10 Best LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling 2023

If you’re wondering what lighting options are best for your ceiling in the kitchen We recommend you test LED lighting. They have the highest performance with regard to brightness, are energy efficient, and will not increase your electricity bills.

But, choosing the right lighting for your kitchen ceilings could be challenging because of the numerous alternatives there are. We will guide you through the different options of LED lighting options to aid you in choosing the ideal item easily.

At the end of the day, we hope that you discover something that can ensure that you don’t crash your head against cabinets in the kitchen or accidentally cook bugs for breakfast!

LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling: Comparison

As we have mentioned before, there are a lot of choices for LED lighting in kitchens, and you will be overwhelmed with choices. We will look at some of the best brands available to provide you with an understanding of what they’re about.

The RankingProduct NameWattageVoltage
1Cloudy Bay 10-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light17 Watts120 Volts
2Taloya 15.8-Inch Lighting for Ceilings with LED24 Watts120 Volts
3Antlux 60W LED Flush Mount Puff Lights60 Watts120 Volts
4Light Blue LB72119 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light15 Watts120 Volts
5 Lighting Ever Flush Mount 24W Ceiling Light Fixture24 Watts120 Volts
6Vicnie 14-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light20 Watts120 Volts
7Lights and Air – Lights Flush Mount Ceiling Light20 Watts120 Volts
8Tycholite LED Light Fixtures80 Watts120 Volts
9I-Lightings LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light30 Watts110-120 Volts
10Taloya 12″ Flush Mount Led Ceiling Lights- 2-Pack20 Watts120 Volts

10 Best LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling 2022

1. Cloudy Bay 10-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

On the most prominent of the list are LED lights that could be ideal for kitchens as well as any other indoor space. We thought it would be prudent to advise you that you might need to install a few of these lights in your kitchen in order to get greater luminosity.

We were impressed by the fact it that Cloudy Bay LED light features dimmers you can use to alter the output of light according to your preferences. If you don’t like it to be too bright you can dim the lights to help you.

We can also discuss our CRI90+ certification, which promises you better-quality images and more distinct colors than you’d get with normal lighting. We were pleasantly surprised by the way the rendering of colors for objects corresponds to the real world.


  • Dimmable
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • It is covered by a warranty of five years.


  • The diameter is tiny

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2. Taloya 15.8-Inch LED Ceiling Light

If you were feeling that the first light was tiny, Taloya brand gives us an LED light with a measurement of 15.8-inches which is adequate. It’s because it provides greater versatility and can use it in various places.

One of the most appealing features for this lighting is the fact that it comes with three different color temperatures, i.e., 3000K 4000K, 6000K, and 3000K. You can also use this switch in order to choose choose the appropriate temperature for your current environment.

The other thing to note to note is the fact that this light fixture is classified as 24W. This is the same wattage as the standard 240W incandescent ceiling fixture. This is crucial to help you pay lower electricity costs.

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Do not fret about the installation because the distinctive design of the mounting ring ensures that only one screwdriver is needed to complete the set-up.


  • Quite large
  • Well-built
  • Low power consumption


  • Not all that brilliant

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3. Antlux 60W LED Flush Mount Puff Lights

What are we aware of regarding the Antlux brand? Well, we can inform you that Antlux’s light fixtures are among the most durable and of the brightest on the market. These are just a few reasons that this LED ceiling light is perfect for kitchens.

The rectangular ceiling light is a stunning size of 48-inches , meaning that one can be enough. If you pair this length with the power at 60W you will get an outstanding brightness from this light.

It is also worth noting the luminosity that is 6600 lumens. This is quite high and allows you to clearly see the kitchen with clarity. The colour temperature of 6000K will aid in making the various areas of your kitchen visible.

The 3-year warranty promises to provide you with confidence and assurance that you’re buying an extremely durable and top-quality product.


  • Ideal for big dimensions
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Very brilliant


  • The build quality is not great. quality

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4. Light Blue LB72119 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The next option is a 12-inch fluorescent ceiling fixture that’s ideal for those who are fed up with the rising energy bills. With a power consumption of just 15W, power consumption is low, which will help bring your energy costs lower.

Light Blue ceiling light Light Blue ceiling light has an output of 1200 lumens. When you pair this with the cool white color that is 4000K temperatures, it is possible to anticipate an incredibly bright and warm interior which anyone will appreciate.

You might also be satisfied by the ability to dim which lets you set the brightness to your preferred level.

What about the gorgeous design and the brushed nickel finish, which will add to the elegance of your kitchen?

