5 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets 2023

Cleaning your pool is crucial to have fun each time you swim. Since everyone would like to come across floating leaves or other things when they jump in the pool. To finish the task of keeping your pool in good condition, you require the most effective swimming skimmer baskets that you can get your hands on. These are crucial things to buy for maintenance of your pool because they keep debris from blocking up the filter system.

If you’re in search of an effective skimmer, you’ll find our reviews helpful. We looked through 17 of the skimmer baskets available on the market, to identify the best option and came to the conclusion that the winner is Pentair 516112. The basket is built well and includes an additional handle and is constructed of plastic to make it easy to maintain. We have also included four other models in our evaluation which will help you determine the most suitable model to meet your needs.

In our review of the best pool skimmer baskets available we looked at a wide range of characteristics like dimension material, handle, and assembly, as all of them are crucial to an excellent basket. All of the information we have gathered is summarized in the table below, and will be followed up by deep reviews of all the skimmer baskets that we chose to include. In order to help you make the right choice we have also included the purchasing guide at the end that will provide you with all the information you need to help you decide which of the most effective pool skimmer baskets are the best to choose.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Pentair 516112 “The transparent and open style of Pentair 516112 result in greater flow of water and a better skimmer performance. The the handle made of metal and slightly curled makes it easy to use.”
  • Best Value:
    Hayward SPX1091C “This model was well thought-of and provides great value for money as well as being compatible with a variety of Hayward automated Skimmer models.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Pentair 08650-0007 “This high-quality skimmer basket is made of heavy-duty material. It has A reinforced rim, and the handle made of steel provides extra weight, so the basket is more stable inside the sink.”
  • The Best Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket
    SkimPro Tower “The SkimPro Tower is a excellent choice for those looking to secure the mooring of their pump, since it can work in spite of the fact that the basket may be filled.”
  • The Best-Priced Handle Basket: Basket:
    Custom Molded Products 27182-300 “This basket is constructed of heavy-duty plastic, so it can withstand the elements. Furthermore, the fact this container is properly loaded means it can sit comfortably inside the water skimmer.”

Top 5 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets 2022

Pentair 516112

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Our editor’s pick is this Pentair 516112 is a premium Skimmer basket with the handle made of metal that can be raised for extra ease of use. We were impressed by the position of the handle made of metal and the fact that it’s slightly curving upwards, making it more user-friendly when it is compared to other models we’ve reviewed.

The skimmer basket in this model is simple to set up and uses, and is fully compatible with Pentair Bermuda Vinyl and gunite liner skimmers. A majority of those who have reviewed and tested this item said that it’s not fragile like other cheaper skimmers that are of low quality as well as that the handle is made of steel and does not pull away from the basket after removing off the skimmer. The reviewers also noted that the clear and open style of Pentair 516112 leads to more efficient flow and improved efficiency of the skimmer.

What is its most appealing characteristics?

  • Extremely durable
  • Smart design
  • Handle made of metal that can be lifted

What can be improved?

  • Price

Hayward SPX1091C

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It is easy to get in and out It is easy to get in and out. Hayward SPX1091C is well-designed and provides an excellent value-for-money, as well as being compatible with several Hayward auto skimmer models which include Hayward SP1091LX, SP1091WM, and SPX1091C. This means that you are able to quickly select the right basket based on the model number. The basket comes with a handy handle, making it effortless to maneuver and it makes cleaning your above-ground pool a breeze.

As we read the comments of customers who had used this basket pool skimmer, it was apparent that the majority of them said that the basket fit perfectly and also that it is sturdy construction which is guaranteed to last for a long time. Additionally, the handle itself is durable and isn’t likely to break following a lot of usages as is the case of cheap products.

Why are we so amazed?

  • Simple to use handle
  • Fits multiple Hayward models
  • durable

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • It could crack if you hit it too hard.

Pentair 08650-0007

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If you’re trying to prepare for the swimming season without spending a fortune then the Pentair 08650-0007 is the right pool skimmer basket you. Made of plastic with an aluminum handle it can be used with the Sta-rite U-3 liner skimmer Hayward SP-1070 Skim master Skimmer as well as the Pentair Bermuda Skimmer, it is a flexible option to meet the requirements of a variety of users.

