7 Best Table Saws Under $500 2023

The decision to go with a table saw that was cheap for this piece almost was like winning a lottery. We’ve bought a well-known model from a well-known manufacturer and were hoping to utilize it for a tiny woodworking project. After a few cuts the machine, it started moving and smoking. Overall the device was close to breaking down as were we!

When we’ve put together our pick we’ve evaluated more than 25 different products in order to pick the top seven table saws that are less than $500 that are available. We examined a variety of the most important aspects that these models. We first looked at the speed of the blade on this saw. This impacts the speed of kickback as well as the quality of the cuts. Blade diameter and depth cut were also crucial as they impact the thickness of wood can be cut as well as how heavy the saw. This is why we have decided that we would make WEN 3720 our Editor’s Choice. WEN 3720 our Editor’s choice.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    WEN 3720 “This table saw is able to cut through wider and more thick boards using a sharp 10-inch blade.”
  • Ideal for contractors:
    Bosch GTS1031 “Lightweight mobile table saw that weighs only 52 pounds, and it has 0.5-inch blade with a dado.”
  • The Best Table Saw for Beginners Under $500:
    Skilsaw SKIL 3410-02 “Amateur woodworkers need to learn using this safe and portable Skillsaw table saw equipped with a self-aligning fence.”
  • The most sturdy table saw under $500:
    Hitachi C10RJ “Reliable table saw that has 4500 rpm of speed as well as telescopic table extension. sturdy construction.”
  • Budget Selection:
    Ryobi RTS11 “Fairly priced table saw that has a 3-inch cutting depth as well as the capacity to rip 12 inches.”
  • Most Exact:
    Rockwell RK7241S “Precise table saw that has laser indicator, the ability to fold up table and fence.”
  • The best table saw for DIY Below $500:
    DEWALT DWE7480XA “Powerful and swift table saw with a maximum of 24 inches capacity for ripping and fence rails that telescoping.”

WEN 3720

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This table saw that is quite large made by Wen is made for enthusiasts who prefer working with larger boards but aren’t ready to switch with a table. The saw has a staggering 3-9/16-inch cutting depth with the 10-inch blade and the capacity to rip 26 inches due to the telescoping fence rails for ripping. Be aware that the motor’s current output is just 15 amps, which means you’ll need to take care not to overwhelm the saw when cutting particularly massive pieces of wood.

The biggest issue people have with this saw was alignment. A lot of users complained that the saw comes off the mark as well as that miter gauges as well as the blade itself can be about half an inch out of alignment following each cut. It’s surprising to note that the cut fence is solid and will not move after being locked to the ground. However, these issues with precision are a big issue for professionals who require a saw which is able to effectively make multiple cuts.

Despite its dimension, users have found the saw quite portable. The saw is able to be removed from the stand, and it can be folded up for transportation and includes eight-inch wheels that can be used to carry this saw about. The saw also has storage built-in to the stand.

The saw includes a rip stick and the 10-inch carbide blade, giving you a greater price for the money. Wen provides a two-year warranty, however there is no money back warranty after receiving the saw.

What does it make it distinguish itself?

  • 3-9/16-inch cut depth
  • Large capacity of 26 inches
  • Portable with fold-away stand
  • Includes rip stick

What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • Problems with alignment and precision
  • No money-back guarantee


8 Top Table Saws that cost less than $1000 affordable power and build (Fall 2022)

Bosch GTS1031

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This tabletop saw by Bosch is extremely mobile which makes it a top choice among contractors. It weighs 52 pounds. It comes with an on-board carry handle as well as storage, so you’ll never lose an accessory or blade.

The drawback to the small design of the saw is that, even with the fence rails that telescoping the saw is restricted to a rip of 18 inches capacity. The large 0.5-inch dado blade size is an benefit for those who are often creating wood joints. The saw can be capable of cutting up to 3-1/8 inches and bevel upwards to 45 degrees providing an array of cuts. The users also liked that the fence locks to its place and is easy to adjust due to its precise measuring system located on the lower part of the blade.

In terms of safety, this model is packed with features. Its Smart Guard system integrates the blade cover with a riving blade as well as an anti-kickback mechanism to ensure that you’re completely protected when cutting. The riving blade and cover are easy to adjust with no tools, which means you have complete control of whether you require more accessibility to your blade to make cutting a particular cut.

There were some concerns about the saw that are not related in its capabilities. The engine’s noise is quite loud, even when compared with other 15-amp table saws and the saw doesn’t have the stand. Furthermore, Bosch’s one year warranty and 30 day money-back warranty are quite short compared to the warranties on saws offered by Dewalt or Ryobi.

What does it make it different?

