9 Best Weight Distribution Hitches Reviews (September 2022)

If you’,re planning a trip of a week through the nation, just a couple of days in a wooded area or simply a weekend getaway in your RV, wherever you go one essential thing you’ll need to know is how to transport your trailer to every location. The best solution is to employ hittingches that distribute weight.

What is a distribution of weight hitch exactly? A hitch designed to support an even distribution of the weight. For more precise definition it is a hitch for weight distribution. It is a type of hitch that disperses the weight of the tongue (TW) of an trailer over the four wheels of the tow vehicle. Weight distribution hitches are also referred to as a load-equalizing hitches.

With their capability to offer more level towing and more control, the weight distribution hitches are essential to ensuring safe travel.

Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s take a closer glance at the top review of a weight distribution hitch to discover how WD hitches can improve your experience of towing.

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How does the Weight Distribution Hitch Function?

When you hook up, the trailer puts a certain amount of pressure on the rear axle of your vehicle that is known by the term the tongue weight. A hitch that distributes weight works by spreading the weight evenly throughout the vehicle, which allows the towing vehicle and trailer to travel more evenly. This allows you to enjoy better control of the road and also makes the towing process easier on your vehicle.

A WD hitch makes use of trailer balls to connect to the trailer, much like a standard ball mount that can be adjusted. This WD hitch, in contrast to the ball mount, has spring bars, which also serve as bridges between tow vehicles and trailer, having one end connected to the frame of the trailer, as well as another one located close to the receiver of the tow vehicle.

They are positioned in tension, which causes the trailer frame to lean down, and the vehicle to raise up on the back.

This tension functions as a counterweight for the load on the trailer’s tongue’s pressure downwards, which keeps the trailer and car in a straight line. The purpose of this hitch is to ensure that the driver’s journey is safe. Towing more than the vehicle’s towing capacity isn’t smart nor safe but.


Top 9 Best Weight Distribution Hitches Reviews 2022

With the plethora of selection of Weight Distribution Hitch choices on the market, it can be very difficult to select the best one. After extensive analysis our experts have created the top 9 review of the Weight Distribution Hitch to take a review before making a decision.

1.) EAZ LIFT48058 The Top Pick of ours and the best overall weight distribution hitch within the budget

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Two-five/16 inch ball for the hitch and sway control balls are pre-installed and torqued as per the specs on the head of the hitch. The chain and U-bolts are already installed onto the bars for springs. Therefore, the sway-prevention set is easy to set up as well as adjust, with a 6-inch increment in height.

The Eaz Lift 48058 Bent Bar Ready-to-Tow Weight Distribution Hitch Kit comes with two inches of square shank with 2 1/2 drop of a ‘. It is possible to turn the shank to fit the weight distribution trailer tow hitches, and utilize it for an increase. Mounting hardware is included. The trailer hitches come with the maximum weight of 1,000 pounds.

Eaz-Lift Sway Controls are superior over cam-action sway controls because they aren’t noisy or restrict the road’s clearance. When road conditions don’t require the use of Eaz-Lift sway controls, they may be disengaged quickly.

In contrast to cam action sway control that rely on the weight of the hitch to function and cannot be released when on slick or snowy roads, where straight line motion can cause a loss of control for drivers These controls are able to be removed.

Additionally, Eaz Lift Sway Controls will not let the trailer lose control Sway when they turn. The slide bar and spring clips the crank handle, friction plate self-tapping screws as well as a ball tongue plate and a tongue ball with a chrome plating are all included.

Manufacturer’s five years warrantyThe hitch pin could be better than the rest.
Saves time on installation
All mounting hardware is included
The price is reasonable

Customer feedback

Its Eaz Lift the 48058 weigh distribution hook is heavy and durable, and includes all the steel parts. The capacity for weight is sufficient it is easy to install and the operation is quiet and effective.

What is EAZ lift different as an established brand?

EAZ Lift is a well-known company who has been manufacturing a wide range of automobile accessories, such as towing gear since the year 1966. It is the company responsible for this system of weight distribution.

It is a manufacturer located on the United States, with headquarters in North Carolina. They are proud of their top products, outstanding service and reasonable prices. five manufacturing sites located in the USA and one in China.

Therefore, the hitch will last for years.

We’ve also looked at the five best Eaz Lift Weight Distribution Hitches..

EAZ LIFT FAQs for 48058

  • Is it possible to back up with just the 48058 Elite Connected WDH?

It isn’t a problem to back up since the main contact point is still the ball. However for more serious turns the anti-sway device needs to be removed. However, the levelers can remain running in “nearly” every situation.

  • After adding everything up my tongue weighs approximately 500 pounds. What hitch weight am I seeking?

The 48058 Elite can handle the 550 pounds of tongue weight. With any other model It is recommended to be more than 1000 pounds rather than less.

What makes this the best choice?

The Weight distribution hitch is high-end and strongly recommended for any traveler since it is made by the famous Camco Manufacturing, Inc. company. Eazlift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit will save you time by providing pre-installed elements. A round bar weight distribution hitting device, an sway control and a hitch ball come included.

It also comes with a five years of warranty that will guarantee their promises. There’s no better WDH available on the market within this price point. Therefore, with the latest anti-sway technology, we’d recommend it as the top weight distribution hitch in our wish list.

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2. ANDERSEN 3350: Best Universal Anti Sway Hitch

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The attractive but durable trailer hitch for weight distribution can support as much as 16,000 pounds of GTWR and 10,000 pounds GTWR. It weighs less than 60 pounds. It can therefore meet all your heavy loaded trailer needs.

The adjustable hitch serves two purposes as it can be used to serve as an ball mount that can be adjusted if you ever require towing without the need to distribute the weight.