The construction of the Pentair 08650-0407 to be solid and some users have stated that it’s an item that is guaranteed to last for more than one season. The heavy-duty skimmer basket comes with an elongated rim, and the handle made of metal adds extra weight , which means that it can be placed more comfortably inside the skimmer. Some customers have complained that the handle made of metal tends to pop out quite frequently however, this is is normal for the majority of skimmers once they’re full.

Which are the most appealing characteristics?

  • Metal handle made of toughness
  • Fits a variety of skimmers from different brands.
  • Solid construction

What can be improved?

  • Handles can pop out while using them

SkimPro Tower

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Its tower-vent style of SkimPro Tower is an innovative one. Its purpose is to let the water to flow freely through the basket. Even when it’s packed with leaf litter and debris. It is compatible with most skimmers, and we loved its sturdy construction. We even thought it was among the strongest Skimmer baskets for sale.

It’s a ideal choice for those looking to secure their pump mooring, as it is able to function in spite of the fact that the basket may be filled. Some of the people who have reviewed this vented skimmer basket for pool said that the handle of the tower could be a little too large to fit into the skimmer. It’s crucial to confirm compatibility before purchasing, possibly through reading reviews. The basket works with Hayward Skimmer SP1070, Jacuzzi Deckmate, SwimQuip, Pacfab as well as American Products skimmers.

What makes it different?

  • Compatible with a variety of brands of skimmers.
  • The motor pump is protected from becoming dry.
  • Construction with heavy-duty construction

What negatives did we discover?

  • Expensive
  • It could be heavier to prevent floating after pump shuts off.

Custom Molded Products 27182-300

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Ideal for skimmers of standard size The Custom Molded Products 27182-300 is an ideal option for those seeking a pool skimmer with an air-ventilated handle. This basket is made of tough plastic, so it is able to withstand all the sun’s rays. We love the ergonomic handle, which allows you to easily remove this basket out of the sink. The vented handle ensures the continuous flow of water even if the collection basket is filled.

The people who have looked at this skimmer’s basket loved the fact that this basket is properly weighted and therefore fits well within the skimmer. Although it’s designed to work with sizes of skimmers, it may require some fiddling with to make it work with certain types of skimmers and it’s recommended to read reviews from people who have had it installed on the model of skimmer that you plan to use it with.

What are our top features?

  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Fits a variety of skimmers.
  • Ergonomic handle

What else could be better?

  • It might not be the perfect suitable

Things to Consider

Maintaining your pool’s cleanliness isn’t an easy task but it’s a vital one nevertheless, since maintaining a clean pool is crucial to be able to swim. Skimmers for pools are essential in the filtering system for your pool and all require an appropriate basket. When selecting the right pool skimmer basket it is important to look not just for compatibility with your existing skimmer as well as for different design options to make sure that they meet your requirements. You may be searching for your first skimmer basket for pool or are considering one for a replacement the buying guide below will give you the essential information that you require for making an educated decision.

What is the reason I require a basket to skimmer my pool?

Skimmers are an essential part of any pool However, it is the skimmer basket which does everything heavy lifting. A well-designed basket is essential for the skimmer’s operation effectively, since it stops debris from blocking the filtering system. The basket catches all large pieces of debris so that they do not enter the skimmer which takes in any debris that has accumulated in the waters surface. As such, you can see why it’s an essential part of the equipment.

The best basket for your pool

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the best pool skimmer basket including the most crucial being the size, the material the handle is made of, as well as the the type of installation. It is important to keep in mind that there are not all baskets that work with all skimmers. As for instance that the Pentair 516112 is compatible with Pentair Bermuda gunite and vinyl liner skimmers therefore it is recommended to verify prior to making a purchase. Also, you should take into consideration the type of pool you have since skimmer baskets vary in terms of whether they’re made for aboveground or inground pools. It is important to consider the size of your swimming pool. also an important aspect to bear in mind, as you must determine the strength of the basket be based upon this.


