5 Best Table Saw Fences 2023

Table saws are common tools used in a variety of workshops. They aid woodworkers in making either straight or angled cuts in wood. Modern table saws permit the blade to move to alter the cut’s depth and also to cut a sheet of wood into smaller pieces with different sizes that can be used for other projects. However, if you require the highest level of precision in a safe manner and to achieve even results A rip fence is an integral part of the table saw. The rip fence appears like an iron bar that is positioned parallel to the blade of your table. You can also alter the fence in accordance with the size of the cut. Ensure your material has aligned to ensure a smooth cut along the grain.

The advantages of an rip fence are worth the investment , however it can be difficult to select the ideal tablesaw fence. In reality, there are endless, from manual to electronic table saws. There are also other aspects to take into consideration, such as the type of fence you want, the standard or T-square table the material used for construction, the locking mechanism and any accessories. These factors are one of the factors we utilized to come up with the five fences made of table saw that are distinctive from the crowd.

Our study was based upon customer reviews and ratings, as and opinions of experts in woodworking. Our top choice is Bosch Parts 2610950148. Below is an overview table, and deep review of our most popular Table Saw Fence models, before going on to a complete purchasing guide.

Quick Summary

  • The Most Universal Design:
    Bosch Parts 2610950148 “Fit for tables that are up to 29 inches long, this table saw fence is works well with Bosch table saws. It also has an effective single-cross locking system.”
  • The strongest Table Saw Fence:
    Shop Fox W1410 “Steel Table saw fence that is suitable to 27” tables and weighing over 36 pounds.”
  • The Best Table Saw Fence Rail System:
    Shop Fox W1716 “Great rail system, with an angled right-width as well as flexible pad for wear on the fence.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Delta 847962005250 “Fairly priced table saw made of steel fence with twin pointers designed to work with both the right and left tilted saws.”
  • Most user-friendly:
    DELTA 36-T30 T2 “Reliable tablesaw fence that has T-square locking with three points and a rear hold support.”

The Top Five Table Saw Fences Review 2022

Bosch Parts 2610950148

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This Bosch Parts 2610950148 is simply T-square rip fence, with just a fence bar as well as a guide tube. It can be used with many Bosch Parts table saws and weighs about 5.3 pounds. The fence bar measures 29 inches long and it has an rectangular cross-section measuring 7” by 5 7”. Similar to many rip fencing systems, the rip strength of this Bosch is dependent on the rails it is connected to. As a typical T-square rip fence is concerned, the Bosch Parts should support a maximum capacity of 30 inches. This allows it to complete all kinds of wood ripping jobs.

This tool has a single point locking system , and comes with no rails for support. It can nevertheless be secured on the tablesaw. We suggest using a sturdy locking clamp that can securely secure your fence bar onto the guide tube. By doing this you’ll be certain that there won’t be any wobbling or flexing when using this fence bar in order to move the material that you’d like to cut.

Because this fence bar does not have any calibration scale for its guide tube it will be required to fix the tool on rails along with an equivalence scale. Its locking system assists in maintaining the squareness and position while cutting material, and also ensures that the fence bar is aligned in a parallel fashion. fence bar. It is important to note that this fence is constructed of top-quality materials, and its small size lets it withstand loads for a long time without breaking.

In all honesty All things considered, it’s a good buy. Bosch Parts 2610950148 is a great option for anyone looking for a fence bar that is basic and a guide tube.

What makes it different?

  • Simple set-up.
  • The table is easily placed on the table.
  • Fits most Bosch Parts table saws.
  • Very affordable.

What pros and cons did we observe?

  • It requires an assembly for rails.
  • Not recommended for capacities to rip greater than 30 inches.

Shop Fox W1410

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It’s a basic to use, user-friendly tool that won’t harm your pocket in the process. One of the most notable features of this product is the fact that it can be used with almost any table saw. This is particularly beneficial for those who have old table saws. It’s also the most popular model for those who have popular brands and those who have lesser-known brands due to how adaptable this fence can be.

This device has a positioning knob on either side that permit both left-handed and right-handed people to utilize it. The installation process is an easy task, thanks to simple instructions and no-fuss locking mechanisms. This tool locks both sides and the lever for locking is quite big and made from robust materials to make sure that it remains in place. This lever will not lose its luster after wear and tear, like other levers made of plastic that are that are available.

No matter if you lock the mechanisms whether you lock it or not, the mechanism remains in alignment and in line with the blade, making sure you get an exact cut, even if it is not time to secure it. The system also has ball bearing guides which allow users to move the device without using any force. Furthermore, it has micro adjustment knobs that allow users to make small adjustments when needed.

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Overall the Table Saw Rip Fence is good quality and comes at an affordable cost.

What made it onto it onto our list?

