7 Best Yellow Fog Light Bulbs 2023

A number of difficult situations you could ever experience is driving on an unlit road. The visibility is low that your view ahead could be restricted to just only a few feet, creating the risk of injury to the motorists around you.

If you do make the investment in the most efficient yellow fog lights, you’ll be able to prevent this issue. It is important to note that these lights could be useful in difficult-to-see situations like forest fire, intense rain or even snow. Yellow is the best colour for fog lights because they provide the necessary vision and is more gentle on the eyes of the oncoming drivers.

Here’s a thorough review of the most popular yellow fog lights available on the market.

The Yellow Fog Bulbs Comparative

Below is a list of fog lights in yellow we have seen on the market. We’ve highlighted their main attributes so that you can understand the advantages each has to provide.

The RankingProduct NameVoltageWattage
1Alla Lighting Extreme The ETI LED 56-SMD Fog Lights12 Volts8.50 Watts
2Alla Lighting High Power 3030 SMD Fog Light12 Volts8.8 Watts
3Alla Lighting H8 H9 H11 Switchback Fog Lights12 Volts25 Watts
4Alla Lighting PY20D LED Fog Lights in Yellow12 Volts8.50 Watts
5Sealight H11 LED Light Bulbs for Fog12 Volts11 Watts
6Alla Lighting ETI 56-SMD Super Bright LED Fog Lights12 Volts8.5 power watts
7Optilux Hella H71071132 XY55 Watts

Top 7 Best Yellow Fog Light Bulbs 2022

1. Alla Lighting Xtreme ETI56-SMD White Fog LED Light Bulb

There are a variety of reasons as to why this pair of fog lamps is on very top of the list. The first is that each bulb comes with a power output of 1,000 lumens, giving the pair a brightness of 2500 lumens. This is sufficient to penetrate through the fog , making vehicles visible passing motorists.

Furthermore they are also equipped with the 3000K color temperature that is more comfortable for the eyes, and will provide you with better visual clarity even in harsh weather conditions like intense fog.

Finally, a life span of more than 50,000 hours indicates that bulbs will provide you a high-quality service for many years to the future.


  • The product is covered by a 1-year warranty.
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • IP67 waterproof
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  • Poor packaging

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2. Alla Lighting High Power 3030 SMD Fog Light

The next set is a second set of fog light from Alla Lighting, only that this one is more expensive. However, the cost shouldn’t be a deterrent because it could be an indication of higher quality.

One indicator of higher high-end quality bulbs is that they have aluminum used on the chip, which allows for more efficient heat dissipation and maintains the bulb at a lower temperature of operation.

We were impressed by the simple installation that lets you be on the road in the shortest amount of time.

It is impossible to overlook a combined power of 2 000 lumens from both lamps, to ensure maximum light in the dense fog.


  • Long life span
  • Super bright
  • It looks great!


  • Poor light scatter

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3. Alla Lighting H8 H9 H11 Switchback Yellow Fog Light

This is a different set of fog lights by Alla Lighting, which you could also use for headlights depending on the car’s specifications.

The bulbs are dual-color bulbs that include 6000K xenon white along with 3000K yellow amber golden. This makes them soft as well as safe to other motorists since they will not blind drivers when driving. We loved how simple switching between the two light sources and only requires an easy on-off switch of the headlight’s switch.

With a combined output of 8000 lux, this fog light set is very bright and can be able to cover more distances and allow better visibility in severe conditions and in darkness.

It’s also amazing that the lights come with the IP67 water-proof rating. This means that any rainwater won’t get into the bulbs and cause long-lasting damage.


  • We offer a 1-year warranty on defects.
  • Dual-color Switchable
  • Installation is simple


  • No cooling fan

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4. Alla Lighting PY20D LED Yellow Fog Lights

You must have realized this: Alla Lighting is one of the most renowned manufacturers for fog lamps. This particular fog light set comes with high-powered 56 parts made of ETI LED chips to provide effective lighting.

However that these lights provide an output of 3000 lumens , which ensures that you have the best visibility even in the most extreme situations, such as heavy fog or rain. Additionally, it offers three color choices, i.e., 6500K Xenon white 3000K Amber yellow along with an 8000K Ice Blue.

This lets you pick the color you think will be ideal for the conditions at hand.

In terms of water resistance the bulbs are rated IP67 to ensure they are sealed completely from water and moisture, which is common in extreme conditions.

In the end, you’re bound to enjoy the effortless Plug-n’-Play installation process to start in the shortest time possible.


  • Three color choices
  • Installation is easy
  • Rapid cooling


  • Not durable

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5. Sealight H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Are you interested in avoiding collisions in fog? If so, you should to test using the Sealight fog lights that have the same penetrating power as halogens and can ensure you are safe even in heavy fog or rain.