Finally, the product is ETL-certified. This means that the product has been thoroughly tested and has met the necessary safety standards.


  • ETL-certified for security
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile for different rooms


  • The short useful life

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5. Lighting Ever (LE) Flush Mount 24W Ceiling Light Fixture

Are you in search of an affordable LED light in your kitchen? If yes, LE presents you with one of the cheapest fixtures in our selection. With its reasonable price we were pleased with the light fixture’s features. It comes in the size of 13 inches.

Apart from that the light is listed at 24W and has the highest luminosity that is 2400 lumens. If you combine these features with its 5000K colour temperature, one can be sure of an adequate light output, regardless of whether you spent any money for the light.

Another feature you might enjoy is the IP54 dust and water resistance. This ensures it is completely sealed to provide the security necessary to protect against water splashes.

Then, last but not least the sleek design makes sure the fixture this fixture is able to blend effortlessly into any style of interior.


  • Non-bug-attracting
  • Energy-saving
  • Long-term longevity


  • Quality of construction is poor

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6. Vicnie 14-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Vicnie is a well-known brand of LED ceiling lighting because of the attractive creative designs that look amazing in your kitchen. However, these lights are the most expensive and you need to be prepared to shell out additional money to purchase them.

The specific flush-mount ceiling lamp utilizes 3000K light bulbs, which results in an inviting light output which creates a warm and inviting space within your home. It also enhances the light’s artistic appeal.

The light is then an wattage of just 20W and produces the light’s output being 1400 lumens. This may be a decent performance, but it’s likely to suffice to meet the requirements of your kitchen’s lighting.

We loved the spacious size of 14 inches, which adds to the attractiveness of the light.

In addition, the product comes with three-year guarantee to assure that you are investing in a safe and secure way.


  • Attractive artistic design
  • A warm and cozy light output
  • Well-built


  • Low brightness and low lumen count.

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7. Airand Lights LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Airand LED ceiling light Airand Ceiling light with LED was developed to ensure your safety and comfort in mind. For instance, it is no buzzing and is also non-flickering to provide the best protection to your eyes. Furthermore, it is green because it doesn’t release any mercury or lead, and also UV or IR radiations that could be harmful for the earth.

The next light source is the ceiling. It can provide the output of 1800 lumens. This is a high luminosity and is enough to illuminate your huge kitchen.

Let’s talk about the importance that comes with its IP44 waterproof rating, which means you can make use of this fixture to cover the ceiling of your bathroom. This is due to the fact that it’s completely sealed from splashing water as you would expect from a bathroom.

The ceiling light comes with an estimated lifespan of more than 30000 hours. It will therefore be quite a while before you need to purchase an upgrade.


  • Buzz-free and flicker-free
  • Energy-saving
  • Long-term


  • Installation that is complex

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8. Tycholite LED Light Fixtures

Tycholite isn’t a large brand like the others that we have examined however, it has lots to provide. For instance, it’s quite large, with a dimension of 48-inches. It also has an amazing wattage that is 80 watts.

It has an optimum intensity of 8800 lumens. This will create one of the most bright models on our list . It can illuminate your kitchen to the ideal brightness. Additionally it has a neutral temperature of 4000K that creates a soothing environment in your home.

Quality of the build is top-notch and is a major factor in its durability since it doesn’t break easily.

The lighting fixture is covered by a 5-year warranty that gives you peace of mind because you’ll be less at chance loss of your investment.


  • Installation is simple
  • Excellent build
  • A long warranty of 5 years


  • Costly

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9. I-Lightings LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The i-Lightings flush ceiling light is a different fixture that can help you cut your energy costs by a substantial amount. Since a single lighting fixture that is 36W comparable to the 200W incandescent light you’re familiar with, you could save up to 85percent on your electricity bills.

Additionally the ceiling light comes with 30W of power and produces a brightness that is 2000 lumens. If you add this to the huge surface that reflects the light, this fixture does not block any part of the room to ensure maximum visibility.

We loved the simple installation as well as the basic design , which can be used for many different locations, including those in kitchens, bedroom, and the balcony.

When it comes to the durability the heavier die-cast chassis with improved heat dissipation provides the light longer life and stability.

Additionally, it is important to note the fact that it is a flicker-free fixture, which provides a smoother lighting experience and eye protection and comfort.


  • Installation is simple
  • Multi-faceted
  • Great heat dissipation


  • Poor packaging

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10. Taloya 12-Inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light- 2-Pack

Again, we will examine a product under the Taloya brand, this is two items in a set. This will give you the most worth for the investment, and includes an emergency plan in the event that there is a problem with the ceiling lighting.

