12 Best Projector Under $500 2023

Are you trying to find the best projector that costs less than 500 bucks? Check out this guide that will help you find some of the highest high-quality and affordable projectors currently available.

Are you a gaming enthusiast looking to have a big TV for your gaming console? Are you a movie lover who organizes movies at their home on a regular basis? A business person who requires an equipment for business-related meetings?

No matter what the reason, buying an investment in a projector can be a wise investment. How do you find the best projector at a reasonable price?

There are many things to take into consideration when looking for the best theater projector that is less than 500 dollars.

This quick buying guide outlines the most important features and specifications you should consider when buying the top home theater projector that costs less than 500 dollars.

Buying Guide for the Best Projectors Under $500

If you’re looking for top image quality, HD resolution, stunning HD resolution and an amazing aspect ratio, you will get it if you know where to go. In the end it is important to recognize that it could be improved however, for the budget, it’s as good as you’re going to be! Let’s review the various aspects that make a fantastic movie theater for home use.

Resolution and Image Quality

The quality of your image on your projector largely depends on the resolution that is available to the projector. The greater the resolution, the more sharp and vibrant the image. But the higher resolution will come at a greater cost. The budget you choose will determine the quality of the images on the gaming projection projector or business projection, or even your home theater projector.

The market for projectors has increased in recent time. This means there are more brands with better quality images for purchase. Additionally, there are many brands that have fixed resolution or advanced features that are priced lower.

Be aware that the minimum resolution to choose is not less than 720 pixels. The ideal situation is to find a projector with Full HD resolution, which can creates bright images while engaging in games, or watching films.

Quality of picture is also influenced by keystone correction. The top brand of home theater projectors are equipped with keystone correction technologies. Therefore, whether you’re watching movies as well as playing, top movie projectors will offer outstanding image quality as well as Keystone aspects. https://pixabay.com/photos/projector-presentation-light-428664/

Brightness Quality for Lower

A projector’s resolution may not be enough to produce a clear sharp and clear image. You require the brightness and contrast levels to match the resolution to ensure you get the results you want. It is measured as lumens and the value of this measurement varies based on the location you are in and the lighting conditions.

If you are looking for the projector to be used in your home theater in which it is likely to get dark in the evening, a 1,000 to 1500 lumen projector could work great in a dim space. Also, if your planned projector is for the classroom or in a meeting space with huge windows that bring sunlight, you need to consider options that have 3000 or more lumens.

Concerning the brightness of a room, we have an in-depth guide to projectors that work in bright rooms If that’s your primary issue. But, for the majority of your possibilities of viewing, you’ll need to clear the room of any lighting as much as is possible to aid the lamp of your projector. That is , of course, not the case unless you’re searching at the outside projector! If so the levels of lumens for outdoor projectors need to be extremely high.

The Color Ratio and the Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio can make a huge difference in how you experience your films projected on the screen. It is essential to take into consideration the contrast ratio options so that you can get the brightestand most vivid shades! The higher the contrast ratio, the higher the quality of your images even in the absence of ambient lighting.

There are many different options in technology for color. Digital light Processing, or a DLP projector produce impressive image quality. This DLP display technology can also work in well-lit rooms however, it shines brighter in dim lighting. DLP projectors are quite popular, and can produce incredible colors.

Liquid Crystal display, or LCD projectors, are quite widespread. They are also extremely popular. LCD projector can boast amazing color accuracy and is less expensive than many projectors. Excellent quality images, and the long life of the bulb, makes this technology ideal for projections with color. Whatever the distance to throw.

The display options available can’t be as stunning without a high proportion and contrast. In a dark space it is recommended to have to have a contrast ratio that is between 1500:1 to 2000:1. This is also influenced by the throw distance, DLP projectionors, or LCD projectors and the size of the screen. Make sure to consider the contrast ratio while shopping for your ideal projection system for your home theatre.

Connectivity to The Best Home Theater Projector

It’s a busy life. It’s impossible to carry the entire range of cords and connections in your bag. This means that you’ll need the right projector with lots of connectivity options, but very little money.

