Eaz lift Recurve r6 Review (September 2022)

Weight distribution hitches are built to work with linear hitches for weight distribution. It also regulates the swing control between the vehicle and a trailer. In addition 64 percent of accidents involving trailers occur in the States due to overloaded or unbalanced vehicles.

Large trailers require a hitch of class 4/5 for front and behind alignment when driving. If the hitch doesn’t include a proportionate installation of sway control and a stiff sway control the chance is that there could be accidents occurring because of an the imbalance.

Eaz lift Recurve r6 Weight Distributing Hitch connected with a trailer

Camco has been producing hitches for quite a while and the Eaz Lift Recurve R6 is their latest sway control with to distribute weight.

In contrast to the old Eaz Lift R3, this smart 10deg sway control system is able to adapt to the terrain for greater ground clearance. It does this by automatic disengaging and low-speed adjustment.

However, there’s still a debate about whether it’s worth the effort to upgrade to the latest sway control R6? So, we’ve tried the new system and supplied the most thorough review on the Eaz lift recurve R6 evaluations below.

Eaz lift Recurve r6 Reviews 2022

  • Innovative & premium adaptive sway control technology provides intelligent weight distribution at times of low-speed driving by automatically disengage & highway road turns
  • It auto-adjusts in hill tracks or icy road conditions and prevents any accident probability
  • More minor moving parts by the brilliant sway resistance ensure a quiet and calm ride
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


Premium Adaptive Sway Control

Recurve r6 adjustable Sway Control

Recurve R Recurve R range was well-known for its sophisticated tuning system during its trailer movement. It comes with a collar in the center and has the collar pad material. Additionally the collar pad offers an additional spindle for connect to your car.

In the end, it will give you improved trailer grip, adjustable sway control, as well as greater ground clearance. With the twist on a bolt when your trailer is at a low speed or goes through a turn or a ten-degree turn it automatically adjusts to the speed.

However, Camco has updated and introduced Sway Control technology. Comparatively to the r6 other sway control hitches aren’t reliable enough.

Heavy-duty function

In trying out this model, our specialists discovered that its Sway control disengages automatically after 10 degrees, which is the run to a lower level. Since it’s a movable device to turn 90 degrees, using the highway for sway control is effortless and smooth.

Yet it is true that the Eaz lift is different from other hitches for weight distribution due to the fact that other sway control devices as well as weight distribution facilities are too rigid when taking turns. Highways and normal roads cause tow vehicles shift their speed control because of the flow of traffic.

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Therefore, the Sway Control is efficient enough to alter the head of a truck’s hitch or trailer’s speed of travel and offers an automatic control of sway. When we tried it we were able to see that the sway control was perfect and not more or less. It is easy to steer when a vehicle is connected by an Eaz lift.

Accident prevention

The r6 adapts to the vehicle’s angular motion and produces sway resistance through linear resistance. Top-loading spring bars as well as a hitch ball in this ReCurve Sway Control System that controls the control.

If a vehicle does not have an appropriate weight distribution system it is possible to have an accident caused by overloaded. Recurve r6 detects automatically any movement in sway and its adaptive system is able to keep an entire trailer run in straight lines. This means that any type of crash could hinder normal driving.

Measurement of the Hitch

Despite Camco providing different instruction manuals and tutorials users are often in a state of confusion regarding adjustment for the hitch. The ReCurve r6 has an already installed 16-inch hitch. The best way to measure is to measure between the floor and the ball coupler.

The situation is different for tow vehicles since each 1/8 inch increases the weight by 100 pounds. The test vehicle we used for regular driving was coupler’s maximum height of 20 inches and the trailer’s tongue mass is about 700lbs.

According to the calculation the recurve-r6 hitching steering for towing vehicles is the size of 20 by 7/8 inches. Some people complained that the Sway control won’t work with their trailers regardless of the method they use.

It’s important to take into consideration the dimensions that a slim receiver spring clip and hitch pin so that they can adapt to trailers. Spring clips typically provide more ground, and are easy to connection to any vehicle or trailer. The hitch ball is included.