  • Compact and portable
  • 0.5-inch dado blade capacity
  • Smart Guard security system
  • Fence adjustments that are easy to make

What are the disadvantages you need to be aware of?

  • Limited to 18 inches capacity to rip
  • Loud
  • It does not include a stand.
  • Short warranty


12 of the Best Table Saws Make No Distance Limit Your Work on projects (Fall 2022)

Skilsaw SKIL 3410-02

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The table saw with a burly design made by Skilsaw is the best option for woodworkers who are just beginning their careers due to its huge capacity for ripping, its precise adjustments, and a variety of safety features. The table saw is constructed with an extended aluminum table which has a rip capacity that is 24.5 inches left of the blade and 12 inches left. This means that the majority of beginner users won’t have to work with an additional stand when using larger boards. In addition the rip fence is designed to be self-aligning, so that the possibility of kickbacks during cutting rips is greatly diminished.

The miter gauge and saw gauge can be easily adjusted thanks to the strong wheel beneath the table. Furthermore using the EZ measure system allows you to adjust highly precise cuts in no time. Although some users have found the miter gauge inadequate, it’s easy to upgrade as your knowledge of the saw improves. The saw’s capacity to take dado blades that are up to 13/15 inches, and to make bevel cuts that are up to 45 degrees, also indicates that the saw has ample room to evolve along with you as you grow at woodworking.

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The only issue that users encountered with this saw was that it’s quite large and heavy in comparison with other models of saws. This isn’t a problem if you’re planning to keep the saw in a fairly large home shop however it could restrict the use of it for professionals who require an option that is more mobile.

What are some of our most loved features?

  • Capacity for rips of 24.5 inches
  • Self-aligning fence
  • EZ measure system for view
  • Three-year warranty, 30 day money-back assurance

What is better?

  • Large and heavy
  • Miter gauges aren’t 100% exact.


6 Top Contractor Table Saws reviews as well as a Buying Guide (Fall 2022)

Hitachi C10RJ

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The Hitachi C10RJ features an Soft Start function that reduces the sound and recoil once you turn to the table saw and the brake on the electric motor can stop the blade spinning in minutes, providing additional security. It’s an ideal choice for the more secure buyer.
The table saw comes with bevel angles ranging from zero degrees to 45 degrees to cut cuts that vary in sizes from 3 1/8 inch and 2 1/4 inches. The beveling the scale and height adjustment knobs are in the top of the cabinet, making it ease of access. The 10-inch carbide-tipped 40-tooth blade is part of the saw, which has superior cutting performance. It has the table extension that is telescoping, to give 35 inches of ripping capability to the right of the saw, and 22 inches on the left.
The main power switch for this tablesaw is situated at the knee which makes it simple to switch it on and off and also has an emergency shut-off shield as an additional layer of protection. The Hitachi C10RJ is a folding stand that makes the table saw simple to move around and transport. It also has less wobbling during cutting, and is a sturdy structure due to its weight of at 96 pounds.
It can also be difficult to move for certain users. Some customers have also complained that the manual and instructions for assembly aren’t easy to follow for users.
In addition this table saw is covered by two-year warranty. Additionally, it has onboard storage for any tools you might need, making it an excellent table saw.

What makes it unique?

  • Large cutting capacity
  • Storage onboard
  • Durable construction
  • 2-year Limited Warranty

How can we fix the weaknesses?

  • Incongruous instructions for assembly
  • Heavy


12 of the Best Table Saws Make No Distance Limit Your Work on your projects (Fall 2022)

Ryobi RTS11

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This saw that is compact is an ideal option for woodworkers working with a limited budget or homeowners who just occasionally require tables saws. The saw weighs in at 50 pounds and occupies only a tiny amount of space thanks to its small size. However, this restricts the rip width to 12 inches, making the saw an extremely difficult purchase to woodworkers with more advanced skills and contractors.

Don’t let the dimensions detract from the saw’s performance, however. The saw cuts through wood boards with ease. Even while the saw isn’t heavy the rip fence and table are robust and long-lasting enough to handle larger pieces of wood without breaking or twisting.

Furthermore, Ryobi packed the saw with safety features, such as the blade cover, which is adjustable and tool-free along with an anti-kickback-pawl. The saw also comes with an integrated push stick , so you do not need to place your hands on the blade.

It’s also worth noting that the saw is a bit inadequate in terms of its capabilities. The saw is not designed to work with the dado blade stack, and users reported that miter gauges have a limited accuracy. The tiny dimension of the table implies that it is difficult to incorporate precision tools also, and the tiny area between the blade and the table could cause kickback.

