7 Best Mattresses To Reduce Hip Pain 2023

The pain in your hips can disrupt your whole day, causing irritability and a lack of mobility and sometimes, even more pain. Although hip pain could result from a variety of conditions, such as an injury, arthritis or strain, it’s essential to take a break from your body in order in order to let it recover itself. A good mattresses for pain in the hips can help to soothe your body when you lay down at night to ensure that no stress is placed on the hip joints. If you do not have the correct bed, the body will not be capable of healing itself and you’ll be tired the next day.

To aid you on your search for the ideal hip mattress to relieve pain, we’ve compiled this guide and picked the top seven mattresses available in the market. In addition to each of the products we’ve chosen we’ve included key aspects to take into consideration. They include how thick the mattress is, along with the filling material and filler. The amount of layers will tell you about the mattress’s construction as well as the guarantee will inform the expected durability. In the end, this Leesa Memory Foam Mattress was named the Editor’s Choice.

Quick Summary

  • The Best memory Foam Mattress:
    Leesa Memory Foam Mattress “10-inch thick mattress that is stuffed with three layers of soft memory foam as well as a cooler top.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Tuft & Needle Mattress “A reasonably priced mattress that has a poly-blend cover. It also has 2 layers of supportive and adaptive foam mix beneath, providing an extra level of comfort to your bed. your budget.”
  • Best Versatility:
    Layla Sleep Memory Foam “This double-sided memory foam mattress allows you to select the level of firmness that is most suitable for your hips.”
  • Ideal for Side Sleepers:
    My Green Mattress “Organic mattress that mixes coils with latex filling is ideal to accommodate your sleeping position and help ease that discomfort in your hips.”
  • The best mattress for back and Hip Pain:
    AMerisleep AS4 Memory Foam Mattress “One among the best well combined mattresses for relieving hip pain that can last for many years.”
  • Ideal for Shoulder and Hip Inflammation:
    SPINDLE Latex Natural Mattress “Three layers of latex that are certified in a mattress case made of cotton will perfectly will help you to get your body in alignment and decrease the number of discomfort points.”
  • The best mattress for knee and Hip Inflammation:
    Sealy Response Performance “A extremely firm mattress that comes with fourteen inches of firm air foam and the cooling Gel memory foam.”

List of the 7 Best Mattresses To Reduce Hip Pain 2022

Leesa Memory Foam Mattress

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Leesa Memory Foam Mattress Leesa Memory Foam Mattress uses the latest method of business advocacy, which is that they donate one mattress to someone that is in desperate need, for each 10 mattresses they sell. They additionally plant trees with every mattress sold, and employees are encouraged to give back to their communities. If you’re looking be a part of a business with an emphasis on social responsibility it this mattress is the one to buy.

In terms of comfort for comfort, for comfort, the Leesa Memory Foam Mattress will assist you with any hip pain that you might suffer from. Each mattress comes with 3 layers of memory foam that provides much-needed alleviation from the pressure points. This results in a more comfortable and more restful sleep.

The technology that is used within Leesa Memory Foam Mattress. The technology used in Leesa Memory Foam Mattress will actually adjust to your specific body. This means that no matter what place you lie in this memory foam is going to assist your body. For cooling comfort in the night, memory foam features a cooling microcell structure to ensure that air circulation continues regardless of whether you emit too much heat as you rest. This is ideal for people who are hot at night and anyone who twirls during the summer heat.

If you’re not sure if you’re sure that the Leesa Memory Foam Mattress is the right choice for your needs, you don’t have to be concerned since it is backed by a 100-day trial of sleep. It is possible to purchase it online try it out and if there’s any issues, simply return it without hassle.

Why are we so amazed?

  • Socially-conscious aspect of their business model
  • The technology is able to adapt to all kinds of body types and body positions
  • Memory foam is a cooling material that cools your body while regulating your the temperature

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • Could be too thin for regular fitted sheets.


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Tuft & Needle Mattress

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Its Tuft & Needle Mattress uses adaptive foam that molds around your body to ensure that you will feel comfortable throughout the night, no matter your position of sleep. The technology is different from memory foam, and provides an amazing relief from pressure especially on hip and back joints.

