5 Best Natural Hand Sanitizers 2023

Hand sanitizer is the second best option to keep your hands free of germs after washing with soap and water. Many people use hand sanitizer when out shopping or out and about. There are a variety of brands to pick from, you could be wondering which is the best natural cleanser. While we all need to be aware of as many safeguards as they can due to coronavirus, it is important to be vigilant in fighting other infections that transmitted through contact with people every day.

In this post, we’ll examine some of the most effective natural hand Sanitizers. Of them, our Editor’s Choice is hand Sanitizer. It’s an alcohol-based sanitizer which also contains gentle ingredients such as aloe vera as well as Vitamin E. One of the drawbacks of hand sanitizers is that it is prone to drying off your hands. With the addition of ingredients in the Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer, users don’t need to be concerned about this issue.

The natural hand soaps we’ve discovered are included within the products reviews. Pros and cons of each are included along with the details. The article also contains an purchasing guide that walks you through the essential features that you need to consider when purchasing a natural hand soap. There is also an FAQ section that will provide you with additional information. In this difficult time, everyone needs to cooperate and remain secure.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer “This scent-free hand soap does more than kill 99,9 percent of bacteria and germs, but can also treat your skin using Aloe Vera gel Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E.”
  • Ideal for Kids:
    Babyganics Soft Hand Sanitizer that is Alcohol Free “Ideal for children with sensitive skin The foaming hand sanitizer isn’t alcohol-based but however, is able to kill bacteria with ease.”
  • Best Natural Sanitizer Wipes:
    Natural EO Hand Cleansing Fiber Wipes “Easy-to-use hand-sanitizing cloths made of bamboo fabric that is biodegradable and has a pleasant lavender fragrance.”
  • Best Travel Size Sanitizer:
    PlaneAire travel Mist “A spray for travel that is ideal for cleaning not just your hands but also door handles as well as other surfaces that surround you.”
  • Best Value:
    The Pureest – Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer “Based on a blend of natural ingredients, this travel-sized cleanser is great for people with sensitive skin and those who are allergic.”

Top 5 Best Natural Hand Sanitizers 2022

Artnaturals Sanitizer for Hands

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Our Editor’s Pick for the top natural hand sanitizer is Artnaturals Sanitizer for Hands. It is available in the size of a 7.4-ounce bottle, and even though it removes 99 percent of germs, it’ll leave your hands soft and smooth.

Apart from the alcohol cleansing formulation, the formula also has aloe vera gel Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. In spite of these ingredients hand soap is actually fragrance-free. Since more and more workplaces and public spaces are removing scents, this makes this product a great choice.

The other natural ingredients work to hydrate your skin and leave it looking smooth and ready to go for the rest all day. This is a great benefit because many hand soaps are based on harsh chemicals that are rough on skin.

If you truly enjoy this product and wish to buy more you can purchase it in four-packs, one-packs or six-pack. It is also available in an eight-pack.

Anyone can benefit from everyone can benefit from Artnaturals hand wash, even children. It’s mild and won’t harm the delicate skin that many kids suffer from. If you’re an educator or is part of a group it is a multi-purpose hand cleanser that can be just right at home on your desk.

The only drawback to the Hand Sanitizer from Artnaturals is the price, particularly if need to buy packs of several. It is, however, expensive for many. However, there are frequently discounts to be found. If you’re looking to test this product ensure you search for price reductions or offers and grab it when you have the chance.

What makes us so impressed?

  • There are a variety of pack options available.
  • Moisturizes your skin
  • Is it scent-free?

What negatives should the user be mindful of?

  • It is expensive to purchase

Babyganics Soft Hand Sanitizer that is Alcohol Free

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Anyone who has stepped to a place such as Target is familiar with the known as Babyganics. They are not just 100% organic and safe however, they are extremely inexpensive. It’s a rare thing to find this combination.

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The Babyganics Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is ideal for children and adults as it’s enjoyable to use and does the job. In contrast to other gels that produce way excessive amounts of sanitizer it pumps out foam in just the appropriate quantity. The green-colored top and the amusing illustrations make it appear like a toy that is fun for children.

This Babyganics Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer does not contain alcohol, instead it uses natural ingredients that ensure that germs are eradicated. In addition unlike other hand sanitizers made from natural ingredients this one eliminates 99.9 percent of germs which is impressive.

It is possible to purchase the Babyganics alcohol-free foaming hand cleanser individual product or in 3 packs to get additional cost-saving measures. Once you’ve used this product, you’ll need the bottle at all times in your home or in your car.

The Babyganics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer several times per day without worrying about your hands getting dry this is a great feature. It’s also fragrance-free.

There’s just one issue and it’s a small one. The formula is quite wet, so it may take a while to dry your hands. If you are teaching children how you can use the formula, be sure that you instruct them not to dry the hands with clothes as this could quickly degrade the anti-sanitizing qualities.

Why did it make it onto our list?

  • The bottle is designed to be whimsical for children.
  • Pump foam is simple to use
  • It comes in a three-pack

What’s not great regarding it?

  • The consistency is more pronounced and it takes longer drying time

Natural fiber hand cleansers EO.

