6 Best Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaners 2023

Vacuum cleaners are among the most efficient and time-saving devices is undisputed. Multi-surface vacuum cleaners elevate cleaning up a notch because they can be used to vacuum various types of surfaces. Instead of purchasing multiple vacuums and cleaning tools just one of these for cleaning your entire home as well as keep the surfaces clean. The most effective multi-surface vacuum will take care of your hard flooring, area rugs carpets, upholstery and carpets and blinds, ceiling fans, window sills. It can also clean the couch and under the couch.

When we set out to find the top vacuum cleaners we looked at the most important factors such as the kind, the power with respect to the motor for the vacuum cleaner and weight and how each influences the performance of the vacuum. We also explain how to find quality by looking at the warranty so that you get the most bargain. We’ve put together an inventory of the top six models, and the Dyson DC65 came out as the Editor’s Choice.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Dyson DC65 “No efforts are required of you to utilize this powerful vacuum cleaner that features the radial root cycle technology.”
  • The Best Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum
    Roomba 694 of iRobot “Compact Smart and durable robot vacuum cleaner that is able to adapt its cleaning and dirt-detecting sensors.”
  • The Best Multi Surface Vacuum Cordless:
    Dyson V8 Absolute “Stick with a cordless cleaner made by Dyson with a canister that is easily empty and a wide range of brushes to clean in or out of your home.”
  • Best Multi Surface Canister Vacuum:
    Miele Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner “Powerful and efficient canister vacuum that has the ability to control suction and 29.5 feet of operating radius.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Shark Navigator NV360 “Money conserving upright cleaner that has 25 feet of cord, brushroll shutoff, as well as strong suction.”
  • Upgrade Choose:
    Sebo X5 “Upright high-powered vacuum cleaner that has the ability to automatically adjust the height of the brush to grab every dust speck that gets caught in the tiniest crevices.”

Top 6 Multi Surface Vacuums Review 2022

Dyson DC65

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The groundbreaking Dyson DC65 Animal was designed to take the hassle and chore of vacuuming. It comes with a variety of patent-pending technologies that provide huge cleaning power. The most notable for us was the two-in-one combination tool which can be used to vacuum in any environment and the Stair Tool that has Velour strips that capture hairs and raises rug piles, the top tool that twists into various angles and positions to facilitate cleaning in difficult-to-reach areas. the reach under tool which can clean even the most difficult of areas The mattress tool comes that has lint pickers, and the turbine tool that is tangle-free.

A combination of Radial Technology for Root Cyclone with counter-rotating brushes with strategically-placed brushes will ensure the dirt gets pulled into from every direction.

Instead of using an unmovable base plate, Dyson employs a sole plate that self-resets which ensures that the brushes remain at the right level with the surface in all times. To achieve this, the vacuum cleaner is able to move effortlessly from hard carpet to carpet, and reverse.

If you’ve been following the old vacuum to make sure it captures the dust around corners and corners, this Dyson can provide you with a break. It offers a wide range of movement and maneuverability that means you can just move it around corners to clean, without needing to stand closer to the vacuum and move it around to clean corners.

Dyson offers a two-year warranty for this product.

What is its greatest attributes?

  • Turbine tool that is not tangle-free
  • A sole plate with self-adjusting that is self-adjusting and seals the suction
  • Transfers effortlessly from hard floor to carpet and in reverse
  • Excellent mobility and range of motion in the corners.
  • Washable, reusable lifetime filter
  • Two-year warranty included.

What can be improved?

  • Small canister


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Roomba 694 from iRobot

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The iRobot Roomba 694 is a combination of the latest cleaning technology all in one compact device. One feature that makes it an exceptional device is the home app from irobot. You can also utilize it to plan when the machine is supposed to be cleaning your residence. If you are not able to do that, you can make use of your voice assistant such as Google or Alexa to tell the machine when it is time to clean.

In terms of cleaning technology, it comes with dual multi-surface brush and one brush that is edge-sweeping. The first is designed to remove dirt from floors and carpets. For the latter, it is better on edges and corners. This gives the machine to work more efficiently when it is sucking the dirt and other debris off the floor.

