5 Best Solar Attic Fans 2023

Attic ventilation is frequently thought of as inadequate since it consumes around 180-180 kWh every month, which is reflected on your monthly bill for the household. However, here’s our knight in shining armor solar energy! But if you buy the wrong gadget you could be left with a frozen or extremely hot attic, and also force fresh air from the entire home.

To make sure that we don’t We’ve analyzed 17 possibilities to present you with 5 top solar attic fans. We’ve also made the our top choice Natural Light 36-watt solar Attic Fan. The fan we chose was based on the power it requires for its function and you can choose to use fewer solar panels. Additionally, we offer fans that come with different airflow capacities that are suitable for various sizes of attics. Check out the following article to determine the perfect model to meet your requirements!

Quick Summary

Top 5 Best Solar Attic Fans 2022

Natural Light 36-watt Solar Attic Fan

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Customers are raving about the solar attic fan made by Natural Light, which boasts an enormous solar panel as well as an impressive amount of airflow. It is capable of transporting 1,628 CFM of air through your attic. This gives coverage for roughly 2,625 sq ft attic. However, it’s important to note that this fan also has the biggest energy consumption of any of the solar attic fans we have reviewed, with 36 watts. The solar panel is quite big and requires the roof to receive a substantial daily amount of direct sunlight. The fans won’t be running at its full capacity when there are clouds, even though the outside temperature is the same as it would be in a sunny day. A few users decided to connect the fan their electrical grid to ensure that it can continue cooling throughout the night and in the event that their solar system was not operating.

Despite its dimensions it is lightweight, weighing just under 30 pounds. It is also capable of installation on a range of roofs ranging that is, from 3/12- 12/12 pitch roofing. It has been reported by users that it decreases the temperature of the attic by 5 degrees or more in summer. Most people who had the fan installed noticed immediately a difference in temperature of bedrooms upstairs.

One thing that customers enjoyed about this fan was the ease with which it is to set up. The instructions included in the box with this fan are easy and easy to follow even for those with no any experience with roofing. The fan comes with a remarkable 25-year warranty , which covers the fan as well as the solar panels. So, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll get back your original purchase of the fan in nearly two decades service.

Why are we so amazed?

  • 1,628 CFM for a large coverage area
  • Installation is simple and easy for you to do it yourself.
  • Warranty of 25 years

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • 36 watts require the full sun for maximum capacity

Ultra Low-Profile 24 Watt Nature Light Attic Fan with Solar Attic Fan

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For those with smaller attics there are few options more efficient than this attic solar fan by Natural Light. This 1,339 CFM fan can provide ample air flow for attics as large as 2,100 square feet. The fan motor itself consumes only 24 watts of energy. The solar panels of the fan to be small, with the entire unit only weighing 27 pounds. Furthermore, the fan will operate even in the event of moving clouds over the sky. This lets you have more flexibility when it comes to deciding on the roof you’d like to put the fan. The results from the fans are immediately felt and can be felt immediately, with cooling levels of up to degrees being reported by the majority of users of the upstairs rooms, while there is virtually no noise coming from the fan.

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The fans’ users loved the slim appearance of the solar panels that are on the fan, which are mounted close to the roof. The solar fan is not affected by powerful winds, whether from tornadoes or hurricanes. They are also impressed by how sturdy the mount is because it is made of steel that is solid rather than the lighter, less durable material.

The solar fan can be used to be used on a range of roofs, such as asphalt shingled and pitched fiberglass roofs. It is said by users that it only takes about an hour to install with the thorough instructions supplied from Natural Light, and that Natural Light’s customer service is extremely helpful in helping with any issues that arise when installing. The solar fan is also covered with a warranty of 25 years from Natural Light on the fan’s motor as well as solar panels, meaning you’ll be able to rest assured that the fan will be able to pay for itself through savings on your electric bills throughout its life.

Why did it make our list?

  • Only draws 24 watts solar power
  • Roof is flush to the roof to ensure strength in high winds
  • Warranty for 25 years

What’s not perfect regarding it?

  • Could have to be too tiny for certain attics.

Broan 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar-powered Attic Ventilator

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The small, solar-powered attic fan made by Broan is ideal for those who have small attics or an additional space in their attic that requires an air-conditioning system of its own. The fan comes with the capacity to flow air at 537 CFM that is equivalent to an attic area of approximately 1,000 square feet. While the fan consumes a astonishingly high 28 watts of power, it weighs only 22 pounds and is able to take the smallest space on top of your roofing than those other attic solar fans that we have reviewed The cut that you place on your roof has to be 14 inches wide. The fan is installed under it, which means it is not necessary to be concerned about blades which could get caught up on objects within your attic.

The mount is constructed of ABS plastic, not steel, though users reported that it was durable enough in the event of storms. The solar panel is also mounted on the roof at a low level that helps in preventing destruction when high winds come through. But this design with a low profile could limit the locations to put it on your roof as there isn’t any adjustment on the panel that allows it to tilt upwards in order to take advantage of sunlight. This means that the fan will struggle to operate at maximum power in late afternoon, when the sun is still low on the horizon.