  • Easy to set-up due to the simple-to-follow steps.
  • It is smooth and helps improve accuracy.
  • This tool is suitable for left-handed and right-handed woodworkers.
  • The track system includes ball bearing guides for the track system.
  • The precise cuts are made when locked or unlocked.

What’s not great in it?

  • The tap and drill that comes in the unit are of low quality.

Shop Fox W1716

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Shop Fox W1716 Shop Fox W1716 is a excellent choice for those seeking a sturdy fencing system at a reasonable price. This fence is composed of aluminum and steel which makes it durable and extremely robust to wear. In contrast aluminum makes the whole device lighter and makes it easier to move between work sites. This also helps in the low cost of this tool, but while not sacrificing high-end quality.

The main selling aspect of this device is that it is able to fit many table saws thanks to its wide-spread adjustments and the torsion-box design. The tool also comes with an Front lever lock which makes sure the fence stays in place throughout its usage. It’s it’s the sole way to make exact cuts every time however, it does not require a front locking mechanisms.

Another advantage is that the measuring tape is attached with self-adhesive. This means it can be positioned at any point in the unit. This is different from other units that remain with what the manufacturer has to offer. It comes with a basic railing system that includes an a movable magnified cursor, and adjustable fence pads that help to ensure precise positioning.

In terms of specifications, this saw has a length of 57 inches and offers the maximum rip depth at 30 inches just to right. Its smooth aluminum surface lets wood slide seamlessly through the blade. It also has a cross-section which is 17.2 7 inches.

All in all, the Shop Fox W1716 has the finest fence rail system available and its design is able to do cutting that is heavy-duty.

What is its greatest characteristics?

  • It is a reliable straight-line guide.
  • There is a magnification lens built into its size
  • Fantastic ripping capacity
  • Micro adjustment is supported to ensure precise cuts
  • Fences are easy to place on table saws.
  • Easy-to-read positioning scale.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction.

What can be improved?

  • Installation can be difficult and could require an additional hand.

Delta 847962005250

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The Delta 847962005250 is on the low price point and would be an excellent choice for those who are just starting out. This tool is constructed from top-quality, durable steel that will ensure that you’ll not have to look for a replacement anytime very soon. Furthermore, the sturdy construction allows for projects that require a lot of strength and ripping larger pieces of work effortless.

This specific rip fence is designed to work with any table saw such as hybrid saw, contractor as well as unisaw models. Additionally, the fence is well-constructed and is very simple to set up. A three-point locking mechanism with twin hairline pointers ensures that the fence is aligned with the blade, and precise up to 0.4mm. The mechanism for locking is strong and durable which means you can be assured when you put the fence through lots of pressure.

The fence made of stainless steel allows for easy gliding to allow fast and precise ripping and cutting square cuts. The fence is securely fixed to the front tube and then is able to hook over the rear rail making it possible to attach fences, and it can be put in either direction of the cutting blade to provide continuous ripping for both right and left tilt saws. It also has an measuring tape that is located on the right and left hand sides of the blades, allowing you to get accurate readings on either of the sides.

If you’re looking for an easy fix for a budget price , but with quality assurance This Delta 847962005250 is a good option.

How did this make the list?

  • Connects with all Delta Table Saws.
  • Three-point locking system ensures accuracy up to 0.4mm.
  • Fence attachments can be constructed without difficulty.
  • It is compatible with left tilt and right tilt saws.
  • Decent price point.

What’s not perfect in it?

  • The installation instructions aren’t adequate enough to be understood.

DELTA 36-T30 T2

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This DELTA 36-T30 T2 is designed for people who want the most user-friendly table saw fence, without compromising on the quality. This device is made from high-quality steel, and is it is welded at weak spots to ensure that it is sturdy under tension. It is simple to operate out of the box , and is able to work with various table saws to complete various tasks.

This fence weighs about 30 pounds. The fence bar is 60 inches in length, and the square cross-section measures 3 inches x 3 inches. This is a good size, which means that it can be tucked away on table saws that measure as wide as 60 inches. The maximum capacity for ripping is decently high at 30 inches, which means it’s able to accommodate an array of tasks.

It is equipped with a 3-point locking mechanism, which defines this fence as being a “T-square. The fence is described as a T-shaped because it comes with a shorter guide tube made of steel that the fence bar is able to slide. A clamping device as well as a scale on the tube allow clamping of the fence on a specific location on the guide tube. It also has a rail at the rear that permits fencing to clamp securely , ensuring clear and precise cutting is made through the material.

With a locking mechanism the fence is fixed and square during use, thereby not needing constantly changing. Micro-adjustment technology will enable you to make precise cuts. In addition the DELTA 36-T30 T2 comes with a two-year guarantee for security. Its cost-performance ratio is high and outstanding material quality make it the most reliable table saw fence we have seen in our view.