Furthermore, the machine comes with an numerous sensors that aid in navigation and cleaning the home. For instance certain sensors can inform the machine of which areas are the dirtiest on the floor, so that it can concentrate in cleaning these areas. Other sensors recognize obstacles like furniture, for instance permitting the machine to move around them.

There are sensors that aid in separating carpets with hard floors and soft ones to allow the machine to adjust its height in accordance with the type of carpet. In addition, we were amazed by the cliff detection sensors that will prevent you from sliding down steps.

In time, the device will become aware of the routine of your cleaning habits and provide cleaning schedules that be able to match your schedule. In the end, the machine typically is cleaned for 90 minutes prior to returning to dock for recharge.

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Why are we so amazed?

  • Works works with Alexa works with Alexa Google Assistant.
  • It has an edge-sweeping brush.
  • 90-minute runtime.
  • Automatic adjustment of height.
  • The ability to adapt navigation.
  • Incorporating dirt sensors.
  • A cliff-detect system to prevent this from falling from the steps.

What negatives should the user be mindful of?

  • Because of the random movements throughout our home, we realized the machine may miss certain places.
  • Additionally, the cliff-detect feature could prevent it from decontaminating certain areas.


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Dyson V8 Absolute

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If you’re only given 10 minutes to clear your home before tackling an additional job, you’ll probably opt for Dyson’s V8 Absolute. It’s lightweight, stick-slender and cordless, which means you can move it effortlessly and convert into a handheld clean areas that are difficult to reach. It weighs just 6 pounds, so that you won’t feel its weight while you maneuver around the different areas that require vacuuming.

Dyson V8 Absolute uses Direct Drive Cleaner heads to remove dirt that has been trapped by driving its nylon brushes into carpets to release and pull out dirt from deep within. It’s powered by the Dyson V8 motor with a digital design that’s designed to remove dirt that has been ground in and dust particles that are fine. It’s just as effective on hard floors as it is on carpeted surfaces.

With suction strength of 115 AW this machine offers you up to 40 minutes of runtime continuous suction mode using a non-motorized tool. It also gives up 30 minutes of fade-free power when using Soft Roller Head Cleaner as well as up to eight minutes of power that is fade-free in max mode. The manufacturer suggests charging for four hours prior to the first time you use it.

The vacuum cleaner is sealed machine-to-machine HEPA filtering to remove dust mites, and to keep air in the house clean. The filter can be cleaned and provides a long-lasting usage.

This product is covered by a two-year extended warranty.

What is it that makes it unique?

  • Lightweight
  • Cordless, easy to handle
  • Transforms into a handheld vacuum
  • 40-minutes runtime in suction mode
  • Completely sealed HEPA filtering system captures up to 99.9 percent of dirt
  • Filter that is washable and lasts for a lifetime.
  • Two-year warranty

What negatives did we discover?

  • Battery life is short


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Miele Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele Classic C1 The Miele Classic C1 a classic canister vacuum which runs on a Vortex 1,200W Motor from Miele with the 29.5-foot operating radius which is ideal for vacuuming vast areas. Select the power setting at which you would like to vacuum, and the motor will be able to adjust to provide powerful suction power at the preferred level. There are six power settings for different types of surfaces and you can change between them simply by turning the Rotary Dial of the vacuum. The C1’s floor head combination is designed to work with both carpets with low pile and hard floors. While it isn’t able to automatically adjust as the surface changes but it has an adjustable floor switch that allows you to easily change from hard flooring to carpeting, and reverse the process. There’s also a Parquet-3 floorhead attachment for flooring tiles, hard floors and other surfaces with textured ones that use bristles of premium quality and softness, as well as an extensive suction intake to absorb all dirt.

Miele comes with three cleaning tools to make it more versatile including an upholstery tool crevice tool, as well as dusting brushes. With these tools, you can will have a vacuum that efficiently cleans those places that are difficult to reach. The telescopic telescopic adjustable stainless steel tube lets you adjust the height of your work.