The oil-free solution is made available in two different sizes: 2” and 2-5/16”. Tongue brackets are offered for trailer frames that measure 3 4 5” and 6 inches. (A-frames V-frames frames with Y). (A-frames, V-frames, and Y frames). Andersen hitches feature 2” or 2 1/2 shank/receiver, and an 8” or 4” 8” drop/rise adjustable rack made of steel.

patent-pending shock absorbers similar to conventional weight distribution hitches decrease the amount of bouncing and sway in trailers. The Motion-DampeningTM technology significantly reduces bounce. Andersen hits are the sole solution to achieve the ultimate anti-sway and weight distribution that is anti-bounce, and they are backed by a lifetime guarantee!

The unrivaled sway control of these Andersen hitches allows it to adjust in accordance with the weight and won’t loose control when you turn. It’s so quiet, you’ll barely notice that it’s there! Due to the tiny size of the device the installation and handling is extremely easy. It is possible that the whole installation process will take less than one hour. Then, remove the pin to take it off.

Contrary to many other hitches for weight distribution backing up isn’t an issue.

Note Note: It is important to note that the Andersen hitches are incompatible and do not work with Atwood couplers 88007 and 88010 and 88555. 88006. (all of the Atwood couplers work fine).

LightweightIf you make a sudden turn, it could cause an unpleasant sound
Simple, innovative designIn certain years the plastic insert and nuts might require replacement
It is easy to install and take away No spring bars are required
Lifetime Warranties (limited)

Customer feedback

Owners claim it’s the most smooth experience they’ve had! It’s the Andersen Hitch is a self-adjustable high-capacity, high-capacity hitch.

It’s grease-freeand silently moves and is constructed of the latest materials and is compatible with all models of caravans and trucks.

What is Andersen as an entity?

They set out to improve the existing models in the market and that’s when Andersen Hitchches made the decision to design its own weight distribution hitch. The desire for improvement led to a two years of research and road-testing which resulted in a complete overhaul of the weight distribution. They even swept competitors off the market!

They have developed an original Anti-Sway, Anti-Bounce Weight Distribution Hitch available in the market. Its Weight Distribution Hitch doesn’t just raises the bar, but elevates it to a new level, completely changing the way businesses operate!

They made use of the most modern technologies, materials and ingenuity to make the world’s simplest quiet, most comfortable, and modern hitch for weight distribution. When compared to other hitches available in the present, customers are amazed at how smooth riding it can be!

Andersen 3350 Weight Distribution Hitch FAQs

  • Are these compatible with the 2003 Forest River Wildcat?

It can be used with any travel Trailer that has the maximum capacity of 1,100 pounds. The hitch is great.

  • Can I purchase an additional triangle?

Yes. The part number for that is 3356. But, depending on the way the plate’s triangle is damaged Andersen could be able to provide you with a replacement. Contact them via their customer support phone number on their website.

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You can also read the entire review here:

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3. Camco Eaz Lift ReCurve R6: Great Sway control

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This is a hitch for weight distribution for trailers that have maximal tongue weights of between 801 and 1,000 lbs and/or gross load of not more than 10,000 pounds. A 2 square bar for the hitch with an 3/4” drop seven inches of rise and a length of 12” is included. The spring bars measure 30 inches long. Also included is a 2-5/16-inch hitch ball. The brackets are designed to fit travel trailers that have A-frames that range between 3 and 6 inches.

In hazardous or snowy road conditions, superb control of sway can be easily disengaged.

Its top-loading spring bars are simple to install and offer increased ground clearance. The trailer and mono trunion move in lockstep and maintain an identical center of gravity.

The collar that controls sway is constructed from brake pad material. This permits for more simple adjustments and better sway control. There is no more screeching or creaking thanks to the silent design. This ReCurve’s R6 hitch for weight distribution can be described as most comfortable and the most comfortable model for users and comes with the most advanced Sway control that is adaptive.

Since that the sway control “locks” it to keep the vehicle to the straight path when turning, other hitches for sway control are more challenging when compared to turning with a traveling trailer.

Unboxing EAZ-recurve-r6 wdh hitch for review
Unboxing the EAZ-recurve-r6 wdh-h review

If you are driving regularly for normal driving, for normal driving, the ReCurve R6 will manage your sway. However, when you steer your sway controls will stop. This makes maneuvering much easier and more smooth for drivers.

Top-loading spring bars give more ground clearance than other hitches for weight distribution. Its sleek design allows the trailer and hitch to work together and the black-colored finish gives it a neat and subtle appearance. It’s massive and durable.

It’s not a challenging or lengthy process to set up. The only criticism is that the instructions are lengthy in their explanation and are a bit unclear. The bar mounts aren’t very sturdy and are prone to being bent. The lanyard pins can also be easily lost. The company is quick to provide the pins to replace them in this case.

Innovative designPins and mounts can be two common issues.
Very effective on corners.

Customer reviews

Camco’s Recurve R6 weight distribution hitch has been created to be innovative and high-end, as well as durable. It excels in corners and disconnects when the Sway control is no longer needed.

What is Camco Eaz Lift as a brand?

Camco creates high-quality products for boating, RVing camping, towing, grilling, tailgating and many more. Their products will help you bring your love of outdoor activities to the highest level.

In essence, Camco is a small firm with big ambitions. Since 1966, they’ve gained a reputation for delivering excellent products that have received high levels of satisfaction from customers.

They also collaborate with entrepreneurs, inventors and small companies to bring new products to the market.

They believe in producing exceptional products and providing superior service. All while offering an excellent customer experience.

Greensboro, North Carolina, is where they have the corporate headquarters of Camco. Camco also manages a range of manufacturing facilities in the United States as well as across the globe.

FAQs for the Eaz-Lift ReCurve R6

Unboxing brand new Eaz-Lift ReCurve R6 hitch
Unboxing brand new Eaz Lift ReCurve R6
  • I’m confused because spring bars state 1200lbs for maximum tongue weights however the hitch/ball assembly label states that the weight of the tongue is 600lbs. Are those correct?

On the label are a few weight ratings: that of weight bearing (without distributed weight) is 600lbs, while the weight distribution is around 1200lbs. The capacity will increase as you make use of spring bars.

