11 Best Log Splitters 2023

Imagine being stuck on a deserted island. What three things would you carry? Your favorite book? Smartphone? Lighter? We’d certainly prefer an efficient log splitter. Three , please.

In our research of the log splitters of various brands, we discovered that not all perform the same way even though the motor’s power claimed is similar. When selecting a splitter, it is crucial to consider the actual force of the splitter and motor kind. We’ve picked the top 11 log splitters to help you to consider. We’re certain that the best one is the the Swisher model the LS22E. It’s an electronic log splitter that’s far more efficient and easy to operate than other kinds of splitters. Additionally, we’ve added the most expensive and user-friendly models, to help you to pick the perfect one.

Quick Summary

  • Best Log Splitter for Efficiency:
    Swisher L22E “An electronic log splitter that has enormous 22-ton splitting force that can support both horizontal and vertical splitting.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter “A sturdy manual log splitter suitable for splitting smaller logs.”
  • Best Manual Log Splitter:
    Logosol Intelligent Splitter “A small and light vertical log splitter that’s user-friendly and safe.”
  • The best combo Gas Splitter:
    Swisher The LSED14534 is a 34-Ton Timber Brute “A gas splitter is ideal to split horizontally and vertically massive and tough logs.”
  • The Best Kinetic Log Splitter
    Powerhouse Log Splitters XM-880 “A quick log splitter kinetic with an amazing 1 second cycle time.”
  • The best hydraulic log splitter for logs:
    Sun Joe LJ10M “A hand-held hydraulic log splitter hydraulically powered with high strength 10-ton force for splitting.”
  • Best Portable Log Splitter:
    WEN 56207 “An electronic log splitting machine with a stand as well as large wheels to make it easy to move.”
  • The best for small round shapes:
    Boss Industrial ES7T20 “A robust electric log splitter that is ideal for splitting small and medium-sized logs.”
  • Best Horizontal Log Splitter:
    OrionMotorTech PM7T-520 “An electrical log splitter that has an incrediblely short 10 second period of operation.”
  • Best Lightweight Log Splitter:
    YARDMAX the YS0552 “A small and light electric log splitter that is easy to transport.”
  • Best Gas Log Splitter:
    RuggedMade 37-Ton Horizontal Log for Gas Splitter “A Horizontal gas log splitter that is able to split huge and tough logs in four or two ways.”

Top 11 Best Log Splitters 2022

Swisher L22E

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The Swisher L22E can be described as an electric log splitter that has a 120V electrical motor. It utilizes hydraulics to provide as much as 22 ton of force for splitting, making it ideal for large logs which are difficult to split. It can handle an maximum diameter for logs of 25 inches and a maximum size of 25.5 inches, which again, is greater than what most people need to cut for home use. Also, with a timer of just 13 seconds the splitter is guaranteed to complete any pile of logs within a brief time.

It utilizes the 2.5-gallon hydraulic tank that’s impervious to rust. It is essential to check for oil in the reservoir prior to making use of the log splitter, and to ensure the reservoir is in the safe operating limits as shown by the dipstick markings. Infractions to this can result in severe damage to the equipment and pose a personal danger to safety.

The splitter is able to be used in both horizontal and vertical positions, so you are able the option of choosing which one is most suitable for you. A beam latch assures that the splitter is secured when you use its vertical setting. Utilize this handle on the beam to lift the log splitter, then pull an angled lock pin upwards twist and then release the latch to secure the beam into place.

Swisher provides a one-year limited warranty on the hydraulic system , and a long, 3-year warranty on the workmanship and parts. The user’s manual that comes with it provides detailed information on what could cause your warranty to be invalidated. Make sure you study it carefully, in order that you are able to benefit from warranty of the manufacturer for the next three years.

What does it make it distinguish itself?

  • It supports both horizontal and vertical splitting
  • Solidly-constructed steel parts
  • There are a few moving parts
  • Three-year guarantee on parts and labor
  • 1-year guarantee on hydraulics

What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • You can’t use an outlet with 15 amps that uses a circuit with a 20-amp breaker
  • Do not use with extension cords
  • Costly


11 best electric log splitters to assist you in obtaining Firewood (Fall 2022)

Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter

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Select one of the Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter when you usually split logs into smaller pieces and create many kindling. This small manually operated log splitter is constructed from durable cast iron, and weighs around 10 pounds. It can accommodate the maximum diameter for logs that is 6.5 inches, which means you can restrict your logs to this length as the log needs to pass into the splitting device’s 6.5-inch circle before being placed onto the wedge. The length of the log is unlimitable but you can put logs of any size onto the splitter, including long and short. Be sure to get to the top of the log as that’s where you’ll have to push the log to fall onto the blade that splits it.

