11 Best Outdoor Projector Under $300 2023

Do you have a small budget, but you want the most for yourself? If you conduct investigate, you’ll discover various projectors that range from 100 up to millions of dollars. Which one should you choose?

The best solution is to find one that comes with all the features you need and then select one that is suited to the price you can afford. In the end, there’s no reason to spend your money on a device that doesn’t provide high-quality results or needs to be replaced in the event of a short time.

We’ve compiled this list of the top outdoor projectors for under 300 with every important goal in mind. Before you buy, take a look at our buying guidelines to understand the most important aspects to be aware of before buying the perfect projector.

Buyer’s guide to top outdoor projectors that cost less than $300.


With the many options available on the market, you need to choose the one that has the greatest capabilities. Your projector shouldn’t just show images, but it must also include these other features such as sound as well as a powerful cooling system and a zoom option.

Lens change and other display technology influence what you see on your monitor. It is possible to purchase an LCD display that has built-in sound systems for less than a dollar.


If you’re here, that means you have just 300 dollars to spend. Furthermore, you must find an excellent device which is reasonably priced but still has the best quality of the features. We’ve put together our list of recommended gadgets for your convenience with the most effective alternatives available.

The ideal outdoor projector for less than 300 dollars, must be inexpensive and come with all the necessary specifications. You can negotiate the size and the brand but not on quality.


The first thing a outdoor projector needs to have is portability. It is a feature that can be achieved by using wireless and lightweight connectivity options. When you use a projector outdoors during camping trips or picnics, you will not have to handle dangling wires or socket issues. So a projector equipped with Blue Tooth or Wi-fi connectivity is vital.

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Additionally, your projector needs to have the ability to work with any other device that has a smart. It will allow you to connect it to your smartphones or tablets and then use them wherever.

Quality of Image

The main goal of projectors is to make your images in a larger and more impressive way. This is why image quality has to be of paramount importance. The quality of images is mostly dependent upon the quality of resolution. The higher your resolution, the better your images.

However, a resolution of 4K could be out of your budget. There are plenty of 1080p alternatives that produce exactly the same quality of images as a four-channel projector.

Top 11 Best Outdoor Projector Under $300 2022

Editor’s Choice: With features aren’t available for less than 300, WiMiUS New P20 Projector is a fantastic option for you. The 7200-lumen brightness, the 10000:1 contrast ratio and 10W stereo speakers are not to be missed. This projector ensures you’ll get far more than what you spend. It gives you a crystal clear picture, and will fulfill your professional as well as entertainment requirements.

1. The NEBULA Anker Capsule Editor’s Choice

Brightness 10 ANSI Lumens | Maximum Image Size Lamp Life: 30,000 hours Contrast Ratio Resolution is 480p


  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Android 7.1
  • 360deg Speakers
  • Keystone Correction Vertical and Horizontal


  • Could be brighter
  • Limited Max Screen Size

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NEBULA Anker Capsule is the most effective outdoor projector that costs less than $300 . The projector caught our attention because of its unique design which is the size of soda can. It’s a remarkable miniature projector shape that you’ll not see very often.

To complement the stunning design, there is just a tiny hundred ANSI Lumens of brightness.

You’ll get a clear and crisp image by making use of the device in dark or dark light conditions. If you’re thinking of using it in late-night, outdoor screenings of films, it’s a great partner.

The projector has the resolution of 480 pixels, that isn’t as clear but that’s what that you must pay for low-cost projectors. The image quality is top-quality for the cost, and the 1080p input resolution helps to control high-resolution content.

Comparing to the more advanced version, the NEBULA The Anker Capsule Maxi is the same as the basic Capsule, but does not have the same brightness and resolution.

However, it is worth noting that the Anker Capsule Max is nearly more expensive than the originalmodel, which underscores the value that the Anker Capsule has to offer. It’s not as powerful a home theater projector, however it’s more affordable with the same features.