It is an extensive AirClean filtering system that comprises dust bags, a motor protection filter, as well as one for exhaust. The self-sealing collar that is part of the system guarantees that the dirt is sealed in when it’s inside it’s dust bags.

The product comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Why did it make it onto our list?

  • High suction power
  • Vacuuming large areas with ease
  • Adjustable working height
  • Metal handle equipped with anti-static discharge device
  • 1-year warranty

What’s not great regarding it?

  • Vacuum carpets with low pile only Not suitable for medium pile carpets.


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Shark Navigator NV360

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Shark Navigator Shark Navigator is what you should choose when you need a light-weight vacuum that is simple to move around and is able to work on hard surfaces as well as carpeting. It is able to effortlessly move from carpet to hard floors and reverse. The brush roll shutoff feature lets you shut the roll off while cleaning surfaces that are sensitive. What we noticed is the power of suction this tiny unit unleashed. It’s like a tiny powerhouse. Its suction release valve makes cleaning process easy. The company behind this claims that it is due on it being the No Loss of Suction technology that is used.

Shark Ninja gives you the option of not using any brush. This is ideal for picking up large objects. You can change over to the brush when you want to clean up dirt and dust. To improve the vacuum cleaner’s flexibility, they come with dusting brush as well as an 5.5-inch crevice device. Also, they have a pet power tool designed to remove pet hair as well as deep-clean particles from any surface. The dust bag has a large capacity and, in lower traffic areas, it’ll probably take a few days to fill it.

It comes with a five-year extended warranty for the motor and parts that aren’t damaged.

Which are the greatest characteristics?

  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • Works quietly
  • The brushroll is shut off
  • Dust cup with large capacity
  • The Premium Pet Powerbrush as well as cleaning attachments
  • Washable, reusable filter
  • Great pricing
  • Five-year warranty on motors and non-wear components

What can be improved?

  • Floor brushes could require replacement after several years


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Sebo X5

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The Sebo X5 incorporates the best of technology to provide an unbeatable vacuuming experience. It comes with an 15-inch power head that makes use of three tools built into the board to clean and vacuum brushes for dust as well as a crevice device along with an upholstery-specific nozzle that allow it to clean at any time.

One of the things we liked best about this model of vacuum was the extensive use of indicator lights that warn when something is not functioning. There’s a light for stationary use and a brush adjustment indicator light as well as a worn indicator light as well as a warning light for obstructions to the brush light and a clog light that triggers an automatic shut-off once you have a dust container empty. Together, these stop the issue before it turns into a major issue that can damage the vacuum, and guarantee you years of unbeatable service from your vacuum.

The 40-inch cord makes vacuuming large spaces easy. The adjustable height settings make it simple to cleaning work on any setting. A HEPA filtering system helps get rid of allergens, while keeping the air healthy. Also, with this 1.4 cubic gallons of dust bags you’ll be able to wash without the hassle of having to make frequent trips for emptying the bag. Sebo offers a five-year guarantee on the motor, which includes a the lifetime belt warranty as well as a 3-year guarantee for non-wear components and a one-year warranty for labor.

What makes it different?

  • Multiple indicator lights, with auto shut-off
  • Long cord
  • Large filter bag
  • Automatic adjustment of height
  • HEPA filtering
  • Five-year warranty on motors
  • Lifetime belt warranty
  • Three-year warranty on wear parts that are not worn.
  • 1-year labor warranty

Which are its weaknesses?

  • High cost tag

Things to Consider

Now, the steps to buy the top multi-surface vacuum cleaner that you can afford.

Vacuums for multi-surface use

Handheld vacuums are perfect to clean small surfaces above the floor like window sillsand blinds furniture, closets and many other surfaces. They are great for reaching the corners at high elevations and due to their portability, it is possible to make use of them to get your car clean.

Stick and handheld vacuums – Stick and handheld vacuums are the lightest, smallest vacuums that are available. Since they’re cordless and simple to move around the house , and they are useful for cleaning a broad array of surfaces within multi-level areas.