To make use of the splitter, you must mount it on the platform. The bolt hole is there can be used to securely fix the splitter onto your base. It is not necessary to do any further assembly. Get your log and use the Hammer (any size hammer can be used in the event that you are able to lift it easily. Try 3lbs for an initial attempt) smash on the upper part of your log in order to push it into and through the blade of splitting. The log will split in two, and the two logs falling to one side of the cutting blade. It takes just one strike to split logs that are small. Harder or bigger logs could require several more strikes.

This splitter is easy to operate and is fairly secure. Make sure not to hit your hands with the hammer since you must support the log using one hand while you pull down the hammer with the other hand.

The manufacturer gives a five-year guarantee that is incredibly generous. We don’t expect the splitter to cause any issues in the near future, however.

What made it onto the list?

  • Sturdy cast iron construction
  • Easy to use and super simple to utilize
  • No noise
  • Can use indoors
  • Great pricing
  • The product comes with a warranty of 5 years.

What’s not perfect regarding it?

  • Logs larger than 6.5 inches
  • Needs endurance
  • It does not come with a split base


The 5 best manual log splitters – Reduce your time and effort while splitting Wood (Fall 2022)

Logosol Intelligent Splitter

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This Logosol Smart Splitter is a tiny manual log splitter which can be used to split small logs as well as cutting the kindling. The force of splitting is delivered by hammering, which is clearly identified with the weight of the strike that is, in this instance, 7.7 tons. It is separated from its wedge using an nylon washer. All you need to do is set your wood on top of the base lift the splitter with the handle, and then put it on the top of the log and then lower the hammer, then drop it. The force splits the log. You can repeat the splitting of split logs for as many times you’d like to obtain the size of logs that you’d like. The nylon washer is likely to wear down with time, but it’s repairable.

The splitter isn’t equipped with a split platform therefore, you need to create a base. Most often, a big solid log is sufficient. Make a hole in the base of the log using the bits that come with your splitter, then, insert the rod for your splitter into it. This rod is where you insert the handle that you will use with split axes, the kindling axe and Hammer. This is all there is!

Lightweight and easy to use, this splitter has a low risk of injuries. The splitter’s apex holds the piece of wood that you’re cutting and ensures that it won’t slide.

As you’re providing the energy required to start the 7.7-ton splitting force, it might not be feasible to split a lot of logs in one go. The splitter is capable of a duration of 26 inches, and an unlimited diameter of the log. If you are splitting large logs one tip to consider is to split the log away from the edge , and then adjusting the position and angle when it shrinks.

This product is backed by a two-year warranty as well as a two-month money-back assurance.

Which are the most appealing characteristics?

  • Small and light
  • Easy to use
  • Very safe to use
  • Simple to carry
  • It takes up a small amount of storage space
  • Low cost

What can be improved?

  • You’ll need stamina
  • Might not be split by the tough logs
  • It does not come with a split base


The 5 best manual log splitters – Reduce Your Time and Effort When Splitting Wood (Fall 2022)

Swisher The LSED14534 is a 34-Ton Timber Brute

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This Swisher LSD14534 34 Ton Timber Brute uses a 14.5 HP, Kawasaki V-Twin engine and the two-stage pump of 22 gallons per minute to provide maximum performance and speed of cycle. The oversized cylinder is designed to provide maximal splitting power. A motorized start will ensure an easy, smooth start-up and allows you to switch it on and instantly begin working. The 34-ton force of splitting can plow through any kind of wood. It can handle an maximum size of 24 inches as well as an maximum log dimension that is 24 inches. This means that you’ll be able to split the majority of logs if you’re an avid wood user.

This splitter can be used in the horizontal and vertical positions it gives you choices and flexibility when splitting. Vertical beams hold the splitter in place as you raise it to the vertical level, which means there’s no chance of getting injured.

It is possible to use the two-way blade or the four-way split for smaller logs in less time. The splitter comes with an extremely sturdy log cradle that can hold your split logs, so you don’t need to bend down to the ground for them to be picked up.

The LSED14534 weighs 751lbs as well as a strong set of wheels that make it easy for moving. A tow hitch is provided for road-side towing.

Solid construction, such as that of the hydraulic tank, will give you years of reliable service.

Swisher offers a two-year warranty on its workmanship and parts. The cost is a bit higher however, if you are splitting several cords of timber a year, it’s an investment that is worth the cost, given you’ll be using it for a long time with no issues, with the exception of the need to replace a few minor parts in the course of time.

What are our top features?

  • Highly effective, with a strong splitting force
  • Splits horizontally and vertically
  • Effectively breaks large and hard logs
  • It also comes with a 4-way wedge
  • Included is the split log-cradle
  • Road towable
  • 2-year warranty with a limited duration

What is better?