  • Can I make use of the r6 brackets on the Jayco Jayflight with the low-mounted hitch?

Yes, possible. It’s actually an all-purpose piece. We own an original heartland North Trail which has been very useful with the R6. The truck we have is raised, and sits quite high. We could easily alter it to fit our requirements.

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4. Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control: The most reliable and user-friendly Hitch

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control hitch

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The most effective degree of protection for the sway of your travel trailer is given by its integrated 4-Point Sway Control. This hitch Equal-I-Zer is the sole hitch on market that offers this level of control over sway. The weight-distribution mechanism of the Equal-IZer hitch efficiently shifts the weight of the trailer tongue across all axles and assists in keeping the front axle of the tow vehicle in a safe position in the roadway.

This enhances the braking, steering, as well as overall control of sway, which can help in reducing anxiety-producing driving situations, and also making sure the security of your family as well as your investments on the road. The Equal-IZer hitch is made to work with a broad variety of bumper-pull travel trailers, such as freight, RV, horse, boat, and utility trailers as well the surge brake trailer.

With the maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds and a the trailer’s gross weight of 1000 pounds and the ball’s size is 2-5/16 inches (Not Included). The position of the sway control bracket is 27”- 32” behind from the middle of the coupler. The spring bar dimensions range from 36” long and 3/8” in width.

The Shank’s length of 12” and the maximum height of the frame is 6 inches. The maximum height is in 7” as well as the drop is 3 inches at the highest point of the receiver for the trailer’s hitch opening.

It is not necessary to consider backing up the limits of your turn or radius of turning with this Equal-IZer hitch. There’s nothing other than connecting or disconnection. Once the distribution of weight is turned on, the sway control system will be also activated, providing the most effective security.

The hitch is made from the strongest, most durable American steel that is available. Inside there are two, a couple and three screws, washers and the installation hardware. Installation is easy.

ReliableIt may make a sound as it turns
Heavy dutyThere is no ball included.
Simple to utilize
Easy to set up
Lifetime warranty

Customer feedback

This Equal-IThis Equal-I Zer hitch is an absolute beast!

Four-point designs are advantageous. It is able to haul well and evenly distributes the weight of the trailer over all axes. The hitch helps with braking and guarantees maximum security on roads. It also offers durable, high-quality and easy setup of the hitch.

What is Equal-i-Zer as an entity?

They’ve kept families secure in the open road for more than 75 years. They’ve been in business for over 75 years. Equal IZer hitch is a hit with national recognition for its improved sway control and weight distribution. More than 90% of their customers have recommended it to their acquaintances.

It was established within Utah during the year 1945 through Ed Hedgepeth. It was initially known with Mobile Manufacturing. Then , the next city Salt Lake City – Lindon and Provo. Each year, the city receives special (reader’s preference) recognition. It’s a reliable indicator of the product’s quality and usefulness.

Every hitch is crafted by hand from the United States from the highest-quality American steel by people who truly care about your safety and delight working. The owners of trailers across America have been awarded the top performer of sway control in America for eight times in consecutive years. There is no other hitch that has received this kind of recognition.

Every hitch is covered by a lifetime guarantee giving you the assurance that you’ll get what you spend for.

Equal-I-Zer hitch FAQs

  • Does this hitch work to the trailers with surge brakes?

Yes, as per Equalizer.

  • What is the size of the ball upon which it is mounted? It is it possible to put an 1 7/8-sized ball?

Yes, a ball of 1-7/8 inches can be placed on the hitch. Be sure your ball’s shaft is of appropriate to fit into the hole of the hitch.

5. Blue Ox BXW1500- Swaypro the best trailer for high capacity. Sway Control Hitch

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It is able to support trailers upwards of 15,000 pounds, and tongues between 1500 and 1500 pounds with no noise or causing discomfort. The system for weight leveling is produced by the United States (in the state of Nebraska) by a manufacturer with a rich history.

Modifications aren’t necessary. The heads are open, giving easy accessibility to the ball so it can be secured. They lock themselves, and require no pins or clips and can be backed up without the need for stops to ensure the chains are secured.

Preparing Blue Ox BXW1500 hitch for review
Making preparations for Blue Ox BXW1500 hitch to be used for review

The torsion bars are made of premium steel and can bend and turn 90 degrees.

Because it is close to being the top hittingch for weight control and Sway Control available on the market this device is simple and offers an easy setup of the hitch.

Additionally, the technology offers the highest level of efficiency, driving stability and handling. Even in the midst of severe storms, it completely eliminates sway, leading to extremely smooth, safe and peaceful rides. It’s ideal for minivans as well as pickup trucks that have an maximal towing power of 34 tons, including that of the Ford F150 or Chevy 2500 HD.

It’s generally the best self-adjusting weight distribution hitch that has solid sway control, huge capacity, long lasting and silent operation. The steel structure is powder coated to ensure that the sway prevention system keeps the caravan in a proper alignment.

Hookup, setup and disconnecting are fastIn the event of heavy usage the U-bolts may get worn out and must be replaced
Lifetime warranty
No-weather results for all weather conditions
Torsion bars that are interchangeable

Customer reviews

Blue Ox’s SwayPro BWX1500 Weight Leveling Hitch is powerful, quiet solid, durable, and reliable. It permits simple setup of the hitch and adjustment, as well as use and even detach as needed due to its revolutionary design. When driving, the hitch offers the highest stability and security, completely stopping the sway. When the wind is powerful and the weight-carrying control system is able to be used.

What do you define Blue Ox a brand?

Since 1952, Since 1952, Blue OX employees have been crafting products as if creating products for their family members. They’re committed to bringing an item to your family members that can make your leisure time more comfortable and safe.

From a variety of hitches for weight distribution to towing accessories for trailers designed exclusively for your needs from Pender, Nebraska.