Furthermore it is worth noting that the Anker Capsule is equipped with 400:1 contrast ratio, which is an acceptable the black-white contrast. However, don’t let the these numbers deceive you. In real-world use, the Anker Capsule’s picture is crisp and natural.

The most notable aspect of the Capsule connected to portability. Apart from the soda can-like design, the Capsule comes with batteries that last for 5200mAh and can last for up to four hours. It’s also possible to connect the Capsule with a power bank to extend the battery’s time without disrupting your film.

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It also comes with Android 7.1 included so that it’s possible to stream videos using a hotspot or Wi-Fi connectivity. The 360deg speakers are quite high-quality and loud, resulting in the ultimate audio experience.

In the end overall, the NEBULA Anker Capsule can be described as a powerful projector that you can take to your travels. The slim design and high-quality performance makes it an obvious winner in an Editor’s Choice.

2. WiMiUS New P20 Projector under 300

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WiMiUS New P20 Projector provides unbelievable specs under 300. It’s hard to locate all of these features for less than 1000 dollars or even 300. The contrast ratio of 10000:1 and resolution of 1080 pixels and 7200 lumens work together to produce outstanding color Grading. You’ll get a sharp and clean image, and vibrant and bright hues.

In comparison to a comparable model that is it is a step up from the the WiMiUS P28 is a step ahead. The P20 edge out thanks to a longer-lasting lamp.

The two models of WiMiUS are within the same price bracket and are identically equipped. With the added lamp life at no additional cost the P20 is our top pick from the two.

The keystone correction feature and zoom display offer the convenience and comfort. It is easy to zoom out and in without having to move the projector. Contrary to typical budget projectors that offer two-watt speakers, this one comes with stereo speakers that rival 10W. You will be able to enjoy high-end bass that will give you an authentic theater experience.

It is crucial to ensure that your projector is cool, yet free of undesirable fan noise. WiMiUS features a highly efficient heat dissipation technology, which can reduce fan noise by 50percent. It comes with USB and HDMI VGA, AV and USB inputs that aid in connecting. Additionally, you can use the wireless dongle in order to link to your smartphone.


  • Clear and crisp images
  • 10W speakers


  • There is no lens shift feature.

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3. KODAK Luma 350

Brightness 200 ANSI Lumens | Maximum Image Size 150” Lamp Life: 30,000 hours Contrast Ratio: Resolution of 480 pixels


  • Battery Power Function
  • Ultra-Portable Build
  • Android 6.0
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 1080p input support


  • Low Brightness
  • 480p Resolution

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Third on the top projectors that cost less than $300 comes the KODAK Luma 350. It’s part of a line of mini projectors made by KODAK which is a mid-priced choice. It comes with a lot to offer specifically for people who like to watch films while on the move.

Luma 350 Luma 350 comes with a decent brightness of 200 ANSI Lumens.

It provides a clear enough image even in low-light conditions or in dark rooms. If you’re considering using the camera outdoors, we suggest that you use it in the evening with as little ambient light is possible.

The projector comes with 480p native resolution, which gives you adequate video quality. However, Luma 350 Luma 350 accepts 1080p inputs which means that the video will be upscaled to higher resolutions. It also boasts an impressive contrast ratio of 3,500:1. It’s equipped to produce deep blacks as well as bright whites.

As it’s an ultra-compact projector, it’s important to be careful about the quality of the images. However, for what it’s worth it’s a fantastic mini projector that has better image quality than the other models that are priced similarly.

In comparison to the previous version that was it is a vast improvement over the KODAK Luma 150 and The Luma 350 significantly improved the brightness and contrast ratio as well as includes Android OS.

Both models are similar in price and, if you want to upgrade the insides and features of Luma 350, and the upgraded internals of Luma 350 without a significant cost increase, it’s fantastic value for the price.

Luma 350 Luma 350 also comes with built-in speakers, as well as Android OS which allows you to stream and download media directly through the screen.