Upright vacuums are the most well-known kind of vacuum upright vacuums are a excellent choice for cleaning carpets, rugs and hard flooring. They excel at getting rid of dust and dirt. They can sweep large areas of carpet at the same time which makes cleaning quick and effective. The upright vacuums are available with a one motor or dual motor. For models with a single motor the single motor is responsible for the vacuum and the brush. For upright vacuums with dual motors two motors operate separately the brush as well as the vacuum. Due to the separate motors for each purpose the second kind tends to be stronger and offers more suction to ensure thorough cleaning.

Stick vacuums – Stick vacuums appear much like upright vacuums, however they’re lighter, slimmer and do not have attachments. Some have handheld extensions, making it easier to clean corners or high surfaces such as ceiling fans.

Canister vacuums are also referred to as cylinder vacuums, they are equipped with a canister connected to the head of the vacuum by an tube. They’re powerful and flexible and can be utilized to clean a range of surfaces, even those that are difficult to reach areas. Canister vacuums are equipped with three tools for floors. The first one is non-revolving, and the third is a floor tool that has a turbine equipped with a revolving brush and the third one is a floor tool powered by a motor that has a rotating brush roll.

Robots – Robots, also known as autonomous vacuums are a great option for places that require frequent cleaning since there is the option to set up the robotic to begin and stop the cleaning process at specific dates. Since this kind cleaner is powered by itself it doesn’t require any input for cleaning and is the perfect choice for busy people. It’s ideal for tackling the tightest spaces, and even under beds, couches and furniture.

Tips on vacuuming for every household

Here are some of the best vacuuming techniques to help you get the most from the time you spend vacuuming

  • Variate the angle of vacuuming and direction every time you vacuum to ensure you don’t miss any area.
  • Shut off beater bars or the brush roll before vacuuming on delicate surfaces such as looped carpets. They can cause damage to the carpets.
  • If you are still in the beating bar check it frequently for knots of hair or threads that could hinder its ability to perform.
  • Always make sure to use an upholstery attachment for your vacuum cleaner while cleaning your rug.
  • Be sure to handle the cord, including self-retracting ones and with care so as to reduce chance of damaging.
  • Take small plastic and metal objects Don’t vacuum them. They can cause damage to the vacuum cleaner.

Things to think about when buying the top multi-surface vacuum

Let’s look at the features to look for when selecting a vacuum to clean multiple surfaces. We’ll explain the function each feature plays and the reason it’s important.


Vacuums come in a variety of sizes, from small and light to large and heavy. When you’re deciding on which size to purchase, think about whether you’ll carry the vacuum around your house or taking it out to the garage or in your car frequently and in that case, the smaller size of vacuum is more suitable. If not, choose one of the larger models. Another factor to take into consideration when considering the dimensions is storage space. Do you have enough room for the model you’re looking at? Small, compact vacuums can be placed in the corner of your storage space, but not with larger vacuums.

Dry and wet cleaning

Do you have children who frequently spill drinks onto the floor? Do you have pets that occasionally contaminate on your flooring? Do you have pets that spit on your floors? A dry and wet vacuum is more suitable over a standard vacuum since it can clean up spills of liquid and remove dirt and other debris. Although this type of vacuum provides exceptional dry and wet cleaning, it is constrained in other areas. For instance, it might not come with many attachments, or might not be able to access small areas. Also, think about how multi-functional the vacuum is and if in addition to its dry and wet cleaning capabilities it will fulfill your expectations regarding other aspects of your vacuuming.

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The greater power that the vacuum is able to draw from the power outlet the more powerful it’s most likely to become. The maximum amount of amperage your appliance will draw from the outlets in your home is 12 amps therefore, you should select one with an amp rating that is at least as close as you can. Also consider the air watts listed. Air watts provide the wattage, after taking into account the suction resistance. The higher the number of air power, the stronger your vacuum is. You should aim for at minimum 200 air power. One of the best options for high output is Miele Classic C1.