If you share your bed with a spouse You’ll be pleased to know that Tuft & Needle Mattress gives the term “localized bounce,” which means you won’t awake when your partner rolls over during the night. If you’re constantly awake due to the actions of their partner this is a huge relief indeed. The foam that is adaptive assists in regulating body temperature to ensure that you don’t awake hot and uncomfortable.

It is Tuft & Needle Mattress is advertised as a medium-firm mattress however, many customers found it to be very firm. Particularly for people with heavier weight it was just a little too firm to be comfortable.

If you are still interested in the Tuft and Needle Mattress but you need a little more confidence, it is available with a 100-night trial. This is a great option because you get to test the mattress and ensure that it’s suitable for you. Make sure you take it out of the box the mattress and let it sit until at minimum 72 hours, so it can be returned to its original depth and rid itself of any odors from packaging.

What is it that makes it different?

  • Flexible foam helps regulate body temperature
  • So that you don’t be able to feel the movements of your companion.
  • 100-night trial sleep time allows you to thoroughly test the mattress
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What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • Very firm, and not suitable for everyone’s tastes.


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Layla Sleep Memory Foam

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It is the Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is our Editor’s Choice as the top hip pain relief mattress since it offers the best of both worlds. The mattress’s one side is medium soft , while another side of the mattress is more firm. This means you are able to decide which one will work most effectively for you. If you’re not certain which side is best option, don’t worry as you can try this Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress for 120 days. Four months is enough time to try the two sides and determine whether either one will ease the hip pain you’re experiencing.

The research that is behind Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is quite intricate, this is why it’s an extremely high-quality mattress. The memory foam is filled with copper, which makes to have a cooler temperature while you lie down in the night. The thermo gel inside the memory foam will respond to the body’s temperature, allowing it to control your sleep and make sure that you have a restful night. Memory foam also provides remarkable comfort since it helps to ease pressure on the whole body.

In terms of bed size it is it is Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress can be placed on top of almost any frame of a bed. It doesn’t matter if you have an solid platform bed or mattress box, you are able to make use of this mattress. It will save you a lot of time and money because you don’t have to buy the bed.

What is distinctive?

  • There are two sides, each with a different firmness
  • 120 night trial to see if that you are satisfied with the product
  • Works with all bed frame types.

What negatives did we discover?

  • The sides aren’t reinforced and may be too soft.


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My Green Mattress

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For anyone who is environmentally-conscious and wants to ensure any product that enters their home is as natural as possible, the My Green Mattress is a can’t miss. It is made of pocketed coils . On the top is the layer of organic, 100% certified latex. It’s 3 inches thick, which makes for the most comfy top. It’s not too hard however, as My Green Mattress is described as an medium firm mattress.

The organic latex is a quilted covering that is made from organic cotton that is certified organic. The cover also includes organic eco-wool. This all adds up to the mattress you want to aid the environment and your hips and back.

My Green Mattress My Green Mattress can help ease hip pain due to its lumbar support in the spring base coiled. If you’re a rear sleeper, you’ll get the full support of this coil-based technology. If you’re a side sleeper the hips will be protected by the quilted cover, which provides the illusion like sleeping on a pillow.

In addition the eco-wool material that is used to quilt the cover provides a natural flame barrier. Even though it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals to prevent flames and chemicals, My Green Mattress My Green Mattress was still in a position to meet all federal regulations. Therefore, you can rest at ease knowing that nothing harmful can happen to you at night.

What makes it different?

  • Extremely environmentally-friendly
  • Doesn’t make use of any chemicals but it’s still fire-retardant
  • It supports hips and back and is great for sleepers on the side.

How can we fix the weaknesses?

  • Medium-firm styles could be too firm for people with extreme hip pain.

The Amerisleep AS4 Memory foam Mattress

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Mattresses have brand new technology to provide incredible sleep outcomes and the Amerisleep AS4 Memory Foam Mattress is not an exception. Within the mattress are couple of layers. It has a two-inch mattress made of memory foam which helps to give your body a solid foundation as well as providing an icy sensation, so your body is able to better regulate your temperature during the night. Additionally, there is a 4-inch layer of Surface Modified Technology that gives the best support. There is also seven-inch Bio-Core, which is a non-sag material. Therefore, no matter how heavy the other guests in your bed are, the mattress will be able to support you.