Connect the projector portable to your wireless hotspot, and then the Luma App to operate it via your phone or via the remote control that comes with it. It is also possible to cast wirelessly and utilize screen mirroring using Luma 350. Luma 350, so it’s an affordable projector that costs less than $300.

The projector is able to project images as high as 150 inches. This is an excellent feature as Luma 350 Luma 350 has such a slim and small design. Additionally, you can make use of the projector without extra cables, and rely only upon the battery built into it for.

Overall overall, it’s a good projector overall. KODAK Luma 350 projector is an excellent projector for viewing films and other content outdoors. It’s an extremely comfortable design that comes with battery operation , Android OS, and bigger screen sizes than other projectors of the same price.

For an absolute mobile performer for a true performer on the go, the KODAK Luma 350 camera is an excellent option.

4. YABER The Y31

The Brightness is 9500 lumens Max Image Size Lighting Life Time: 100,000 hours Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 Resolution 1080p


  • High Max Brightness
  • 1080p Native Resolution
  • 100,000-hour Lamp Life
  • 4D Keystone Correction
  • Triple Fan Cooling System


  • No Battery Operation
  • Loud Fan

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The next best outdoor projector that’s under $300 that we’re highlighting is the Yaber the Y31.

With regards to specifications, this may be the top projector available. However, the specs don’t mean everything because it’s not an ultra-portable projector as Luma 350 or the Anker Capsule or Luma 350 since it’s not powered by batteries.

If this isn’t an issue for you, the YABER Y31 is equipped with an native resolution of 1080p as well as 4K input capability. The image quality is clear and sharp, without losing any detail.

The YABER Y31 is also quite bright and is able to use in a variety of lighting situations. Its maximal brightness of 9500 Lumens, which is sufficient for the majority of environments.

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Remember that Lumens isn’t identical to ANSI Lumens, so it’s similar with other projectors on this list.

It also has the 10,000:1 high contrast ratio that produces well-contrasted dark and white images. The colors are balanced, but could be a bit dull when viewing at higher levels of brightness.

In comparison to the earlier version that was the YABER Y30 and the Y31 is built stronger and a more user-friendly interface as well as better-sounding speakers.

Although the overall specification sheet is the same but the Y31 enhances the user experience by fine tuning details like the build and the built-in speakers. Because they’re priced the same The new and improved Y31 is the better alternative to the other.

Furthermore it is worth noting that the Y31 comes with two 3W speakers built-in which are quite decent. They are full and full with no sharp, high-pitched sounds. The system also features a triple fan cooling system to keep the unit cool even during intense operation.

The issue here is that the fact that the fans are quite loud. However, those external speakers can do an excellent job at covering it up and it’s not a problem.

Set-up of your portable projector can be easy because of the 4D +-50deg horizontal and vertical keystone, as well as a single-button restore function that calibrates the position of the image at the clock that is triggered by a.

With all the features that are included with it, this YABER Y31 can be described as a powerful and a great projector for use. If you’re okay with the absence of battery power it is the perfect replacement.

5. ViewSonic M1+

Its brightness is 120 Lumens Maximum Image Size Lamp Life: 30,000 hours Contrast Ratio: 500:1 Resolution: 480 pixels


  • Ultra-Compact Construction
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Support
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Battery Operation
  • Smart Stand


  • Low Brightness
  • Short Battery Life

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The next projector we will feature is another projector for outdoor use with battery power The ViewSonic M1 Mini+. Like those of the Anker Capsule, and Luma 350, the M1 Mini+ has battery operation and has a native resolution of 480p.

This HD projector is smaller than the other two and is able to fit into your pocket. Its compact design is one of the main features that is the main feature of M1 Mini+. The brightness is an area where it’s at where the M1 mini projector suffers since it’s 120 LEDs.