The ideal projector that costs less than 500 can support multiple connections including HDMI, VGA, Bluetooth as well as in some instances Wi-Fi support. In general, HDMI connections give greater brightness and clarity than VGA or Bluetooth alternatives. In addition, they have a low input delay.

A wired or wireless connection can make a an enormous difference in the the display technology and the image the quality and image of your theater projection. It is also important to consider the throw distance, also known as the distance of the projector from the screen to determine if you require long cords or a truly excellent Wi-Fi connection.

Long-term durability of a less expensive Movie Projector

The lifespan of a projector will depend on the length of time its lamp operates. A projector with a longer lamp life will require less maintenance, produces vibrant images, and can create a stunning home theater. So, take a look at the life of the bulb of the projector you’re looking to purchase.

Consider projectors with minimum 10,000-15,000 minutes of light life. This should provide more than 3 years of uninterrupted maintenance-free display. And the long time between lamp replacements allows for better professional presentations, more vivid images in your home theater and great images regardless of the size of your screen.

Durability also implies the ability to hold against the daily wear and tear. A tiny, portable projector must be durable and work even when you’re on move. Building materials don’t only concern the technology behind displays! While materials that are superior in terms of quality might not be affordable, that doesn’t necessarily mean you must make do with a cheap projector.

Sound Limitations for under 500

One of the things that can be improved with projectors priced under $500 is the possibility of built-in speakers that are of the highest that are of good quality. A majority of the built-in speakers alternatives available today aren’t even enough to meet the standards of. There are however plenty of fantastic audio options that to put in place to enhance the sound of your home theater shine!

That means that no matter how good the sound quality built into the speaker you can get incredible sound through external speakers. Even with a portable projector.

Size of Screen and Display Size

The size of the display on projectors is determined by how far the walls are from the projection or the distance of throw. If you live in a small area, a short-throw projection is ideal for you. If you are in the presence of a huge space, such as an outdoor space consider the long-throw projector. The distance of throw determines not just the potential size of the screen but also the display’s quality.

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In the end, the main reason to switch to an LCD projector is the enormous screen. So, you must be able to purchase the right size screen that it is worth the investment. It could be bigger than you thought, and even at a price of less than 500!

Our Criteria for our Top 12 Picks

We’ve picked some of the most effective models accessible for less than $500.00. We haven’t just put together an assortment of projectors. The ones we choose must pass the rigors of scrutiny and also endure the testing of time!

To be included listed on this list, these projectors must be able to sustain a long lamp life as well as a good quality aspect ratios and high contrast. They also have to and work great in a theater at home or for corporate presentations and also have the potential of being portable. The list below is comprised of the top options for home theaters on less money.

Top 12 Best Projector Under $500

Once you’ve figured out what to look for when buying the best projector and our specific requirements, it’s the time to look at our choices! We’ve come up with the top options for projectors for you however, they’re all under $5000. These make them among the top brands available on the market and extremely cost-effective.

1. Yaber Y31 1080P – The the best home theater projector for under 500 dollars

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The YABER Projector is the most effective projector for under $500. It has a range of attributes which make it our number one choice. This image quality on the screen is similar to other projectors with high-end specs with its resolution of 1080 pixels with seven-500-lumen brightness. The contrast ratio provides clear, bright images, which enhance the experience of watching.

The keystone correction feature and the zoom feature let you modify the screen to suit your needs. It is not necessary to go through the manuals; instead the remote control can do everything. It allows you to be flexible in where you put it.

Comparatively to the earlier version that was that was the Yaber Y30, the Y31 is a much more flexible projector that has One-Click brighten and auto Vertical Keystone Correction.

These functions are essential to managing flexible setups . They are practical, particularly if you’re shifting projectsors around. Since they’re both the same price however, the Y31 is the better choice for added value.

It also has an integrated sound system, adding an additional options. This can make your movies much more enjoyable. In addition, the many input ports give you the option of connecting to nearly all other devices.

A common issue that plagues the majority of projectors is the sound of the cooling system. It is either the cooling system doesn’t work, or it creates a loud noise that it could be improved. The YABER The Y31 Projector features a highly efficient cooling system made up of three fans. In contrast to other projectors you won’t even notice their presence as they’re so quiet.