Blue Ox is known for its high-quality towing equipment that include tow bars and baseplates, weight distribution hitches, and top-of-the-line customer service. With an extensive accessory and product line, Blue Ox has everything to satisfy your recreational or commercial requirements.

Blue Ox Hitch FAQs

  • What are the dimensions of adjustable shank’s nuts as well as bolts?

The nut on the ball of 10,000lbs is 1/7th of an inch.

  • Can you backup without disabling chains?

In the event of moving back, there is no need to separate chains.

If you’re not certain about Blue Ox and Equal-i-zer you should read: Blue ox sway pro vs Equal-Izer weight distribution Hitch

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5. 2 Point Fastway Sway Titch Control

Fastway e2 hitch

Check Price on Amazon

A e2 hitch will be essential to provide the best and most secure trailer towing experience because it permits speedier and more efficient weight distribution as well as swaying control.

With a trailer weight capacity at 10,000 pounds, and an maximal tongue weight rating of 1000 pounds the e2 hitch offers greater speed and a more efficient distribution of weight. This hitch’s Built In sway control eliminates the requirement for backing and turning or conditions in the weather in situations where sway control is required. Its sturdy brackets give you an unaffected sway control that allows you to tow more intelligently and more secure.

Weight distribution and sway control are integrated into one unit, eliminating the requirement for traditional chain-type hitches that have the absence of Built In sway control and accessories. The system is free of limitations on turning or backing.

Fastway e2 hitch user manual
Before installing, you must read the user’s manual is very vital

In contrast to other hitches, the e2 must be at all times, regardless of conditions or the angle. There are trunnion and round bar options readily available.

Whatever your style of towing the e2 hitch works as a bridge between your trailer and car and allows them to function as a single unit instead of two. This allows for the distribution of the weight evenly across axles of the tow vehicle.

A high-quality product and the 10-year warranty give you security. Your front axle will stay solidly on the ground thanks to an e2 that keeps your trailer in close proximity to you, giving you greater control and a comfortable ride.

Brackets are set 27”–30 inches back from the center of the hitch ball. Yachts, RVs, cargo industrial tow vehicles and ATV trailers are all benefited by this hitch. Towing becomes quicker, easier and more secure for your family and yourself by using Built In sway control and weight distribution.

It offers a better tow , and helps keep your trailer and tow vehicle secure in dangerous towing conditions such as steep slopes and towing large loads driving through semi-trucks, facing crosswinds and turning quickly.

The brackets that are stiff on the e2 provide two points of friction between steel and steel sway control which continuously strive to counter wobble. The unique design guarantees an even ride and reduces the amount of sway that is caused by the force of wind or semi trailers as well as unpredictable movements.

After backing up and making the turn in a straight line it’s not much to connect or keep and no thing to take out. The clever structure of the e2 permits it to be placed around battery boxes or gas tanks. Surge brakes are compatible and any trailer model is able to be accommodated.

DurableThe tools required for installation are more extensive than those used for standard tools.
The best choice for any weather conditions
There is no restriction on turning or backing.
Installation is simple and easy to do
Heavy duty
Limited warranty

Customer feedback

It is a great performer. It allows for easy setup of the hitch and will keep the wobble in check and also keeps the ride at a comfortable level. If you’re a Do It Yourself’ (DIY) person, you could save hundreds of dollars and get a free trip to the dealer setting it up on your own.

Make sure the container the item is in is very heavy. The purchase isn’t a bad one as it does the job. It’s a product that users cannot recommend enough!

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How do you rate Fastway as an entity?

Fastway has been committed to providing the finest quality trailers that are available. As a company their biggest achievement is to hear how their products can improve the way that their customers perform and play.

Every day they work hard to make sure that their equipment is efficient in our time and energy but is still robust and reliable. Their innovative trailer accessories have been awarded national awards and are mentioned on Popular Mechanics.

The products they make are built to last, and they combine durability with the latest technology. So, regardless of the project you’re working on you’ll accomplish it more quickly and with less effort.

If you decide to use a tow truck for work or just for fun and relax, you’ll be able to rest knowing that families like ours are worried about the reliability and strength of each Fastway product.

Fastway e2 FAQs

  • What is the highest volume of raise and fall you can expect out of the shank?

This design has an increase of 6” and 1” drop.

  • How do I connect this to the Geo Pro 19fbs?

We tried it on an GeoPro G19FD. It worked flawlessly. It was not a huge deal to move the brake breakaway module onto the frame.

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7. Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars

Husky 32218 hitch

Check Price on Amazon

Based using an highly acclaimed Center Line HD, the Husky 32218 Center Line TS is a brand new upgraded, lighter and smaller design. Husky’s engineers have been developing their Center Line TS for nearly three years. They have combined innovative designs, the latest technology as well as materials science to make an innovative product that changes the experience of towing.

Avoid trailer sway by using Sway Control System. Outstanding performance and value are all offered by Husky 32218 Center Line TS. It is a great value and performance. Husky 32218 Center Line Ts, which has the Gross Trailer Weight of 12000lbs with the Gross Tongue weight of 800-1200 pounds. It includes a shank as well as 2-5/16” of hitch ball and a mounting.

Head, lift brackets and spring bars combine to create an extremely smooth and fluid ride that is considerably quieter than other alternatives. Sway control and weight distribution are integrated into one unit, and require nothing else.

The ball for the hitch is set in the factory and then adjusted to meet the standards. Frame brackets that are universal are available to make installation and adjustment simple.

There aren’t separate components in every kit. Everything you require to set up this hitch is provided!

Limited Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer or 90-day Warranty on Commercial Use.Bolts on the trailer’s hitch need tightening
Significantly lighter than other products. Significantly lighter than competing
Easy to install
The design efficiently manages the sway of the vehicle without any additional components
It’s not too noisy when driving

Customer feedback

Husky Center Line TS gives an extremely durable, high-quality and simple hitch configuration. It is able to haul efficiently and evenly distributes the total weight of the trailer across all axes. The hitch systems improve the braking power and provide maximal safety on the road.

