4 Best Trailer Hitch Bumper Guards 2023

The step for the receiver trailer hitch or bumper guard for your hitch is among the most important accessories as protecting the rear of your car is as important as protecting the interior of your car as well, if not more.

A good bumper guard for your trailer or hitch step will provide this security. There is no doubt that there are plenty of applications for this item that include safeguarding the rear side of your vehicle of those who tow trailers, or other items.

It not only makes it the safer, more convenient and an easy access to the top of your vehicle or your rear area of cargo but it also helps protect your vehicle from being damaged in rear end collisions at low speeds. accident.

This article you’ll look at the most affordable and reliable hitch options that you can purchase on the internet. We have spent an extensive amount of time studying and physically reviewing the items.

If you’d like to get more details regarding the best trailer hitch bumper guards ensure that you go through this article thoroughly until the very end.

We looked into the material and designs, durability, expert reviews, and user reviews to identify the top-performing steps to attach a trailer receiver to this listing.

1.) 1) Bully Heavy Duty Hook Step

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The BBS-1102 hitch step or the hitch bumper guard can be installed on all designed bumpers on automobiles, trucks, or SUVs that have 2-inch hitch receivers. If you’ve got the BBS-1102 steps for your hitch you will be able to access your car’s interiors and your pickup truck bed or even the roof racks of your truck bed or luggage racks swiftly and quickly.

Steel that is powder coated and strong, making this Bully the trailer step mount secure to use. The kit comes with instruction as well as an electronic wire harness. If your vehicle has an 2 inches hitch receiver you won’t have to do anything to make the BBS-1102 hitch steps in place.

Plugs and playsets make it simpler to start. The multi-purpose utility steps come with a rubber pad which ensures a you are secure and comfortable for all to use.

Contrary to the TYGER which has a strong steel structure. The Bully BBS-1102 hitch bumper is designed to accommodate receivers for hitches which are the most commonly used sizes.

The hitch step measures 18 inches long and features an extension tube that is 3 inches in width. The sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks greatly benefit from this hitch step since they are constructed from durable materials.

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The reason you should purchase itPERKS
A heavy-weighted hitch mounted step isn’t heavy and won’t place an extra load on your car’s chassis.We discovered a review by a client when we did our research, stating that the caps at the ends on both sides could be higher quality. In other words the product is top-of-the-line!
Easy installation and the kit included an shim that is small to ensure an adequate fit inside the receiver. It also helps to avoid the slight rattle.
The necessary tools for the hitch come provided in the box, which includes the hardware. Bully Plug-and play: The BBS-1102 bumper guard is, however it doesn’t require an outside service provider to setup it.
One step on the hitch can hold 350 pounds since it’s constructed of the correct type of steel and constructed by professionals.
The paint is able to be altered. To make them match with what color you want to match with your vehicle or other items it is possible to paint the steps of a hitch.

A mandrel bent 3 inch tube, which is 18 inches wide , and 16 gauge plastic step pads for the hitch complete the surface of the stairs that makes it safe and simple to climb in and out of.
The Bully BBS-1102 side hitch step that has robust construction makes it simple to access the bed of the truck.

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2) Eapele Hitch Step

Eapele Hitch Step

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The Eapele hitch-mounted step or bumper guard is rubbed on its tops to ensure non slip traction for shoes. This tow hitch step has several tow strap extensions points. The middle holes be used in conjunction with your tow straps to help you to tow your truck, trailer and even cedars.

Steps for the tow hitch from Eapele and bumper guards for the hitch make getting into or out from the rear of your vehicle easier with the help of the vehicle’s front hitch receiver. They also increase access to the rear of the racks or beds of your truck.

Eapele Hitch Step connected with a hitch

It is compatible with 2” receivers or a connectors that are square. The overall dimension is 15.3”(L) and 10.5”(W) and 2.5”(H). It comes with a hitch pin and a clip that you can make use of to stop the slide from sliding down.

Made from ultra-strong 8GA thick steel , which has long-lasting corrosion resistant and can support the maximum capacity of 400lbs. Powder coat finish with ED coating is durable and weatherproof This bumper guard for the hitch should endure for years of driving abuse.

A square steel structure with a plastic cover offers non-scratching support. The plastic cover for Ridges provides an incredibly comfortable and non-skid floor.