  • Expensive
  • The hydraulic fluid and battery are purchased separately


5 Top Commercial Log Splitters Review along with a Buying Guide (Fall 2022)

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Powerhouse Log Splitters XM-880

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Take a look at the Powerhouse Log Splitters XM-880 if you frequently split a lot of wood. It’s extremely fast and will traverse any wood pile quickly and effectively. The electric splitter equipped with an 14.5-amp motor has the kinetic mechanism, which is the reason for its high split speed. Its cycle time of one second that is the fastest splitter could split wood. The auto-retracing feature increases the efficiency while keeping stroke times shorter.

The XM-800 features the capacity to split 12 tons and a maximum length of log of 24 inches and a maximum dimension of 12 inches. This means it is able to split most of your logs, as the majority are in this size range. Additionally, it comes with an telescopic wedge that has three settings to split logs shorter that 24 inches. You can set it to the 19′ 21.6”, 21.6”, or 24′ marking for logs with similar length.

For operating the splitter you’ll need two hands. This is a requirement to ensure maximum efficiency of the splitter, as well as enhanced security for the user.

The motor is electric and is quiet, so that you are able to enjoy splitting your wood without having be concerned about disturbing your neighbors or awakening a sleepy child.

It is equipped with durable, wheels with an easy-to-transport handle. The body is made of sturdy, 3mm powder-coated industrial steel that will give you many years of reliability.

It’s small and light at 148 pounds . It isn’t unstable to move or heavy in storage. Its small size is perfect for people who have a small yard or a small space in their garage.

Powerhouse Log Splitters offers a one-year guarantee on components and work.

How did this make the list?

  • Compact in design
  • Made from a strong steel construction
  • Telescope wedge for splitting longer logs
  • 1 second cycle time
  • Auto-retracting RAM
  • Two-hand operation for increased security
  • 1-year warranty

What’s not great regarding it?

  • Doesn’t split massive logs
  • A shorter warranty time compared to other models

Sun Joe LJ10M

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Its Sun Joe LJ10M manual hydraulic log splitter produces 10 tons of splitting force which is a great feat for the manual splitter. You must manually operate the two handles in order to turn on the pump with two speeds that generates the force for splitting. Sun Joe prefers to use longer operating handles to maximize leverage and efficiency.

It easily divides logs that are at the most eight inches in width and about 18 inches in length, making it suitable for log splitting that doesn’t require large rounds or long hours of work to complete.

It splits wood horizontally and also has an cradle for logs that holds the split logs so you don’t need to turn to the ground in order to get the pieces.

While the spring for ram return can be swiftly moved to limit strokes but it’s not able to auto-reset. It is necessary turn the knob to reset it, however the rod is fast and effective. For speedier operation you can release the wedge in half instead of release it completely back.

The splitter weighs 85 pounds and is simple to move around. It also comes with rear wheels that allow it to be moved easily. If you’re splitting out further in the woods, it’s easy to transfer the splitter to the rear of your truck and take it along.

The Sun Joe manual splitter has an attractive price. If you’re not planning to shell out a lot of money but would like to leave with an item that provides the most value for budget and can get the job done it’s a great option. The maker offers a two-year warranty on workmanship and parts.

What makes it unique?

  • Small, compact, and light
  • Constructed with a strong steel construction
  • It comes with the log cradle
  • Long handles to maximize leverage
  • Great pricing
  • Two-year warranty

Which are its weaknesses?

  • Splits small logs the best. It is more difficult to split larger logs, and it might not be able to divide massive hard logs.
  • Ram return spring doesn’t auto reset
  • It’s low-set and will require a fair amount of bent


Five Best Log Splitters Manually – Reduce your time and effort while splitting Wood (Fall 2022)

WEN 56207

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WEN 56207 WEN 56207 model is an electronic horizontal splitter with the capacity of a 6.5-ton splitting force. It is powered by an 15A motor. It has an hydraulic system that has 3,263 PSI as well as an 3.7-quart tank of hydraulic fluid and the 14.75-inch stroke of the cylinder.

It’s ideal for smaller logs, and can split any size from small to medium log effortlessly. It features a sharp 5-inch wedge that cuts effortlessly through any kind of wood. A 20 second cycle time, backed by 13,000 pounds continuous pressure, means that no piece of wood is too difficult with this wedge. The splitter can handle an maximum diameter of 10 inches, and an maximum length of 20.5 inches. This is the typical size of the logs homeowners split at home In which case, a majority of the logs are shorter than 20 inches which means you’re covered.

Splitter operation is a two-hand operation that ensures greater security. The handle is a comfortable, firm grip pull handle that helps to move the splitter effortlessly. It’s accompanied with 5.5-inch never-flat wheels. Their large dimensions make moving the splitter easy.

It includes a stand of 34 inches that can be used in a variety of ways. Most people who prefer to work at an elevated levels will appreciate this very useful feature. If you’re more comfortable operating the unit at the lower levels then you’re able to skip the stand. In this scenario you’ll be able to attach the rod and wheels directly to the splitter and ensure that the splitter is placed upon the ground.

