7 Best Light Bulb for Studying 2023

It’s almost time to end summer and soon you’ll be returning to college to begin your classes. What better way to mark an upcoming semester than by making your classroom a fresh makeover and making it more study-friendly?

It is possible to gain a lot from having the right lighting and that’s the place the perfect lighting for your study is available. Many people have a difficult to find the light bulb that has the ideal combination of brightness and comfort This article will assist you in your search.

Let’s find out how to choose the most suitable light bulbs.

Light Bulbs for Studying 2022

Then, we will examine a selection of light bulbs that we think could be ideal for studying. This article will highlight the main features of each and also what they can provide.

RatingProduct NameVoltageWattage
1Philips Hue 476861 smart Light Bulb120 volts10 Watts
2Intelligent Smarter Light A21 LED Bulb120 volts20 Watts
3Emart 2 Pack Spectrum Light Bulb Full Spectrum Lighting Bulb110 Volts105 power sources
4Sylvania A19 LED Light Bulb120 Volts8.5 power watts
5Amazon Basics 2-Pack LED Light Bulb120 Volts10.5 Watts
6Intelligent Lighting that is Energy-Smart120 Volts8.5 power watts
7Torchstar 6-Pack A15 LED Light Bulbs110V-130V5 Watts

Top 7 Best Light Bulb for Studying 2022

1. Philips Hue 476861 Smart Reading Light Bulb

We’ll begin by introducing the smart light bulb made by Philips Hue. When we say smart, it means that you are able to control the light bulbs using the voice-controlled assistants (Alexa or Google Assistant) or with the press of the buttons on your smartphone.

It’s much easier than pressing the switch, but you must climb up off your couch or bed in order to perform the task.

The light bulb is listed at 10W, which means it’s sufficient in brightness and is pleasant for eyes.

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We were impressed by our Energy Star certification, which is an indication of energy efficiency. In addition it has an expected life span of 25000 hours or 22 years, which means that you won’t rush to the store anytime very soon.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Simple to manage
  • Excellent customer service


  • Expensive

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2. Intelligent Brighter Lighting Smarter Lighting LED Student Light Bulb

The next item is a set consisting of two bulbs for lighting that is more affordable compared to if you purchased a single product. Each bulb has a power of 20W, and an output of light at 2300 lumens. This will give you the light required for studying.

One of the most notable features for these lamps is the fact that they’re not flickering and don’t have any sharp flashes. This will ensure that you stay at ease while making use of these lights for studying.

If you are environmentallyconscious, you are sure to be pleased that the bulbs have no breakable parts, potentially toxic chemicals, or IR light radiation. These features make them safe and green for the family you love.

In addition, the bulbs are covered by a two-year warranty that gives you confidence to buy and utilize the bulbs.


  • UL-certified
  • Energy-saving
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not all that long-lasting.

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3. Emart 2-Pack of Full Spectrum Light Bulb to Study

Are you fed up with lighting bulbs that are too hot after usage? If yes there is a solution you can look into and give you the ability to take it off when needed.

In addition aside, they also have 4500 lumens, a color temperature of 5500K as well as a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 8085 makes these bulbs fairly light and comfortable for the eyes. Additionally they are also flicker-free and quiet, making them extremely comfortable to use.

We can’t forget the fact that the typical lifespan of 8000 hours which makes bulbs a value-for-money option. When you have purchased the bulb it will take a long time before you will need the replacement item.


  • Attractive spiral design
  • Flicker-free
  • A set of two


  • Release a chemical smell that is unpleasant

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4. Sylvania A19 Light Bulb with LED for students.

Who wouldn’t be amazed with the way that Sylvania provides us a set with 24 bulbs to ensure you’ll have alternatives nearby? Furthermore this set is great for those who live in homes that is filled with rooms that require to be equipped with brand new lighting bulbs.

Each one is classified as 9W and produces the equivalent of 750 lumens. This may not be so excessive however, it will certainly not be a disappointment and give you the brightness you require.

You might also be drawn by the bulbs’ higher energy efficiency than conventional incandescent bulbs. This can lower the cost of energy and will save you lots of money .

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We were however slightly disappointed to find in the fact that these bulbs aren’t dimmable.


