9 Best Small Wine Coolers (December 2022)

Nothing is better than a glass wine following a long day at work. However, it needs to be chilled to be able to enjoy it, right? People who are knowledgeable are aware that using the refrigerator or freezer to cool the bottle won’t do the trick. It’s time to get an wine cooler. If you are hesitant about the idea due to the thought of the space being full of bottles or a cooler that covers the entire wall of your living space, go through our review. It is a matter of choosing one of the top small wine coolers on the market and we’ve reviewed them all.

Mini wine coolers are often given been known to have lesser quality, we offer our readers the joy of knowing that this needn’t have to be that way. Our experts conducted extensive study to locate high-end models that offer the high-end features like you’ll find in the stunning Editor’s Choice model, the Kalamera 12 wine cooler. Below you’ll find information on temperatures zones, capacities as well as installation details and, of course, dimensions. Make use of the information contained in our simple-to-read summary to determine where you’ll utilize your new device.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler “Great-looking 19-bottle wine refrigerator that has five shelves that are suitable for freestanding or built-in installation.”
  • Best Wine Cooler for Small Area:
    Antarctic Star Wine Cooler/Refrigerator “Slim wine cooler that has 18 bottles of capacity, and a built-in, freestanding or under-counter installation.”
  • The Best Smallline Cooler for Wine:
    EdgeStar CWR70SZ “Slimline wine cooler that has seven bottles of capacity and a integrated under counter or in-built installation. It also has an reversible door.”
  • The best Countertop wine Fridge:
    NUTRICHEWC806 “Countertop cooler that can hold 8 bottles. It also has temperature ranges of 46-64 degF.”
  • Best Thermoelectric
  • Best Small Wine Cooler:
    A NutriChef Thermoelectric 12 Bottle Wine Cooler “Fab wine fridge that has space to store bottles in horizontal and upright space (up twelve bottles) ideal to be freestanding.”
  • The Best Wine Cooler 8 Bottles:
    Commercial Cool Electrical 8 Bottle Wine Cellar “Compact freestanding wine cooler, 8 bottles that has 4 shelves, is among the most quiet models on the market, boasting 38dB noise level.”
  • Budget Selection:
    Commercial Cool CCWT060TB “Ultra-small 6-bottle wine fridge with control panels that touch and low sound levels perfect for small spaces as well as non-drinkers of wine.”
  • The Best Minimal Dual Zone Wine Cooler
    NutriChef’s PKTEWCDS1802 “Versatile wine cooler with two temperature zones as well as upright bottle storage that is horizontal and includes an LCD display with touchscreen controls.”

List of the 9 Best Small Wine Coolers 2022

Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler

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Kalamera is a reputable brand that you can trust and with this model , you can store 18 bottles in normal size. One of the best things about it is its slim design that reduces its footprint and is perfect if you do not have a lot of floor space to compromise.

It’s clear that the temperature range can provide both white and red wines, making it an absolute winner regardless of your preferences. Unfortunately, like many smaller units, you will not have two distinct zones. Its versatility is further proven due to the fact you could make it an unattached unit or even have it permanently built into. This is made possible by the vent’s location. Make sure to have enough room to accommodate the vent to be located in the back.

Many users have commented on the ease of use and quiet operation and it is a good choice to put it in your lounge or kitchen without fear of interfering with conversations.

It’s also stylish in the way it looks due to the silver-colored finishes and LED lighting. It will add to the style of your space.

One area where the brand might focus on is the information they give: it’s not too detailed. However, for those who are basic in technology, it should appear simple enough to comprehend.

Most importantly , the wine refrigerator does not overheat, however you must test the accuracy of temperature regularly.

What’s different?

  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Utilize as a freestanding unit or build within the unit
  • Lighting installed
  • Keeps temperature at a comfortable level

What pros did we discover?

  • Only one temperature zone.
  • Incorrect instructions


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Antarctic Star Wine Cooler/Refrigerator

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In addition to the fact that it permits cooling wine bottles This model can aid in the decor of your home.

Within this storage space, you will find enough space to accommodate 18 bottles. If you have less inventory, you’ll be able to adjust the shelves according to suit your needs.

Dimensions are 11.6 inches by 22.75 Its dimensions are 11.6 x 22.75 34.25 inches. Its capacity of 88.1 pounds. The dimensions and weight are acceptable considering the number of bottles it can hold.

The control is accomplished using touch-sensitive buttons: you can select whether the temperature is stated either in Fahrenheit degrees or Celsius and regulate it and turn on the lights or shut off the lights. It allows you to set the temperature you prefer. The lighting is accomplished using an LED blue light that is traditional but effective.