Does the filter have a reusable element or must it be replaced on a regular basis? If you’re not worried about replacing the filter frequently, then the model that has an replaceable filter is the best choice for you. If not, vacuums such as that of the Dyson DC65 Animal, Dyson V8 Absolute as well as Shark Navigator Shark Navigator come with filter that can be washed and reused, which will last for years. Different manufacturers might differ on the time the filter needs to be replaced however, it’s usually around every six months when they’re likely to become overflowing with dust.


Certain vacuum cleaners come with rotating brush rolls, while others have non-evolving brushes. Non-revolving brushes are unflexible in the cleaning options it offers however a revolving one provides greater flexibility with the types of surfaces you can clean. It’s also crucial to know whether the brush function can be disabled, meaning that you can shut off the feature when you are you are vacuuming delicate surfaces that could cause damage to the surface by using the brush.

Corded vs cordless

The corded vacuum cleaners are generally large and heavy compared to those that are cordless and are better used for cleaning large areas. If you’re looking for a cleaner that’s portable, opt for a cordless one since it’s light to transport around. It’s great for cleaning places that are difficult to reach as well as spot cleaning.

Bag capacity, container capacity

Certain vacuums come with bags to collect dirt, and others are bagless. The bagless model is generally also cordless, however it is not always. In the bagless model, debris and dirt accumulate in a bin that is then emptied into the trash can. If you’re worried about dirt that is accumulating inside the container and not even not even that has a clear dust container to be aware of the amount of dirt within the container in all times.

HEPA filter

If anyone in your house is allergic to pollen, pet hair smoke, dust or other allergens Choose the HEPA (high efficacy particle air) filter to suck up the allergens and other substances. HEPA filters are made to remove allergens from the space. The most effective ones remove more than 99percent of allergens. Selecting a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filters HEPA filter means that you do not have to be concerned about allergens or other pollutants to protect your health, even when no one in your household is allergic to a pollutant.


Many multi-surface vacuum cleaners are covered by warranties. Some manufacturers offer 5 year warranties, and others offering warranties that span from one year to three years. Be sure to read the warranty prior to purchase to find out exactly what’s included and whether it’s motor and non-wear parts only, or only labor.


Which is the most effective vacuum to remove pet hair from many floors?

Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with special brushes specifically designed for pets. If you can, pick one of them since they are designed to remove animal hair from a variety of surfaces, including hairs that are deeply seated in crevices and carpets. A few excellent options are Dyson DC65 Animal, iRobot Roomba 694 along with the Shark Navigator.

Do I need to upgrade my vacuum regularly?

With proper maintenance it’s not necessary to maintain your vacuum. By maintenance, we’re talking about having your vacuum cleaned at least every 2 years. If you take good care of it vacuum cleaners can last for an extended time, which means you shouldn’t have to replace yours often unless you’re trying to stay up-to-date with the latest vacuuming technology.

When should I vacuum my home?

It’s all dependent on how fast dust collects, particularly in areas with high traffic in the home, and could require the need to vacuum a few every week or even weekly. If someone living in your home is allergic to dust or other allergen that is common that is why it’s essential to vacuum more often for their safety as well as if you have pets. It could be necessary to do it each and daily.

Wrapping Up!

It was a close contest considering that all vacuum cleaners that we tested had superior capabilities. In terms of filtering the quality of the technology used on each of them was, their the ease of use, as well as the versatility of each, it was easy to select the best. The top overall choice is undoubtedly Dyson DC65 Animal. Dyson DC65 Animal with its many excellent features, including the head cleaner that auto-adjusts and 2-in-combination tool. It also had a reach-under tool, as well as flexibility.

Our second option is the Roomba 694 from iRobot that is a compact sturdy, durable and smart robot vacuum cleaner that has an adaptive navigation system and dirt detection sensors.

Our 3rd best multi-surface cleaner comes from that of the Dyson V8 Absolute which is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner by Dyson with a canister that is easily empty and an excellent selection of brushes to clean inside as well out of the home.

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