Ryobi’s warranty policy of three years with 90-day money-back guarantees – is impressive considering the cost of this table saw.

What is special about it?

  • Compact and light weight
  • Very affordable
  • Cover for blades that can be adjusted as well as anti-kickback Pawl
  • Three-year warranty and 90-day money back assurance

What pros and cons did we observe?

  • The upgrade of components is difficult.
  • Very limited capacity to rip
  • Not rated for dado blades

Rockwell RK7241S

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The table saw is equipped with several appealing features, however it gets criticized in our review as a result of a constant blade alignment issues, as well as inadequate customer care from Rockwell.

For a start, let’s look at the top features that this model has to offer, the fact it comes with an impressive 30-inch rip capability with a fence railing that can be extended. The saw is quite heavy, weighing 74 pounds, however, it’s weight allows it to tear through large hardwood boards with no difficulties. A few users have reported using the saw mostly as stationary, because it has the capabilities of a hybrid one at less than half the price. Also, homeowners and contractors alike adored the 3-9/16-inch cutting depth for the blade, and the feature that it has an indicator for lasers as well as on-board storage. The saw also has a dustbag that can make cleaning much easier when there isn’t a shop vacuum.

But, all of these great features should be evaluated against a constant problem with the alignment of the blade. The users repeatedly discovered it was not in alignment to the point that it struck the plate that covers your throat. Rockwell is not able to offer any protection beyond the 30-day guarantee on money-back Many customers have complained about poor customer service from the company.

But, this is an issue that can be resolved when the saw is disassembled and then reassembled correctly. This is why the advantages of this saw can be realized by people with the willingness to do some effort.

What made it onto it onto our list?

  • Saws with heavy-duty construction
  • Capacity of ripping 30-inches
  • Aproximately four inches of depth of cut
  • Dust bag included and the stand with wheels.

What’s not perfect regarding it?

  • The issue is consistent and significant with blade alignment , which requires the disassembly of the saw
  • Poor customer service


8 Table Saws that are the Best for less than $1000 affordable power and build (Fall 2022)


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The users loved this affordable as well as versatile tablesaw made by Dewalt. It has many features normally reserved for higher-end saws. The first thing that people appreciated was how the saw is small and utilizes an adjustable fence rail to expand the rip power to as much as 24 inches right to left on the edge. The modular guarding system of the Site-Pro is also a way for users to quickly and effortlessly alter the blade cover to accommodate various cuts without the use of tools. This creates an enormous reasons to keep the blade cover open continuously that dramatically improves the security of the saw.

It was reported by users that the saw has more power than its 15 amp motor, which has enough power to cut through boards of thin hardwood and softwoods. Furthermore it has a the carbide saw with 24 teeth, which is an improvement over the standard blades that are typically used at tablesaws.

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The saw fits could be found in small shops even though the space of the table that is in forward of the blade’s edge is just several inches in length. This means there’s a significant possibility of kickback, unless you have a second table to store boards. However, the storage on the board was a great addition to the saw and customers appreciated the fact that the feet on the rear of the stand can be adjusted to fit any floor.

To help you save money on this saw, Dewalt provides three years of warranty as well as a 90-day money-back assurance.

What is it that makes it different?

  • Telescoping fence rails for fences
  • Site-Pro modular guarding system
  • Blades with carbide included
  • Storage on board
  • Three-year warranty and 90-day money back assurance

What are the disadvantages you need to be aware of?

  • Not enough table space the front of blade

Things to Consider

After you’ve learned about our top seven table saws that cost less than $500, how can you decide which one to find the table saw best suited to your woodworking requirements? The Buying Guide will cover what you can expect from a budget table saw, crucial safety guidelines, and all you should know to select the right table saw.

Table saw less than $500. What should you be expecting?

Table saws less than $500 could be exceptional for the money However, they do possess some limitations in comparison to higher-priced saws. Table saws under $500 will usually be portable or contractor-style which have relatively light and compact tables as well as the blades are less in size. Comparatively to hybrid and cabinet table saws, which typically are priced at thousands, table saws are smaller motors – usually 15 amps – and have lower blade speeds of about a couple of thousand turns per minute. Smaller tables also restrict the size of rip cuts and could be lacking features such as miter gauges and bevels.

However, they are not necessarily bad characteristics for the majority of woodworkers who are just beginning their careers. Table saws are more than capable of cutting through softwood boards, and making high-quality cuts. Additionally, their small dimensions and portability are beneficial for construction workers as well as woodworkers working from a smaller shop.

The reasons to buy the table saw

Table saws can be used to make an array of basic cuts into lumber, and that’s why they’re among the very first tools that are added to every woodworker’s toolbox. Table saws are able to be utilized to make simple rip cuts on massive boards, trimming pieces of wood to precise dimensions and making precise cut angles that are employed to join wood at the corner of.