The device functions through thermoelectric cooling. The wine cooler is an cooler and less vibrating environment that retains the flavor quality that wine has to offer. The cooler does not use any chemicals in the process of cooling and therefore the product is green.

There aren’t any unpleasant surprises because Antarctic Star 12-inch Antarctic Star 12-inch is strong and long-lasting. In addition to the shelves made of wood the design is made of 100% glass and ideal for contemporary interiors.

What are some of our most loved features?

  • Moderate capacity
  • Adjustable for smaller stocks
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Airtight seal
  • Includes a lock for safety

What is better?

  • It’s a little loud


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EdgeStar CWR70SZ

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Do you think that you don’t have enough space for an wine cooler? Perhaps you’ve not thought about this model by EdgeStar. Its small space is the reason why we named it as our most compact wine fridge. It’s really tiny. It’s a good idea to squeeze it between two cabinets or even next to your normal fridge , since it’s designed to be a built-in unit. It is possible to reverse the door in case you need to and, therefore, no matter what the design of your kitchen, this could be a good fit.

Although it’s small, it’s useful since seven bottles are enough for those who don’t want to accumulate collections but want to appreciate their beverages at just the ideal temperature. There’s only one temperature zone, however, the cooler has an extensive range of temperatures to choose from. It can be used for any kind of wines.

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Its unique design implies that it’s more expensive than others, however as a top quality product, it’s an investment for the long run. Another reason to believe in it is that it circulates cool air throughout , ensuring that the bottles are cool and chilled to the same temperature. There aren’t hot spots that could disrupt the aging process , or make you have hot drinks with your meal.

The device looks elegant and is fairly quiet.

Why are we so amazed?

  • Very slim design
  • Cool air circulates well.
  • The door can also be reversed
  • Runs quiet

What negatives should the user be mindful of?

  • Not the best choice for an independent unit since it can topple when hit by
  • Higher priced than other on our list


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Do you not have enough the space for a floor? Do you want to place your brand newly purchased wine cooler right on top of your countertop? This is a great idea when you have a big space in your kitchen, or have an island that has the space you’re not using to its fullest. Also, you’ll have your wine in case you require it to cook. It might even fit in an armoire so that it doesn’t create a feeling of stifling.

The front of the glass is smoked to keep the wine safe from the sun so that the process of aging isn’t affected by the external environment. The system inside keeps your bottles cool , whether you’re keeping red or white wines. This product is suitable to a variety of temperatures. The cool air circulates through a built-in fan. This means that all bottles get the cool treatment. In rare instances, the temperature could change, so it’s best to examine it often.

It’s certainly one of the lightest models on the list, and with a bit of help, moving it about in case you’re looking to put it in a different location to host a gathering. Make sure you do this in a way that is as minimal as you can so you don’t harm the parts.

It’s also among the more affordable options on the list , making it ideal for people who are shopping on a tight budget and not sure whether you’d like to get into collecting wines.

The brand makes horizontal and vertical units, which gives you more options to personalize the space you live in.

Why did it make our list?

  • Super tiny
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Air circulation is good
  • Excellent price

What’s not great regarding it?

  • The temperature could rise


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This is a slimmer style that is quite slim. You can easily place this in between furniture or appliances since it’s not large in footprint. Make sure to keep in mind that it’s a freestanding device, so you won’t be able to fit it in a cabinet. It needs adequate ventilation in order to function.

The most noticeable feature is the fact that it is extremely quiet. With a low of 25dB, it shouldn’t be a huge issue. It comes with the other highly rated bells and whistles, including the light as well as a glass panel which blocks UV light, and an LCD display which allows you to monitor and change your temperature setting. This is a good time to realize it’s not as good like other models we have listed. The lowest setting might not be suitable for those who prefer their bottles kept at extremely low temperatures. However due to the silent running and minimal vibrations, your wine’s sediment won’t get shaken continuously. It’s a great option to age your wine.

Since Black & Decker being a well-known brand in the market today, you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality product. It’s stylish and stylish, which means you can put it anywhere in your house and not ruin the look.

What’s different?

  • Looks contemporary
  • Brands that are trustworthy
  • Tinted glass
  • The slim design helps save the floor space
  • Works quietly

What pros did we identify?

  • Only one temperature zone.
  • Temperature range is limited

This NutriChef 12-bott Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has a 12

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Many people have commented on the way this appliance complements their living spaces. This means that no matter what space you can incorporate this unit to your design and it will appear attractive. It is ideal for apartments with small spaces in which you aren’t able to hide the wine refrigerator in a closed cabinet. Be sure to leave enough space around it as it’s not meant to be tucked away in a box since it requires airflow for operation.