The splitter is sold at the lowest price possible and offers good value for price for those who aren’t wanting to tackle heavy duty log splitting. WEN offers a two-year limited warranty on all parts and work.

What are we loving to it?

  • Time-saving, efficient auto return Cylinder
  • Ring that can be adjusted to limit rams for faster cycles and better efficiency
  • Stand included
  • Large wheels
  • Pull handle that is firm and sturdy
  • Priced reasonably
  • Two-hand operation that is safe and secure
  • 2-year Limited Warranty

What did we feel disappointed with?

  • A low force of splitting means it is not suitable for splitting logs with a large volume.


11 best electric log splitters to assist you in obtaining Firewood (Fall 2022)

Boss Industrial ES7T20

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The Boss Industrial ES7T20 runs on an 115V, 2 HP motor. With a force of splitting that is 7 tonnes, the unit is able to split medium and small size logs effortlessly. The ES7T20 comes with an maximum dimension of 10 inches that’s a bit smaller than we’ve been accustomed to as the typical maximum diameter of logs however it will meet the requirements adequately, given that you’re not going to use it to cut huge logs. But, Boss can make up the small diameter by offering a maximum size of 20.5 inches and is higher than the average log we split in the average.

It’s a horizontal splitting machine and is very low set. You don’t need to raise the logs high for them to be placed on the table for splitting. However, it could be a bit of bending to move logs around to re-split them.

The Boss splitter only requires one hand to use. For those who change hands while working on the log pile this is a fantastic feature. This means that your hands will not become tired no matter how long you use the splitter.

The ram returns automatically to its resting place when you release your hands from the lever. The advantages of this are twofold. You don’t have to use any energy in returning the ram to its previous position while the quick retreat improves security.

The log splitter is an extremely compact size and won’t take up a lot areas in your garage or shed. It weighs just 107 pounds , and comes with big wheels that enable it to be moved easily.

The price is reasonable and Boss offers a two-year warranty on its parts, which includes the hydraulicsystem, as well as on craftsmanship.

What is distinctive?

  • Built with sturdiness
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Great pricing
  • Automatic Ram Return
  • Runs quietly

What pros did we identify?

  • The maximum diameter log for a log is 10 inches
  • A low splitting force is not suitable for large logs
  • It’s low. A lot of bending is involved.


11 best electric log splitters to assist you in obtaining Firewood (Fall 2022)

OrionMotorTech PM7T-520

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This OrionMotorTech 2500W is an robustly built horizontal splitter robust and long-lasting as it appears. It comes with a durable wedge made of cast iron, and a sturdy steel body. It is expected to last for a long time without showing any signs of wear or any issues.

It’s a horizontal electric piece that has a 2300W two horsepower motor and an 2.8-liter hydraulic capacity of oil. With seven splitting forces of tons, it is able to split logs of 10-inches in size and up to 20-inches in length. A lot of people split the same size of logs, which means you’ll be able split all dimensions of logs. The splitter is quick and it has an average cycle time of just 10 seconds it shouldn’t take time to divide a large stack of wood.

This splitter requires two hands to start the engine. Use the button to turn off or on with one hand , while holding the control lever using the other, and then turn it on. This procedure reduces the chance of injury using the splitter.

This device weighs in at 100 pounds. is constructed in an simple to carry and to store. Two large wheels as well as an integrated pull handle makes moving the vehicle simple.

OrionMotorTech offers a two-year guarantee for parts and workmanship. They also guarantee to replace the log splitter in case it becomes damaged, which is why it’s recommended to play around with the splitter for a few days after the delivery date to determine its condition and functionality and determine the need for an exchange before it’s too to late.

Why are we so amazed?

  • Sturdy casting iron wedge with heavy-duty with steel bodies
  • Waterproof IP Class B insulation
  • A short, 10-second cycle time
  • Automatic return
  • Two-hand operation for increased security
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Free replacement for defective tool

What negatives should the user be mindful of?

  • The low splitting force means that it’s not the ideal choice for large hard logs.
  • You will have to bend your body a lot when working with it.


11 best electric log splitters to help you with Firewood (Fall 2022)

YARDMAX the YS0552

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Its YARDMAX YS0552 can be described as a light hydraulic log splitter electric weighing 100 pounds. It’s simple to move around , and simple to keep in storage. It doesn’t take up too much storage space as well. It comes with a 15 amp motor as well as an 0.93-gallon hydraulic tank that allows for the powerful supply of the pressure required for splitting logs.

The splitter operates in a horizontal orientation and is equipped with a 5 ton splitting force. It can easily cut through logs of 10-inches in diameter. It can also handle the maximum size that is 20.5 inches.

A cycle time of 16 seconds means that you can divide piles of logs in an extremely short amount of time. We loved that it comes with an option to limit the stroke, which allows you to reduce the split time to accommodate shorter logs to increase efficiency. Additionally, there’s an integrated log tray that holds your split logs , ensuring they don’t fall to the ground. This reduces the risk of injury that you might suffer by falling trees. Two-hand operation is a guarantee of security during your use.

