7 Best Motorized Projector Screen 2023

Projectors are becoming more popular in people’s workplaces, homes, and the highly regarded home theater, and it’s only appropriate to discover the most efficient motorized projection display that will complete your projector set.

A properly powered electric projector screen will greatly improve the overall viewing and user experience.

If you’re building a modern home theater, or trying to improve your dusty manual projector screen We’re here to showcase the most powerful motorized screens for projectors and some more outstanding models to help you choose.

To begin to get things started, here is the Top 3 Motorized Projector Screens in our most sought-after categories.

Our Methodology

There are several important factors to consider when selecting the most efficient motorized screen for your project, in relation to the characteristics of the screen. There isn’t any all-encompassing solution to choosing the perfect projector screen, as it is largely dependent on your individual needs.

Any adjustable, motorized screen can do the job however, specific projector screens with specific features can ensure you the most enjoyable viewing experience.

We believe that the most significant aspect of electric motorized projector screens is the massive screen size, as it’s crucial for an general experience.

This was the first thing we considered when we were looking for the best motorized projector screen but it is also applicable to fixed-frame screen projectors. We chose a range of choices with sizes that range between 100” up to 150 inches to suit a variety of home theater configurations.

Screen size is the most important factor in determining cost.

Our selections were centered first on the screen-to-value ratio. If the size of the motorized electric projector’s screen isn’tmatch with the cost (or value) the screen wasn’t able tomeet our criteria for our list.

Motorized projector screens also require the large viewing angle particularly if you organize film nights or other events that have large numbers.

Wide viewing angles mean that you can accommodate more viewers from angles that are steep, which usually creates distortions in the image or color.

An 180 degree view angle is a huge viewing angle , so we’ve decided to set the norm for all of the projection screens we’ve shown.

As well as the screen’s size and angle of view the resolution of the screen’s resolution supports can have a significant influence on the degree to which sharp and sharp the image is. We’ve reduced it to the four-kilopixel resolution as a common to all screens that are in the list.

Although the majority of projection screens have 8K capabilities however, it’s not necessary currently. There’s very little content available in 8K and the majority of users don’t own 8K projectors due to their expensive price tag. It’s a good option to use for creating a futureproof framework for an electronic screen however, it’s not vital.

These are only a few of the variables we considered, but they’re not all. There’s more to think over, including gain and aspect ratios, installation kinds and screen materials, and many more.

We’ll review the screens as we move to the end of our list. We’ll now look at the seven best-motorized projector screens that you will find in 2022!

Top 7 Best Motorized Projector Screen 2022

1. Elite Screens Spectrum – Editor’s Choice

Size of the Screen – 125 inches Aspect Ratio : 16:9 | Type of Mounting – Wall Mounted/Ceiling Viewing Angle 180 degrees | Material of the Screen MaxWhite 2


  • Big 125-inch Motorized Screen
  • Value in exchange for money
  • Ideal for both Ambient Light and Dark Ambient Light and Dark
  • Fantastic Viewing From All Angles
  • Advanced Screen Material


  • Odd Chemical Smell
  • Doesn’t Support Ultra/Short Throw Projectors

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Elite Screens Spectrum is the most efficient motorized screen. The screen’s motor is worth the price for what it gives users looking for more screen space that is larger than the typical 100 110 inches.

There are other models from the Elite Screens series such as Spectrum 2 Spectrum 2 & Spectrum Starling 2 models that have the same specifications. But, they are more expensive as well, and their features although excellent, aren’t essential for the majority of users.

Spectrum 2 Spectrum 2 comes with a fiber-glass backing material that provides a stable image. But the cost of considering size and options isn’t much different as Spectrum’s.

Starling 2 Starling 2comes with an elongated 120” screen with a faster motor and advanced screen material however it’s priced too high for the majority of people.

Spectrum’s Spectrum’s 125 inches Diagonal dimension that comes with Spectrum is ideal for homes with theaters as well as those who are looking for a suitable 16.9:9 screen motorized. The screen itself is composed from a matte-looking screen material, MaxWhite 2 , with an 1.1 Gain rating that is ideal to watch movies in rooms that have ambient lighting.