What do you think of Husky as an image?

Husky 32218 second hand wdh hitch on the floor
Thankfully we didn’t have to purchase the hitch to review. One of our clients visited our garage for repair work on his Huskey hitch

Husky is determined to offer the most advanced and complete towing equipment available. They are constantly investing in the development of innovative towing equipment, and will provide the highest quality in customer and technical support to their customers.

Husky Research and Development Center located in Elkhart, Indiana, is capable of creating products as well as development and testing to make sure that every Husky Towing Products meet or surpass any Federal as well as State Safety Standards.

The company’s Research and Development Center is focused on the development of new generation innovative towing equipment.

Alongside Research and DevelopmentIn, Husky invests in customer service by offering on-site towing instructions given by Husky field experts.

Husky is the only towing business that has a technical training on-site team of experienced, dedicated towing experts.

Husky 32218 FAQs

  • What is the bar’s length?

Around 38 inches.

  • Does it need to drill into the frame of the trailer for the purpose of attaching it?

It isn’t necessary for drilling it. However, the bolts used to mount must be tightened.

8. CURT 17501: Excellent products and excellent customer service

CURT 17501 hitch

Check Price on Amazon

Many weight distribution hitches are made to function with an sway control attachment this one CURT TruTrack is an advanced WD system that integrates its trailer’s sway-control feature inside the design of the hitch.

TruTrack TruTrack does more than elevate the trailer and truck. It prevents the trailer from swaying and sway. To ensure a more comfortable, safe ride, it uses cam and spring mechanisms along with fixed support brackets to prevent the trailer from wobbling in four different points.

Cam components that are made harder are less likely to wear and will last longer than other models.

The TruTrack load distribution hitch permits you to set the level of your tow trailer and vehicle with pinpoint precision. It features 35-9/16-inch Trunnion Spring bars, as well as two inches of receiver shank which can be adjusted.

Unboxing brand new CURT 17501 weight distribution hitch for review
Unboxing the brand-new CURRT 17501 weight distribution hitch to review

The CURT weight distribution hitch that comes with the trailer’s sway controls is designed to be simple and quick to set up and adjust. It is equipped with castle nuts that are hex for easy adjustment without having to remove the hitch completely.

This anti-sway weight distribution hitch features a welded head, as well as casting steel components to provide reliable strength for towing.

The stabilizer hitch features an GTW of 15,000 to 10,000 pounds , and TW range of 1,000 up to 1500 pounds. To withstand the demands of the outdoor environment the weight distribution hitch that comes with trailer sway control has been coated with a long-lasting black powder coat made of carbide. TruTrack comes with a set of spring bars. TruTrack also comes with its own spring bars.

It is made up of a pair spring bars, as do all hitches for WD, to exert the maximum amount of tongue weight on the trailer and distribute it over all tires of the vehicle as well as trailer. But, instead using spring bars as chains TruTrack is a hitch that TruTrack is attached to the frame of the trailer using sturdy adjustable support brackets that hold the spring bars in place both laterally and vertically.

Regular spring bars move from side-to-side, however, the arm control for swaying the trailer block this from happening and ensure that the trailer is in a more level location.

The CURT TruTrack is, in addition to its trailer that is integrated, as well as sway control, is of the same top-quality as the other hitches for WD, making it perfect for livestock trailers, campers as well as other trailers with heavy-duty capabilities.

They stand behind this indefatigable hitch, and offer a an unlimited lifetime warranty to show that it is.

Hex castle nuts that allow for simple adjustmentA bit pricey
Made of heavy duty steel
Longer-lasting and durable
Lifetime warranty for limited time

Customer reviews

Strong and sturdy. It is adjustable to fit a variety of trailer weights and heights.

Users who backed up using it completely connected and experienced no problems. When backing into campgrounds, they even made some narrow turns. I was able to drive quite large Toy Hauler down the road without shifting or bounce.

It’s expensive however, it lives up to its promises.

What is Curt as an entity?

CURT has humble beginnings, as do many American stories. The company was founded in 1993, as a company that distributed trailer balls that operated out of inside the trunk of an vehicle.

They were able to begin manufacturing their own products, expand the range of their products and recruit more employees for the CURT team. They created and manufactured the very first “custom-fit” receiver hitch 1995. This was followed by a host of other products.

They constructed a 75,000 square-foot facility at Eau Claire in 1999 to serve as their headquarters. Then, in 2002 they widened their product range to include fifth wheel bike racks, hitches as well as baggage transporters.

They’re eCommerce and video divisions were established in 2006, expanding marketing and sales to the world of internet.

They started producing a wide range of electrical components like converters and T-connectors in the year the year 2008. A line to finish their world-class liquid A-coat undercoating was added in the year 2011.

CURT together with its siblings brands ARIES, LUVERNE, RETRAC and UWS was officially a part of to the CURT Group family of brands in the year 2017. CURT was a proud member of the Lippert family in 2019. the leading provider of innovative solutions for mobility and leisure industries.

CURT is continuing to raise the standard for product quality, production capabilities, development, and safety testing in their work. They utilize the most current technology, which includes modern design software, cutting-edge robotic welding and exclusive finishing processes.

They can be a leader in innovative designs that are first to market and also offer an unbeatable order fill rate. Because of their committed group of associates.

FAQs for CURT 17501

  • Does this kit include everything you need?
  1. Yes. The receiver attachment that includes springs and cams that are integrated and two bars, as well as support brackets, as well as an adjustable trailer ball of 2-1/16” are all part of the set-up.
  • Is it possible to take off the ball of 2 5/16?
  1. Yes, it is able to be removed.

9. Reese Strait-Line (66074): Extra Durability Hitch

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Reese 66674 Wd Pro Series Trunnion is the ULTIMATE hitch. For a fair cost it is the only hitch that provides drivers with the same level of control this one provides.