Why you should buy itPERKS
A large, heavy-duty hitch step that easily slides into the 2 1/8 inch trailer hitch opening for the receiver.Some customers have said that this trailer hitch may be able to fit in certain receivers. They’ve just put on some tape or rubber to stop the movement.
The non slip design of the plastic cover and surface texture enhance friction and increase safety.
A well-painted finish will be resistant to rust and increase the longevity of the product.
The hitch will protect your vehicle’s rear bumper from damage and make sure that there isn’t a scratch when the car behind or rear car is struck by the wall behind.
The maximum weight capacity for a load is 400lbs.

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3.) Changes in Weather Technology Step

Weather Tech Bump Step

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Weather Tech hitch Step connected with a hitch
Tests Weather Tech hitch steps for review

It is essential to shield the bumper of your car from rear-end collisions scratching, dents and scratches. It’s the Weathertech 81Bs1 Macneil automotive step for trailers or bumper protector is made to safeguard your truck’s or car’s rear. You could also make use of these steps as a way for getting onto the roof.

A solid structure bump step to protect your vehicle was created within the United States by the most skilled experts who had the idea of making the most out of it. The rest of the bumper guard on this list are made by China.

In addition, with this you don’t have to be concerned about falling down these steps since they’re non-slip and feature a sturdy step pad which ensures a safe, comfortable and safe step.

Multi-functional, in addition to safeguarding your vehicle’s back, this bumper guard will help you access truck bed and roof racks for shells and the interiors of SUVs. It’s not a problem to carry the weight since it can support as much as 300 pounds.

As per the review of a customer the man who weighed 215 pounds was capable of sitting comfortably despite it being made from plastic.

Additionally, unlike the bumper guards for your hitch mentioned above, this one comes with an anti-theft lock to lock it into your receiver.

The reason you should purchase itPERKS
It is compatible with any vehicle that has common size hitch receivers2 inch receiver hitches.There was no evidence of it in the test, and the feedback from the customers about this test was pretty well-maintained too.
POFENZE Patented hitch step gives an easy accessibility to storage space and also provides additional protection from rear-end collisions.
It features a sturdy all-welded design and a 4 inch square of steel tubing that is heavy duty and comes with an anti-skid pad that’s sturdy and safe.
The hitch is secured with a lock that helps prevent the theft.
If you’re not completely satisfied with the product or service You can reach out to Weathertech for a refund or replacement complete reimbursement within the first 30 days.
The use of plastic instead of mild steel is an anti-scratch device and won’t be rusty as a hitch made of metal step might.

4. Tyger Auto Tyger TG-HS8U81238 Hitch Armor

Tyger Auto TG-HS8U81238 Hitch Armor

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The steps for your truck’s bumper are constructed of solid iron with a dual-stage powder coat finishes and are waterproof. The size of your trailer’s receiver must be at minimum 2 inches wide in order to utilize this. These reliable bump steps or bumper guards for your hitch with the 350lbs maximum load can also safeguard your car offering an easy and peaceful transportation experience.

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The TYGER-exclusive trailer hitch steps allow you to reach your storage area. Dual girders are the best method to safeguard against rear-end crashes. This is an easy install that is the simple plug And Play setup. A stabilizer and a pin lock are also included inside the.

It took two steps to produce tubes that had 2 inches in diameter and an internal walls thick of 0.120 inches. They were an black-textured finish powder coated in two steps.

In certain situations the backup sensor might be able communicate with the primary sensor.

TYGER offers a one-year life-time warranty against manufacturing defects!

The reason you should purchase itPERKS
Dual girder technology gives the greatest protection against rear-end collisions.A few customers believe that this trailer hitch could affect back-up sensors in certain uncommon cases. However, it is a good fit and surpasses all expectations of the customers and you get what you pay for.
It can be fitted to any vehicle that has two hitch receivers.
Capacity of 350 pounds.
The Easy Plug And Play makes it easy to installation.
The stabilizer and pin lock are free. are part of the package.
Two inch diameter for heavy duty and 0.120 inches wall thickness tube.
Powder coated in two stages texture black-colored finish.
TYGER provides a lifetime warranty to US customers to cover manufacturing defects.

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The trailer hitch bumper guards are a comparison table

To make the decision more easy, we’ve compared the above items. The table below has been created based on our personal research and customer’s opinions.