The customer service was a huge hit with Broan’s customers any time they encountered issues in the course of installation, but the majority of users could follow the installation directions without issue. But, it’s important to note that Broan only provides a one-year guarantee. While users have reported this fan to be working for years however, the lack of protection when compared with other fans is one of the major drawbacks.

Why did it make our list?

  • Small and lightweight , with no fan blades exposed.
  • A durable ABS construction
  • Good customer service

What’s not great in it?

  • One-year warranty only.
  • A solar panel with a low profile could cause it to be difficult to catch sunlight

Brilliantwatts High Quality Attic Fan Solar Attic Fan

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The low-cost solar attic fan by Brightwatts allows you to make a profit, which is ideal for those who live at the point of having sufficient air conditioning enough that an attic solar fan could be economically advantageous. The fan is small and has 128 CFM airflow capacity, which is suitable for cooling homes of up 1800 sq feet. However it has a fairly low 25-watt power draw , which means you’ll be able to make a decision choosing the best location for it on the roof, and will not have any issues should clouds are passing by. However, some customers found themselves annoyed by the thermostat that is built in that stops the fan from being turned on when the temperature of the attic is lower than 80 degrees, but nevertheless hot enough to provide warmth to bedrooms upstairs.

The majority of people who bought the solar fan decided to have a professional install it as the process is more complicated than higher-end models. There is a wiring requirement required connecting the solar panel to fan motor, however this permits you to put the panels apart from the fan so you get the maximum sunlight. The solar panel can be mounted at a level that is low enough that people have reported it has survived several hurricanes with no any damage. Users also reported that it’s almost impossible to hear any sound emanating from the fan when it is operating at 100% power.

Brightwatts provides a 10-year guarantee on the solar attic fan which is enough to guarantee that you’ll be able to recoup the investment. It is quite impressive considering the cost for this model.

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What are we enthralled by this for?

  • Cheap
  • Solar panel is durable during storms
  • 10-year guarantee

What were we dissatisfied with?

  • The thermostat stops motor from turning off below 80 degrees.
  • Installation is difficult.

Google – GBGS Solar Attic Fan

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The large 1750 CFM attic solar fan perfect for those who have an attic that is large that covers that is up to 2,800 square feet. It also has stagnant hot air that can be trapped in corners with a less powerful fan. Despite its vast coverage it draws only 20 watts. This gives the user a lot of flexibility in setting the solar panels up in the attic. Furthermore, GBGS designed their panel bracket to be rotated at 90 degrees horizontally. Additionally, the solar panels may be tilted by increments of 15° to 45 degrees away from the bracket at the bottom. This lets you make the most of the afternoon sun’s rays and change the direction the panel faces if you want to maintain the fan fully when the seasons change from summer to spring to autumn. It also has the advantage of being able to fold it down as it is possible to fold down the panel in the event of strong winds in the course of a storm.

This fan can be mounted on a variety of roofs, such as asphalt, shingled or wood frame roofs as well as on any flat roof. Its installation was reported by customers to be fairly simple but they also noted that the screws for the bottom bracket are concealed in the solar panels and can make it difficult to insert screws into the structure. This fan’s noise is surprisingly quiet considering its size, however certain users have experienced a scratching sound that appeared to be when the bearings are scratching against the motor.

GBGS gives a 10-year warranty for the motor of the fan and a 20-year guarantee for the solar panel, so that you are guaranteed to get back the initial cost of the fan. Motors are also secured with thermal shutoffs that stop the fan from overheating. This will help extend the life of the fan well beyond the warranty.

What’s different?

  • The solar panel can be easily adjusted to suit the seasons.
  • Fan motor has thermal shutoff
  • 10-year warranty on motors of the fan 20-year guarantee on solar panels

What pros did we discover?

  • The screws for the bottom bracket are difficult to access.
  • A few fans emit a scratching sounds from bearings that rub

Things to Consider

Once you’ve read more about our top five solar-powered fans on the market now, how do determine which one is the best choice to install in your home prior to the summer season arrives? Our buying guides will go over all you must know about solar attic fan paying particular focus on the characteristics you should think about when selecting a fan to put in your home.

What is an attic solar fan and what is its purpose?

A solar attic fan simply a mechanical fan like the ones you already have in other rooms of your home and is mounted in your attic, and powered by solar panels mounted on the roof. Attic fans generally don’t require a connection to your house’s electrical circuitry for backup power as you will only require the cooling power of the fan during hot, sun-filled days, when solar panels operate at their peak capacity.

They may appear to be just a minor accessory to your house however they could provide an enormous savings on your electric bill , by cutting down on the amount that you have to pay to operate your air conditioning. Through the circulation of hot air through the attic they can remove heat from the areas it can collect within your home and draw out cool, fresh air. This means that your attic won’t get too hot by preventing the lower levels of your home from heating up and prolonging the life of your roof’s shingles by stopping your shingles from warming up from below.

