7 Best Vertical Drum Smokers (December 2022)

Drum smokers produce amazing results with little effort in comparison to other types smoking charcoal. Smoking brisket, ribs as well as chicken, they come with the capacity to hold a lot and are faster than average cooking time.

Upright drum smokers offer attractive cooking designs that barbecue enthusiasts appreciate. Their barrel-shaped steel design is an unique method of increasing the temperature to allow for fantastic outdoor smoking.

Our guide to the top drum smokers, it is possible to improve your cooking skills in the backyard. This is our top pick of the best drum smokers that will be on the market by 2022.

Top 7 Best Vertical Drum Smokers 2022

1. Editor’s Pick: Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Pro Drum Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s has been making reliable smokers for more than 30 years and is among of the top-selling brands on the market.

It is the Bronco Pro Drum smoker is specifically designed for barbecue enthusiasts and pitmasters that cook large amounts of meat.

It is loaded with appealing features . One of its best features is the hinged lid with enough space to accommodate a whole turkey that isn’t something that you will get on a traditional drum smoker.

Let’s take a look at its functions in greater depth…

The cooker is of a premium construction made of heavy-duty, robust steel. Contrary to typical drum smokers that consist of one barrel The Bronco features two sections of drum that have been joined by bolts.

This smoker comes with an 21.5-inch cooking area and 17 pounds of fuel capacity. It includes meat hangers along with an adjustable cooking grates. The cooking grate made of porcelain can be adjusted and provides cooks with additional flexibility in grilling or smoking. The cooking space isn’t so large however you can use the cooker to cook 3 racks of beef ribs on the grill.

  • The upper grate sits close to the lid , and is great for smoking meats at a low and slow pace.
  • The lower setting of the grate allows users to be closer to the coals when grilling and barbecuing.

The other features included in the Bronco include hooks and hanging racks, a shelf to hold tools or other items, an instrument for removing the hooks for meat, as well as charcoal basket.

The Bronco vertical cooker comes with an impressive Snorkel airflow control that has adjustable vents. Here’s where the Bronco distinguishes itself among other models:

Instead of the standard vent that is cut in the drum smoker’s body to control the intake of air the smoke’s system for controlling airflow draws air from below. The air coming from beneath the coals does an excellent job of spreading the heat and smoke evenly across your cooking area.

We like about:

  • Incredible airflow mechanism for airflow
  • Cleans easily
  • Top-quality construction materials

What we don’t like about HTML0

  • It is difficult to move around
  • Certain important tools are inaccessible

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2. The Best All-Round: 18.5″‘ Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package

This is a 18.5-inch steel cooker, which is a different version of the shabby drum smoker style, which DIY enthusiasts love.

Noah Glanville, an Iraq war veteran , came up with an innovative design when he started his own Pit Barrel company in Colorado.

This Pit Barrel Cooker works almost as a convection oven. It is able to cook food evenly from top to the bottom. The meat hanging vertically is able to smoke well thanks to its juices.

The base material of Pit Barrel cooker is steel. Pit Barrel cooker is an steel drum that is 18 gauge and 30 gallon, as well as a lid. The barrel is durable and is uninsulated. It can withstand extreme temperatures. The external cooling causes condensation inside the barrel to provide more moisture. The shape of the barrel allows convection heat to be dispersed evenly across the chamber to ensure the most effective results.

Its Pit Barrel has a large capacity of 30 gallons, which allows cooks to prepare many meals in one go, horizontally. It stands out among other cookers because of its seven stainless steel hooks as well as two steel bars that people can hang their food items. It also has an empty grill for those who want to make use of it for grilling to cook steaks, fish, chicken pieces, or other vegetables.

The hook system in this cooker increases your cooking capabilities. Because you serve the meat vertically, instead of dispersing it in a dish, you can easily fit 2 pork butts , or 8 racks of ribs in a matter of minutes. In addition, the cooker comes with an oven that can hold the right amount of charcoal to make sure the meat cooks evenly.