It includes an adjustable stand that provides the highest, most solid work surface. The stand can be used in lieu. If you’d prefer to use this splitter on the benchtop, without the stand. However, when the stand is attached it won’t be bent as too much. Attaching the stand is simple and requires little assembly time. It’s the only part of assembly that you’ll need to do in the event you choose to use the stand since everything else is assembled and ready for use. Its wheels are huge at 7 inches, which adds to its mobility. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on this splitter.

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What are some of our most loved features?

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Stand included
  • It also has a stroke limiter for greater effectiveness
  • Two-hand operation to ensure greater security
  • Self-returning stroke arm
  • Log tray for logs to be stored
  • Two-year warranty

What is better?

  • A weak splitting force, not suitable for large logs


11 best electric log splitters to help you with Firewood (Fall 2022)

RuggedMade 37-Ton Gas Log Horizontal Splitter

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This RuggedMade 37-Ton Gas Log Splitter Horizontal an extremely powerful, heavy-duty gas log splitter that has huge splitting power that is 37 tonnes. This splitter is powered with an engine that is a 4-stroke 15hp Raven engine. It is also equipped with an electric start to ensure an easy, quick starting time. It is powered by a 2-stage 22-gallon hydraulic pump, with quick return strokes that provide power to the 3.5-inch piston the ram. It is able to power logs as large as 24-inches in size and 30 inches in length. The splitter offers three cycles for various log dimensions. For logs with a diameter of 20 inches in length the cycle time is of 9 seconds. For 24-inches, you will get 12 seconds. And for 30 inches, there is an average cycle time of 15 minutes. You can enjoy both power and speed the speed at which it takes to cut through any log within less than 20 minutes.

There’s a stroke limiter which allows you to reduce cycle times for logs with smaller diameters, making time more efficient and increasing the efficiency of the splitter. A log catcher tray is able to hold all the split logs which means you can easily remove them from the tray and carry them to the desired location without having to bend to lift them off the ground.

It has the log lift which has the capacity of 300 pounds that allows users to lift and load the maximum amount of logs it can handle in one move. It reduces time, and requires you to lift and transport huge logs to the table for splitting. The lift is easily removed to allow towing and storage.

A four-way, slip-on blade that you can slide on gives you more flexibility and lets you to cut logs into smaller pieces quicker when you need to.

It’s a heavy machine at 1,097 pounds however, the 12-inch wheels and the 2-inch tow hitch makes it simple for you to transport and pull. RaggedMade provides a one-year warranty on all parts.

What is it that makes it distinguish itself?

  • Smooth and easy electric start
  • Included is an open log tray
  • Log lift
  • High capacity splitter
  • High breaking force
  • Can break massive and tough logs
  • Splits logs in four ways
  • Restrictor of stroke that can be adjusted
  • Valve for auto-return detent
  • Road towable

What are the disadvantages you need to be aware of?

  • Noisy
  • Costly


5 Top Commercial Log Splitters Review along with a Buying Guide (Fall 2022)

Things to Consider

Now, let’s examine the things you should consider when purchasing an log splitter. We’ve shown you some of the most popular models on the market But what do you consider when deciding which one to choose? We’ll cover everything and review the features to help you determine what features to look for between two splitters for logs.

What exactly is a log splitter? And how does it function?

A log splitter is device used to cut chunks of logs in smaller parts. It can be either manual or powered. Manual is the best option for those who only have a couple of logs to split, or small to medium-sized logs that you want to split. If you’re dealing with massive quantities of logs, or you need to separate more large logs, the power variety is the best choice. Log splitters powered by electricity can be powered by electricity or gas engines. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages, therefore you should choose according to your needs. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Manual log splitters


  • They’re less expensive than their power-driven counterparts.
  • Cost-effective to run as they don’t require any source of energy for operation.
  • They are available everywhere.
  • They are safe for the earth.


  • They might not be able of splitting huge logs.
  • The capacity of their machines is limited. It is typically dependent on the amount of logs you are able to divide before fatigue begins to set in.
  • They’re more labor-intensive because they require you to make use of your foot to operate the peddle or use your hands to turn levers or raise the heavy hammer.

Log splitters powered by electricity

Pros for powered log splitters

  • They are able to split huge logs.
  • They’re large capacity and can split the logs in as many pieces as is needed.
  • They are strong in split force.
  • They’re fast.
  • Log splitters that are electric can also be employed indoors.
  • Electric log splitters emit no emissions.

Cons Of powered splitters of logs

  • The splitters only split logs that can fit in their wedges or blades. If your logs are bigger and aren’t able to fit into the wedge or splitter blade the log splitter won’t be able to separate them.
  • They are not available without electricity in the case of an electric model, and gas to use the gas version.
  • Gas log splitters should not be used indoors.
  • Gas log splitters emit a stench.
  • They’re more expensive over manual log splitters gas log splitters being the most costly of all three types.