The practical aspects are amazing as it runs remarkably silently. Additionally, NutriChef provides a 12 month guarantee so that you are able to test it and inform them if something happens to go wrong.

Be aware that this model offers only one temperature zone, and doesn’t get as cold as expensive models. If the temperature isn’t too cold to be suitable for the type of wine you enjoy it’s a good purchase. One thing to consider to its advantage is the fact that it cools down quite quickly in comparison to other models, so you’ll enjoy the benefits of the new model shortly after removing it from its packaging.

It’s flexible for a small object, as it is possible to place bottles sit on their sides, but you can also make space for the bottles that are opened to stand upright too.

All of this comes at a fair cost, which makes this a smart option for shoppers on a budget.

What does it make it different?

  • Very stylish and elegant.
  • Caters to bottle-carriers for bottles that are on their sides or up
  • Cools down quickly

What are the disadvantages you need to be aware of?

  • Only one temperature zone.
  • It doesn’t get as cold as other people.

Commercial Cool 8 Bottles of Wine, Thermal Electric Cellar

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This is another fashionable unit since a lot of homeowners appreciate the black style that works to any style either classic or modern. It’s as efficient as it appears. This model can handle very low temperatures. This means that any kind of wine is able to be chilled within. Make sure to remember that it comes with one temperature setting and not many one. It’s not difficult to adjust the temperature, it is controlled manually by the wine fridge inside. This means that you could be deprived of cool air as you’re turning the switch. But for the affordable price, this isn’t a huge cost to pay. The car comes with other premium options like tinted glass.

The design on the outside is clever as the hinge and handle are hidden. This is a great way to enhance the elegant appearance, but also means the ease of fitting it alongside other furniture or appliances. There aren’t any pieces hanging out that make it difficult to install.

The size is just right to be a good idea to put on the counter since it’s light in weight. It’s easy to pick it up and won’t cause damage to the surface by weighing on your counter top excessively.

It also functions as a beer and wine fridge to accommodate all the beverages at the same time.

Commercial Cool offers an excellent unit which will keep your wine chilled within just a few hours of dismantling the fridge.

What are we enthralled by this for?

  • A sleek look
  • Hidden hinge and concealed handle
  • Lightweight
  • Good temperature range

What did we feel disappointed with?

  • Only one temperature zone.
  • The temperature switch is inside the refrigerator.

Commercial Cool CCWT060TB

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This is our favorite 6-bottle wine cooler, as well as our pick for the most affordable of the day. With the broad range of wine refrigerators available, Commercial Cool manufactures almost anyone–no what your budget or space can now have a powerful appliance that keeps beverages and wine cool. With two shelves built-in, it is easy to keep your drinks in order and know the contents of your fridge; and the model that is budget-friendly has a lighting included. If you’re looking to keep bottles that have unique shapes or require more space, it is possible to take out the racks and customize how you utilize your wine cooler to fit your needs and preferences.

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It isn’t huge, however it is extremely effective as you can see by the huge temperature range you can select from. It is only when the room gets very hot, will the cooler be unable to keep the temperature constant when setting it to a low setting. It also has advanced features like the ability to allow users to control the temperature outside using the electronic interface. The interface is simple to grasp, and newbies can test it and won’t be overwhelmed.

In the form of an all-black unit is another style that can easily match the decor and kitchen appliances.

Why did it make our list?

  • Space that can be customized
  • Light
  • Digital interface to control temperature
  • Astonishing temperature range

What’s not great regarding it?

  • Only one temperature zone.
  • Performance declines when in a extremely warm conditions

NutriChef’s PKTEWCDS1802

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Enjoy a clear view of your bottles thanks to this unique design. It allows you to view your bottles through the glass panels on the door and control the temperature with the electronic controls, which means that it’s not necessary to close the door unless you need to go out for dinner. If you’re looking to keep a half bottle to be used later, you can utilize the vertical shelf to keep it in a upright position. The storage area can be modified to fit your collection’s needs in terms of space.

Despite its tiny size, it has two temperatures, so this accommodates both reds and whites all at the same time.

The wine refrigerator is slightly more expensive than other fridges that have similar capacity, however the dual zone function is worth the cost we believe. The company also offers the glass reinforced so that you can be sure that you’re getting top quality items and an LED light that’s already mounted inside.

Be aware that this device takes quite a while to work and achieving the ideal temperature may be up to 48 hours in the beginning. However, once it’s working, it performs very well, keeping temperatures consistent. It’s not the sturdiest or quiet model on our list, but it’s is still superior to other compressor powered models there.