If these layers aren’t sufficient the mattress cover is filled with the celliant. It’s a brand-new technology that captures your body’s energy and heat and by using infrared light transmits that energy back to your body. There are numerous studies that link that use of the celliant to an increase in oxygen levels within your body and better circulation. In essence, it is the Amerisleep AS4 Memory Foam Mattress helps your body become more efficient as you sleep. It’s not much more than this.

Another feature that offers the Amerisleep AS4 Memory Foam Mattress offers is the ability to work with a bed frame that can be adjusted. Many people love this product since it can be adjusted to the mattress to ensure that the bed’s foot can be raised. If you’re suffering from back discomfort, or problems with your legs or feet, elevating them is essential. A mattress that permits this to happen can assist in the healing process of your body.

What are some of our most loved features?

  • Celliant technology utilizes infrared light to aid circulation
  • Multiple layers of support and comfort
  • Use in conjunction with an adjustable frame for bed

What else could be better?

  • Costlier than other mattresses.

SPINDLE natural latex mattress

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SPINDLE Natural Latex SPINDLE Natural Latex mattress is slightly different than the majority of mattresses in our list because it is made of latex. It still offers the perfect level of comfort for those who suffers from hip pain or shoulder pain. In reality it has three layers made of natural Dunlop latex that provide a great amount of support.

This mattress cover is constructed of organic cotton, so if you have allergies or asthma, you don’t have to fret about getting irritated in the time of night. The mattress could have some odor when it is unpacked it is recommended to let it air out for a period of 48 hours so be sure that there’s no chemical smell.

The thing that is particularly appealing about SPINDLE Natural Latex is the fact that it is available in two different configurations. When you purchase it, you have the option to select either a firm or soft make. It would be great to have an additional medium choice, but the choice of too many options is too complicated.

The most interesting thing about the SPINDLE Natural Latex mattress is it’s three layers of the mattress are actually in separate packages. This is a great option if you’re moving and have to carry the mattress up stairs or around corners. But it can be an issue since you’ll have to build it yourself. But, some users have expressed their satisfaction with assurances that assembly is simple and easy.

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What is its greatest attributes?

  • Available in either a firm or soft options.
  • It comes in three packages, so it can be easily transported in restricted space
  • Cover is made of organic cotton

What can be improved?

  • Some assembly is required.

Sealy Response Performance

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If you’re confused between an extra firm mattress and an extra layer of pillow is the best choice, look at Sealy Response Performance. Sealy Response Performance. With a total width of 14 inches of height, this mattress will satisfy anyone. Beginning at the top, there’s a two-inch layer of pillowstop. It is a soft foam layer that lets you feel like you’re sleeping on a mattress.

A third layer of three inches is made of memory foam gel that keeps your body cool throughout the night, as it permits air circulation across the cells of the mattress. The memory foam is elastic and durable, and provides the most support.

The whole Sealy Response Performance mattress uses zones of support. It means the center part of the mattress is more supported, since this is the area where your body is most likely to be. Therefore, even if you are heavier or two people are on the mattress the mattress will offer plenty of support. The Sealy Response Performance mattress is classified as a firm mattress however there are some users who have found it extremely firm, even with the top layer of pillows.

Along the edges, there’s an extra-strong foam border. This gives an extra level of support, so that when you’re rolling into and out of your mattress and out, it is more secure. Sealy Response Performance won’t crumple underneath the weight of your body. If you suffer from hip and knee discomfort, a strengthened edge can really help and can make even the most basic moves much more comfortable.

What is it that makes it distinguish itself?

  • Multiple layers provide the greatest amount of support
  • The pillow-top layer is extremely comfortable and soft
  • A supportive edge doesn’t be sagging

What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • It can feel extremely firm

Things to Consider

It’s always an anxious experience when you are making a major purchase on the internet. But if you’ve got enough information, then your purchase is a lot more straightforward. As more and more mattresses are purchased, they are sold on the internet and there are a variety of reasons why. It’s simpler to locate specific details, and the majority offer the chance to try the mattress with no worries. Here’s some crucial information on the best hip pain mattresses to ensure that the process is as easy as you can.

What are the most common causes for hip discomfort?