What are some of our most loved features?

  • The capacity for high-quality ripping is 30 inches
  • Micro-adjustment capabilities ensure exact cuts
  • Fence is easy to place on the table saw.
  • Easy-to-read positioning scale on guide tube
  • Welded and high-quality steel parts
  • Two-year warranty
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What is better?

  • The handle is made of plastic It’s odd considering the most important component of the fence.
  • Does not allow for over 30 inches capacity for ripping

Things to Consider

You have the top options when it comes to cutting materials with the highest level of precision. Let’s take a look at the elements that come into play when purchasing fences made of table saws, and the most essential elements to be considered.

Table saw fence – Why do you require one?

A good Rip fence allows you to make lengthy precise cuts along all of material.

It also helps maintain the accuracy of repeat cuts when keeping the same measurements for several boards of lumber is essential.

A rip fence also safeguards users by ensuring that cutting material is aligned properly, so you can see the pattern of wood cut precisely. Making cuts across or around the grain could result in kickbacks that could cause injury to the person cutting.

To get the basics down A rip fence can be described as another tool you can add to your tablesaw to assist in lining up your cuts. It is comprised of a solid straight piece of metal that has guides rails as well as the clamping mechanism. It also has a smooth central bar which allows for the smooth moving of the material towards the blade of the table saw, with minimal friction and with the highest level of accuracy and control.

A top-quality table saw fence could be what’s the distinction between poor appearance and one that you’ll be pleased with, and also ensure the safety of your operator.

Tips for fence-handling by woodworkers

Always ensure that you ensure that you push your fence as well as material beyond the blade’s rotating to prevent binding and kickbacks.

Make sure to shut off your table saw prior to when you begin to pull back the fence and discard your cut pieces.

As fences aren’t very lengthy, keeping the board in place can be very difficult, particularly for DIYers working on their own. The wood may veer away from the fence and lead to cuts that are damaged. Fortunately using a straight and long piece of wood to your fence can prevent this issue. It is best to secure the board against a fence that is longer rather than a smaller one.

Wood with knots , or that is not properly dried wood is likely to get very warped while being cut. Additionally, wood which has one part bent outward could cause unbalanced cuts, kickbacks, as well as burns. If you observe this happening, place the straight 3/4-inch piece of wood on the fence such a fashion that the board ends at the center of the blade.

When you’re making many thin, identical strips, you don’t need change the fencing each cut. Simply join a piece of lumber that is smaller than the width of the cut. This will let you use the material while pushing a jig into. Jigs allow you to tear material with no need to move the fence. It will also safeguarding yourself from cutting.

Price tag

Naturally, cost is a major aspect in any purchase. If you want to install a rip fence it is important to get the top quality equipment which you are able to purchase. It’s a good thing that there are good models that are priced at any level like the ones we’ve reviewed previously. Be aware that trying to save a few bucks could hurt you in the end in the event you get an unsuitable fence to the job. In addition, your overall results are likely to suffer.

Things to think about when buying the top table saw fence

This is that you must know what this is and why it is important. Let’s look at it this way:

Select the appropriate size

The ideal fence size is determined by the way you intend to use your table. If you own a huge table saw and deal with large woodworking tasks You will also require an rip fence to manage your work pieces. For easy installation it is necessary to connect your equipment to the ideal size of the rip fence.

However, there are two kinds of fences that can be ripped:

30 inch capacity to rip

The majority of DIYers will find this model sufficient to complete the task. A rip fence that is 30 inches long like the DELTA 36-T30T2, takes minimal space to set up and is typically inexpensive. If you need to cut material of greater dimensions, you could attempt ripping them from the opposite side. But, this isn’t recommended if the requirement to cut big materials is frequently. If that is the situation upgrading to a 50-inch rip fence isn’t an alternative.

50-inch capacity for ripping

If you have a large area of work and who have projects that require cutting long pieces of material The 50-inch table saw fence is the best to purchase. Of course, there’s an unintentional price increase compared to models that are 30 inches but the range of options you get with the larger rip fence is simply too great to pass up. You’ll be covered whatever material you’ll require cutting, regardless of how small or large.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the space, you should choose the larger table saw with a 50-inch fence, and opt with the smaller 30 inch option when you’re restricted in this aspect.

Manual or electric?

Some woodworkers like pushing the wood around to tear it, but this will not last long if you have to repeat the process several times per day.

Therefore, if cutting large quantities of material is your main time task, then you’ll prefer an electric rip fence that does everything for you. This will cut down on time and effort , so you can concentrate on the creative aspect in your job.

Electronic fences can also be great for high-precision work that is required. They can easily switch between various dimensions without needing to think about it too much.