The majority of pool skimmers are constructed the same so there is no standard size and fittings. It is important to select the proper dimensions of the basket to ensure that the basket is able to perform its job effectively.

Since skimmers depend heavily on suction and will not be effective without a bin installed. The basket needs to be on the ground in all times to allow the system to function thus a proper fitting is vital.

The pool baskets we’ve listed are listed in the measurements and you’ll be able to determine if they’re compatible with the skimmer you have. The dimensions you’ll typically see listed are the opening diameter, bottom diameter , as well as overall height. If your basket is already in use it’s recommended to carefully measure it and then purchase a basket with similar dimensions.


The majority of skimmer baskets are constructed of plastic, however it is important to consider its durability and quality to choose a model that will last for more than one year. Baskets like The Custom Molded Products 27182-300 is built of tough plastic that is resistant to sun damage and other elements. Other baskets like those made by pentair 08650-0007 can also be made of plastic, but have a handles made of metal, which increases the weight.

A basket constructed of durable plastics is always a great option, since cheaper baskets made of inferior plastic can be brittle and might even find that bits of it fall off when you take it off to clean.


The handle on the skimmer’s basket needs to be strong so that you can easily clean the basket and take it away the ease of removing it from the skimmer. Some are constructed out of plastics, while others are made are made of metal, such as for instance the 8650-007 from Pentair. A handle made of metal is popular with many customers because it is the most sturdy option. Tower-handle modelslike SkimPro Tower, SkimPro Tower are an option for those who wish to reach for the basket without putting their fingers in the basket. Models with a vented design like this one can also be used to pump because they don’t permit the pump to go dry.


Skimmer baskets for pools are typically easy to set up, but you must be cautious about the fitting, in order to ensure that the basket is actually in its place. Certain models allow you to secure the basket by turning the knob. If the basket isn’t secure, it could cause blockages to with the water filter or harming the pump once you switch the system on. Skimmer baskets that floate aren’t an ideal option in the majority of instances, as they’re not guaranteed to stay in place until you screw them in.

In addition to installing it correctly In addition, you must take care to clean the basket regularly. In most cases the only thing you have to do is remove the basket to empty the contents and then plug it back into. If you have small pieces trapped in the basket you can make use of the garden hose to get rid of the pieces.


What else can baskets for the pool skimmer be used to do?

The principal function of a basket for a pool skimmer is to maintain the cleanliness of the water by removing debris like leaves dirt, petal flower petals dead insects and much more before it sinks into the depths of the water. However, you may also utilize the basket for different reasons, like including chlorine tablets to the skimmer. A majority of pool owners believe the fact that keeping chlorine tablets into the basket reduces the amount of time needed, and they would prefer using the basket for this purpose.

Do you have different kinds of pool skimmer baskets suitable for the above-ground and in-ground pools?

There are various types of skimmer baskets for pools based on whether you have an inground or above ground pool. Skimmers designed for pools in the ground are usually made of either precast or plastic. They’re usually outfitted with chlorinators that are automatic as well as automated water level controls. The majority of the models that we reviewed are designed for above-ground pools, however, they have walls that are thin and require that the container be maintained each day.

Our Verdict

After analyzing the top pool skimmer baskets available on our market, we decided that Pentair 516112 is the ideal choice for most people This is the reason we chose the basket as our editor’s pick. The high-end skimmer basket is solid and comes with a sturdy metal handle that makes it easy to use. It also works with various pool skimmers and does a great job of improving the flow. In the second spot, we can find an item called the Hayward SPX1091C that is compatible with a variety of Hayward skimmers and made out of strong plastic. This skimmer basket can be a breeze to put in place and secure to leave out in the sun due to the top-quality plastic. For those who are who are looking for a less expensive model should take a an eye on this model: 8650-0007 Pentair It is highly adaptable and made of plastic and has a handle made of metal for added durability and weight. Whatever of the top swimming skimmer baskets to buy be sure to verify compatibility with your existing skimmer.

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