A thing to remember regarding solar roof fans is the fact that they could be expensive to buy and set up, meaning you’ll need at least a few years of usage out of the unit to recover the initial investment.

But, unlike traditional fans for attics solar attic fans don’t cost anything to operate after they’ve been installed. They don’t require the same amount of energy as traditional fans and there’s no worries about creating negative air pressure which can bring in conditioned air, or unwelcome gases such as carbon monoxide from your oven and into your attic.

Considerations to make when selecting the right solar attic fan

How can you tell what solar roof fan would be the right one for you? In this article we’ll discuss the key characteristics that distinguish solar attic fans , helping to choose the right fan for the require.

Does power really matter?

Solar attic fans do not cost anything to run they draw a lot of power. The amount that they consume only impacts the size of solar panels required to be installed on the roof. If your roof that isn’t equipped with lots of sunlight exposure or space to place solar panels the power could be a factor the panels you install will have to draw enough sun in order to meet the demands of the fan’s power. For roofs that receive ample sun exposure, the performance that your fans produce is probably not a major factor when selecting the best fan.

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What size space will you need to ventilate?

If power isn’t an issue, you can decide on which solar fan to purchase largely on the area in your attic. A bigger fan is able to move more air that is crucial when you have an attic filled with hot air that has to be circulated. In general, attic fans’ ability to move air are determined by the airflow capacity measured by cubic feet (CFM) which means that 1000 CFM fan is expected to supply enough airflow to move air through the 1,600 square foot or more square feet of attic. Therefore, a 1,000 CFM fan will have the capacity to cover 1,600 square feet. Similarly, the 1,750 CFM fan of the GBGS can cover an 2800 square feet or more.

Think about the the size and weight

A fan that is larger, and has greater coverage is almost always heavier and larger, but it also depends on the material used to design the fan such as the tiny 1,280 CFM fan of Brightwatts weighs 28 pounds in comparison against those who weigh 34.5-pound 1750 CFM model offered by GGS. The size of the fan is important when you are limited in area in the attic, or an entryway that is narrow, since you’ll need to move the fan that is not assembled to the attic, and also have the blades move without obstruction.

Weight is an important consideration when considering the location you should install the fan, as a heavier fan will need the roof to support it.


It’ll require more than a couple of years of usage to recover the initial cost of your solar attic fan . This will result in the savings you will see on your electricity bills from making use of less air cooling. It is therefore essential that your fan lasts for a long time. It is possible to ensure this will happen by selecting a model with a the longest warranty. For instance that both Nature Light fans have 25-year warranties. Be sure to check that the warranty is valid for both the motor for the fan as well as the solar panels as each of them could be expensive to replace.

How do you install an attic solar fan?

Many people choose to have the installation of a professional solar attic fan but you could save money by taking on this task yourself. It is necessary to put in the roof brackets and fall-arrest systems for solar panels at the location you want them to be in the roofing. After that, you’ll need to employ a reciprocating saw to cut the roof shingles into the same shape as that of the fan’s circular bases and attach the fan onto the roofing brackets. Then, you can fix it using caulk, and then apply the roofing nails to install roofing shingles immediately in the brackets.


Are solar-powered attic fan’s able to reduce the temperature or simply transfer air?

Solar fans won’t affect temperatures of air they’re bringing into, but by taking warm air from your attic space and drawing in outside air they can reduce the temperature of your attic.

Do I have to put in an attic solar fan towards the south to make the most from it?

The place where you place your solar panels depends on the layout of your roof as well as the power requirement of the fan. If your fan does not require a lot of power, then it is possible to put it wherever on your roof, especially if your roof is exposed to a lot from direct light. If, however, you have an extremely powerful fan on a roof that is exposed to direct sunlight only for some of the time it is recommended to put it in an region which receives the most sunlight which is typically the southern part of your roof.

Can an attic solar fan be able to withstand the force of hurricane winds?

Yes. Attic fans with solar were initially designed to be used in homes in Florida which is where hurricanes pose an everyday threat. Therefore, the majority of solar attic fan models are constructed to withstand strong winds that exceed 100 miles an hour.

Our Verdict

The three top solar attic fans available on the market are the 24-watt and 36-watt fans that are made by Natural Light and the 28-watt fan made by Broan. It is the Broan fan is a compact and compact solar attic fan, with an extremely durable design, ideal for attics with smaller areas. The Natural Light fan has a power of 24 watts. Natural Light fan has the advantages of its simple installation and warranty of 25 years, as well as the flush-mounted solar panel that was praised by customers for its durability even in the midst of storms and the capacity for air flow that is quite high. We believe that the 36-watt model that comes from Natural Light is the most efficient solar attic fan that is suitable for the majority of homes because of its air flow capacity that is as high as fans from GBGS coupled with a simpler installation and an incredibly lengthy warranty of 25 years, which includes both the motor as well as the solar panel.

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