Finally, think about paying an extra amount to get your table saw fence. It is a purchase that will last for a long time and inexpensive alternatives may not be enough. They tend to yield incorrect results and become unstable when under pressure. If you are forced to invest in some time to buy an effective tool that is built well.

What kind of fence do you want?

Fences made of rip can be classified into two basic categories; the traditional table-top fence as well as the square.

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The traditional rip fence can be helpful if you have a table saw that is able to slide. This fence is also capable of sliding forwards and backwards with ease which allows you to make much more precise cuts. It can also remain completely flat, which is vital in the case of extremely thin materials.

T-Square models are great for providing precise geometric rectangles and squares. A few of the models we’ve examined above are these types comprising those from Shop Fox W1716, shop Fox W1716, Shop Fox W1410 and DELTA 36-T30 T2. They also allow the attachment of other fixtures to allow for greater accuracy.


Although a good fence won’t increase the power of the table sawbut it will cut more precisely and more precise, as well as more repeatable. It must be constructed with a strong foundation but this will depend on the materials it’s constructed of, and we will examine below.


The most effective tables saws fences can be constructed from steel. Aluminum is another well-known fencing material and the tools constructed of this material are typically light. Certain models, such as those of the Shop Fox W1716 are built from a mixture of both materials which means they are more effective from strength as well as weight. Metals like these provide extra support for your workpiece.

It is best to stay clear of models with plastic parts as they could break easily, preventing you from using the device.


The top brands are known for their precise measurements, you may want to learn through woodworking forums and review about their precision. The truth is that accuracy isn’t something you can find at the shop, however, you can find out from those who have tried the product you’re considering. Be aware that the fence and the the design will effect on accuracy.

Mechanism to lock

This is an essential element of a good table fence. The locking mechanism ensures that the saw stays in its place and doesn’t shift due to the vibrations that occur when cutting with the table saw. This way, you will be certain of precise cuts every time. Some models lock both the back and front, and this also takes precision to a new level. This model, DELTA 36-T30 T2 is a great example of this.


When the fence has the capacity to keep other tools such as jigs, this is a major benefit. It might not be something you’ll need right immediately, but it could become important for larger projects. If you purchase a fence that is designed to permit you to utilize additional fixings expands the options of your fence. If your selection doesn’t offer this feature, don’t be concerned about that because it’s not something you should be looking for. Many premium brands allow this type of alteration.


The models we have reviewed are covered by a one-to two-year warranty which tells you not to be expecting too much. Of course that the more long the guarantee period, the more reliable the brand, even though there are models that are built well without it.

Fence alignment for table saws guidelines

  • Be sure that the distance between the edge of the fence to the edge is equal. In the event that it is not, you could make errors with your project.
  • Lock the fence guide in order you can adjust the fence according to your preference. There is the knob or lever that allows you to make adjustments.
  • Use the measurement guide on the table’s edge between the rip fence and the saw blade to cut the desired length.
  • If you have to relocate it to other end of the table you must unlock the fence and then remove it from the table’s side. After that, measure the distance you’ll need to cover and lock it.
  • Always check the measurements , even after locking the fence.


Table saw fences that are easy to set up?

There are after-market rip fencing which claim that they can be put up within 30 minutes or less. However, certain tables saws can be more difficult than the others. Some models are difficult to install because they are poorly-designed, while other models simply have complicated designs. In the ideal scenario, you’ll need some time to set up the fence. This video will show you:

What causes fences for table saws are flexible?

Some are too light and the pressure that is applied to the device or the materials causes them stretch. This could lead to poor cutting.

Table saws can be used without fence?

Yes, it is possible. However, when you consider the amount you’ll have to pay for materials, you don’t be able to afford to sacrifice precision, which is why you should opt to have fencing. A fence is sure to help particularly when it comes to setting up the material and determining the length of your cuts.

Wrapping Up!

With the many choices available it was difficult to choose the top five. But the Bosch Parts 2610950148 is a cut above the rest , and we think it was the best Table Saw Fence. The fence bar measures 29 inches long and it comes with an elongated cross-section measuring 7” by 5”..

The second one comes next is Shop Fox W1410. In addition to being suitable for both left and right-hand use, it can be used with all 27-inch saws, and is simple to put in place. Guides made of ball bearings allow for effortless movement. A large locking mechanism helps keep it in the right position when required. The price of the guide could be one of the best options for the money.

However, it is also more affordable than an even more affordable model, the Delta 847962005250. This saw is specifically designed for use alongside all Delta tablesaws. The saw comes with an locking mechanism with three points that ensures a high degree of precision. It also lets you include fence attachments as your work might require. It’s not much better than the ability to work with the right and left tilted saws.

With these few suggestions We hope that this guide has been helpful for you.

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