This projector isn’t as bright ANSI lumens, so be sure that there’s no light from the outside to use this model. It also has 500:1 contrast ratio to provide adequate black/white contrast.

However, don’t expect anything impressive from the image quality. The goal is convenience and portability rather than power or clarity. The convenience factor is the addition of Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth support.

It also comes with Aptoide UI, which allows you to access their app library to access apps such as Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. It is also possible to directly cast the projector to your computer if required.

In comparison to the earlier version that was in comparison to the earlier version, ViewSonic M1 Mini, the M1 Mini+ includes Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth support.

Both models are similar in other ways however WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity enhances the projector’s portability. Both projectors are nearly the same cost, which makes an M1 Mini+ a clear winner.

In addition it is worth noting that M1 Mini+ M1 Mini+ includes a built-in battery to allow wireless use. The only drawback is that the battery’s life isn’t impressive, as it only lasts 1.5 hours on one charge. To extend time between charges, we’d suggest either Anker Capsule or Luma 350.

M1 Mini+ M1 Mini+ is also well-designed and comes with a built-in Smart Stand.

It allows you to quickly alter the angle of projection without having to mess with complex adjustments. The Smart Stand can also be used as an lens cover which makes it easy to carry around in your bag and not damage the lens.

The ViewSonic M1 Mini+ is an excellent projector for under $300, and it’s cost-effective and still offers impressive performance. In the event that two other projectors with portable options do not appeal to you then the M1 Mini+ just might.

6. ViewSonic SVGA Outdoor Projector

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If you’re in search of the most affordable outdoor projector with premium features you should look no further than ViewSonic’s SVGA projector. This projector with advanced features is a top choice loaded with a wealth of productive features. It is equipped with 3800-lumen brightness, and 1080p resolution. This gives you an amazing images.

The long-lasting lamp’s life span of 15000 hours ensures that it can last for many years without maintenance. It’s simple to set up, all you need is an outlet and you’re in good shape. It can be connected to your PC’s monitor, your monitor mobile phones, or any other device with the options for connectivity. In the range of HDMI to VGA there are a myriad of choices.

ViewSonic SVGA Projector is equipped with a an eight-color wheel that produces top-quality outcomes. It is able to be used indoors and outside, and it’s great for dim spaces. The combination of these features and an affordable price tag makes it a top pick.


  • Amazing brightness
  • Excellent input options


  • Average quality of sound

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7. The InFocus IN11 Projector 6xv is a projector from

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The InFocus IN11 6xv Projector is among the most affordable outdoor projectors that cost less than 300 on the market. It is available in a black color that creates a sophisticated look. The dimensions of the InFocus IN11 6xv are 8.8 x 12.4 4 inches. It weighs approximately 5.5 pounds. It is equipped with all options for controlling the projector that makes it very user-friendly.

It comes with a lamp lifespan of 15,000 hours that lets the user have a great viewing experience, which is why it’s on our top list of the best projectors for less than 300. It gives a crisp and clear view of images due to its outstanding quality of contrast at 26000 to 1. It gives the highest image quality when compared to other projectors that are less than 300. It has 3800 lumens of power. It’s a simple to set up and does not require extra equipment to improve the quality of images. It is a 3D suitable projector is flawlessly functioning. It is covered by a 2-year warranty, which is highly satisfying for the users of its.

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  • Size of viewing range from 28” to 300″
  • 3800 lumens density
  • It is easy to install
  • Lamp lifespan of 15,000 hours


  • Keystone adjustment feature not accessible
  • A few issues with the internal speaker

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8. Projector GBTIGER LED Projector

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This projector is one the most powerful outdoor projectors less than 300 dollars. Its dimensions are 12.23 by 9.42 and 4.63 inches. It weighs around 5.5 pounds. It is designed with a robotic appearance that gives it an appealing appearance. It has many functions and works with a variety of gadgets like televisions games consoles, gaming consoles, and more.

