5 Best Swing Away Hitch Bike Racks 2023

You aren’t able to ride your bicycle with all of your family members on vacation at the beach. To make it easier, you need to store bikes inside your vehicle, and for this, swing-away bike racks are the better option. With swing-away hitch bike racks that allow you to keep your bikes in the rack while getting them inside your car’s trunk.

With the swing-away bike racks, you are able to take your bike to your camping spot within your car. A bike rack that can be hitched to the rear of your car implies that you don’t have to take advantage of the car’s interior space, or even the roof.

In light of our findings and experiences of using them in a group we analyzed the 5 best bike racks that swing away in 2022.

What is a swing-away bike rack?

The doors on the rear of the majority of pickups, SUVs and wagons are easily opened via an elevator gate or swing door. Therefore, the latest generation of bike racks with hitch mounts is designed so that you are able to use the rear of the vehicle for towing bikes.

Swingaway bike racks can be utilized to transport bicycles and other bikes in your SUVs or vehicles for your trip. The bike racks that swing away are perfect to transport your bike safely to your camping spot.

Why would you need an easy-to-use bike rack that swings away?

A quick removal of bike racks would come in handy for any biker, however particularly to mountain biking enthusiasts. Although they are able to reach them on their bikes. Installing a bike rack with a hitch on the roof, trunk and hitch or spare fat tires are one of the ways to accomplish this.

The majority of hitch bike racks are able to be connected to the hitch via lock or cable cables. It is a good idea to remove bike racks. can solve many issues when travelling with friends and family and bringing bikes to the destination.

As an example, we traveled during our trip between Sydney up to Gold Coast to drive for 1 week, and we brought three bikes using the rack we have, which is a swing-away bike rack that we hitched to our SUV.

Our Top Choice for Best Swingaway bike racks

Need to get your order in hand? Check out the product’s features table to get an idea. These five bike racks that swing away is exceptional. After testing, we were impressed with Thule, SportRack Ridge, and Yakima most. Our ride on those bike racks was very smoothly and we didn’t encounter any major problems. We highly recommend reading reviews from customers prior to purchasing.

Let us now share our comprehensive reviews and compare of these bikes racks. We know that shortlisting thousands of products on the market can be difficult.

1.) Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack

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This is a great swing away item from Thule. The bike carrier is an exclusive design that allows you to transport multiple bikes at the same time and get them out of the car after you’ve completed. Anti-sway cradles increase the bike’s stability as well as fit through making the bike more secure and comfortable to ride.

To join and secure bikes swiftly for quick and easy connection to Thule Apex swing away bike racks, to connect and secure bikes quickly on Thule Apex swing away hitch bike racks, you can use an easy-to-use strap that ratchets called”cradle strap.

What is the reason this is the first thing we think of?


The 7” gap between bikes ensures that you are able to keep secured and safe bikes while they are transported using Thule Apex hitch bike racks.

Testing Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack for review

Integrated anti-sway feature stops bikes from colliding with one another when you’re transporting a lot of bikes at the same time. It then disappears when not in use which gives you greater stability and a better fitting. The cable locks are integrated into the Thule Apex bike racks to prevent the bikes safe from falling (lock provided).

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Due to the Tight’s tool-free stinger and the tool-free Tight stinger, the swing away hitch bike racks can be easily to install and keep in place when mounted to the vehicle. The bike is secure as it is equipped with the included locking mechanism for the cable (locking knob secures the rack to the vehicle). Anti-sway wheel cradles increase the bike’s stability as well as fit in that they are more secure and easier to ride.

Things that could be improved

  1. The durability of the product would be given.
  2. Gripping doesn’t feel as comfortable in it. Therefore, it could be enhanced.

The final verdict

For families who want bicycle racks that are family-friendly such as this Thule Apex XT swing away bike rack can be used to secure bikes and offers a great bargain. The hitch bike rack is a great choice because it can accommodate as many as four bikes at a time. Because of Thule’s anti-swaying functions and safety features Your bikes will be secure when they are placed on this bike rack.

2.) The SportRack Ridge Hitch Mount Bike Rack

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Our second choice for a bike rack is the SportRack Ridge, a Swing-Hitch Bicycle Rack. It is SportRack Ridge is hitch mounted rack which is capable of carrying bikes up to 4. When you’ve got bikes loaded on the rack the swing mechanism of the hitch rack loaded with bikes provides an easy entry into your cargo area.