The name of the itemTyger TG-HS8U81238Bully BBS-1102Eapele hitch-mounted stepWeathertech 81Bs1
Product dimension30 1019 inches x 11.25 3.75 inches 3.75 inches16.6 inches x 12.2 2.5 2.5 inches19 13 x 4 inches
Limit on weight350 pounds300 pounds400 pounds300 pounds
Receiver hits2 inches2 inches2 inches2 inches
WarrantyLifetime warranty limited to US customers for manufacturing defects1 year limited guarantee against manufacturing defects and workmanshipNoneLimited warranty

Guide to buying a Hitch or Bumper Guards

Hitch step on the back of the car

You’ll have to choose the right step or bumper guard to accomplish the job correctly and safely. Here are some important points to consider.


The most important thing is the rig you have. Every vehicle is able to pull a certain amount of tow and not all cars are built to accommodate bumper guards or hitch steps. To locate the proper step for your trailer it is necessary to understand the limitations of your vehicle’s capabilities in order to determine if a particular one is universally compatible.

Capacity for Towing

Knowing the amount of towing you’ll need to do can assist you in choosing the ideal hitch step or bumper guard.


Hitch Classes

There’s six major kinds of hitches for trailers each with their particular set of characteristics and functions.

Minivans, cars and crossovers that have an unsatisfactory GT capacity and one-quarter-inch receivers is classified under Class1 and Class2.

Trucks, vans, and SUVs that have moderate GT capacity and two inches of receiver size is classified under Class 3.

Vehicles that have an extremely high GTW maximum and 2 inches of receiver size can be classified as heavy-duty in the classes four and five.

Work trucks with the largest GTW restriction and two-and-a-half inches receivers are classified as Class 5 commercial for towing with heavy duty.

Hitch Height

When towing, you’ll need to make sure that there is enough space between your hitch and ground. It can be difficult to get over dips and bumps when there’s not enough space between. You should have a minimum one foot distance or you could end up damaging the equipment you are using.

But, your trailer will not stand level and can be unsafe to tow if the receiver isn’t high enough. To resolve this problem, you could utilize drop risers and drops.

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Hardware to mount

There are a few accessories for trailers are able of performing the same job as well as carrying the exact weight.

To ensure your safety it is necessary to decide on the kind of mount you’ll require and what you’d like them to accomplish. Make sure they can be installed. If they’re not, then you might need to invest some money for professional installation, too.

Protective coating

The majority of trailer hitch steps and bumper guards for hitches have a finish that provides all-weather protection against the elements corrosion, rust as well as road debris. It is essential to choose an appropriate step for your hitch that has an attractive finish to prevent weakening the capabilities of your hitch because of corrosion.

How do you put in How do I install Hitch Bumper Guards?

Hitch Bumper Guard installation

The steps to a trailer hitch or the hitch covers are generally easy to set up by following these easy steps:

1. Slide the steppost of the hitch into the receiver’s hitch that is open.

2. Place it in the desired position or at the desired location If you are given options.

3. Install and secure the hitch pin , or Easy Bolts to secure the hitch step secure.


Steps to a trailer hitch or bumper guards equipped with LEDs may require a more involved installation that requires wire and connect components correctly. Check the instruction manual of your manufacturer for further details.

FAQs for Hitch Mounted Bumper Guards

Hitch Mounted Bumper Guard

Why would you require bumper guards for trailers?

The bumper guards for the trailer hitch prevent small objects from getting stuck in the hitch and resulting in the conveyor belt tearing longitudinally. Avoid vehicle damage and the costly and lengthy downtimes.

Do bumpers for hitches work?

Of course, they do.

  1. Guards for the bumpers of your trailer hitch or hitch steps shield your vehicle from scratching if you need to park on the middle of a busy street or in a garage that is cramped.
  2. They can save you money by repair of cosmetic damages that your insurance might not cover.
  3. They will give you peace of mind knowing that your dream car’s rear secure.
  4. Bumper guards discourage tailgaters.

How durable can a hitch for a car bumper be?

The load that is stable for the typical bumper is about 200 pounds. The weight is not supposed to exceed 500 pounds when traveling effects are present (bumps or curves, etc. ).

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Wrapping Up!

We always go that extra step when reviewing products to make sure that our customers only get the most reliable and top quality the trailer’s step. We hope you have found the most reliable hitch step or bumper guard Procter for yourself with this review.

If you’re unsure the right hitch for you, we’d suggest taking a look at the functions and features of the steps for hitching listed above. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.

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