How to Reset a Trilogy Lock

If you’re looking to reset your Trilogy digital lock, this article is your go-to resource.

So in the next few paragraphs, you’d learn how to factory reset your Trilogy keypad lock (T2,T3, and Networx Models). I also covered some basic things you can do with your lock such as creating and changing the user codes.

Resetting your lock will permanently erase all settings, and restore it to its factory default settings.

That said, let’s head right into it!

How to reset a Trilogy lock to factory settings

  • Step 1: Take off the lock battery cover. Unplug the batteries. It may be necessary to unscrew a screw to remove the battery case.
  • Step 2: Press and hold down any button on your lock’s keypad for about 20 seconds. Your batteries should remain unplugged while you do this.
  • Step 3 After 15 to 20 second, release the button. Then, plug your batteries back in.
  • Step 4After you have plugged in your batteries, the lock will flash three times and emit a red light. Next, press the button and hold it. AL Wait for the lock to sound again before you release the button.
  • Step 5: Enter your lock’s master code to complete the factory reset process.

Notification: The default master codes for T2 locks are 12345 and 123456 respectively for T3 locks. Use your unique master code if you’ve already changed it.

Changing the Master Code in a Trilogy Lock (T2 Series—DL2700, DL2800, etc.)

The master code is a 5-digit number that allows you to perform administrative functions like creating and deleting user code. The default master code is 12345 and you want to change it immediately after your lock is installed—for security reasons.

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So here’s how to change your Trilogy lock master code:

  • Step 1Enter your current mastercode and hit the AL button on your lock’s keypad.
  • Step 2Press the 1st and press the 2nd. AL button. Next, enter your new 5-digit master code.
  • Step 3: Press this AL Press the button again to enter the same code. This will activate a series red flashes and beeps that indicate that the new code has been received and accepted.
  • Step 4: Enter your new mastercode to open the door. If it does, that’s all about changing your master code.

Notification: There’s no limit to how many times you can change your master code.

How to create a User code in a Trilogy Lock

You can use user codes to unlock your door without a physical key. You can also create multiple codes and share them to others who need them.

Here’s how you can create user codes on a Trilogy T2 lock:

  • Step 1Enter the mastercode and press the AL button.
  • Step 2: Press the desired number and hit the “Enter” button AL button. This is not the entry code, but an identification number for you.
  • Step 3Enter a 5-digit access code or entry for the user. The indicator will flash red and beep about three times—showing the code is received.
  • Step 4: Enter the code once more to confirm. If the indicator flashes three times or more, it means that the lock has accepted the code.

And that’s all about creating a user code. It’s almost the same process for deleting/changing a user code. Let’s take a closer look.

Change a Trilogy Lock’s User Code

  • Step 1Enter your master code, and hit the AL button. Next, enter the number associated with the user code and press the AL button.
  • Step 2: Input your new 5-digit code. The lock indicator will flash several times red to indicate it received the new code.
  • Step 3: Enter the code again. This time, the indicator turns green to indicate that the new code successfully replaces the old one.
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How to program a Timed Passage mode in a Trilogy lock

A Trilogy lock placed in a passage mode will ensure that it remains unlocked until you remove it from the passage mode. That is, you can open your door by merely turning the handle—no need to unlock via user code as the passage mode keeps it unlocked.

With that being said, here’s how to put your Trilogy lock in a passage mode (in two steps):

  • Enter your 5-digit master code (you can use managers’ code too) and press the AL button
  • Then, press the number 4. AL button. To indicate that the process is complete, the indicator light (red), will flash several times.
  • That puts your lock in a mode of passage!

    To return it to lock mode

  • Enter your mastercode and press the AL button.
  • Then press 5. AL Press the button again. To indicate that the lock has been removed from the passage mode, the indicator will flash and beep multiple times.
  • Notification: Apart from factory resetting, other guides above are only for the T2 series locks—mostly DL2700 and DL2800. T3 and Networx models may have slightly different processes. Refer to your user’s manual or look up more details on Alarm Lock’s website.

    Which Trilogy Lock Model Is Suitable for Commercial Doors

    Trilogy locks, notably T2 models are ANSI/BHMA grade 1 certified. This means they are well-suited to be used for. commercial doors. However, as per our research, the DL2700 is one of Trilogy’s most popular locks and has earned recommendations from various users.

    Get it on Amazon

    It also features a keypad, which allows users to program upto 100 entry codes. It also features a keyway that allows you to switch between key or keyless entry.

    Because the lock has a 6-pin cylindrical lock mechanism, it can be difficult to pick up or bump.

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    Besides, it’s a Grade 1 lock, meaning it’s been tested and confirmed to withstand lock pickingBumping and other forced entry methods

    Other features include a rugged latch, reversible lever and vandal-proof (5-AA) batteries.


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    Similar Questions

    How can I disable the Trilogy lock sound?

    Apart from Trilogy DL2800 and DL300, you can disable the keypad sound on other models via the lock’s keypad. The process varies for each model—you may have to refer to your user manual for a detailed guide.

    Trilogy DL3000 won’t lock (stays open), what to do?

    Input your user code and listen to hear the lock’s motor spin. Once you hear the motor spinning, turn the lever/knob.

    If the lock locks for only a few seconds, such as 5, it’s likely that the motor wires are twisted. Try to fix it by checking the two-conductor cables that run through the lock’s spindle to the door and the top of the board connector.

    You may well contact Alarm Lock (the manufacturer) or have a locksmith fix it—if you’re not sure of doing it yourself.

    Why is my DL3000 lock refusing to accept new codes during programming

    You can try these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

    • Disconnecting the lock’s battery plug.
    • To reset the lock press and hold any button.
    • Reconnect the battery to start the programming process again.

    Wrapping up

    I’m glad you have read this far. Maybe you were just looking for information on how to reset your Trilogy lock, or change the master code. I hope this article helped.

    Keep in mind, they’re other models of Trilogy lock—T3 and Networx, so ensure you’re using the right settings applicable to your lock’s model.

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