The reason for hip pain is that the pelvic joint joints region lose alignment. Exercise stress and stretching improperly are the most common factors that cause hip pain. Particularly, runners suffer from hip pain as they constantly stretch their hips, and using these joints to apply pressure on the legs. For those who are older who suffer from arthritis, it is a frequent cause for hip discomfort. Sore muscles and joint inflammation can cause hip pain.

The hip pain can be increased in the morning as soon as you leave the bed. Your muscles might have been stretched out too much throughout the day, and by the end of the day, they’ll have tightened and resulted in more mobility and stiffness. While a mattress that isn’t the best may not always be the reason for the hip joint pain high quality mattress can lessen the intensity of hip pain that’s resulted from other sources.

What can you do to ensure your sleep position doesn’t create hip discomfort?

If you are sleeping on your back and you sleep on your back, you put much stress upon your hips. Your hip joints require to be supported and sleepers on the side are at risk of not getting adequate support. That can cause hip discomfort. Additionally, if the mattress is too hard and does not adjust to your body shape, this will only increase pressure and, in turn, increase the discomfort.

The majority of people move around throughout the night, changing postures as their bodies try to feel more at ease. It is possible that you initially fall asleep on your back and then at some point during the night, you will definitely shift to one side or the other. It is possible that you are not a sleeper on the side since you sleep lying on the back however you must be aware that you aren’t in control of which you are in when you’re actually asleep.

Things to think about when buying the ideal those suffering from hip pain.

The pain in your hips is unpleasant. It can make you tired and stiff early in the morning, and it is difficult to get back into shape for the remainder of your day. When you’re looking for the perfect mattress that will help you end your hip pain There are a few essential features to keep in mind.

Filling in the mattresses and layering

The mattresses we have listed are all great for people who are suffering of hip joint pain. Traditional coil mattresses are too heavy on the body, which is the reason the more supportive materials are being utilized. Nearly all the mattresses we have listed utilize memory foam that assists in evenly distributing all the body weight. But, the SPINDLE natural latex mattress utilizes latex foam while The My Green Mattress makes use of innersprings and latex.


There are a variety of different degrees of firmness in mattresses. You can get a mattress that is anything from soft to tough. The degree of firmness is usually a matter of individual preference. It can make it difficult to select a mattress if share it with a person who prefers the opposite level of firmness. If you have back pain or hip discomfort, then a soft mattress is suggested. If you’re still in need of the firmness of a mattress however, you do not have to settle for a soft style of feel. Mattresses with springs are likely to be somewhat more brittle. Memory foam may also come with various degrees of firmness.

Control of the temperature

If you’ve ever been sweaty and hot while you slept it could be due to your body temperature is a little high during the night. This is also the case in the event that you’re constantly changing blankets throughout the night. Mattresses with memory foam typically run slightly cooler and can help to cool sleepers. Memory foam contains small pockets of air inside it that allows the body’s heat to better circulate. Make sure that if the mattress is covered, it’s made of bamboo or cotton. These are more lightweight, cooler materials.

Edge support

The term “edge support” is fairly new term in the world of mattresses, however it mainly refers to the materials that make those edges on the mattress. For mattresses made of memory foam it is possible that you require something that is a bit more durable to ensure that the foam remains solid and that’s the point where edge support comes into the picture. It provides the whole product with some stability. For those suffering with joint and hip discomfort, the edge support could actually assist in getting into and out of the bed. It gives your body something solider to lay on and lets you get between beds more easily.

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Size variation

Your mattress should be sized to your mattress. It may seem simple but it’s an unimportant factor that affects your purchase. If you’re looking to purchase a new mattress and bed think about what’s most important: your bed’s appearance or the comfort the mattress. You can then purchase the mattress first. If you own an California King size bed, it may be difficult to find the ideal mattress for it since the size isn’t standard. Similar to an XL-sized twin size mattress. All of the mattresses in our list are available in the standard Twin, Queen, and King sizes, however there are a handful that come in more specific sizes.

Cover fabric

Certain mattresses have covers. While you’ll probably have a sheet of bedding over your mattress, a mattress cover will also protect your purchase and makes it last longer. If you share your bed with pets or children, then a bed cover can ensure that any unintentional liquids are quickly cleaned up. If not, odors and stains could be a concern.