The color reproduction and brightness remain consistent and consistent dark spacesthanks due to ISF materials, the textured surface coating as well as the black back.

Furthermore the Spectrum offers a wide 180-degree viewing angle. It also allows active 3D projection, 4K UHD as well as 8K resolutions with the highest resolution possible quality while still retaining the cheapest projection screen price.

The high-resolution support also plays well for clear details and future-proofing. The large viewing angle is a plus for the versatile projection surfaces.

There are two mounting hardware choices: Mounting on the wall and ceiling installations. You are able to choose which fits the best for your space, however you are able to alter it by using the installation kit included.

You also have two control options, such as three-way wall switches and an Infrared (IR) remote controls. The advantages of motorized screens is that they are more efficient than a fixed or manual screen.

Keep in mind that this motorized screen can be used with the standard projectors UHD/HD as well it does not support Ultra/Short-throw projectors. This means that the Elite Screens lose out on certain aspects of accessibility..

There could also be a chemical smell emanating from the screen. However, this will diminish with time and is most likely due to the material of the screen. In spite of the GREENGUARD accreditation, it appears to be a common problem.

All in all, with a blend of top-quality features, impressive screen quality, an affordable price , and a wide range of options It’s easy to see what’s behind it’s the Elite Screens projection screen is named”the Editor’s Pick.

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  • Value for Money 9/10
  • Display Quality 9/10
  • Quality of Build 9/10
  • Accessibility 8/10
  • Overall Score 8.75 8.75

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2. Elite Screens VMAX2 – Best Premium Motorized Projector Screen

Screen Size of the Projector Screen – 150-inches Aspect Ratio – 16:9 | Type of Mounting – Wall Mounted or Ceiling Viewing Angle 180 degrees Screen Material: MaxWhite FG


  • Sturdy All-Steel Casing Made of Durable
  • Synchronous Motor with Efficient Efficiency
  • Gigantic & Advanced Screen Surface
  • Excellent Color Reproduction


  • Hefty Price
  • Slow Raise/Lower Speed
  • There is no Ultra/Short-Throw support.

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If you’re looking for the largest projection screen size and you’re willing to pay a higher cost, then this Elite Screens VMAX2 is the best option.

The motorized screen is awarded the Best Motorized Projector with the Most Premium Screen award due to its outstanding price, huge screen area, tough metal casingand the latest screen materials.

The catch is that you’ll have to shell out a premium for the screen. This screen VMAX2 from Elite Screens VMAX2 is among the more expensive screen and isn’t something that everyone wants or is able to afford.

There are two additional VMAX2 versions that come with the lower 120 or 135” or 135” sized screen but are constructed of identical materials, with the same gain of, ratio in addition to the viewing angle. The main difference is size of the screen. The VMAX2 150″ surpasses the two other models.

All of this for a lower cost. If you’re looking to get the largest screen you can get then this is an excellent option.

The screen is compatible with 4K UHD and 8K HDR and comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9, 1.1 screen gain, on the glass-backed MaxWhite FGunder the multi-layer weave texture surface.

This is not a high-gain screen however, it compensates with a large 180 degree viewing angles with superb color reproduction, as well as an improved contrast between black and white. The 1.1 gain works to its advantage by providing the display of a vibrant display, color accuracy,and addresses issues with hot-spotting.

As with the majority of motorized screens within this price bracket and beyond, Elite Screens VMAX2 comes packed with top-of-the-line features. The fiberglass backing provides the screen extra rigidity which helps in flattening the screen’s surface.

This allows for an image that is straight without the need for the use of a projection surface that is tensioned.

Other options include an energy-efficient synchronous motor that is durable and quiet operation, Infrared (IR) remote controls as well as radio Frequency (RF) remote controls, 3 way wall switch, and a selection between wall-mounted screens or ceiling-mounted.