What we like best about us

Utilize the suggested Eco Mode to extend the life of your projector by 100,000 hours. The long life and amazing features makes this the top choice for the top home theater projector that costs less than 500 that you can buy!

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  • Fantastic sound system
  • Brilliant display
  • Efficient cooling system


  • One click control of brightness is difficult to control.

2. Optoma HD146X projector – The Best Premium Projector under 500$!

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Optoma HD146X is an excellent choice for the most effective projectors that cost less than $500 and can purchase. It comes with a top-quality display that has the native resolution of 1080p and an amazing color wheel. You truly get the value for your money and more!

The DLP single-chip design assures a well-aligned bright, and sharp image. The image quality is unparalleled because of it being a blend with Full HD resolution and DLP technology. Its 3000 lumen brightness gives a crisp display even in low light.

The HD146X’s best rivals, the BenQ TH585 is a bit similar in terms of specs but due to the 3,600L brightness as well as more intense brightness, HD146X can perform better in a variety of lighting conditions.

This makes images more bright and more vivid.

It can also be used as a gaming projector when you take into account the low latency of input. In addition gaming display mode alters the display by adjusting the shades and darkening to match the demands of the game. Remote control is an easy method of controlling the settings by hand. This makes setting up easy and improves your efficiency.

What We Love Best

The contrast ratio of 500,000:1 has been increased by the innovative black technology. The details are further enhanced creating a stunning mix of shadows and colors. The lamp’s life of 15,000 hours will give you four hours of watching time each throughout the day over 10 years. It is possible to install it wherever and your picture will be balanced with keystone and zoom functions.

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  • Amazing black level
  • Supports 3D display
  • Crisp graphics


  • Average built-in speakers

3. ViewSonic PA503S is the Best budget projector under 500!

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ViewSonic PA503S Projector will be an outstanding addition to our list of the best projectors that cost less than 500. It’s ideal for smaller-scale usage, like film nights or business gatherings. It is equipped with a wide range of features that make your evenings with your loved ones more enjoyable and your work more efficient. Its price, which is inexpensive and has amazing features, makes it distinct from other options for budget-friendly entertainment.

Its Epson VS250 is a close rival that shares similar resolution, and has 3LCD technology, which comes with an additional cost.

However, the PA503S is more bright and has a longer life span, and more white and black contrast. It is also significantly cheaper in comparison to the VS250.

The longer lifespan allows for easy maintenance and the improved brightness and color are suitable for various lighting environments. The PA503S is an excellent bargain and includes a spec sheet that is comparable to more expensive projectors.

You can take advantage of a 120-inch display from just 15 feet. While this isn’t a projector with a short throw however, it is capable of delivering the desired image at a reasonable distance. The 3800-lumen brightness provides stunning clarity and crispness. The quality of the color is apparent through the richness and intensity. The lamp’s life span of 15,000 hours will give you plenty of time to prepare for an replacement lamp. It is not necessary to keep it in good condition all the time.

What We Love Best

It is compatible with various input options like VGA, HDMI, and other options that allow you to choose your preferred connections. It doesn’t require an adapter or other special connectors. Connect the media player on your computer, Mac, and mobile phones to it. It has almost no input lag. As a result the display is extremely smooth. Keystone Correction gives you an image proportioned to the size of the location of the projector.


  • Low fan noise
  • Bright images
  • For both indoor and outdoor use


  • Average sound system

4. ViewSonic PX701HD HD Projector – Great for Games & Office Use

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If you’re searching for the top projector under 500 dollars that will suit those who love gaming and gaming enthusiast, the ViewSonic PX701HD could be the perfect choice. You can enjoy a large screen with a size of up to 300 in with amazing picture quality due the full HD 1080p resolution. It comes with an impressive 3000-lumen brightness making it an excellent alternative for both outdoors and indoor usage.

It is equipped with unique SuperColor technology which makes use of the broad color spectrum. This gives you a fantastic color scheme. Every detail has been sharpened and highlighted to give gamers an incredible gaming experience and theatre experience. The extremely low rate of input delay is great importance for gamers. It comes with a 16 millisecond response time, which provides an extremely smooth, fast performance.