Considerations to make when selecting the best log splitter

You’ve made the decision to purchase the electric splitter for your logs. Let’s look at the factors which determine how strong the splitter is, and the kind of logs it will split. For instance, what kind of log sizes and diameters can the electronic log splitter tackle? Does it have enough power to be able to split huge logs?

Log splitter type

Every electric log splitter uses one of two mechanisms for splitting that are either kinetic or hydraulic. When a motor is hydraulic, the energy travels via a tiny cylinder before spreading across a larger area to push down the wedge. In a kinetic mechanism, the motor drives the flywheel to spin first and this then drives the wedge which splits the log once the lever is pulled.

Both systems offer distinct advantages, with the most notable of which is the fact that motors for hydraulics are stronger while Kinetic systems are more efficient. But, due to the capability to store power in advance certain log splitters made of kinetic technology are more efficient than hydraulic splitters that have similar specifications.

Furthermore the hydraulic system is not as complex and thus, less susceptible to operating problems and hiccups, making it more durable and reliable than the motors that are kinetic. It is possible to notice that many Log splitters that run on a hydraulic motor come with longer warranties over their kinetic counterparts. This is due to the complicated mechanism, and also due to the fact it includes more parts that connect as compared to the hydraulic systems.

Horizontal or vertical splitters

Some log splitters are built to separate logs horizontally. Some are built to work in the vertical direction, while others are constructed to work in both locations. Vertical splitters put an uncut log in horizontal orientation after which you lower the wedge to split the log. When you are in the vertical position lay the log on the tables for splitting so that the blade cuts through one side and through the opposite.

Any splitting method is superior than one. The choice is solely an individual choice. With the combo splitters you have the option of using either the horizontal as well as the vertical one. Follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding how to lift the splitter and hold that it into the vertical direction prior to switching on the ignition.

Some log splitters have an elevator that allows you to lower it to the level of the ground, then place the log on top, and then push the lever to raise it until it’s at an equal level with the table. Lifts can make the process more efficient, since there is no need to move the logs to the table.

Splitting force

The force of splitting will be expressed in tonnes, and is the force required to split the log. Because the splitter operates by ramming a wedge on the log this force is what causes the splitting force. The more tonnage you have of the log, the more round your log splitter is able to split. Gas log splitters possess the greatest splitting power, with the strongest of them weighing between 40 and 60 tons. Electric log splitters are next with the splitting force ranging between 4 to 20 tons. Manual log splitters possess the least force for splitting and typically range between 6 and 14 tons.

If you’re planning to split a stack of green logs, make sure you use the log splitter that has greater force for splitting, keeping in mind that the green logs are more difficult to split than older ones, and thus require more energy and strength to split.

Power and engine

The engine’s power determines how strong the log splitter is which determines the size of the logs it is able to split. Log splitters that have big engines and more amperage will effortlessly split huge hard logs. Log splitters who have smaller engines and lower amperage will only split small logs, and might not be able to split the green logs. The most important aspects to consider include the horsepower, amperes and the splitting force. Log splitters that have higher ratings in each of these categories have more capacity and are better to break up tough logs those that have lower power ratings have lower capacities and are best suited to splitting small, simple to divide logs.

Dimension and length of logs

This is the length of the log and the diameter of the log that the splitter can split. Certain log splitters are able to split logs with a diameter of six inches wide, whereas others can only take the size of a log that is at least 20 inches long. The dimensions are vital because they determine the amount of the logs that your splitter will be able to split. If you plan to split a lot of larger-sized logs, it’s recommended to select a splitter that has an increased maximum log diameter and length. If not, your log splitter will be restricted to splitting small logs. Additionally, there are log splitters with a maximum size of 40″ diameter, and a maximum length of just 30 inches. Log splitters that offer huge length and diameter allowances are those like the RuggedMade 37-Ton Horizontal gas Log Splitter, Swisher LS22E and the Swisher LSD14534 34 Ton Timber Brute. With a log splitter like this it is possible to efficiently divide larger logs. Some splitters feature an unlimited maximum diameter, which means they can accommodate logs of any size. This is the ideal option for logs with heavy-duty properties that aren’t suitable for those smaller splitters. Some good examples are those of the Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter and the Logosol Smart Splitter.

Time to cycle

Cycle time is the length of time it takes the RAM of the log splitter to split a log , and then return to the beginning position for the second time. The quicker the cycle time is, the more quickly the splitter’s work is completed and the greater number of logs it can split. With a splitter like this it’ll take less time to divide logs. Log splitters that are super-fast, many of them kinetic, are able to run at a maximum speed of one second. One good instance is the powerhouse log splitters, XM-880. However, even five to fifteen seconds of cycle time is considered quick and can traverse an entire pile of logs quite quickly.