In the event that the bike stand is not in use the bike stand folds into a compact and compact form that is away from the way. Anti-sway cradles secure each bike in three locations with one at the seat posts and two on top tubes, in order to prevent the bikes from hitting one another or the vehicle.

There will be occasions where an additional bike adapter bar is required. Once you’re done with the day, secure the bike rack on your hitch and place it on the hitch of your vehicle in the garage. It is possible to open the hatch of your SUV even though it has a rack mounted on it since the bottom portion of the rack is moving.

This bicycle rack was simple to put together and simple to put away. It’s a great buy, and this bike rack on the hitch is sturdy and sturdy and secure. We put this rack with our RAM2500 truck in the past and it was able to hold two or three bikes that were hybrid bikes and two mountain bikes that were electric or E-bikes.

Why do we like it?

It’s just under 200 dollars (5 bike) to purchase the SportRack Ridge motorcycle rack that has a hook. But, it’s still very well-constructed. If you’re looking to move and secure your hybrid or mountain bikes These bike racks for hitch are the most efficient method to accomplish this.

The most value to your budget

The hitch bike rack is able to accommodate 140 pounds that means it can be able to hold more than four hybrid bicycles. It’s also feasible to transport hybrid bikes or full suspension bikes with this kind of space as well as the bikes capacity for weight ( 35 pounds maximum weight per bike).

However fat bikes, electric bikes/E bikes must stay far from these bike racks with hitches.

Take care of your bike’s styles

There are rubber wheel straps made of soft rubber which come with the bike rack hitch which is simple to put on and off. The strap is designed to safeguard the frame of hybrid bikes, so that your bike looks. It protects the frame from becoming dirty.

Things that could be improved

  1. Because the bikes are close to each other and dangle from the sky, the handles from one bike can end up on the wheels of another. Not recommended for bikes with fat tires.
  2. Although these bike racks with hitches are known as “4-bike racks” it’s not easy to build the four bikes that are attached to the rack.

The final verdict

Its Sport Rack Ridge hitch-mounted bike racks are the least expensive swing-away bike racks available on the market. We’ve tested a number of other bike racks with hitches for hybrid bikes, which cost around the same amount, however, this one is the most effective. It’s stylish, functions well and is a good bargain.

3. YAKIMA FullSwing Hook Mount Bike Racks

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The Yakima FullSwing bike racks are the ideal choice for those who need the greatest ease of use. The hitch bike rack can hold the capacity of up as 160lbs (68kg) of weight for bikes and can hold the weight for four bikess. ZipStrips are utilized in the FullSwing bike rack with a hitch that holds bicycles on the track in a short time. It is coupled with SKS locks already installed into every bicycle.

Why do we like it?

For bike designs and designs, the EXO bike rack is the best.

The owners of Sprinter Vans ought to consider this type of bike rack with hitch. There is just a small amount of space between the pin to the axle on its rear (less than six feet). If you are buying an Sprinter Van, this is only four feet. This is an excellent thing.

The swing base can be used to move bikes, among other things.
YAKIMA FullSwing Hitch Mount Bike Racks outside

Yakima FullSwing swingaway hitch-mounted racks can be utilized in a variety of different ways due to their an innovative swing base. It’s simple to track your possessions using the EXO systems since they are linked.

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Yakima FullSwing Racks with a hitch mounted can be used in conjunction with topshelf from EXO. Because of this it is possible to create an adjustable hitch rack with two levels which can be used to store more than just a bicycle!

Safe locking system

All the things you require can be protected with this type of swing-away hittingch bicycle rack. Secure SpeedKnobs along with Hitchcock locks ensure your belongings are safe and secure on Yakima FullSwing bike racks.

Things that could be improved

  1. There was a twitch in the bottom bracket that is where the swingarm is attached. This led to the arm’s bolt to not align properly.
  2. There was a issue in the distance they were in relation to the hole for bolts, which made it difficult for the bolt to be inserted. The issues need to be addressed with greater attention.