Overall all, it’s a great value. Elite Screens VMAX2 has a plenty of positives and, for the right person is the ideal for. Although the price might put you off but if you have enough money, it’s good value for your money in comparison to other top screens in this price range.


  • Value for Money 8/10
  • Display Quality 9/10
  • Build Quality 9/10
  • Accessibility 7/10
  • Overall Score 8.25 8.25

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3. Aoxun 110″ Best Budget Motorized Projector Screen

Screen Size: 110-Inches Aspect Ratio 16:9 | Type of Mounting – Wall Mounting/Ceiling Mounting Viewing Angle Screen Material – HD 4-Layer Screen


  • High 1.2 Gain
  • 110” Diagonal on a Budget
  • Fast & Quiet <42dB Motor
  • Negates Ambient Light
  • Easy to clean


  • Poor build quality
  • Lower Viewing Angle
  • Standard Screen Material

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Awarded the Best Budget Projector Screen award, the Aoxun 110” is the most value-for-money screen you’ll get in the marketplace. It comes with everything you’ll need such as its 110” wide (bigger than many screens of this price) and a high 1.2 screen gain. It’s an easy-to-use portable screen.

There are several different variants of Aoxun with different screen diagonals that range between 100 to 120 up to 120”but most come with the aspect ratio of 4:3.

When you consider the price difference and aspect ratio with regard to the aspect ratio and price, considering the price difference and aspect ratio, Aoxun 110 16:9 aspect ratio model will be the best choice for the majority of users.

It’s designed for entertainment, and the bigger 10” screen is well worth the slightly more expensive price.

Screen is enhanced by an 1.2 gain screen that has having the same aspect ratio as the two Elite Screen models which is 16:9 on an 4 layer LCD screen. The 1.2 gain screen is ideal, particularly for setting up projectors in smaller areas like bedrooms and game rooms.

You’ll see an vibrant as well as clear image due to its high-gain rating. However, you’ll be missing the wide view because the Aoxun 110″ it only supports 160 degrees.

It’s still enough, but If you’re looking for projection screens to use for big gatherings you should consider a larger viewing angle screen such as screen Elite Screens Spectrum or Akia Screens.

There are many who may be confused by the four-layer HD screen however it’s quite simple. The four layers consist of:

  • Protection LayerFront layer that protects against scratches
  • Anti-Light Layer – Better ambient light negation & improves image
  • Cutting Layer – Clearer picture quality
  • Layer that is blackenedEnhanced Contrast

All of this adds added benefit for the screen, particularly the attention to the ability to absorb light from outside. But considering the cost, don’t get your expectations too high regarding the screen’s material.

It’s a very usable matte white screen however it’s likely to not be up to the standards of Elite Screens Spectrum, which is more pricey. Elite Screens Spectrum.

Aoxun 110” Aoxun 110” also is equipped with a quiet 42dB motor that weighs 24lbs which makes it a portable screen that can be used with universal screen mounts for projection screens. It’s RF remote controlled and comes with an added wall mounted control panel.

At less than $200 it costs for Aoxun 110′ It’s a steal that includes all the basic features along with some extravagant features.


  • Value for money 10/10
  • Display Quality 8/10
  • Build Quality 8/10
  • Accessibility 9/10
  • Overall Score 8.75 8.75

4. Akia Screens”“Best Seller

Screen Size of the Projector Screen – 104-inches 4:3 | Type of Mounting – Wall Mounted/Ceiling Mounted Viewing Angle 180 Degrees Material MaxWhite 2


  • Wide Space Conscious Screen
  • Budget-Friendly
  • High-End Screen Material
  • Premium Feel
  • Quick Motor


  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • Limited Ambient Light Prevention
  • Screens that are less versatile
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Another option for our budget-friendly projector screen, this one, the Akia Screens104″‘ is a very popular option due to its price. It also wins it the Popular Choice award as the most popular among fans.

The screen performs a few things in a different way, the most notable being the Akia Screens comes with an aspect ratio of 4:1. For most this shouldn’t be a huge issue due to how affordable the cost is.