The design occupies a small of floor space, and looks great in a cabinet. It can even fit under windowsills so that it’s not in the way and won’t obstruct the aesthetics.

Why did it make our list?

  • Compact design
  • Dual zone
  • It holds temperature well.
  • Can bottles be positioned upright

What’s not perfect regarding it?

  • It can take a long time to cool down after the initial
  • More raucous than others.


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Things to Consider

Let’s make the selection process a little less stressful for you by providing a comprehensive buying guide. We will discuss every aspect to make you feel like a professional wine enthusiast within a matter of minutes.

The advantages of having a small wine cooler

Many reasons to believe that this appliance is among the most worthwhile investments you’ll invest in this coming year. What better way to enjoy these advantages:

  • A wine cooler that is small gives you the advantage of having wine being chilled to the temperature you prefer and without taking up the entire space of your home.
  • It’s the perfect solution for those who live in tiny homes and have small floor space since some can even be set on counters.
  • They’re usually cheaper than traditional wine coolers.
  • The wine you have purchased can be put in your kitchen and kept at hand any time you wish to serve that next drink.
  • Wine coolers safeguard your wine from the damaging effects sunlight and fluctuations in temperature can cause on it.

Considerations to make when selecting the right wine cooler for your small space.

If you’re not sure which one of our options above is the best for your needs take a look at the small wine coolers’ specifications below. We’ll discuss the most crucial aspects. Using this as a checklist when shopping, you’ll quickly find the best price-to-quality for your specific configuration.

Shelves and capacity of wine bottles

The first thing you need to think about is the number of bottles your cooler will hold. Does it meet your requirements? For the category, you’ll find wine coolers of various sizes. section, it is possible to find bottles in a variety of sizes, with the highest capacity of 18 liters. Make sure to note that this capacity is referring to how many standard-sized bottles fit into. If you’re using special brands, unusual sizes, or champagne bottles, you might be able to fit less.

Check out how many shelves are available and if they’re easily removed. If they’re permanent , it could be difficult to fit bottles that aren’t traditional in any way. There are times when you need bottles to stand up in cases like when storage champagne that doesn’t require to be placed on its side. This is also useful if you need to return a bottle that has been opened into the refrigerator so that that you can drink the remainder in the future. In this case, you won’t need it to be on its back. Check if it’s possible to do that using the model you choose.

It’s also useful when you can modify the layout as it is using this Commercial Cool CCWT060TB above. If you are able to remove shelves to accommodate individual bottles, or even cold drinks and beer cans, your new wine cooler can do more than just chilling your wine.


Concerning temperature,, you need to take into consideration two major aspects that are the temperature range and the zones.

The temperature range should be suited for the kind of wine you’ll be storing since reds and whites are best when served in different temperature. Although it is possible to determine the temperature, every cooler will have its own specific range depending on the technology employed. Some smaller coolers can’t be adapted to very low temperatures, which is a concern for white wines to be very cold.

It’s also possible to invest in the purchase of a two zone wine cooler such as that of the NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802. This will allow you to cater to two different kinds of wine, in separate storage compartments each having its own temperature settings. However, this is only relevant when you’re planning to keep different types of wine. It’s versatile, however it may cost more. If you just require only one temperature zone, the single zone models will suffice. Make sure to modify the settings according to the temperature that your preferred wines require.


There are many coolers that aren’t permanent fixtures. There are freestanding ones that can be placed where you’d like. Be sure to not move it frequently because this could harm the components.

You can also install one into a cabinet space to keep it away from the way. It is only possible for models with vents in the right spots. If vents are situated at the rear of the unit, it likely will need to be utilized as a stand-alone unit.

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The advantage of small wine coolers, such as those from EdgeStar CWR70SZ is that they can make the most of space in your kitchen. These compact coolers designed to be used for a long time can be put in between your refrigerator and a cabinet that homeowners aren’t sure how to use it.

Thermoelectric wine coolers vs compressor

While there’s no definitive finalist in the category,, it’s an important factor to think about.

For most people, a thermoelectric model is the best alternative since it operates more quietly than an air compressed wine cooler. This is a major benefit in the event that you’re searching for a compact wine cooler and don’t have a lot of space. The cooler is likely to be located in your kitchen, in your living room or even in the lounge, so you won’t need to hear the noise disturbing you. The thermoelectric design produces less vibrations, which is great for your wine: They won’t be affected or affected by vibrations and the sediment stays at the bottom of the bottle and won’t impact the wine’s taste.

This is why we have mostly mentioned thermoelectric coolers. However, we take note the fact that wine coolers made by compressors tend to be stronger. This is particularly relevant for large-scale storage of wine however.