One of the things we like about these lights was their slim profile design. They don’t be a nuisance to the doors of other kitchens or in any other room they are installed in. Furthermore, they feature an extra-smooth finish that will help to keep their beautiful appearance for many years to remain for a long time to.

Although the lights are not dimmable however, they provide three different colors to select among, i.e., 3000K 4000K, 3000K and 6500K. This allows you to choose the temperature you feel most comfortable with.

What is the seal? In this instance we can ensure you that insects won’t get into the light, and it’s also dustproof, ensuring that you receive the most accurate light for all times.

We will end by saying that customer service is excellent and the knowledgeable team will always be ready to reply to your questions in a timely manner.


  • Completely sealed
  • Widely used
  • Low profile design


  • Non-dimmable

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Buying Guide for Kitchen Ceiling LED Lighting

How did we come to the lights we believe to be to be the top on the market? We made this happen by focusing on the most important features that make sure that the lights are effective in providing the service you’ve been searching for.

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If you can are able to master these aspects then you are assured that you will have no problem selecting the most efficient LED lights for ceilings in kitchens. These are the factors to consider:


What makes a light fixture’s dimensions such a significant aspect to take into account? It may be because it affects the level of smoothness and evenness the light provided into your home kitchen.

Apart from the dimensions but also the shape is an important factor to consider where the choices are circular and rectangular LED lights. The rectangular lights are bigger and are typically 50 and 80 inches in length. This contrasts with the 15-inch diameters of circular units.

You may have realized that the bigger product will likely provide more lighting.


Another important aspect to think about before you choose the right LED light is the wattage rating. This will provide you with an idea of how strong you can anticipate your light to be, in terms of performance or intensity.

A higher wattage can provide more brightness, however, the majority of models with higher ratings are on the more expensive range.

The number of Lumens

Lumens refers to the number of units of brightness. The greater the lumen count the brighter the unit will more likely to appear. You can establish a connection between the wattage and brightness as both numbers are often increasing proportionally, i.e., high power is associated with greater brightness.

The Build Quality

The quality of the construction will determine the length of time you can count on your LED light fixture to last you. A properly constructed fixture won’t fall apart in the event of a bump that is accidental or a bump, and a fixture with great heat dissipation capabilities is likely be able to endure for a lengthy duration.

When you are looking for the perfect lights for your LED ceiling in the kitchen, look for a life span of more than 25 years to ensure that it will last for a long length of time.

Color Temperature

This is the color that LED light emits and is a factor to consider. The ratings are generally provided in Kelvin 2500-3000K, which is more warm lights, while 5000K to 6000K are cooler lights.

In the dark, the warm light can be yellowish and cool light can be white or a bit blue. If you’re looking for a versatile product, look for one that can provide you with an adjustable temperature for color.

Warranty Conditions

A warranty will provide you with an idea of the length an item of lighting is most likely to endure. The normal warranty duration is between two and three years. You may be fortunate to locate one that extends to up to six years, which is extraordinary.

Questions about LED Lighting for kitchen Ceiling

We will discuss this topic in our conversation. we’ll take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about LED kitchen ceiling lights that will help you gain more knowledge about the subject.

Here are a few of those concerns.

Are LED lighting fixtures ideal for kitchens?

Yes they are. Apart from giving your kitchen the brightness and brightness you require, they are beneficial to keep your energy consumption to the lowest.

What is the ideal location for ceiling lighting in the kitchen?

The ideal location for the lights is near the counters , while making sure you have enough space between them to ensure an even illumination for the space. Make sure that the lights are at least 4 feet apart for an even lighting.

What number of LEDs will I require to light my kitchen’s ceiling?

It is all dependent on the size the kitchen you have. But, the average kitchen requires 4500 lumens of lighting for proper illumination. This is roughly four LED ceiling lights of 10 inches with a wattage of 17W.

No. 1 on our Top 5 Picks

After carefully studying and comparing the many characteristics of the above lighting fixtures, we came to the conclusion that Cloudy Bay 10-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is the top overall. It’s dimmable, comes with CRI90+ certification, and comes with a five years of warranty to show its lifespan.

When you combine that with the combination it is possible for that the light from LEDs to shine brightly in your kitchen exactly how you would like it to.

Final Word

You should be aware of the advantages of LED lighting in your kitchen. In addition to providing the brightness, you require LED lighting can also play an important role in reducing your energy costs.

If you are able to locate the perfect LED light fixture for that kitchen’s ceiling rest at ease knowing that you’ve landed an enduring supply of illumination that can keep you going for a long time.

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