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This Classic Pit Barrel cooker package includes everything you require to begin using it. It includes 8 stainless steel hooks two hanging rodsas well as hook removal tools as well as a charcoal container and a standard grill grates.

It is equipped with simple twists and a an adjustable vent located at the lower part of the. It lets users set the airflow according to the temperature they prefer to cook at. But, the cooker doesn’t include an exhaust that is adjustable. Smoke and combustion gases escape through the holes around the hangers for rebar. Therefore, it is advised to place them in the oven when cooking any food item. They play a crucial part in the cooker’s airflow system.

We like about:

  • Use it easily
  • It is easy to set up
  • Durable and versatile
  • Requires little maintenance

What we don’t like about HTML0:

  • Charcoal’s amount used determines the temperature.

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3. Best Value: Weber 18-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Weber 18-inch smoky mountain cooker is a top-quality drum smoker that is worth its price. It’s a long-lasting barrel cooker that provides excellent heating and airflow management.

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It is constructed mostly of steel and features coated steel cooking grates as well as an elegant bow made of porcelain. These features are designed to protect the cooker from the dangers of rust and corrosion. Steel is used for the grates and in the body of the cooker. Heat shields, the fuel door and dampers on the cooker are constructed of aluminum. Its structure is strong and the cooker will last for a long time.

The cooker is available with three different sizes with plenty of cooking space.

  • The 14-inch cooktop offers a total cooking surface of 286 inches. It can be used to cook food for 3 to 5 persons.
  • The 18-inch cooktop is equipped with a cooking space in the range of 481 square feet. It can cook food for up to 6 persons.
  • This 22 inch Smokey mountain cooker boasts an area of cooking of 726 inches. It’s ideal for cooking meals for 6-8 people.

Smokey Mountain Smokey Mountain is the perfect choice for barbecue lovers who need an exceptional drum smoker, without needing to know much about how to operate it.

It also comes with an opening on the side that allows users to get access to the charcoal quickly. A lot of drum cookers that are conventional lack this feature, requiring users to insert charcoal into the lid. The side door allows refueling simple and quick, while making sure that the cookware doesn’t alter the cooking temperature.

The cooker is part of the water smokers, also known as. It has an water bowl that is situated that is located between cooking grates as well as the charcoal grates. The water bowl is designed to maintain the temperature at a low and allow for a longer time of smoking. It also keeps that the food from becoming dry out, which enhances the flavor.

Weber has also enhanced the smoker’s performance when it comes to the ventilation system. It features four dampers lined with aluminum that give smokers more control over the heat and airflow throughout the smoker. Most smokers have intake and exhaust dampers. Thus, two additional dampers let smokers be more precise in controlling the temperature of the cooking.

We like about HTML0:

  • Grates made of steel plated
  • Built-in thermometer
  • The temperature can be easily adjusted
  • The fuel compartment is accessible effortlessly

What we do not:

  • It releases SOO, carbon monoxide and nickel

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4. Best Value: Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

The DynaSignature Series The Dyna Signature Series Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker is multi-functional and allows you to do everything you need with offset smoking, as well as grilling capacities. You can smoker your barbecued pork shoulders slow and slow, or grill burgers for your team.

This smoker is effective and has a design that is a blend with an off-set firebox and the vertical smoking chamber. This allows it to create excellent heat and smoke flow. Because of the flow, it is possible to create more smoke flavors without having bitter taste.

Vertical cabinet smokers generally come with a huge capacity to cook. The smoker has thirteen82 sq inches of cooking space. The shelves for the smoke cabinet have an overall area of 1098 square inches of space for the five racks. The firebox is an area of 284 square feet for grilling.

The smoker comes with an stainless temperature gauge and an area of smoke that shows the ideal temperature to infuse smoke flavor.

If you plan to cook a high-profile item like pork butt, whole chicken, or roast in this smoker, it’s recommended to take off two racks to make room for the cooking space you require. After you have removed the racks, you’ll be able to cook 659 sq. inches area within the smoker chamber.