Another reason why many woodworkers and contractors like small table saws is because they’re portable. Table saws are able to easily fit into a garage or workshop in the home, or be carried and quickly put up on the job location, which makes them among the most flexible tools available to amateurs and professionals alike.

Do it yourself – Woodworker’s guide for safe sawing

Table saws are extremely hazardous because they use an extremely fast-moving blade within the vicinity of your body and hands. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to certain safety guidelines when you work on a tablesaw.

Begin by stepping up to the table saw with care. Dress in appropriate safety clothes such as eye protection, heavy gloves to handle wood. Remove all jewelry and clothing that has fallen off. Make sure you clean the the table saw to ensure that there aren’t any dangers of tripping and there is there is no sawdust left from your last project. Make sure the saw has been properly maintained and that all safety devices are in place.

When it is time to begin the saw, do not start the motor while the blade is engaged. Also, you shouldn’t be tempted to reach over the saw’s blade in any way. When you are beginning to cut it is recommended to move wood along the saw instead of pulling it through, while maintaining an upright posture over the saw in order to prevent any kickback.

Be sure to never make a cut by hand. Always make use of the miter or fence gauge to direct your wood. Also, utilize a second stand to make cutting rips that are bigger than the table. If you must utilize an extension stick instead of using your fingers to force wood into the cutting blade.

Considerations to make when purchasing the table saw that is the most efficient under $500

When it comes to selecting tables the array of features available can seem overwhelming. We’ll go over the things you should be aware of to select the ideal table saw that costs less than $500.

Safety features are never enough.

Table saw makers are very concerned about safety It’s crucial to utilize all available safety features when selecting a table saw. The most fundamental safety feature to consider is a blade cover that retracts that your wood can go by the cutting blade. Blade covers must be clear so that you are able to observe your work in a clear way. Be aware that even though many blade covers are movable but you must keep the covers on your table saw at all times.

Another safety feature you will find on modern tables is the riving blade. It’s essentially a split knife that lies just behind the primary blade. It helps to avoid kickback by grasping wood once it has passed across the saw. For blade covers, some table saws come with cutting knives that can be removed, however, these should be placed at the edge of the blade. Certain table saws, such as Ryobi’s model Ryobi have an anti-kickback pawl that can further minimize kickback.

Additionally, certain table saws such as those from Ryobi and Wen or Ryobi have included push-sticks. These are extremely helpful for large rip cuts because they allow you to direct the lumber through the saw without placing your hands in the vicinity of the blade.

Utilizing the fence

Rip fences are according to most woodworkers, one of the primary element of any table saw. It is designed to direct wood through the saw, regardless of whether you’re making tiny and precise cuts or larger rip cuts.

But there are fences that aren’t constructed equally well, which is why it is crucial to search for a saw that has the most durable and precise fence. Straight fences will not only result in precise cuts as well as less kickback while making rip cuts. Furthermore, because you’ll always moving the fence around on the table to adjust the cuts, it’s essential to have the ability to swiftly and accurately alter the fence’s position.

Precision cutting and capacity

It’s not surprising that precision is essential for any table saw. If the saw you use isn’t precisely calibrated and you’ll have boards that are different in size every time you attempt to make the cut. In the case of the table saw precision is the term used to mean that you must be capable of adjusting the fence gauge and the miter gauge to the exact measurements, and achieve the exact cut each time.

The most important thing is that the precision of the saw needs to be steady with time. This is where an efficient saw that is equipped with a strong fence, and miter gauge is crucial as the cheaper versions of these components are prone to bend when subjected to the use of heavy.

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Rip capacity is an additional measurement of how table saws work and refers to the broadest cut you could make using the fence and table. Rip capacities for the contractor and portable saws are likely to be less than those of cabinet saws. The 30-inch cut capacity on the Rockwell saw one of the most powerful capacity for ripping of the saws we examined, is very small for woodworkers that undertake large-scale projects. Be aware that the rip capacity isn’t restricting, as you could utilize a stand for cutting large pieces of lumber, which extends beyond the table of your saw.

Power and speed

The majority of table saws that are affordable feature a motor of 15 amps that has enough force to cut through most softwood boards. However, these saws could have trouble with the thicker boards of softwood as well as a wide range of hardwoods.

Blade speed is a crucial aspect to consider because it affects the quality of your cuts as well as the probability of kickback. A faster blade speed can reduce kickback and result in cuts that have more rounded edges. There’s not much differences in the blade speeds of the saws we examined Any blade speed that is between 4,500 and 5,000 rpm should give reasonably smooth cuts.