  • Long life span
  • It releases soft white light
  • Cost-effective


  • Non-dimmable

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5. The Amazon Basics 2-Pack LED over Reading Table Lighting Bulb

There are a variety of reasons for this set consisting of 2 lights with LED bulbs made by Amazon Basics makes it to our list. Let’s begin with the luminosity of 800 lumens that can be enough to illuminate any room you like. Furthermore, you don’t need to wait around until the unit reaches the maximum brightness.

We also loved the 2700K color temperature which gives off soft white bright. The benefit to this particular feature is your space will be comfortable to read in.

They also come with a low cost due to their decent life span of 15,000 hours as well as the energy efficient design, which requires just 10.5W. This means you will save a significant amount of cash through reduced cost of replacement and lower energy costs.


  • Create a warm and welcoming environment
  • Energy consumption is low.
  • Long life span


  • Base is heating up quickly

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6. Intelligent Lighting for Energy Saving 16 Pack A19 Light Bulb

If you feel that the set of two LED light bulbs made by Energy Smarter Lighting does not offer value for budget, you might want to test the 16-pack of the same manufacturer. There are more lights inside the same package, you’ll have enough bulbs to be able to place in various rooms of the home, and also solid backups.

Other noteworthy features include the brightness of 750 lumens, which guarantees that no room is too dark for you to study comfortably. Furthermore, every bulb will reach maximum brightness after being turned on, so you don’t have to wait to achieve that brightness.

They are energy efficient and have the same power as 60W lamps incandescent. Thus, your energy costs are likely to decrease by a significant amount.

The bulbs are covered by a two-year warranty that gives you the confidence and security you require to purchase the product. This makes it safe.


  • UL-certified
  • Eco-friendly
  • Flicker-free


  • Burn out in a matter of weeks

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7. Torchstar 6-Pack A15 LED Light Bulbs Best for Study

Are you in search of the perfect light bulb for the desk or wall lamp? Torchstar offers a set of six miniature light bulbs that work well for fixtures equipped with sockets E26/E27. The bulbs are particularly suitable for fixtures with smaller dimensions and heights.

It is also worth noting that the base E26/E27 gives universal compatibility for the bulbs with numerous light fixtures, making them easy to set up.

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Another noteworthy feature is the lens’s smooth surface that allows light to be dispersed evenly. This improves eye comfort by removing the appearance of hotspots that are uneven as well as glares, and it is also flicker-free.

Because the bulb is a great replacement for an incandescent 40W bulb, you can anticipate your electric bills to drop by as much as 88%..

The LED’s 5000K color gives a tranquil atmosphere that ensures the bulb is safe for children’s rooms.


  • The warranty is valid for two years.
  • Universal compatibility
  • Eye-friendly


  • Non-dimmable

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Important Things to Consider when choosing Lighting Bulbs for studying

This guide will assist you in narrowing your search among the numerous alternatives available on the market. At the end of the day you’ll have spent less time and effort to discover the best product for you.


Ideally, the ideal lighting for studying ought to have 50 lumens per square inch. However, the requirement for lumens is dependent on age, and children require fewer lumens than those who are older to ensure their eyes are healthy.

Glares and Shadows

In general, the ideal lighting source for studying shouldn’t cause glares or shadows to improve vision and eye security.

Other aspects you can consider include:

  • Color temperature
  • Compensation light
  • Energy consumption
  • Lifespan

FAQs about Bulbs to help you study

This section will cover some of the issues we encountered while researching the best light bulbs to use for studying. We’re hoping to address many of your concerns as well.

Between Fluorescent and LED lamps Which is the better choice to study with?

LEDs are the best choice since they tend to be environmentally friendly, produce less emissions risk, and longer lasting.

How many lumens are required in order to properly study?

The optimal light output for reading is within the range of 450 to 550 lumens. Experts consider this to be adequate and safe for your eyes.

Do I need to choose a task lighting for the children?

You should, since it can safeguard your child‘s eyes when they are studying. This is due to the fact that task lamps are able to block more light and provide more pure white light than ambient lighting.

The #1 Pick of Our Top Choice

After looking over the lights, we picked our Philips Hue 476861 Smart Light Bulb as our top pick among them all. It’s an intelligent light bulb that is simple to manage, efficient in energy use and boasts a long life span.

The customer support is exceptional and any questions are answered promptly.

Final Word

While studying is an essential aspect to our life, we must be careful not to compromise our eyes health during the course of our studies. This means getting light that’s sufficiently bright to improve vision and comfortable enough to allow comfortable reading.

We think our guide covers everything you need to know about lighting so that you’re well placed to determine the ideal lighting to study in.

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