The final verdict

The three primary motives to pick Yakima FullSwing bicycle racks that hitch is how simple to set up it, and how simple it can be to “strap” motorcycles and how attractive the item appears (no visible hinges or welds). In the end you’ll be pleased by the purchase and also thank the seller for their service.

4.) Thule 9027 Apex Swing Away 4 Bike Hitch Racks

Thule 9027 Apex Swing Away 4 Bike Hitch Racks

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The rack has an ability to carry four bikes. The upright mast as well as the vertically folded swing arms assembly are crucial parts that make up the 9027 Apex bikes racks. A hold-open pin that is tethered is used to secure the two folds that make up the swing arm once they are joined.

A 90-degree rotation of the locking handle towards the lockup pin will secure bikes while the vehicle is moving. The hitch lock is included. It also has the bike lock. To get rid of all the Thule labels and names was also a breeze for us.

We liked the way it felt as we closed the Yak and screwed on the bolt. Additionally, the blue accents over the red seemed more pleasing for our senses.

Why do we like it?

Installation is done without the need of any tool

Secure this swing away bike rack to the vehicle by using the SnugTite hitch receivers locking device. Utilize a shock-absorbing cradle to secure bicycles on the floor. Carriers using RDT (Road Dampening Technology) cushion the impact on your bicycles during transport.

Created bike stability

The stability of bikes by using these swings-away hitches bike racks have developed patent-pending No-Sway Cage to prevent bikes from colliding.


Incorporating handles in the design is a common procedure.

Simple to carry and manage

It is able to carry as many as four bicycles. It is also easy to carry bikes it due to the handles built-in.


To create a compact fold folding arrangement The move away button lets the arms to fold down when they are not in use.

Things that could be improved

  1. The hitch is the most vulnerable component that is part of the bicycle rack. The adaptor is to a two-pronged plug “Hitch” which is screwed in the 1 1/4 inch socket.
  2. The hitch can be moved by the aid of this extension of the hitch.

Last verdict

We’ve had no issues attaching our mountain bikes to our downhills with this swing-away hitch bike rack in the last five years! It’s stylish and well-constructed and designed. It’s a pleasure that you are able to get to the rear of your vehicle without taking the bikes off.

We like that the racks that swing away can be secured to the bikes. It’s a great purchase to load bikes and transport them wherever you require. You can purchase it from the Thule Shop.

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5.) The RockyMounts Swingaway 2 bicycles hook rack

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The BackStage bike racks that hitch are able to carry a maximum load of two bikes. They are among the best swing-away platform racks available. They are not an accessory other racks are sold with pivoting attachments. This rack already has them integrated.

The style of this hitch rack is ideal for vehicles with rear luggage compartments. For those who own vans, or any other vehicle which aren’t able to utilize the tilt-down feature found on other racks for hitches might be interested in BackStage. It does not have this feature.

BackStage bike racks come with all the features we’ve come expect from a swing-away hitch receiver bike rack- including an adjustable tilt lever, low bike loaded height, and a variable bike size. The swing-away feature is just one of them.

If the cable was 8 inches larger, it would travel through both rear and front wheels as well as the frame. You could also add a different cable to ensure that your hybrid bikes, E-bikes or mountain bikes secure however.

Why do we like it?

BackStage is the brand name of swing away hitch bike racks which can be used to accommodate a variety of tire widths and wheel dimensions. RockyMounts claims that their platforms don’t require adapters to fit wheel on the front or rear that range from 20 to 29 inches wide and bike tires with 5 inches of width or larger ( like fat bike tires).

If you’re looking for a high-end rack that will fit a 36-inch-to 50-inch wheelbase, you’ll be able to.

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Things that could be improved

  1. When we first tried this rack for a platform and attached our bikes to it, the pull level used to lower it was removed after just one usage that should have been a red flag.
  2. The lever for the wheel’s ratchet may become loose it can cause the bike’s arm and hitch to slide off and get carried behind my vehicle.
  3. The BackStage swing-away hitch bike racks, like we mentioned before are a hassle. The bike rack is made in a variety of parts and has to be assembled. This was our most difficult bike rack for hitch to put together in the tests we conducted.

Since the base is heavy and difficult to build, you must make use of the hitch receivers of your vehicle to secure this rack in position. Moving bikes around can be an issue.