In comparison to the other model in this series that is the ViewSonic PX703HD is superior. The PX701HD includes a few new high-quality features.

The PX701HD features an optical shift that is vertical, a horizontal and vertical keystones, as well as a 20-hour lamp life that is more than the PX703HD’s 15,000-hour.

With these functions, you can position your screen in the ideal angles that meet your preferences.

There is no need be replacing the lamps for at most 10 years, if you use the projector at least five hours a day. The lamp’s lifespan is estimated to be up to 20,000 hours, which is ideal if you’re working on a budget.

Although these may not seem as significant upgrades but in actual use they’re very beneficial, which is why the PX701HD the best option for a projector priced under $500.

What We Love Best

10. W-powered speakers improve the experience of watching. This helps make the 3D motions look more realistic. Wireless connectivity is an additional advantage for movie buffs and gamers alike. It can be connected to the USB port to connect your consoles. This is among the best budget projectors available today.

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  • Affordable
  • Low input Lag
  • High-Brightness


  • No HDR

5. BenQ MW535A: Best Business Projector under $500

Brightness 3600 ANSI Lumens | Aspect Ratio 16:10 | Lamp Lasts: 15,000 hours Contrast Ratio native resolution: WXGA


  • High Brightness
  • Smart Eco Mode
  • Anti-Dust Features
  • Flexible Alignment/Setup


  • Low Resolution

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For office and business setting, the BenQ MW535A is a top-quality projector that costs less than $500. This projector is designed to be used for presentations in business settings. It has an WXGA 1280×800 native resolution.

This model is at the lower endof the spectrum, however when you consider the way it’s going to be utilized, it’s appropriate. It also has the highest 3600 ANSI Lumens brightness which will be able to handle the daytime use and rooms that have ambient light with ease.

For those who work with projectors in the business sector for business projectors, the MW535A has a high contrast ratio of 15,000:1, which ensures high-quality colors and an intense contrast between black and white brightness.

One cool feature that the MW535A comes with is the auto wall color correction.

This adjusts the projected image’s colour based upon the hue of the screen. The colors will match from the output screen and on-screen for precise projections that aren’t affected by the screen’s color or the surface.

Comparing to a comparable BenQ model that is the MS535A is superior. MW535A has been upgraded with a higher resolution of 1280 800 x 800 WXGA resolution.

The subtle distinction in the quality of images and sharpness, which makes the MW535A the best choice of the two.

Furthermore, the BenQMW535A is equipped with Anti-Dust features that are specifically designed for it and a long-lasting lamp with a 15,000-hour life. This guarantees continuous usage with no need for continuous maintenance.

The projector has the use of a 1.2x zoom as well as a vertical keystone. Additionally, it is equipped with 3 feet which can be used to adjust the its elevation.

It’s much easier to set up without having to fiddle with the controls.

Overall all, this BenQ MW535A is a good choice for a business projector as it accomplishes everything you’ll need without sacrificing the ease of use or the quality. The lower resolution isn’t ideal however, when you consider the cost it’s an acceptable compromise.

6. GooDee WiFi Mini Projector – Mini Projector Option!

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If you’re in a tight budget and want a small projector that has excellent display capabilities would be suited to your needs best. This is why the GooDee Mini Projector is listed as one of our top-rated projectors that cost less than 500. There isn’t Wi-Fi connectivity on any projector with a budget like this. This alone is reason enough to make it an investment worth making.

The native resolution of 720p offers excellent display quality. It’s not as good in comparison to Full HD, but nevertheless crisp and bright. The support for color and 200-inch screen combine to ensure this projector is on our list of.

Mini Projector: The Mini Projector is a similar projector with the same brightness and resolution however it can only project 170 inches. GooDee is a similar projector, but it has a smaller screen. GooDee additionally has a better contrast ratio, and can support 24-bit true color.

Image quality is better with vivid colours in GooDee. GooDee projector.

Not to mention the GooDee allows for Wi-Fi connectivity/casting. In comparison to the Mini GooDee, it stands out in terms of specs, ease of use and practicality.