This configuration is designed ideal for tow trucks with maximum trailer tongue weights that range between 600 – 1200 pounds. or an GTW that is up to 12,000 pounds. A hitch ball that has shank diameters of 114 inches is required (sold the hitch ball separately). This item will not work on frames for trailers which are greater than 2 1/2 inches wide.

There aren’t any U-bolts in the manner of bottle racks or any other A-frame-mounted objects. It is a simple-to-install product that the Strait-Line hitch is a combination of two high-performance trailer sway controls along with a top-quality weight distribution system.

The Strait-line hitch gets its name because of its innovative design that forces it to keep the vehicle towing it in a straight line. Dual sway controls platform as well as the high-performance system regulates the sway. Dual cams makes it harder to stop wobble when the force grows.

Adjustment and installation are easy.Hitch Ball and Adjustable Shank are not included
Dual-Cam high-performance dual-cam system
Affordable price range

Customer reviews

It’s amazing with this baby. No swing No white-knuckling!

It is crucial that the chains disperse the right quantity of mass. It will be difficult to use the cam lock sway units if they don’t have enough. It is obvious that excessive weight can lighten the rear of your vehicle, and put the possibility of losing grip.

It’s also great that it’s possible to keep everything that is connected in the event you have to cut back and back hard angles thanks to the design. This is without doubt the most effective setup you can buy at a fair price.

How do you rate Reese as an entity?

Reese Strait-Line hitch with user manaual
Reese Strait-Line hitch that comes with the user’s manual

Reese’s dedication to quality products was so well-known in 1968, that even the RV industry demanded that they create tests to gather data about towing trailers. This information eventually became the V5 and SAEJ684 industry-wide testing standards. Reese developed the technology now employed by all major manufacturers of hitches.

Reese is a company that has supplied many new and creative products for the industry of towing over the years.

They are proud of Reese in identifying new products and technologies that aid in improving and enhancing the business of towing. Reese Products has gained the recognition of being North America’s top hitching system manufacturer because of its unwavering commitment to safety, quality and ingenuity.

Reese weight distribution Hitch: FAQs

  • What size of a shank for a ball will this require?

up to 1-1/4 inches or 1 1.

  • I’m towing an old 1960 Airstream equipped with hydraulic brakes and an 2016. Ram Rebel. Does this hitch work to my truck?

Yes it’s. If surge brakes are utilized the additional hardware could be needed. In this case it is recommended to call them for help.

Table of Comparison of the 9 weight distribution Hitches

To help you make your purchase more streamlined to make a decision, we’ve reviewed the above hits. This review is based on actual product tests, our the opinions of our customers and forums research.

EAZ LIFT 4805810,000 pounds1000 pounds30 poundsFive years manufacturer warranty
ANDERSEN 335014.000 pounds1400 lbs52.5 poundsLifetime Warranties (limited)
Camco Eaz-Lift ReCurve R610,000 pounds1000 pounds102.8 poundsNone
Equal-i-zer 4-point10,000 pounds1000 pounds1.6 poundsLifetime warranty
Fastway e2 2-Point10,000 pounds1000 pounds103 Pounds10 years of limited warranty
Blue Ox BXW1500-S15,000 pounds1500 pounds1 PoundLifetime warranty
Husky 32218 Center Line TS12,000 pounds800-1200 pounds1 Pound90-day guarantee for commercial use
The CURT TruTrack 17501 of CURT10,000-15,000 to 15,000 lbs1,000 – 1,500 1 to 1,500 lbs120 PoundsLifetime warranty for limited time
Reese Strait-Line (66074)12,000 pounds600 – 1,200 1200 to 600 lbs1 PoundNone

What are the various types of Weight Distribution Hitch ? Which one is best for you?

It is possible to distinguish two main kinds of hitches for weight distribution: round bar and Trunnion bars, both of the hitches of which is determined by the kind of spring bar being used.

Round Bar

Due to the shape of the spring bars circular bar weight distribution hitch is known as the same.

The spring bars in the round shape extend from the top of the head of the hitch and curve backwards to join to the frame of the trailer.

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Round bar hitches have considerably smaller space clearance for the ground than trinion bars due to the fact that they extend from the top of the head.

Trunnion Bar

Trunnion bar WD hitches feature round spring bars. They are attached to the face of the hitch head with a pointing towards the outside and parallel to the frame of the trailer.

As opposed in comparison to round bars bars WD hitches have a greater weight capacity, and also provide some more ground clearance.

Which one do you require?

For performance purposes, there’s not much difference between them. The most notable differences are in the shapes and how spring bars attach to the head of the hitch.

The choice of the round bar or Trunnion bar is a matter of individual preference, however, either will offer you greater security and comfort while towing.

If you’re buying you a new hitch, we’d pay greater focus on what the trailer’s max tongue weight ratings in addition to the GTWR as opposed to the type of the hitch. It’s fine as long as the weight-distributing hook has the right capacity for your trailer’s weight that you’re pulling it and corresponds to your receiver in a proper way.

Your body weight should be evenly dispersed. When your vehicle weighs 7000 pounds and weighs 775 lbs, you’ll require a hitch kit designed to 8000 lbs of total trailer weight and 800 pounds of tongue weight.

How do you choose the best weight distribution device? (Buying Guide)

Weight Distribution Hitch Buying Guide

For the best experience you’ll require a hitch that distributes weight to handle the weight of your trailer’s tongue. If you pick an WDH that’s too light for the application the hitch will not perform as well. If you choose a heavy, you’ll be able to endure a rigid ride as well as a bobbing trailer.

So , how do you locate that Goldilocks ‘ weight distribution hitch is just right? Let’s discover it in two steps.

Step 1. Find Your Tongue’s Total Weight

To begin, you must determine how much tongue weighs the loaded trailer (TW). With the loaded trailer as well as your weight on any gear that is behind the axle at rear of your vehicle towing it, that tongue’s weight represents the force downward that you’re exerting upon the ball in the system of weight distribution.