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Sometimes, you’d like to be able quickly wash your hands. But what happens if there’s no access soap, a towel and water? EO Pure Fiber Hand Wipes for Cleansing are available to ensure you’re secure and clean while you’re traveling.

The container with 200 wipes is small enough that you can carry it around on your trips or keep it in your bag to carry it with you on your commute. These wipes are alcohol-based, however they also contain a variety of natural ingredients that protect your skin.

If you’re concerned about the impact on the environment caused by single-use products, then you are safe with these wipes. They’re made from bamboo cloth , which is biodegradable. In addition the container itself can be recycled.

The EO Hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Wipes come with a gentle lavender scent that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Additional ingredients comprise aloe as well as calendula and chamomile to soothe your skin. You’ll never be at risk of having dry hands when you use these wipes for sanitizing.

There are two problems about this EO hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Cleansers. The second is that they’re somewhat costly. Even though you will receive a large amount of wipes per container If you only utilize a few every day, the entire package isn’t going to last for more than one month.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your wipes could be dried out. If this occurs you can add a little water into the bottle. The antibacterial properties will be present and you can continue using the moistened cloths just as previously.

What is distinctive?

  • The scent is lovely and lavender.
  • Plenty of wipes included in each container
  • Cloths are biodegradable.

What negatives did we identify?

  • Wipes could dry out.
  • Not compact packaging

PlaneAire travel Mist

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Since a long time traveling by air has limited the consumption of all liquids to 3.4 pounds. It’s great, therefore, when you discover a product that performs effectively, but still adheres to this guidelines. This PlaneAire Travel Mist is just 2 ounces and is perfect for traveling.

When you’re in a plane you’re dependent on others close to you. Even though flight crews do hard to ensure that the airplane is clean once you’re on board for more than 10 hours, you may feel as if your skin is swarming with germs and bacteria from the people around you.

To stop this from happening to prevent this feeling, apply to prevent this feeling, use the PlaneAire Mist for Travel Mist to ensure that you will not be with a cold.

PlaneAire Travel Mist PlaneAire Travel Mist is a spray that functions by spraying onto any surface that you be in contact with. This includes the seatrest or tray table, but most important, the door to the bathroom. Spray the sanitizing spray onto the floor, then wait just a few seconds and then you’re good to go.

Although it is true that the PlaneAire Travel Mist works, it has a strong scent. Although you may not mind the smell, as you’ll likely use it in a large-scale gathering, the people who are around you may not be as enthusiastic. It is recommended to be clear about what you’re doing prior to spraying the plane. In this way, people on the plane will be able to be able to comprehend and perhaps appreciate that they will benefit from the product, too.

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What are some of our most loved features?

  • The perfect size to use for air travel
  • Work efficiently and quickly
  • Ideal for surfaces that aren’t hands

What is better?

  • It has a strong smell (but it soon dissipates)

The Pureest – Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

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Ideally, we should all keep a bottle of hand soap in our purses or on the car console. When we go out, we’re exposed to surfaces that a lot of people have been able to touch. There’s often not an accessible sink using hand sanitizer is the most effective method to stop spreading germs.

If you’re in search of an inexpensive pocket bottle Try the Finally Pure moisturizing hand cleanser. It isn’t alcohol-based and instead utilizes the natural goodness of nature to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Inside every bottle, you’ll get witch hazel which is natural astringent. Manuka is also included which is antibacterial. Another substance that is included in tea tree oil, which can also be antibacterial. After harnessing natural power you’ll be able to discover an effective method to keep you and your family members healthy and safe.

Finally Pure – Moisturizing hand Sanitizer is 100% natural and gluten-free. It is vegan as well as vegan and as cruelty-free. It’s ideal for anyone and includes those who truly are concerned about the environment.

One of the benefits of the natural ingredients is that Pure Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer leaves your hands feeling hydrated. It’s the perfect combo.

The main issue with Finally Pure Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is only a 2-ounce bottle. Although it is great for those who are traveling however, it is prone to quickly running out. It’s a reason you’ll have to buy a lot of small bottles, or find a different one to find a larger bottle that lasts longer. Small bottles make a difference. This is a budget-friendly hand soap, if you have to buy a lot of bottles the price will not be cheap.

How did this make it onto our list?

  • Vegan organic, natural, and organic
  • Affordable product
  • Great for cars or purses.

What’s not perfect regarding it?

  • Not economical

Things to Consider

One of the most effective ways to be healthy and safe is applying hand Sanitizer. But, there are numerous choices available on the market specifically in the area of hand sanitizers that are natural. To assist you in navigating this area of product we’ve put together this buying guide.

Why do you require an antibacterial hand wash on your fingertips

Unfortunately, bacteria and viruses can remain on surfaces for hours , if not for days. If you touch the surface you become a host. We contact our skin 16 times per hour. Hand sanitizers are available to ensure that when you come in contact with a surface like doorstops or a shopping cart, it is possible to easily and quickly clean our hands, without worrying about getting sick or ill.