Additionally they come with an array of input options. It can be connected directly to Roku Stick, Fire-TV, Chromecast External Speakers USB Disk, PS4/XBOX, Laptop/PC as well as DVD Player and even your mobile phone/iPad. This is accomplished through HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, and TF ports, which means you do not have to fret about connectivity.

What We Love Best

It’s compact and light. This allows you to carry it on your camping excursions or even set it up in your backyard for movie night. The built-in speakers offer excellent audio quality as well. You can stream unlimited films and other media for up to more than 50,000 hours without having to do even a single maintenance required for the bulb.

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  • Maintains main focus
  • Clear image
  • Fine speakers
  • Mini projector ideal for portability


  • A bit challenging connecting to iPhone

7. KODAK Luma 350 – Best Portable Projector Under 500

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The KODAK Luma350 Projector is equipped with the DLP tech to make your photos appear brighter and more realistic.

KODAK Luma 350 KODAK Luma 350 is the upgraded version of the KODAK Luma 150. It is upgraded to virtually every aspect of the device, including greater brightness, contrast ratio, support for 4K input as well as Android OS built-in.

These features enable Luma 350 Luma 350 to display much higher quality images and brightness. Android OS functionality makes it fully projector-ready and capable of streaming live without additional dongles.

The image clarity and brightness are incredible for a projector with this price. It’s it’s high 200 ANSI brightness and the high contrast ratio that rank it among the top projectors that cost less than $500. You can enjoy a with a screen that’s as big as 200 inches and experience incredible cinematic effects.

This projector does don’t just get the traditional HDMI as well as USB ports, but additionally wireless options for connectivity. You can utilize the WiFi, Bluetooth, or screen mirroring options to stream your preferred media with ease. So, you don’t need to juggle long cables and strain to keep your home tidy. The built-in speakers can provide of high-quality audio that is paired with the high-definition LCD.

This is an excellent alternative that is ideal for bedrooms as well as RVs. The tiny size could appear small, but this projector is a beast with high-quality images!

What we like best about us

The projector can be used for many different reasons. Its Android 6.0 or iOS interface allows users to browse the internet as well as download games and apps directly onto the projector. It is necessary to try it in order to believe in it. Its features make its use simple and easy. The small size makes it an ideal option for travel. The lamp’s life span of 30,000 hours should ensure it will last for a long period of time.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Bluetooth-compatible


  • Average speakers

8. BenQ MW560

Brightness 4000 ANSI Lumens Aspect Ratio 16:10 15,000 hours . Native Resolution WXGA


  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Special Presentation Modes
  • High Brightness of ANSI
  • SmartEco Mode
  • Flexible Setup Features


  • The wireless connection is not working.

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If you are looking for an equipment to manage all of your office projection requirements and projection needs, then BenQ MW560 is a fantastic alternative to think about.

The reason this projector is different is its large brightness. In comparison to other projectors in the same price range, the MW560 offers a higher brightness of 4000 ANSI lumens of brightness. This permits it to be utilized in rooms with bright lighting or rooms with daylight.

The MW560 comes with a 1280x 800 WXGA resolution, which allows you to display sharp text and images without blurring. To make your presentations more effective The MW560 offers three distinct modes that enhance content: data review mode, infographic mode, and the presentation mode.

Data Review mode increases clarity and contrast. Infographic mode is designed to handle graphics as well as detailed text. The the presentation mode enhances presentation quality by enhancing color reproduction.

In comparison to another BenQ projector like that is BenQ MS536 and the MW560 has the edge with a higher resolution of 1280 800 x 800 WXGA resolution, as well as upgraded built-in 10W speaker setup.

Both projectors are offered for the same price but the price difference is significant which makes the MW560 our preferred projector in between the two.

Other features that add to the MW560’s capabilities include the Smart Eco mode with 15,000-hour lamp life. The MW560 also comes with a variety of ways to change the picture’s position including auto-vertical keystone adjustment along with a foot retractable that can alter horizontal viewing angles.

The MW560 is a top performance among the many projectors for business that are available. Its price is too high at under $500, but when you look at all it can offer you’ll get your money’s worth from this projector.