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Ergonomic weight distribution

Eaz lift line comes with an exclusive “U” designed eight inch hole in the ball mounting. The spring bar is the one that determines the distribution of weight through the ball mount transfer , making the process easier. As you change and adjust the bars, the manufacturers claim the weight distributer is responsible for distributing weight towards the front of a towing vehicle.

There are three R6 models The most well-known model is called that of the four-8733 version. It can distribute a maximum the weight for tongues of 1200lbs and a maximum gross weight of 12,000 pounds. The tow and recurve vehicles must be in the same ground level for sway control.

It is possible to get an appropriate spring angle. We recommend that you make sure that spring bars are balanced and do not overload the other hitches for sway controls, making the maneuvering easier. The spring bar’s weight could cause excessive distribution on the front of that you drive and not enough tow pressure for the rear axle.

Constructive lock-up position

The hook bracelets in the ReCurve are used to secure the r6 to the trailer to provide more ground clearance. In addition the spring bars with the highest loading on the ball mount automatically lock into to prevent any excessive movement.

The hook-up bracelet that is included in this hitch guarantees alignment between the vehicle towing and the sway control technology. Additional 1/2 inch flat screw is an essential feature so that the user can easily adjust the hole to be in alignment to the car. Be sure to release the tension from the hook-up bracelets lifting to the top of the trailer, and towing the backof the trailer, making the maneuvering easier.

Streamline design

Recurve r6 design

In general, hitches don’t come with specific designs, but they do help to keep the trailer straight. However, the Eaz lift Recurve stands out due to its stylish and elegant appearance. Additionally, popular hitches such as that of CURT 13333, a trailer-mounted hitch create an ear-splitting sound when they are operating.

Camco has designed the sway control on the R6 as silent while operating as quiet as is possible. It also comes with other accessories including a tongue jack hitch bar, spring bars with adjustable height and a sturdy Hensley Arrow. Even when roads are icy you are able to drive your truck with ease thanks to lifting weight recurve.


Camco provides a five-year extension warranty on the vehicle on which it’s mounted, and not other hitches for weight distribution. But, they do not offer regular tears in the normal conditions of driving. In addition, in the event that damages occur to the products using this hitch to control sway.

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In this case, the manufacturers do not take any responsibility. The user must fill out the online form on Camco’s website. Camco web site in ten days of receiving the warranty. The warranties for the other hitches for sway control do not last longer than 3 or 4 years.

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  • The thumbscrew and top loading spring bars help to keep the propane alignment between your vehicle and trailer straight to ensure a comfortable driving experience.
  • It provides three inches more ball alignment for both the front and back weight control.
  • The weight is evenly distributed over the vehicle in order to keep constant contact with the road or daily driving.
  • Mono trunnion that has bent bars that are inverted allows the trailer and the vehicle to rotate in the same direction. hitch ball’s center.
  • Distributes a weight range of 1200-12,000 lbs
  • A simple and sleek style


  • Ball tension and height work in tandem and don’t have their own adjustments.
  • There is no adjustment of height to adjust bar tension
  • Moderately costly

Recurve R6 vs. R3 Which is better?

This is the improved model of the earlier r3 produced by Camco. The primary difference is the sway control mechanism that is a passive system and the r6 that operates with real-time adaptive. Below is a table that outlines the main distinctions between Recurve R6 and R3.

ConcernEazLift’s Recurve Recurve R6EazLift Recurve
Sway ControlA sway control with adaptive sway that is engaged and disengages on the trailer’s off-centerAdjustable prior to fixing the trailer and the vehicle. It remains fixed in any position
Weight DistributionAvailable in three different sizes ranges: 600 lbs, 1,000 lbs and 1200 lbs.It is available in only 1200 pounds
TimeIt works in real-time, regardless of any kind of road conditions , or speedIt is constantly working in the event of the road’s surface or in icy conditions
PricePrice checkPrices to check

Installation guide (Video)

Wrapping Up!

If you drive on hillsides or highways frequently and want to upgrade on the R6 is a great option. In our testing the R6 has a superb performance and performs its task well. The decision to have 3 different hitches for weight is an excellent decision by Camco.

Comparing to the Eaz Lift 1000 pounds The Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch is a fantastic deal, especially with the latest Sway resistance. It does, however, offer the same performance as Andersen Hitches with no sway The Weight Distribution Hook.

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