Two-handed or single-handed operation

Certain log splitters require a two-hand operation. In this case, you must make use of both hands to turn two levers. For this kind of splitter it is necessary to pull both levers to turn the wedge. If you only press only one lever down, it will not move. This is considered to be more secure because in the event of a mechanical issue it will have a low danger of injury to you. It can be utilized in both powered and manual log splitters.

The other type of log splitter requires one hand to pull or push through one lever in order to turn the wedge. The hand that is placed in the wrong spot while using this kind of log splitter could result in a serious injury when the hand comes into proximity to the wedge. Avoid moving the log using your hands after you’ve started the splitting process since this can result in serious injuries.

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Your log splitter is equipped with wheels that make it easy transporting it. When you have wheels that are of high quality it only one person is required to move the log splitter as it is sturdy. Make sure that the wheels move effortlessly and don’t get stuck or slide in a sideways direction. Certain log splitters are equipped with an e-transport handle that makes it easier to move them. You can also move the log splitter slightly when purchasing at a physical shop.

If you purchase online, make certain to test the log splitter immediately after it is delivered. If you discover an issue in the wheels, contact the seller or the manufacturer immediately, and they will be able to get a new one.

When the splitter has a ball-hitch, it is possible to move it to another location if you need. Simply hook it up to your vehicle and get moving. Some prefer to pull it with a lawn mower. Choose whatever is most convenient for you But first, make sure to check what the manufacturer’s guidelines are to ensure that you don’t risk harming the splitter or placing yourself or other road users in danger. Be mindful of your speed when towing your log splitter. Follow the speed limit for the location where you’ll be towing your log splitter , and you shouldn’t have any issues. The best log splitters to tow comprise that of the RuggedMade 37 Ton Horizontal Gas Log Splitter as well as the Swisher LSED14534 34 Ton Timber Brute.


A quality log splitter is covered by an assurance from the manufacturer. Beware of purchasing one that doesn’t have a warranty as in the event of problems it will be your own. With the amount you’re paying for this machine, it’s proper to get the manufacturer’s support. Certain manufacturers provide an all-inclusive guarantee that covers the parts, hydraulics and the workmanship, whereas others offer different warranties for each . This includes an assurance for the hydraulic part and one for the components and the workmanship. Warranty periods can span from one to five years, so you should weigh your options carefully and take note of the coverage and what’s not covered so that you’re not unhappy if, some time down the line, you’ll need repairs or replacement parts.

Note that if two warranties are provided that the one on the device used for splitting logs is likely to be shorter than that provided for labor and parts.

How do you make use of the log splitter?

Log splitters are very simple to operate. All you need to do is be cautious to minimize the chance of injuries. You can do this by becoming familiar using the log splitter prior using it and understanding the different components that are in motion while the log splitter is working. This helps you to keep track of all moving parts and makes sure you don’t put your feet or hands there and get injured. This is a simple, step-by-step guide on how to operate the log splitter

  • Make sure you are able to fuel your device if you’re using gas log splitters. If you are using an electric model be sure it is in close proximity to the outlet for electricity.
  • Start the engine, and, if you are using gas log splitters to split logs, switch the fuel valve to turn it on.
  • Set a log down on the table that splits.
  • Press the lever to pull down the axe, sustaining the motion until the log is completely split.
  • Leverage to raise the wedge.
  • Take the split logs off.
  • Repeat the procedure for all logs.

Tips for maintaining

Out of the three varieties of splitters for logs, manual ones are the most simple to maintain. They aren’t a cost to run and could require only minimal care. Log splitters that are electric maintenance-free and, aside from the expense of electricity they have very little operate costs. Log splitters made of gas are most involved of three. They cost more to run when you use them, since you have to replenish the gas every time it’s low. Since gas is much more costly than electricity, it’s likely that you’ll end up paying more. They also require stricter maintenance regimen as opposed to other splitters. Here are some guidelines to ensure your log splitter is in good condition:

  • Do not use the log splitter if in poor mechanical condition. It’s a good idea to check the splitter prior to every use.
  • Secure any loose nuts, bolts, screws and hose clamps and replace damaged or worn components, making sure that the replacement parts you choose to use are in line with the specifications of the manufacturer.
  • Verify the level of oil prior to every use. The safety level that is recommended is shown by the markings in the dipstick.
  • Do not store or use this splitter within a moist environment. Keep it in a cool, dry location, preferring inside.
  • Refill the hydraulic fluid in the manner suggested by the company that makes the recommendation.

Safety concerns

A majority of manufacturers employ a variety of safety features that help keep the log splitter as secure as it can be during use. They might not be included for all splitters. Make sure to determine the model you’re considering buying comes with at least one of these.