The wheels are large enough to are handy in situations where one has for the smoker to be moved in preparation for and after using.

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The things we love about HTML0 about:

  • Design and packaging that is sturdy and durable
  • Simple and simple to put together
  • Fantastic design and style and amazing appearance
  • It is easy to keep track of the temperature of the smoke

What we don’tdo:

  • A few buyers complained about the barrel’s dents.
  • A bit heavy at 120lbs.

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5. Ideal for patio use: Barrel House Cooker Smoker

It is the Barrel House cooker (BHC) is a favorite among many because of its superior manufacturing and the results it provides. The BHC is specifically designed to capture moisture along with heat and taste when cooking. This means you will get stunning results every time, and an unbeatable flavor quicker than when making use of traditional smokers. Also, it is not necessary to turn the food.

The BHC is designed to last for a long time. It comes with a 20 gauge metal barrel, that has porcelain enameled both inside and outside. It features stainless steel components and a stand that is non-abrasive, and traditional wire-type handles.

This user-friendly and durable barrel smoker occupies the space of. This makes it the ideal addition to your patio. While it won’t take up any space on the deck, it is able to prepare enough food for an entire party in the shortest amount of time.

The smoker can accommodate to cook upto 8 racks of ribs or 15 pounds of brisket and 4 chickens or a turkey that weighs 30 pounds. The food is cooked evenly from the bottom up to the top and won’t disappear if you secure it correctly.

This cooker is equipped with an easily removable base. The barrel is lifted off of the base to make it easier for removal of ash, as well as to allow for the addition of charcoal. The base can also transform into the hibachi grill perfect in grilling as well as searing.

The things we love about HTML0 about HTML0:

  • It is easy to put together
  • Great temperature control, and retention
  • Solid and long-lasting design
  • Simple to clean up and utilize

What do we not

  • A lid that is improved

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6. Best Infrared: Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Smoker

In the present there aren’t many people with huge open spaces, mancave or huge decks. Many have tiny balconies or patios to the rear of their houses, condos or apartments.

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Smoker ideal for people who appreciate barbeque’s wonderful flavors but don’t have enough space to accommodate a 4 burner smoker or fire pit. The smoker is compact yet versatile and provides succulent delicious and soft meat.

It is built with a strong and sturdy design. It is built to last. Big easy can withstand regular usage and doesn’t lose in performance. It also features tough contoured designs, with an elegant finish and simple curves that are an enormous benefit for smokers. With its four legs that are four legs, Big Easy Big Easy has a firm standing on the ground.

The Big Easy has a total cooking space of approximately 225 inches. The cooking racks are made up of four different levels, which allow the cook to cook different types of meat. The racks are tiny and, therefore should you wish to cook large cuts it is best to design a rack that is custom.

The device’s weight and size makes it easy to move. It is ideal for fishing, camping or even taking it to a friend’s house.

While the device does not have an electronic temperature display The knob can accurately indicate the temperature. It is easy to adjust the temperature. It can be set from 9000 to 18,000 BTUs.

The stainless-steel cooking and smoking box can accommodate a 25-pound turkey while grilling or smoking. It also comes with an oven basket that allows twin stacking. This means you can cook two chickens that are roasted in different ways simultaneously. The chicken includes an smoker box that is designed to enhance the taste of the meat that has been smoked.

The smoker is highly technologically modern – it has wireless connectivity, as well as thermostatic controls. This makes it easy to manage the unit via your smartphone. Smoking food with the TRU-Infrared, there are no flare-ups that are observed. The food is cooked juicy and evenly.

The things we love about HTML0 about:

  • Easy to put together
  • Features Infrared heating
  • Quite portable
  • Offers large cooking surface

What we do not:

  • The pan that is used for cooking does not have a perfect fit
  • Infrared is a little difficult to comprehend.

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7. Best Compact: Realcook Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill

The Realcook Charcoal BBQ Grills is a smoker’s idea and cuts it down into its components. Due to its segments it can be used as a double-chambered charcoal grill or a direct heat grill, or even a firepit.