It is an extremely user-friendly device. It comes with an adjustable stand that is simple to adjust and comes with capable of three levels of adjustment. It also has a lamp with a lifespan of 3000 hours. It also comes with an Keystone correction feature. It also comes with 4000 lumens power. The ideal projected distance of 8.2 feet for this projector. The projector lets you listen to your music at your entire heart since it has a built-in speaker. With an 3.5 audio jack of 3.5mm, it can function as an audio player. The GBTIGER 4000 comes with a cooling system to protect the fan from extreme heat and, consequently, keeps the temperatures at a minimum.

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  • Bright quality
  • Keystone correction function
  • Long lamp life
  • 4000-lumen power


  • The front leg isn’t enough long
  • No manual available

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9. DracoLight 4500 Lux Video Projector

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Another one of our picks of the top projectors for under $300 is the DracoLight 4500 Lux Video projector. It is a perfect fit for your needs. It has dimensions of 12.6 by 10.24 and 4.72 inches. It weighs around 5.73 pounds.

Another reason it is one of the top outdoor projectors is the fact that it is very user-friendly because it comes with various connectivity options. You can choose to use VGA, HDMI, AV, USB, and 3.5 millimeter jack to choose from a variety of possibilities. DracoLight 4500 has two speakers built-in that meet all your requirements, thus eliminating the need for additional speakers.

It is one of the highest levels of lenses with a long-lasting durability. Its lamp life is of 50 years. Another aspect that makes it simple to utilize is the cooling fan. It does not produce a lot of noise, so it doesn’t require an additional device to minimize the sound. The company’s production provides top customer support so that clients can contact them if they encounter any issues.


  • It is simple to carry because of its weight
  • High-Brightness
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • Much quieter


  • Sharper but less LCD Lamp
  • Tight lens adjustment

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10. VIVIBRIGHT F40 Full HD Projector

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If you’re looking for the top outdoor projectors for less than 300, then you should look into this. Its dimensions are 11.6 9.6 x 9.6 and 3.5 inches. It weighs around 5.9 pounds. It offers great flexibility and convenience. It is an extremely compatible device.

The Vivibright f40’s native 1080p resolution has the full HD display. It offers a photo that is high-quality and sharp. It lets the user see all the particulars of the picture. It is among the most user-friendly projectors since it only takes an hour to set up. It comes with multiple interfaces that let you enjoy show of nearly 2000 applications.

This projector has a high brightness which is quite impressive. Its brightness is 4,200 Lumens. It comes with a built-in speaker that lets you listen to music while feeling the images or videos you’re watching.


  • Built-in speaker
  • A wide range of connectivity options
  • Full HD Display
  • 4200 lumens display


  • Keystone adjustment is not a feature.

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11. WOWOTO A8 Pro – The Best Wireless Projector Under 300$

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WOWOTO A8 Pro from WOWOTO is among the most modern projectors in the market that has been updated to Android 6.0. It has dimensions of 11.7 inches x 9.8 and 3.5 inches. It weighs approximately 4.29 pounds. It has the ability to wirelessly mirror that lets it connect to several devices.

It comes with it with a Full HD display, which lets you view the clarity and detail that the images provide. It is equipped with a dust-proof optical engine. It takes care of all the issues associated with the trapezoidal images by offering the ability to automatically correct keystones. This makes it one of the top outdoor projectors for less than 300. It comes with a long lamp life.

It’s easy to carry as it is equipped with a carry-on bag and tripod stand. It can have a screen that can reach 150 inches. It is highly recommended if want something that is versatile and adaptable.


  • Large lamp life
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Elegant display


  • Not enough brightness in rooms with dark lighting.
  • Mirror image only when using an application
  • The battery is holding less than an hour

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Wrapping Up!

There’s nothing better than acquiring a multi-functional gadget on a budget. The top outdoor projectors for less than $300 in our list were carefully selected with your efficiency and budget in the forefront of your mind. Pick the one with the best features that are compatible with you.

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