9. Epson VS260 Projector

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The next item that we have included on our list of the top projectors for under $500 includes one called the Epson VS260 Projector. Epson has gone one step further by incorporating outstanding quality, brightness, resolution and color technology in one.

In comparison to the earlier version of that is the Epson VS250, the VS260 was upgraded to offer a higher XGA resolution and slightly more luminosity and lamp life as well as a built-in picture skew sensor , which can auto-adjust the mainstone.

Higher resolution means clear, sharp images. the other features that enhance quality of life show the dramatic improvement from the previous version.

Its 3-300 lumen brightness is ideal for display in both dark and bright rooms. Additionally this XGA resolution enhances the quality of images and text more. Thus, you will get high-quality colors and an immersive cinema experience.

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Epson The VS260 is also equipped with an additional 3lcd chip that highlights the RGB color wheel , resulting in stunning images. Additionally, it requires extra care to preserve the brightness of the screen without discoloration or rainbow issues , like other projectors. It is possible to use the HDMI port to display images and videos as well as presentations on the large screen.

What we like best about us

It features the auto keystone correction feature that allows you to adjust the frame in accordance with the size of the screen. The built-in speakers offer an excellent audio experience to enhance your family movie night. The screen is massive with 150 inches of bright screen. It is easy to zoom in or out based on your requirements using an on-screen remote.


  • Excellent adjustments options
  • High quality focus
  • Amazing brightness


  • The built-in speakers are not great.

10. VANKYO Performance V600 Projector

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One of the top projectors you can come across can be that of the VANKYO Performance V600 Projector.

As compared to other projectors within the same price range, such as that of the XIAOYA Outdoor Projector, the Vankyo V600 has a higher resolution as well as a higher brightness and contrast ratio. It can also project images of up to 300 inches.

It is a significant improvement in performance that can be seen in everyday use.

The V600 is an impressive leap ahead of the rest and demonstrates its real value by providing high-quality picture, vibrant colours and a huge image in a portable form size.

This projector with a dynamic design is a fantastic investment for gamers who require an easy and bright projector to play the gaming experience. It is compatible with Full HD 1080p resolution with an impressive contrast ratio of 5500:1 providing outstanding performance on the display.

If you live in a location with bright lighting, this projector could be the solution to all your problems. Its high-lumen brightness will give sharp images on a huge 30 inches screen. For business meetings or a classroom presentation playing with your the family, this projector is sure to be the best choice. The greatest thing about this projector is that you can get all of this for a price.

What we like best about us

The lamp’s lifespan is fantastic with 10 years of life with a usage of three hours every day. It is possible to connect laptops, mobile phones, PCs, and more by using the two HDMI ports that are available. This is a great, low-cost alternative if you wish to get premium quality without the cost!


  • No blur
  • Splendid picture quality
  • Massive display


  • The fan isn’t very quiet.

11. Anker Nebula Capsule Max Projector

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Anker Nebula Capsule Max is widely regarded as to be one among the most effective photo projectors less than 500 dollars. The projector has dimensions of 3.15 and 3.15 5.91 inches. 5.91 inches. It weighs approximately 1.6 pounds.

Nebula series from Anker is the most important due to their battery capacities.

Nebula Capsule Max Nebula Capsule Max is actually an enhanced model of Anker Nebula Capsule, and has a bigger battery, a higher resolution of 720p as well as a better contrast ratio and brighter with auto-focus as well as a more powerful built-in speaker.

The upgrades can impact performance in a significant way, and that’s why they are so important. Capsule Max is our pick from the two.

The projector is equipped with 200 Lumens of brightness eliminating all doubt about the capabilities that mini-projectors offer. The projector provides users with an improved and comfortable experience even in small a enclosure.

The projector has built-in speakers that can handle 8W, which aids in providing excellent audio quality. An external speaker using the Bluetooth option is able to be connected to provide a more immersive sound experience to cover a wider space.