  • Certain log splitters come with non-slip rubber grips to make you feel comfortable when operating the levers, and make sure you don’t let go on the lever.
  • Some have clamps that keep the log in place during cutting.
  • Some emergency stops instantly stop the engine , resulting in greater security.

Other safety precautions you should employ while operating the splitter are:

  • Don’t contact the towing handle, the table that splits or the RAM while the splitter is in operation. Also, do not touch the splitter during the operation. For instance, removing your venting plugs from reservoir of hydraulics while operating the splitter may result in serious injury due to hot oil.
  • Always stop the wheels of the splitter with wooden blocks or bricks to stop your log splitter in place.
  • Always use the splitter in the designated “operator zone” so that you have easy accessibility to levers, and you can easily push them when needed. The user’s manual should have this information clearly illustrated.
  • Don’t attempt to cut the logs into two pieces or stack them in addition to one another. This could result in serious injuries.
  • Do not attempt to cross-split the log. Make sure you split the log lengthwise. The log splitter was designed to be used across all the way along the length and instead of across the log. If it is divided horizontally, the log could rupture and cause injuries.
  • Never look for leaks in hydraulic fluid with your hands. Instead, put a piece of paper over the area that you believe to be leaking and check for any signs of the appearance of discoloration.
  • Do not make any modifications whatsoever to any motor or mechanical part. Make use of the log splitter according to how it was made and assembled from the manufacturer.
  • Do not use your splitter in the snow or in the rain. In wet weather, you are dangerous for safety.


What is the best way to move the splitter log?

Log splitters are equipped with wheels to make transportation easy. Except for some, log splitters are too heavy and bulky to carry and lift, which is why putting them on wheels is the most secure method of moving from one location to another. You could also use your vehicle to pull it in case you have to transport it to an inaccessible location.

What kinds of wood can I cut?

It is possible to split any kind of woods with the log splitter. Log splitters are strong enough to cut green logs tough wood species such as oak, hickory as well as walnut, birch beech, cherry and many other logs from trees. Their capacity is high, which lets you use them for any kind of wood whether wet or dry. Be aware that it could require longer for splitting green wood because it’s more difficult. With a log splitter you are able to split larger logs than an split maul or axe. The majority of log splitters are able to split logs that are size of 25 inches, something that is almost impossible to accomplish using an axe.

Do I have to sharpen the split wedge of the log splitter?

Yes, once it becomes sharp. You’ll be able to utilize the log splitter a time until the wedge is sharp and requires sharpening. The time it takes before you get an unwieldy wedge is contingent upon the amount of log splitting you perform, and therefore can vary between individuals. One of the most crucial things to do is to keep an eye on the wedge for any signs of bluntness, before taking the step to sharpen it. A combination of two metal files, a coarse one and fine metal files will work. Utilizing the coarse metal file, start by smoothing out any flaws on each face of the wedge. After that, gradually smooth the edges of each side to start the process of sharpening. Then finish by filing the metal with a fine file, making sure you file all the long length of your wedge a similar amount of times on both sides.

Do I need a commercial log splitter to meet my home requirements?

Yes, as long as you stick to the size that best suits the requirements of your log splitting. For use at home, small log splitters, typically smaller than 20 tons can suffice. If you’re splitting bigger logs than the norm for home use, you’ll need a larger log splitter, likely within the 20-40-ton range.

Extension cords do I need to make the electric log splitter?

Check first if the maker of the log splitter has provided specific guidelines regarding extension cords. If they have, you can use the extension cords. If not then use an extension cord that’s enough. A cord that is thick is able to handle the necessary current, whereas smaller cords can’t. The use of a thinner cord could result in a drop in power and line voltage loss, which could cause the Log splitter’s temperature to rise. A gauge on the extension codes is what determines the thickness of the cord. The lower that gauge is the more thick the cord.

Do not exceed 50 feet because the longer the cord gets shorter, the lower the power that can reach to the log splitter. Make sure the cord is as short as you can to ensure the greatest amount of electric power gets to the splitter.

Also, when using gas log splitters, and when you use electric log splitters outside, make sure whether the cord that you are using is specifically designed specifically for use outdoors. The use of a cord intended for indoor use outdoors poses a risk to your safety.

Our Verdict

We loved the ability to make use of the Swisher L22E in both vertical and horizontal positions. It is a powerful splitter that has a power of up to 22 tonnes. It it was able to break down logs that were much larger than the logs you’d, typically, split to make fire. Its steel construction is solid and components that felt sturdy and solid were the other major winning features for us. It is the reason why it is ranked first.

Our third choice would be The Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter is a tiny manual splitter that makes splitting logs easy and quick. It’s available for sale at a reasonable cost and does not incur any operating costs. Just fix it up to a base then break it up.

The third option we have, The Logosol Smart Splitter is a great manual splitter that is light and therefore easy to use. It’s also quite affordable when in comparison to the more sophisticated alternatives however it doesn’t compromise the quality or safety.

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