Although the Akia Screen comes with an 100-inch diagonal and 1.1 gain the aspect ratio is smaller and significantly higherthan the 16:9 ratio. This means you’ll get an more pronounced projected image as opposed to a smaller one.

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This isn’t a major issue, however the aspect ratio of 16:9 is generally regarded as the ideal format for watching TV shows, and other entertainment.

A ratio of 4:3 is utilized most often for presentation rooms, conference rooms, lectures, and so on.

But they do, the Akia Screens come with some fantastic specifications for the price, including 8K resolution and the 180 degree viewing angle on the MaxWhite 2-screen.

The material is superior to the Best budget pick which is the Aoxun 110″.

It also offers it has a greater viewing angle however it has a potentially problematic aspect ratio, which reduces advantages in the quality of its display. Additionally, there are problems with the penetration of light through light sources behind the screen.

It’s remote controlled using an RF remote controller and wireless trigger. It is suspended from the ceiling or wall and cleaned with water and soap.

There are different Akia Screen models, such as that of the 110” Akia which comes with a larger screen and 16:9 ratio. However, the price is significantly more expensive, and if you’re looking for an 110” screen model, we’d suggest the Aoxun.

The other models from Akia Screens are available only in fixed frame screens. Therefore, they’re not eligible to be included on the list.

However, both Akia Screens and Aoxun are quite similar. It’s all about your personal preferences and what you’re willing give up.

The Akia Screens is perfect for smaller screens, but you’ll require the larger screen.

If you’re looking for a 16/9 aspect ratio, but with a larger 110” screen, then go for Aoxun. Aoxun.

If you don’t you’re not sure, the aspect ratio of 4:3 is 104”. Akia Screens is a fantastic alternative.


  • Value for Money 8/10
  • Display Quality 7/10
  • Quality of Build 8/10
  • Accessibility 9/10
  • Overall Score 8

5. DINAH 100” – Most Accessible Motorized Projector Screen

Projector Screen Size : 100-inches Aspect Ratio 16:9 | Type of Mounting – Wall Mounted/Ceiling Mounted Angle: 160 Degrees Material – PVC Matte 3-Layer


  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Accessible Use
  • Self-Locking Mechanism
  • Portable Screen
  • 1.2 Gain


  • No 8K Support
  • Subpar Build Quality
  • 160-Degree Viewing Angle

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The next screen is the DINAH 100″‘, another budget screen with some special features. If you compare it with those Akia as well as the Aoxun screen, it’s easy to find that it’s the least sized of the three.

Despite the aspect ratio of 16:9 when contrasted with the ratio of 4:3 that’s noticeable smaller, measuring in at just 100 inches. 100 inches diagonal.

For what it has to offer it’s an acceptable value-for-money. It’s a basic build and low-end materials, but it’s robust and durable enough to withstand daily use. The 100-inch display has the following features: 1.2 Intensity, 160-degree viewing angle and can support the up-to the resolution of 4K Ultra HD.

This projector screen is perfect to those who prefer that plugs and plays and does not worry over the technical details. It’s easy for use and affordable enough to be replaced when the build quality does not meet your expectations.

There are obvious disadvantages to this model, such as the three layer screen materials. Not the greatest, but not the worst. It’s a bit bare when compared to Aoxun’s MaxWhite2or Aoxun’s 4Layer screen.

This 1.2 gain is excellent for the reproduction of colors and brightness of the projector but at the expense of the viewing angle. It also comes with a basic wired control box as well as an remote control with RF that can be used for up the distance of 65 feet.

The mounting hardware is mounted on the ceiling or wall based on your preferences.

While there are some nebulous aspects concerning this DINAH 100” projector screen, it’s still enough to make it worth the purchase.

The simplicity of use and maintenance are essential to consumers on a daily basis. If you are looking for something easy that is reliable and doesn’t require complicated components the DANAH 100 is the best choice for the job.