The loaded ready to be towed weight after you’ve put everything you’d like to transport. This not the empty) weight listed in your trailer’s spec sheet. Add on the weight of all the items that you’ve loaded onto the back axle (gear coolers, bags and coolers, etc.). This is the total tongue weight you’ll have to work with.

Let’s suppose that that the tongue weight of the trailer weighs 700 pounds and the material on the back axle weighs 200 pounds. The total weight of the tongue is approximately 900 pounds. If the weight of your tongue is in the range of 900 pounds, an adjustable weight distribution hitch that has an estimated tongue weight between 800 and 1,200 pounds is suggested.

Tips for the Pro It’s best to use HTML0 if your tongue weight (the total of your trailer’s tongue weight as well as any weight you carry) is somewhere in the middle of the WDH range. If the weight of your tongue fluctuates across trips This gives you with some flexibility.

For more detailed information, read this post.


Step 2. Choose a Hook with the appropriate weight capacity

We’ve broken down our hitches for weight distribution based on tongue weights to make it easier for you. Once you’ve got the tongue weight you can simply choose your TW from the menu and then select an option.

It is also possible to check out the most effective weight distribution hitch review and guidelines below:

Tongue Hitches for Weight Distribution Weight

TW 100-1,000 LBSTW 1,100 – 2,000 LBSTW 2100+LBS

What is the reason you require a Weight Distribution Hook? (The importance)

In the first place, let’s be honest, the ideal tow ball weight cannot be increased with the use of WDH.

You should ensure that the tow ball’s weight lower than the minimum. The weight of your tow ball it’s load is supposed to be about 10% of the total weight.

The vehicle that you tow has specific restrictions to adhere to. The problem with a ball that is not properly mass is the fact that it can limit the tow vehicle’s ability move and brake.

To correct your ball weight, you need the Weight Distribution Hitch, or a Ball Weight Scale to redistribute your weight.

Each of these parts is designed for keeping the camper and tow vehicle at the same level. This is important because if the load isn’t distributed evenly and evenly, the front axle and the back of the van both increase. This is a major problem because it reduces the efficiency of your steering.

Although it might appear the trailer/ caravan are at a level, it’s the weight of the tow vehicle that is the most important. This can cause serious trailer swing, poor handling and braking difficulties and excessive tire pressures.

Even if you own the large pickup truck, such as one like a Dodge Ram 2500 or a Chevrolet Silverado 3500 with everything you need in the cargo compartment It will be substantially smaller than a full-loaded caravan. In the end, the front axle of your pickup will rise while the rear end would sink.

The camper might not be as durable as it seems, particularly in curves. A weight stabilizer hitch is necessary to evenly distribute the extra weight of the caravan’s tongue to the front axle of the truck which helps in leveling the tow vehicle and balancing the load.

Is the Weight Distribution Hitch safe? (Safety tips for towing)

Safety tips during towing a Weight Distribution Hitch

Weight distribution hitch equipped with trailer sway controls is ideal since it helps avoid dips and bumps which can cause lane drift and crashes caused by traffic oncoming.

If the weight capacity of the caravan exceeds 5,000 pounds, it is common for light truck and caravan manufacturers to suggest an axle weight distribution system and carrying hitch. In the event that you don’t, your warranty and insurance could be affected.

In addition, based on municipal or federal legislation the installation of an anti-sway load distribution hitch might be required.

For instance For instance, For instance, Section 15-111(d) in the Illinois Vehicle Code specifies that the total trailer weight applied to road surface by the towing vehicle’s axle shouldn’t exceed 16,000 pounds.

In addition, you may be intrigued by the soft, smooth and quiet ride. It is as pleasant and comfortable as safe and safe journey.

In that regard Here the general rules to follow when using a weight-distributing hitch . They are applicable to all hitches, and will allow you to make the most of your excursion.

  1. Check to make sure that the hitch is installed correctly.
  2. Make sure the spacer washers inside the hole that are in front of the ball are secure on the bolt for your angle set.
  3. Make sure that your sway braces on each side of the frame secured and spaced evenly between the middle of your trailer coupler as well as the middle of the bracket for L which ought to be between 27 and 32 from each other.
  4. Make sure to check the hitch ball and the head of the hitch to ensure that they are lubricated. If necessary, wipe it and replenish the lubrication.
  5. Make sure to check the socket pins as well as the clips that secure the springs in the sockets to check for tightness.
  6. Lock the socket bolt nuts to a maximum torque equal to 65 pounds.
  7. Make sure the L-pins are fixed and placed in the correct position after the arms are attached to the L-brackets.

After the initially 50-100 miles towing

Once your weighted trailer is being pulled through your hitch There are some items to check to make sure you are using the most effective control of sway or weight distribution to your system.

Follow the steps below:

1. Check the distribution of weight after the tow vehicle and your trailer are loaded, and every time the trailer or tow vehicle load changes dramatically. Note down the three dimensions of your front wheel and then compare them:

  • The first one is not coupled (the baseline) The second is coupled, but without weight distribution, and the final is coupled but has a weight distribution. For instance the first one should have a 30” width, the next 32” and finally the final must fall somewhere between the 30” and 31”.
  • The third measurement should be between the baseline measurement, and at a point halfway between the baseline and the second measurement in models that have a resolution between 4K and 14K.
  • Third measurement of 16K model ought to be as close to the halfway mark as is feasible. 1st = 30″ 2nd = 32″, and the third measurement should be as close to the 31” mark as is possible as possible, for instance. For any changes that are required make sure to refer to the manual of the owner’s section on Adjustments for Weight Distribution.

2. Lubricate the ball of the hitch along with the hitch head. Lubricating the hitch helps preserve it from noise and vibration. The spring arms are inserted into the hitch head , and extend them out in parallel with the bumpers of the vehicle that tows it and expose their sockets’ tops. Cleanse the head’s surfaces of friction using the help of a towel.

Spread a light layer premium bearing grease on the surfaces of friction like Equal Zer high-performance grease. Apply on the bottom of the top plate as well as the top and bottom sockets’ surfaces, and on the top of the lower plate.

