can be used with most ceiling designs and has a maximum height 5.64ft. It is easy to install, and you can do it yourself if your DIY skills are sufficient.

The best bulbs to use on this hanging light fixture are E26 base vintage bulbs—60 watts and 120 volts’ maximum. The fixture comes with no bulb so you will need to buy one separately. For the best lighting effect and ambience, make sure you get a compatible bulb.

More so, you can trust the quality of this pendant barn light as it’s ETL certified. Of course, it’s anti-rust and shockproof.

2. Lika Industrial Barn Ceiling Light Fixtures

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Have a sloped ceiling? This farmhouse pendant light is suitable for hanging on slope ceilings. It’s a hardwired hanging light fixture yet easy to install. The mounting hardware, wire connector, and ground wire are all included in the package. These items are included with the installation manual.

And that’s not all about this indoor hanging barn light. It features a retro-style dome shade that will complement your home’s decor. It can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or dining room. Note that it’s mainly for indoor use so don’t try to use it outside as it is not designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

This light also comes in great quality—nice finish and safe wiring. And for size, it is 11.5 inches in diameter with a 9.8 inches’ adjustable cord, while the canopy is 5.9 inches. This light is ideal for interior use. You can also adjust the light to illuminate specific areas.

Any E26 base 60 watts’ bulb can fit this light fixture. You have to get a compatible bulb separately as it doesn’t come with any bulb.

3. Log Barn Dining Room Light Fixture Hanging

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Hanging barn lighting can add color to your bedroom or kitchen. But you must make sure it fits exactly where you need it. If you’re looking to get dimmable pendant barn lights for your bedroom, kitchen or dining, you won’t be wrong choosing this light fixture. It’s designed with metal—in rusty black finish. This color is compatible with many home designs.

Its elegance is further enhanced by the curved rod and two sloping chain. Not to mention it’s three bowl-shaped glass shades. This fixture is stylish and sophisticated.

You can also rotate the fixture to focus any direction you wish. Adjustable chains are available in sizes ranging from 9.3 to 68.1 inches.

It is also very simple to install. With little electrical knowledge, you can do it yourself. For this light to work properly, you will need to install it correctly. If you are unsure how to do it right, you should consult an electrician.

This fixture can be used with many ceiling light fixtures, so yours may not be the only one. To control the light, you can also use a compatible dimmer switch.

It requires 3 E26 base bulbs—60 watts. Bulbs are to be purchased separately as it doesn’t come with any bulb.

4. LynPon Industrial Barn Pendant Light

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This hanging ceiling light is compatible with any E26 base bulb—ranging from LED, CFL, Edison and Incandescent. 60 wattage is recommended for each bulb. Note that the fixture doesn’t come with bulbs, so you have to get the bulbs separately.

Why do we recommend this bulb to you? Its sleek design is compatible with many interior decors. This light can be used in any interior space, including your bedroom, kitchen and dining areas. This light can also be used in restaurants, storesfronts, garages, and other places. The color and lampshade cage makes it a great fit for many areas—commercial and residential. The lampshade cage protects the bulb as well.

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This pendant barn light is easy to mount and can be used on both sloped and flat ceilings. Of course, it’s adjustable, and you can rotate it to where you want it to focus.

You should verify the size of the fixture based on where it will be installed. The fixture measures 10.3 inches in diameter, 6.3 in high, 4.72 in wide canopy, and 59 in long. If you’re not sure how it works, you should get a technician to measure the installation area to see if it fits appropriately.

5. Globe Electric Barnyard—1-Light 16 inches Industrial Plug-In Pendant

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This adjustable pendant light lets you customize the fixture to your liking. It is available in a classic, vintage design that can be adapted to modern designs.

It has an open bottom which exposes the bulb, but still retains a stylish look. You shouldn’t go for this if you need a fixture with a lampshade cage protecting the bulb.

This barn light has been designed with durability in mind and is easy to use. The installation is simple as it doesn’t require any wiring. Simply hang it in a convenient place, then plug-in the power cord to get the light you want. It is easy to replace the bulb.

This light barn light fixture can either be attached to existing swaghooks or installed new ones. It can be used with sloped or vaulted ceilings.

This light fixture is suitable for both residential and commercial use. You should use a compatible bulb to get the most out of it. An E26 medium-base bulb is the recommended bulb. Bulbs must be purchased separately. The bulb is not included in the package.

6. Edison Industrial Metal Pendant Lighting Fixture

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This Edison pendant light fixture can be used with both E26 and E27 bulbs. It is not like other fixtures that only require E26 base bulbs. You can choose from either one.

That’s not all about this hanging barn light fixture. It is easy to install and compatible with many ceiling styles. We voted it the best.

This light fixture will work well on any ceiling, no matter how sloped or vaulted. The light can be used in many areas, including the kitchen, dining, living, and commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, and offices.

If you are not an expert in hanging lights or have no electrical knowledge, installation is simple. It comes with all mounting hardware, as well as installation guides to assist you in installing it.

This light fixture is very durable and of high quality. The lamp cap and wires are UL-certified, which confirms its quality.

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Note that it doesn’t come with a bulb and you have to purchase it separately. To get the best from it, ensure you buy a compatible lamp. The recommended bulb wattage for 60W is.

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FAQS About Indoor Hanging Barn Lights

What is the ideal height for barn lights?

Your indoor barn light should be suspended at 60 to 70 inches above your floor. Measurement is from the bottom edge of the lampshade to floor. If you’re hanging where another object separates the lights from the floor such as the dining table or kitchen island, the recommended height is 28 to 36 inches above the object’s surface. This is not the same as separation. If you’re hanging multiple lights in a particular setting, the spacing is around 24 to 30 inches.

Can you hang a barn lamp in a bedroom?

Yes, pendant lights can be used in bedrooms. You can hang them on either side of the bed. You might also use them as table lamps or wall sconces. You should ensure they are hung where you won’t hit your head when getting out of your bed.

Can I use LED lights on a hanging barn fixture?

It all depends on compatibility. A fixture that can use LED light will work fine. You should always make sure that you use the recommended bulb. This is important for safety, ambience, as well as an excellent lighting experience.

Can I use indoor barn lights in commercial places?

Yes, they are available in bars and restaurants. To find out where you can use them, make sure to read the description before purchasing. Note that the lights are not weatherproof and can’t withstand moisture or hot temperature. They should not be used in commercial or residential areas.

Wrapping up

You might notice that we often say that the lights are easy-to-install. This is true, but it is important to note that five of these hanging barn lights will require hardwiring. If you don’t have any experience with hardwired lights, this may prove difficult. To ensure your lights work properly, you will need to install them correctly. You should only handle the installation if you’re sure of doing it correctly. You should call an electrician to fix them.

For the best lighting experience, be sure to choose the right bulb wattage.

These light fixtures were primarily made for indoor use. If you’re looking for outdoor lights, see outdoor barn lights top picks here.

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