Noise level rating

Like we said coolers could produce noise during processing for cooling. The specific noise rating is an important factor to be able to determine prior to buying. You should ensure that the noise level is low enough particularly if your wine cooler will be placed close to your bedroom or wherever you’d like to chat with others. It’s not a good idea to let it disturb you. A great option is the BLACK+DECKER WACDBWT12TB wine Cellar which runs extremely silently.

Check these specifications when you are shopping for your next wine cooler. If it’s not listed in the marketing or packaging material it’s because the manufacturer is aware that it’s time to improve.

If the cooler you purchase will be put in a basement or attic in a location that isn’t surrounded by day to day activities, this shouldn’t be a major issue and, in this case, it’s not a major issue.

Dimensions and weight

If you are looking for a compact wine cooler, start by measuring your space. This is the starting step in determining which model are suitable, and when it is delivered, you won’t have a chance of not fitting in the place you want to place it. Be sure to think about what kind of wine cooler it is, either an under counter wine cooler with vents that are in the right spots or a stand-alone one like we’ve discussed previously.

It is also important to consider weight, especially if you’re required to carry it around once it’s been delivered. It is also important not to buy a product that is too heavy, especially if you intend to sit on your counter or table. You must ensure that the surface can take the load.

Additionals: lighting, controls, and a security locks

For those who are new to wine collecting, the little extras that come with small wine coolers might seem insignificant at first, but once you’ve gotten used to them, you’ll see how they are a major factor in the way you experience your wine for an activity.

In the beginning, lighting is vital. Lights let you know the contents of bottles and also help you place them in display. Also, think about the kind of light your unit comes with. It must be soft and blue LED lights being the best option. The lighting shouldn’t impact the process of aging wine much. It’s also worth buying a system that lets you turn off the light when it’s not in use to conserve energy and ensure that the light won’t harm the wine’s aging process.

There are many models that let you manage the temperature manually as well as other parameters. Certain consumers might prefer this method of maintaining the control of their wine’s maturing process, but using digital controls is certainly more convenient for users. Certain models can automatically adjust to appropriate setting, even after an outage in power.

Security locks are merely useful for people, but they can be vital for families with children at home. Locks make the cooler child-proof and is essential when your cooler is displayed in a space where children can access. This is especially essential if your cooler is being purchased for your restaurant in order to keep your food items safe.

It is important to determine if these are essential features. If not, then you may prefer to make your choice based on other elements.


Does it really make sense purchasing a wine cooler if there is already a normal fridge?

It’s certainly worth every penny when you buy a wine cooler because it functions differently from your refrigerator. A wine cooler controls the humidity and allows air circulation in a different way than a refrigerator that removes moisture from the atmosphere. The cooler’s function is to ensure that the corks aren’t dried out, and the surrounding is more suited to preserve the wine bottle. The wine’s flavor can be improved and be able to be enjoyed longer than you would expect, just because you utilized the right storage technique.

How do I determine what temperature I should store my wine?

Wines are generally classified into two types. Each one requires an appropriate temperature for optimal results in terms the aging process and the taste. Red wines are the best when they’re between 50degF to 65degF whereas white wines are stored between 45degF to 50degF. This is why it’s a good idea to purchase an air-conditioned cooler that has dual zones for those who want to enjoy both kinds of wine at home.

Do wine coolers that are small generate a lot of noise?

The noise levels vary depending on the kind of technology employed. A compressor cooler can be louder than a thermoelectric cooler This is the reason we’ve primarily focused on thermoelectric coolers in our piece. Thermoelectric coolers are completely silent if they’re of good quality, and will be quiet and won’t disturb your.

How long can I keep my wine in a wine fridge?

The cooler that offers the ideal temperature for your wine will ensure that you can preserve a bottle of wine for a long time, however it’s dependent on the kind of wine you own. Reds can be stored for up to a decade in storage, whereas white wines last for up to three years.

Wrapping Up!

The market for small wine coolers provides every option you could need and you only need to decide which one is best for you. We felt that our choice, the Kalamera 12″ Wine Cooler stood apart from the rest, which is the reason we awarded it a score of 9.9. It’s due to its looks, functionality and the high-end quality.

The second-highest spot with a score that is 9.8 The Antarctic Star 12 Inch wine cooler that is impressive due to its two different options of installation. It is also stylish.

This model EdgeStar CWR70SZ should also be included on our list of top small wine coolers. It’s probably among the smallest choices that we have listed, but it still comes with a lot of advantages in it.

What’s your top priority when choosing your new cooler? You’ve got all the details. Get out and shop and enjoy the wine you drink more often than you have ever before.

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