Information on the procedure are available in the owner’s manual , under Regular Maintenance.

3. Check that the bolt for angle is tight, then tighten it. In the initial 150 miles towing the bolt that sets the angle on a brand new hitch could require re-tightening. Before every trip, make sure that every bolt is securely fixed.

You can utilize the torque wrench to inspect the bolts regularly to make sure they are in good condition.

What are the essential components of the Weight Distribution Hook?

Important Parts of a Weight Distribution Hitch

You might be thinking about what constitutes the weight distribution hitch after you know the basics of how it functions. With all it can accomplish it is bound to be a feat of engineering, isn’t it?

A head, shank spring bars, a shank connecting brackets form the WD hitch.

  1. Shank: Shank provides an adjustable mount which can be adjusted up and down in order to match your vehicle’s height.
  2. Head The shank and spring bars are joined by the head.
  3. Springs bars by equally dispersing the weight, spring bars help in balancing the trailer and towing the vehicle.
  4. Hookup brackets Hookup brackets enable spring bars to be mounted securely on the frame of the trailer.

How do you measure the weight Rating based on requirements?

A hitch for weight distribution is a valuable asset for your safety and your family’s security. When it comes to weight distribution hitches, there are two different types of weights to be considered the tongue weight and total trailer weight.

When a trailer gets hitched up, the weight of its tongue is the measure of how much downward strain it places on your trailer’s hitch receiver. The Gross Trailer Weight Rating (GTWR) represents the weight total of your trailer.

Too much tongue weight isn’t a good idea however, being too light on your tongue could also result in problems with swaying of the trailer. Ideally you’ll need the weight of your tongue to range from 10 up to 15% of the GTWR so that your trailer can sit evenly in relation to your car to pull it.

For instance, if your truck weighs 10,000 pounds then you’ll require an estimated tongue weight of about 1,000 pounds. Achieving a tongue weight of 10% or even a bit more is the most important way to stop trailer sway, hopping and fishing.

A properly rated weight hitch is the most crucial element to consider when shopping for the right weight distribution hitch. Even the top hitch for weight distribution isn’t an adequate substitute for a properly size tow vehicle, but it will help towing be safer regardless of the weather.

Problems Towing A Trailer With No Weight Distribution Hitch

If you do not have a load distribution hitch and you risk run the risk of

  • The proper towing safety.
  • Improved the traction.
  • Braking.
  • Controlling steering and handling in general.

The Weight Distribution Hook FAQ

Do weight distribution hitches stop sway?

They are, in fact.

Additional sway control features can be found through hittingches for weight distribution. The movement of an up-and-down trailer is reduced by more weight distribution, and the side-to-side motion can be addressed by the sway control.

Is a hitch for weight distribution identical to a swing bar?

There is no way to tell.

A hitch for weight distribution distributes weight to the front axles of the towing vehicle that is attached to your trailer.

The weight-distribution hitch takes the majority of the burden.

A sway bar however offers resistance as the tow vehicle moves and distributes it evenly to the suspension of the wheel components.

A properly designed hittingch for weight distribution as well as an Sway bar are both used for the same reason for providing a secure comfortable, smooth, and smooth ride in general.

Do you need to remove the bars for weight distribution prior to moving on?

Although it’s not necessary in certain weight distribution problems but it could be helpful in certain situations.

Is it possible to backup the trailer using a weight distribution hitch?

Reversing is prohibited in certain weight distribution systems as it could result in damage to the structure.

Imagine you’re driving in straight lines that’s fine. To turn when backing up but you need to first let go of spring bars and/or your friction sway control device, then you must control the trailer.

Does a hitch that distributes weight influence the turning radius?

In the majority of cases that you use an automated weight distribution system, you’ll be able to have almost the same ability to turn as in the absence of one.

In restricted areas the weight distribution systems limit your turn radius.

Should you apply grease to bars used for weight distribution?

Lubricant for weight distribution bars

The sockets for ball mounts, the hitch ball, as well as spring bar trunnions need to be maintained by lubrication. The trunnions need to be lubricated on a regular basis and also when they are being used.

The trunnion’s upper and lower pivot pins as well as the contact surfaces inside balls mount sockets are also required to be lubricated.

A hitch to distribute weight be too large?

As you shouldn’t over-exceed the capacity of the towing device with the lowest rating What’s the purpose of buying a bigger one? Make sure you have the right size hitch. It isn’t good to have a hitch that is too large but neither is it better. The strength of the spring bars could damage your trailer’s tongue.

Are you able to reverse with an E2 hitch?

2. The Sway Control design of the e2 system lets you reverse up without detaching the bars that sway you.

Does the height of the hitch impact the weight of the tongue?

In a nutshell the height of the hitch will impact the weight of the tongue.

Do you prefer having the tongue of the trailer either lower or higher?

Actually, neither higher or lower is the situation. The right level is the one that is ideal. If the nose of a trailer is raised too much and the weight of the tongue is inadequate to stop the trailer from moving.

Do you have the option of using a weight distribution hitch with out the bars?


If you don’t require bars for weight distribution in order to tow the trailer, then you could pull the trailer using just the ball and the WD hitch head.

It’s similar to an existing ball mount.

Do trailers weighing 3000 pounds require a weight distribution hitch?

A weight-distributing hitch is required for trailers that weigh more than 5 000 pounds.

Since your trailer is loaded with 3000 pounds of weight, you might not need the distribution of weight or sway control until you observe the rear of your vehicle slide or sway.

It’s a good idea to add an appropriate weight transfer system into your setup in case you notice that you are beginning to feel that your rear vehicle’s droop or sway.

Final Verdict

After you’ve read the top reviews on weight distribution hitches to know how a the hitch functions and be aware of the 9 top weight distribution hitches that have been tested through our top experts. If you’re still in questions, as each one of them functions basically the same purpose make sure you leave a comment below and we’ll respond to you.

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