  • Value for money 7/10
  • Display Quality 7/10
  • Quality of Build 8/10
  • Accessibility 9/10
  • Overall Score 7.75 7.75

6. VIVIDSTORM 120” – Best Floor Mounted Motorized Projector Screen

Screen Size for Projectors – 120-inches Aspect Ratio – 16:9 | Type of Mounting – floor mount : 150-Degrees . Screen Material Long Focus Ambient Obsidian Light Rejecting Acoustically Transparent Material


  • High-Quality Construction
  • Floor Mounting
  • Flagship Screens Built
  • Supports Standard Short, Long, and Long Focus Throw Projectors
  • Fully Tensioned Screen


  • The Smaller 120” for The Price
  • Expensive Price Tag
  • It is recommended to have at minimum 2500ANSI Lumen Projector

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If you are looking to splash out and spend a lot, the VIVIDSTORM is an excellent choice and is the best floor mounted motorized Screen for Projectors.

However, a few obvious issues could dissuade a few.

It’s first off, it’s an impressive 120” wide screen although it’s not the biggest screen for the price however it is enough for home theaters or film nights.

In particular, thanks to the superior material, which is worthy of a long name, namely an Long Focus Ambient Acoustically Transparent Light Rejecting Obsidian Screen.

Simple to understand, it’s a screen designed to withstand harsh sunlight while still providing image clarity and the vibrancy of colors, and also allows for more sound to be heard.

It also features a small 0.7 gain at a reasonable 150 degree viewing angle as well as all the way to 8K-resolution support.

What is what makes what makes the the VIVIDSTORM120” unique is the motorized floor-mounting mechanism. It means that you don’t need to hang it on the ceiling or wall and it is easy to and elegantly keep your screen.

It folds up into a bar that is convenient to carry that you can carry the device about and connect it into any place you’d like. The screen is fully-tensioned screen so there aren’t wrinkles, curls or wrinkles on the VIVIDSTORM.

There are several more floor-mounted models by VIVIDSTORM that have distinct segments. Similar to they have the VIVIDSTORM110″‘ & VIVIDSTORM 120 S Pro both of which have floor-mounted models.

But the VIVIDSTORM 110 is more expensive and you’ll miss out on an acoustically translucent screen. On the other hand, the VIVIDSTORM 120” Pro is twice as expensive and does not support Ultra-Short Throw Projectors.

The top design and build of the VIVIDSTORM 120”with its distinctive floor mounting mechanism and outstanding image and build quality are the most impressive in its class. If you can afford it, that is.


  • Value for money 7/10
  • Display Quality 10-/10
  • Build Quality 9/10
  • Accessibility 6/10
  • Overall Score 8

7. YODOLLA 120” – Best Light-Weight Option

Screen Size of the Projector Screen – 120-inches 4:3 | Mounting Type : Viewing Angle Screen Material: 3-Layer PVC Matte Screen


  • Huge 120-inch Screen
  • Budget Price
  • Light-Weight 19.6lbs
  • 1.2 Gain Screen


  • Only 4K UHD/1080p Support
  • There is no Short Throw Support
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The final projector screen we’re highlighting on this day will be one called the YODOLLA 120-inch screen that has been awarded it the Best Light-Weight Projector Screen award. It’s a great alternative for those who need an adaptable projector screen that can move outdoors and indoors.

The total weight comes in at 19.6lbs. It’s the most light projector screen on the list , and has decent specs all over. This includes the huge 120 inch screen that is quite impressive considering the cost.

The YODOLLA is part of the same category as Aoxun as well as the Akia. There are different models of the YODOLLA such as an 100” model as well as an version with a 84” diameter..

The YODOLLA 100 has 16:9 aspect ratio however it comes with the smaller 20” screen, which isn’t exactly a bargain. Its 84” screen screen is too small for the majority of users this is the reason the reason why it’s the YODOLLA 120 is our top pick out of the lot.

The screen also comes with the benefit of a 1.2 gain, which is excellent for contrast and color , however it isn’t able to capture viewing angles, with just 160 degrees of viewing angle.

It features an aspect ratio of 4:3 that is comparable with it’s cousin, the Akia that makes it less suitable to watch movies or gaming when compared to a 16-to-9 aspect ratio.