Considerations to make when selecting the right hand cleanser

Hand sanitizers that are natural are made equal. There are many aspects to take into consideration before deciding which one to buy. These are the major aspects you should think about.

The volume of the package

Natural hand sanitizers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some, such as the Lastingly Pure moisturizing hand sanitizer as well as the PlaneAire Travel Mist are two ounces and are intended for use on trips. Other products, such as those from hand sanitizer from Artnaturals as well as the Babyganics Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer are larger, with 7 and 8-ounce containers that are designed for home and office usage.

When you buy the new bottle of hand sanitizer be aware of where you’ll use the product. You don’t want the burden of carrying a huge bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag because you purchased the incorrect size.

In addition to the size of each package take into consideration whether the bottles come in a stand-alone package or as an assortment. If you’re in need of a lot of hand sanitizers for your workplace or in your class, look for bottles that are available in packs of three or four. This way, you won’t be short of supplies and you don’t have to be reminded to purchase more.

If it’s alcohol-based

Natural hand sanitizers are alcohol-based as well as non-alcoholic. In our list, the EO Natural Fiber Hand Cleansing Wipes as well as Artsnaturals Sanitizer are alcohol-based. If a product is to be considered hand sanitizers, it must be able to kill at least 99 percent of germs regardless of whether or not it contains alcohol or not.

Some hand sanitizers that contain alcohol can cause your skin dry out. But, if they have softening ingredients like aloe vera it isn’t an issue.


Hand sanitizers must contain ingredients that rid the body of germs. Alcohol is a great choice for this. It also contains organic ingredients, like manuka, witchhazel and tea tree oils that is the last ingredient that this Hand Sanitizer contains, which are all antibacterial.

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Certain hand soaps like EO Natural Fiber Hand Cleansing Wipes which contain lavender, are scent-free.

Hand sanitizers can have the consequence of drying your skin. To counter this, many of the products contain soothing ingredients that will keep your skin well-hydrated. These include aloe Vera and witch hazel to soften dry skin.


If you are selling the product that says the product is certified organic then you’ll need to confirm that it is certified as such. In this list PlaneAire Mist for Travel Mist includes six organically-certified ingredients. While Babies’ Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer implies that it is organic, there’s not any evidence to show that it’s certified organic.

Another certification you could get is one that is certified that the product is cruelty-free. This means that no animals were hurt during the testing on the products. The Last Pure The Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is a certified product.

Shelf life

The most natural hand cleanser has a shelf-life of between 2 and 3 years. If you’re concerned about the longevity of a product be sure to check the label for an expiration date , and ensure that you follow. Be aware that a”best by” date indicates that the item can still be used up even after the expiration date, but it’s not the most efficient.

If you’re concerned about making use of your hand soap in the time frame you’ve been given then you’ll need to buy smaller bottles. Find a smaller travel-sized bottle. It will allow you to take it with you when you need it and not be left with a an empty, big bottle within three years.

Other characteristics

There are additional aspects to be considered when selecting the best natural hand sanitizer to meet your requirements. If you require a large amount of sanitizer , whether for office or home use it is recommended to buy several containers. This will not only cut costs, but also means less stress having to buy new hand sanitizers.

While some may appreciate an aroma-laden hand soap but others might not. Many places of work and public spaces like schools and libraries are scent-free zones. If you require an anti-septic for this kind of place choose a product which is scent-free.

Another aspect to think about is how the hand cleanser is distributed. For instance, Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is pumped out as the form of a foam. Some are offered in the form of wipes or sprays. There are many alternatives to the traditional gel.


What diseases hand sanitizers are able to keep from occurring?

Hand sanitizers are designed to fight viruses and germs. Everything that can cause illness, such as the coronavirus as well as the common cold, can be eliminated by hand Sanitizers.

To kill germs effectively to kill germs, rub your hands for 30 minutes. Press your hands together, and place them between your fingers and also on the hand’s back.

If you’re using a spray to sanitize, allow it to sit on your surface for couple of seconds before touching anything to receive the maximum benefits.

Which is the most suitable for sensitive skin?

Make sure you choose hand sanitizers which contain aloe vera or hazel. These natural ingredients can soothe your skin and ensure that your skin doesn’t get dry.

You could also search for an item that is specially created for skin with sensitive issues. It should be prominently displayed in the product’s label, or on the website description.

Washing your hands with warm water and soap is the most effective method to wash your hands, when far from home this could be a challenge. If you happen to step to a foreign object such as doorstops or cash use hand sanitizer recommended.

Our Verdict

For those who are looking to protect themselves from germs that aren’t visible regardless of where your location, the most effective hand cleanser that is natural is essential.

Our Editor’s Choice is artnaturals hand Sanitizer. It’s a complete hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry your hands.

For parents with children If you have kids, consider the Babyganics Alcohol Free Foaming hand sanitizer. It’s enjoyable to use and is safe for children.

If you’re always in a hurry, consider the EO Cleaning Natural Fiber Hand Wipes. These biodegradable wipes ensure that you are and all surface areas clean and tidy as it can be. The world is constantly changing. Keep yourself safe by using the best natural hand soap.

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