What we like best about us

This projector is thought to be one of the top options for kids because it gives your kids an eye-strain-free and comfortable experience. It’s battery life is of nearly 4 hours, that is very pleasing particularly when you’re looking to restrict your child’s screen time. Its screen size is between 40 and 100 inches. It comes with wireless connectivity in addition to HDMI as well as USB options. Its standard resolution that is 1280×780 pixels.


  • DLP technology
  • Connect App
  • Connectivity options
  • Resolution of 1280x780p


  • The quality of speakers could be enhanced
  • Not water-resistant.

12. Acer H5382BD Home Projector

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Acer H5382BD Home Theater Projector is one of the top budget options due to its the highest contrast ratio as well as bright brightness. If you’re searching for the top projectors that cost less than 500 dollars, this is the perfect choice for you.

In comparison to its predecessor model, the H5380BD is upgraded with improved contrast ratio in terms of brightness, contrast, and sound quality. speakers.

These enhancements ensure vibrant and deep images with more brightness to match different lighting conditions.

This Acer H5382BD is somewhat more expensive than the earlier model, but the performance-to-value ratio is in line with the previous model.

The projector has dimensions of 12.4 inches by 8.4 inches by 3.8 inches. It weighs around 5.3 pounds.

This projector is equipped with both wireless and wired connectivity that makes it user-friendly. It offers HD technology for display, but it does not provide 100% HD. It also has a background light sensor which regulates the settings by detecting light from outside and stops the quality of images from being impaired.

What We Love Best

It features an excellent contrast ratio that allows for detailed and sharp images which makes it one of the top budget options for projectors. It’s easy to set up, making it a breeze to use. It is equipped with 3300 ANSI lumens, which is impressive when compared to the price. This is the ideal device for those looking for a budget-friendly projector that performs all of the essential functions.


  • Background Light Sensor
  • A high contrast ratio of 20,000:1.
  • Mountable
  • Connectivity options for wireless and wired
  • 3300 ANSI lumens


  • Lamp life is not more than 12,000
  • Doesn’t include Full HD display
  • The life of a short lamp

Final Remarks on the accuracy of your Budget Projector!

After you’ve gone through the top projectors for under $500 and you’re ready to make your choice. The fact that all of these alternatives are priced under 500 and have a wide range of applications implies that you are able to put these projectors to work in any setting. You can take part in games on video, view films, or create presentations for your board!

Let’s take a look at exactly how we came to these amazing alternatives. You can pick a product for various reasons, but at times you simply need someone to explain it to what they are telling

If you’re in search of something lightweight, then we have plenty of options for you. For instance, the KODAK Luma 350, the GooDee Mini Projector and the Epson VS350 Projector and the Anker Nebula Capsule Max all perform well when you are on the move. They can be used for school, work and even for children!

Many people are searching for gaming projectors that don’t require you to shell out an arm and an arm to purchase one. If you’re looking for a gaming option we’ve got the best options for you! A ViewSonic PX701HD Projector as well as the Optoma HD146X Projector and the Acer H5382BD 720P 720P DLP Home Projector as well as the Epson VS260 Projector are each amazing for gaming.

If you’re looking for an affordable projector for your home theater project but do not have the funds to put into the projector, then we’ve got options for you. There’s the VANKYO Performance V600, the BenQ MW526, Epson VS350 Projector, the ViewSonic PA503S, as well as the YABER Y31 1080P are all fantastic options.

Whatever you require to set up your theater at home, commercial needs, or your gaming needs there is something for you in this list. These aren’t just excellent projectors, but each of them cost less than 500 dollars! These fantastic alternatives might be your next entertainment purchase. All you have to do is consult this useful guide.

Frequently Answered Questions(FAQs)

How many Lumens is enough to power a projector?

For a 100 inch screen 350 lumens is sufficient. However the minimum lumens recommended should be at minimum 1000. The amount of lumens needed for a projector will be determined by the lighting of the room as well as the lumens range for the projector.

Can I use 3D Glasses?

You can wear your 3D glasses to enjoy realistic images on nearly all projectors that support DLP technology.

What should I do if I Don’t Have Enough Space?

If you don’t have enough room, you will need to choose the projector with short throw. A short throw projector can be able to fit into a smaller space and let you watch movies without requiring an extended throw distance.

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