Bamboo and cotton are not just good on your skin, but they also allow for breathable. This is crucial for those who sleep hot and would like something extra to help cool down in the evening. Look for covers that can be removed and machine washable, as this will make your life simpler.


Mattresses of good quality are designed to last between 7 to 10 years. Anything less, and you’ll have spent an enormous amount of money on an inferior mattress. Of course, the durability of a product isn’t just dependent on the model of the manufacturer. Be sure to cover your mattress with a cover, and then immediately wash away any spills should they occur. As many of your children desire to climb on the bed they have just bought and climb on the bed, you should try to prevent the urge to do this.

Warranty and sleep trial

The process of buying a new mattress to treat hip pain can be quite an issue. Even if it is known the firmness of your mattress prior to purchase but it could differ from what you expected it to be. Although any mattress will require some time to get used to, when you switch from a conventional coil mattress to one made of memory foam the change can be quite noticeable. Many individuals react negatively for within the first few nights using the Memory foam mattress. In essence, your body has become used to being a victim of pressure points throughout the night. With the memory foam mattress your whole body is encased and held.

Since it takes time to adapt to a new bed, make sure you choose ones that have the option of a trial period, a refund assurance. You can then sleep on your new mattress without hip discomfort for at least 30 days and determine whether it is suitable for you. If not, you can return it for a refund and get your entire purchase returned. A majority of the mattresses for hip pain we’ve listed come with a free 100-day trial of sleep, such as those like the Leesa Memory Foam Mattress and the Tuft and Needle Mattress. Three months of trial will allow you to determine if the purchase will ease the pain in your hips, and you drift off to blissful sleep.

Tips for reducing hip pain

Hip pain not enjoyable, but it is a condition that is possible to ease it. Make sure you rest your hips to ensure that your joints and muscles get the opportunity to recover themselves. Alternate between warm and cold to assist in reducing inflammation. If you are able, keep your legs up. It can be difficult with hip discomfort, but if you are able to keep your hips elevated, it can reduce the pain in the joints. In the event that you continue to experience hip pain, be certain to consult your physician to determine whether any additional measures are required to be implemented.


Which mattress do I pick to ease hip pain sleeping on my back?

If you prefer to prefer sleeping on their backs You can’t get a better mattress than My Green Mattress. The My Green Mattress. It’s made of an elastic latex which helps distribute the weight of your body at night, regardless of whether you are sleeping on your side. So that even if you’re suffering from hip pain, you will still have the rest you require.

I’m injured on my hip and shoulder on one side. What would be the ideal mat I can get?

However, hip pain may occur in conjunction with injuries like the shoulder. In this instance it could be difficult to rest, both on your back and side. back. It is the SPINDLE Natural latex is among the top mattresses to sleep on if you suffer from shoulder injuries or hip pain. It is extremely comfy and will support and cushion your body. It is important to rest for healing your body So having the best mattress can allow this to occur.

Do I have to purchase a mattress protector in order to ease hip pain sleeping?

If you’re suffering from hip pain there are two choices which a mattress may offer you. Oneis to purchase the mattress completely new, and the other is to buy a new mattress for your current mattress. The purchase of a brand new mattress can be beneficial because it is possible to upgrade into a memory foam mattress which will provide better support for your body and reduce pressure points during sleep. It is, however costly. Mattress toppers are the most affordable choice however it may not provide you enough relief from the discomfort. The only thing you need to purchase is the latest mattress specifically that is specifically designed to ease hip pain, such as those on our list as well as a brand new mattress topper.

Wrapping Up!

We hope that this post on the top hip mattress pain has guided you to the proper direction. Our top mattress would be the Leesa Memory Foam Mattress with a score of 9.9/10. It’s an extremely thick mattress of 10 inches with a cool, top layer, and two premium layer of memory foam.

The second option we have will be Tuft and Needle Mattress. Although this is one of our Budget Pick, this mattress is actually quite good in terms of the support and comfort it offers.

Our third option which is the most flexible one can be the Layla Sleep Memory Foam. It is able to be reversed with a firm choice on one hand and soft options to the reverse. With the 120-night trial, you’ll have a good idea of whether this method will be beneficial to you.

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