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One of the most interesting features in this bulb is the smart temperature control. This feature allows the bulbs will adjust their temperature when it is they are too low or high in order to avoid burning out because of excessive heat.

It is also possible to anticipate a lower frequency of replacement because of its lifespan that exceeds 50 000 hours. We attribute this durability on the inbuilt Intelligent IC driver as well as the latest aluminum material that provides efficient heat dissipation.

In addition, by using the 3000K amber-yellow light that you’ll not create discomfort for other drivers since there are no reflections that could cause strain to your eyes when you travel around.


  • Straightforward installation
  • Long-lasting
  • Strong light penetration


  • Flicker a lot

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6. Alla Lighting ETI 56-SMDSuper High-Bright LED Fog Light Bulb

Each light bulb comes with a brightness of 1900 lumens. This will provide a total production of 3800 lumens in both units. They are sufficient to ensure safe driving in fog or in heavy rain.

The waterproof rating of IP67 means that there will be very little or no entry by harmful elements like water and moisture.

How long is the life expectancy? It is true that the built-in IC driver and the 6063 aluminum material are essential for quick cooling, which improves the longevity significantly.

Not to mention this product is protected by a one-year guarantee. The aim is to provide security because you can claim an exchange or refund in the event of any defect during the warranty period.


  • Long-term longevity
  • Look great
  • Widely used


  • The complaints are only on one side of the bulb being working

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7. Optilux Hella H71071132 XY Series Yellow Halogen Bulb

The final item we’ll take a look at is two halogen bulbs made to emit a beam of yellow GT-like light to provide a striking shade during extreme weather conditions like dense fog, snow or heavy rain.

The 55 watts of power is very high and could hint at how much light bulbs release. We think that they’re sufficient in brightness to allow you to navigate the most muddy off-roads with ease.

In addition, the 4200K color temperature allows the lights to be soft and safe for those who are in the traffic, since it will not cause blindness to drivers.

Finally, plug-n’play installation means that you can be done installing the lights in five minutes, provided that you adhere to the directions in a timely manner.


  • Long-lasting and useful life
  • Elegant appearance
  • Easy to install


  • For use off-road only.

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Buying Guide to Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

Given the numerous types of yellow fog lights on the market and you’re likely to find more difficult than you thought. You can simplify things by focusing on particular elements of your bulbs.

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Here are the details:

Color Temperature

It refers to the hue or tint that is produced when you turn the fog light on. The measurement is as Kelvins (K). The lower numbers such as 3000K are considered to be warm because they contain more amber or yellow, and the higher values like 5000K are cool, with more blue.

Be aware that although the higher figures offer sharp images, they could result in eye strain because of the blue color. Thus, the lower numbers are best for you because the yellow color is not known to cause eyes strain following prolonged use.


The brightness is measured in lumens and can give you an idea of how much intensity you’re expecting from your fog light. It is generally the higher the lumen count is, the brighter the lights will be and the majority of fog light bulbs tend to be in the 1500-2000 lumens.

However, the more bright models tend to be more expensive and you must be sure to stick within your spending limit.

Other factors can be considered in the yellow light bulb comprise:

  • Installation is simple
  • Lifespan
  • Cooling
  • Fit
  • Beam pattern/Distance

FAQs about Fog Light Bulbs

Before we conclude our discussion, we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about the yellow fog light bulbs we have encountered during our investigation. Go through them and we’ll be able to answer any of your concerns.

Do fog lights be a distraction for other drivers?

Yes, they are able to. They are intended to increase visibility in areas that have poor visibility. They are generally brighter than the normal. If you don’t install them correctly or place them in the right direction, they could cause an issue to other drivers.

It’s all based on the location you live in since there might be laws concerning the hue of your fog light. In the majority of cases, regulations aim to ensure that your lights do not cause an issue for other motorists or businesses.

Why do many drivers choose the color yellow to its fog lamps?

It could be due to the fact that these fog lamps have more long wavelength than white lights that would result in greater performance in the most extreme of conditions like dense fog, heavy rain or snow. Furthermore, yellow lights are thought to reduce eye strain, and it’s not likely to blind other drivers.

The Top Overall #1

After examining what each fog light bulbs have to offer, the Alla Lighting Xtreme ETI56-SMD LED Fog Lights were our top choice. The lights are from a trusted brand that has ensured that they are sufficiently bright, feature excellent weather resistance and simple warranty conditions.

All of these will ensure that you won’t be disappointed in investing into the product.

Closing Remark

The fog could make for an unpleasant driving experience since you can easily crash onto other cars, animal or even humans. With the top white fog light, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable experience driving in these conditions.

We’ve tried to keep the information in our article brief however, it is simple and short enough that you are able to locate your perfect product. If you’re succeeding, there’s no reason to leave your vehicle on the roadside and wait for the weather to improve.

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