Once the unit is put together, it is 41 inches high. This is the best option to get a big capacity vertical smoker that can be used as grill.

It is constructed of high-quality steel as is the insulation constructed of porcelain-embellished steel. Because of the material used to construct this smoker, it’s economical. This smoker can cook in an area of 969 square inches when are using it as smoker. This cooking space is not inclusive of the sausage hooks under the lid.

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It can be used to hold an entire rib or large pieces of meat that can be smoked. It’s also large enough to let people hang large turkeys, chickens and other items. It also has four hangers that are that are located on the lid. The charcoal smoker is equipped with hooks that connect to the space underneath the lid. These hooks let users hang sausages, rings and other sausages while cooking other food items on the cooking grate.

A vent for air that is simple to regulate is located in the lowest portion inside the chamber. It allows users to precisely regulate the amount oxygen that enters the flame. The air vent functions with the vent for air on the lid, regulating the quantity of heat and smoke that can escape through the cooker. A precise thermometer allows users to keep track of the temperature of both dampers.

The things we love about HTML0 about:

  • The latch-locking mechanism is dynamic.
  • It is easy to put it together and then disassemble
  • Large cooking surface
  • Easy to wash
  • Controlling temperature is simple

What we don’tdo:

  • A little ugly, in terms of aesthetics.

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What’s the difference between a Drum and a Barrel Smoker and Offset smoker?

Smokers with offsets can also be referred to as pipe smokers as well as stick burners. They are equipped with small fireboxes that filter heat and smoke into a larger, interconnected cooking chamber.

After that, smoke and heat are released in a chimney which typically is situated at the end which is the furthest from the firebox. Some offset smokers come with an reverse flow design and include a baffle plate.

A lot of people believe that offset smokers produce the most authentic barbeque. Additionally, they have higher capacity to cook than barrel or drum smokers. They are great to smoke large chunks of meat as they are able to be laid across a huge cooking grates.

The offset design of offset smokers makes it simpler for smokers to add fuel. Fuel addition does not affect the temperature or the amount of smoke inside your cooking area. Additionally, it is possible to make offset smokers using pure wood. They’re also affordable.

Smokers in barrels however provide the benefit of being able to occupy less space due to their design that is vertical. It is easy to set temperatures and other parameters, and leave their food cooking.

Certain drum smokers feature dual doors that make it simpler to add fuel as food cooks. They typically consume lesser gas that offset smokers and also have quicker cook times due to the more effective design. These smokers are lighter than offset smokers and are more suitable for locations with less heat.

Are drum smokers a good choice for newbies?

Drum smokers are great for novices since they feature one of the easiest styles of outside smokers on the market. Due to their basic design they’re also among the most affordable. Their basic design is down into a 55-gallon container containing grates and a cage in it. It is therefore simple to make these drums.

Drum smokers also consume less fuel. They burn longer than other grills and smokers. It is possible to watch the coal in a 12-pound tin last for up to 20 hours, while cooking food at temperatures of 250°F. This makes them simple to use , and the long-term costs for fuel are affordable. They can also be transported and users are able to easily transport them to camp or for RV smoking.

The drawback of drum cookers is that they can have an arduous learning curve for newcomers in particular when compared with pellet or electric smokers. It is vital to know what to do to reduce the amount of smoke within the drum, and it can be hard for people who are new to this type of cooking. For instance, space is at an issue in the forms of cookers that have a 55-gallon drum size. The drums are only able to provide enough space for a rack of 22 inches.

Wrapping Up!

Drum smokers yield amazing results that require less effort than other kinds of charcoal smokers. If you’re looking smoking brisket, chicken, or ribs, drum smokers allow for quicker cooking times as well as high capacity storage.

The overall top drum smoker we have listed in terms of characteristics can be found in that of Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Pro Drum Smoker. It is our top option for purchasing. One of the greatest things to mention is the high-gauge steel construction. Because of its robust construction, it will last for a long time if handled and utilized correctly.

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