Dust port

Dust ports are an add-on feature for table saws, but it’s an essential feature to include. The dust port lets users to connect an air-cleaner directly to the saw, so it can take out the sawdust that is generated during cutting. A vacuum connected to the dust port on your saw is the best method to stop sawdust from building up inside the bowels of the saw, which can cause trouble and also from contaminating the air inside your workshop.


The table saws less than $500 we examined have 10-inch blades, mainly due to this being a popular diameter, making it simple to swap blades. The blade’s diameter may vary, and 12-inch blades are also very common.

Remember that the blades that come standard on the majority of table saws are affordable – replacing the blade is among the most beneficial upgrades you can do to your table saw.

Table, table weight and size extensions

The weight and size of your saw are crucial in case you are planning to transport it around between job sites or having very limited space for your workshop. Table saws priced under $500 are compact, especially when compared with table saws that are cabinet or hybrid However, there are some that are more compact than other. For instance Ryobi is a particular model. Ryobi table saw has been specifically designed to be light and portable, however it has less rip capacity due to the layout.

Remember that table saws with portable capabilities shrink in size when they are moved with table extensions. They can be folded down or telescoping to make room for table use. But, be aware that many woodworkers discover these tables don’t always set and need more effort to put up.

Storage on-board

A number of portable table saws, like Bosch and Dewalt have on-board storage. Bosch as well as Dewalt saws come with built-in storage that lets you store dado blades, miter gauges and other essential accessories within the saw. Although it isn’t essential, it’s beneficial to have all of the tools for your table saw all in one place.


There’s a wide array of accessories that are available for table saws, a few of which are standard with specific models of saws. For instance, saws like those of Rockwell include integrated lasers, while those with the wen as well as Ryobi saws have push sticks that can be used to make cutting rips. The most important thing to consider is the stand but this is a feature of many of the saws we examined. If you’re thinking of upgrading the quality of your table saw you should consider purchasing a new blade or the dado blades as well as an extension table or the jigs.


Table saws are expected to last for a long time If maintained properly, however, it’s nice having the assurance that comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Numerous manufacturers, including Dewalt, Ryobi, Rockwell and Skilsaw provide three-year warranties as well. Dewalt and Ryobi even provide 90-day money-back warranties on their saws.

Table saw maintenance Tips for table saw maintenance

Maintaining your table saw is essential to ensure it is running efficiently and safely for many the years to be. There are many ways to ensure that your table saw is in good working order.

In the beginning, you must clean up the sawdust buildup. The sawdust that builds up in the internal organs of the saw is easily removed with the help of a shop vacuum and a brush. Also, you can employ compressed air to eliminate any sawdust stuck to the saw.

After the sawdust has gone, you must apply lubrication to the gears and adjustment knobs of your saw using spray oil. Blades and the riving knife must be cleaned using pitch, and you must make use of an oil lubricant clean the table to ensure that the wood is able to slide effortlessly.

It is also essential to keep the proper alignment of your saw. This must be checked after each five-hour period of usage. Make sure all the screws that hold the throat and blade in place are secure, and use a level make sure that the miter and rip fence gauge slots are aligned to each other. Make sure you have the blade aligned to the rip fence as well as with the cutting knife for riving.


Can the blade of a table saw become sharper?

Yes, but how simple to sharpen a blade is dependent on the type of material. If you own a stainless steel saw blade then the blade can be sharpened by yourself by using a file or sharpening tool. If the saw blade is carbide and you’ll probably require a professional sharpen it, as this will require a specific collection of equipment.

Could a table saw be used to cut metal or stone?

Do not make use of a table saw that is budget-friendly that is made to cut wood, and not cut through stone or metal. This can not only harm the blade, but could cause lots in wear on the motor.

Wrapping Up!

Our three top table saws that cost less than $500 include those of the WEN 3720 and the Bosch GTS1031 as well as the Skilsaw 3410-02 model.. The three saws are powerful enough to cut through wood boards. Although the rip capabilities aren’t as impressive when compared with larger hybrid saws Dewalt as well as Skilsaw model are able to cut 24 inches of tear-offs.

Contractors especially liked The Bosch saw due to its strength and portability but they also wished it came with an accessory stand to match the price.

This Skilsaw can be the perfect choice for beginners woodworkers because it provides straightforward, precise adjustments, and plenty of space for upgrades.

We think we can say that this WEN 3720 is the top overall table saw for under $500 due to its impressive 3-9/16-inch depth of cut, using the 10-inch blade and the capacity to rip 26 inches thanks to the Telescoping fence rails that rip.

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