The material is, however, just an ordinary three-layer PVC matt screen that does nothing that is anything special. This is the reason it isn’t able to earn points both in terms of build and quality of display.

It is possible to project up to four times the definition of HD, which is adequate for most situations, but it’s not as good as screens that have UHD or 4K UHD and 8K resolution.

There are two methods to control the projector’s display, using an RF remote control, and a wall switch that is connected to the projector.

In the end it is clear that the YODOLLA is an excellent screen for people looking for an larger screen which you can move for less. This is assuming you’re not worried about having to compromise on your size, aspect ratioand the resolution.

However, the cost is affordable to most people of us, which makes it an excellent choice if you are a fan of the other features it has to provide.


  • Value for Money 8/10
  • Display Quality 7/10
  • Build Quality 7/10
  • Accessibility 8/10
  • Total Score: 7.5

Buyer’s Guide

Screen Resolution

An easy method to determine whether a screen for a projector is worth the cost or if you’d be better off finding affordable screen projectors is to check the resolution that it can support.

All projector screens are not constructed equally, and ones that are able to show 4K UHD and 8K video are worth the investment for the future security of your theater screen at home.

Even if you do not possess a projector that is that can support 4K UHD or 8K resolution, you could decide to upgrade in the future. This could be useful when 8K becomes standard in the coming years, and you’re already in the high resolution.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio can play an important role in your purchase choice. What is projectors for? Do you want it for your home theater? To present? For use in everyday life?

Based on the answer you choose depending on your answer, you may require an aspect ratio of aspect ratio of 16:9 or an aspect ratio of 4:3. There isn’t too significant a distinction when you use it in the real world because you’ll become accustomed to it over time.

There’s a reason the aspect ratio 16:9 is the standard for films or TV shows as well as other forms of entertainment. If this is your main focus, we’d suggest using a projector that has the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Screen Size

Bigger isn’t always better. A larger screen can also mean an additional viewing distance that certain home theaters aren’t able to accommodate. A bigger screen implies an extended length of installation, that isn’t always achievable.

But, the benefit of this is the more space to project the image and in most cases, it’s also a higher quality of the image.

It’s not always the scenario however it’s a common guideline that depends on your projector’s model and model (DLP projectors, ultra/short-throw Projectors and so on.)

Screen Material

Screen material depending on the space setup it is necessary to select between a matte white or a gray or black screen color, which affects the degree to which ambient light affects the quality of your image.

You’ll also need to think about the material you use, which in turn affects factors such as lighting penetration and the clarity.

We’ve determined that the top-quality motorized projector screen will most likely contain a superior material that can greatly affect color temperature, saturation and contrast to ensure precise the reproduction of colors.

Additional Motor Features

The motor of the majority ofmotorized projection screens is the same but some are equipped with features you could consider useful. This is mostly related to the ability of the screen turning itself on automatically and off, the amount of noise it is, as well as the lower energy consumption.

Although it may appear excessive however, these features can make a an enormous difference in the way you use your device. It’s an excellent feature to have a great display with an electric motor that’s as quieter than a mouse. It also can save you dollars on electric bills.

Other screens might also require more power and, when you’re concerned about, the motor may affect the power consumption.


What size projector screen should You Purchase?

The size of your screen is contingent on the amount of space you have to put for the screen. If you have room in your ceilings or walls then a huge 120” or 150” screen will provide an excellent value. For personal use, the standard 100 110 screen sizes are adequate for the majority of users.

Does a high-end projector screen Change the Game?

A high-end projector screen will always be superior to screens that are less expensive. You’ll have better features and higher quality materials, larger screens and a more enjoyable watching enjoyment. Expensive screens have characteristics that you can’t get on screens that are less expensive, such as the acoustically transparent material, tension or rear and front projection.

Are 8K Projector Screens Worth It?

8K projector screens aren’t worth the price since there’s not enough 8K content available that can support clarity and crisp resolution. 8K is used as a marketing tool which you do not need to focus on in the current market.

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