The final verdict

Campers in vans or cab-overs are able to move their arms away from these racks that are flexible when they do not need it. The platform rack is adaptable and user-friendly except when it is swinging towards you. It is compatible with hybrid bikes that do not have a hitch. We also found the process of loading bikes and emptying them simple with this rack. With the versatility of use with these racks that are versatile this was a good purchase for us. You can purchase it through Etrailer.com.

The Best Swing Away Hitch Bike Racks Table of Comparison

Swing Away Bike Rack connected with a car

To help make your purchase easier , we’ve created a comparison table of swing-away bike racks that we’ve tried and looked over. Examine each aspect before making a purchase decision.

ProductThule Apex XT Swing 4 hitch bike racksSportRack Ridge Swing 4 hitch bike racksYAKIMA The FullSwing Hook for Bike RacksThule 9027 Apex Swing-Away Hitch Bike RackRockyMounts BackStage hitch bike racks
Dimension42.2x11x 40.2 inches39x17x11 inches43.5x26x17.5 inches47.8×16.7×10.2 inches46x22x8 inches
Type of vehiclePassenger Car, Van, SUV, TruckSUVPassenger CarTrailerBicycle, SUV
Weight of the rack42 Pounds42 Pounds56 Pounds55.05 Pounds1 Pound
Type of mountingStrap, HitchStraps, HitchTrunk,
Hitch, Mount
Hitch, MountTires and Hitch

Things to consider prior to purchasing that Best Swing away bike rack

These are the points you should take into your mind prior to purchasing swing away bike racks.

How many bikes would you like to transport?

The amount of bikes you are able to carry will depend on the nature of your swing-away racks for hitches. The fact that you need to consider is that the model and make of their vehicle will greatly determine the kind of bike racks for hitches they pick. A lot of people choose the wrong swing-away bike racks while trying to figure out which one is the best fit for their car and the amount of bikes they wish to store at the same time.

Review your costs

Are the costs important when purchasing hanging racks with swings to carry your E-bikes and hybrid bikes? Yes, of course it is. Make sure you know your budget before you consider any other aspects as it will allow you to choose the type of bicycle bike carrier that you can purchase.

Bikers who are riding for safety may wonder if their hitch bike racks they are using include any anti-theft protections. Some do, while others do not. To ensure your valuables are secure make sure you choose bike racks with locking mechanisms to make thieves frightened.

How do I install the swing-away bike rack? (Step step by step)

we are installing the swing away bike rack

The bike racks that are mounted to the hitch or hanging racks that have a swing mechanism mounted on the rear of your vehicle or truck is a fantastic method to transport a large number of bikes. Here are the steps needed to set up the swing away bike racks with a hitch.


1.) Determine the dimensions of the receiver.

2.) Take the lid off the receiver of the hitch.

3.) Connect your bike’s rack inside the receiver for the hitch.

4.) Then, you have to install the bolts as well as a flat washer.

5.) Install the mountings using an adjustable wrench.

6.) Finalize by putting in an iron cotter pin on the very end.

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A car is carrying two bikes with hitch bike rack

Are you able to safely utilize the swing away bike racks?

It’s secure to utilize a swing-away bike rack. Since trunk-mounted bike racks and loaded hitch racks could damage your vehicle if they are not properly secured in a secure manner, you should make sure you take precautions. It is easy to scratch the paint of a bike if its front wheel is able to move. The paint can fade and scratch marks will occur invariably as a consequence of this.

What can we do to improve my bike rack to make it more safe?

Install bike racks with hitches in the roofs of your vehicle. It may be necessary to buying for roof racks rather than hanging racks or hook racks. Roof racks are secured, and hybrid bikes can be tethered in a separate manner by the rooftop rails or racks by using a special U lock, however the trailer option is more secure.

Is the swing-away bike rack compatible to any Car?

The bike racks that you can swing away are compatible with nearly all vehicles. Check that the hitch receivers on your cars and hitch bike racks are identical.

Wrapping Up!

The best swing-away hitch bike rack can be a difficult task. Through our extensive research and years of experience we’ve presented you the top five bicycle racks for swinging away that could be your ideal option. We hope that our review will aid you in choosing the right one for you based on your preferences.

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