7 Best Inverter Generators 2023

In our modern times we live in, the majority of our activities are completely dependent on electricity. It’s the way we operate every day. The tragic result is that a majority of our daily activities can come to a standstill when there’s a power failure caused by a mechanical problem or circumstances. But, you can stay clear of such situations and ensure that your devices and appliances are running in the event of an outage if you own the top inverter generator. They are used as backup power and ensure that your appliances and gadgets remain operational continuously.

Inverter generators, due to their stability in power along with their convenience, portability and stability make them the most portable power source in a variety of situations. They provide a simple option to charge your devices and equipment at any time and wherever you’d like. They provide plenty of power, and are ideal for devices with greater sensitivity which is a major advantage for those who love travelling. In this article we looked at a variety of key factors like power output and size, type, and the weight.

But, purchasing something similar to an inverter generator isn’t an easy task, though it is not surprising. There are a lot of things you must take into consideration, and if proper attention isn’t given when buying an inverter generator, it’s easy to settle for the incorrect model. This is why in this piece, which we’ve put a lot of time into writing, we’ll guide you through the realm of generators for inverters, where everything you need to be aware of the machines will be explained. The reader will receive an overview of the comparison table that includes every product included as well as an in-depth description of each model along with its pros and pros and purchasing guide as well as a list with frequently asked queries. Are you looking forward to diving into the realm of generators that invert? Let’s go!

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Honda EU2200i “Capable of supplying 1500W of power for 9.5 hours This inverter generator can complete its work without causing any disturbance – thanks to its silent operation.”
  • The Most Superb:
    Champion Power Equipment 100302 “This model can generate more than 3500W for nearly 17 hours, making it an ideal model for large families in-home use.”
  • Quietest Operation:
    WI 56200i “This generator is ideal for basic household appliances since it produces pure sine wave energy that can securely charge mobile phones and laptops.”
  • Most Versatile:
    Westinghouse The WH2200iXLT “Compact design and a simple-to-carry handle make it one of the most mobile generators of its type.”
  • Most user-friendly:
    Generac G2200i “With this option, you’ll be able to efficiently save money on energy when you don’t need the energy, or connect a generator in case you’re in need of more.”
  • Most Fuel-Efficient:
    Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter, 100263 “This model is extremely adaptable – it can operated on gasoline or propane, depending on the requirements of your business.”
  • Budget Choice:
    KRIEGER KR1100 “Extremely lightweight and compact ideal to charge smaller appliances.”

Top 7 Best Inverter Generators 2022

Honda EU2200i

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Although it is among the most well-known car makers worldwide, Honda is also a fantastic manufacturer of top-quality generators. The Honda EU2200i ranks high on our list of top inverter generators due to the outstanding performance it provides as well as its remarkable reliability. It’s ideal for all scenarios, due to its efficiency in fuel and its clean power.

The most striking feature of this generator is the eco-throttle function that is built-in to the device. Since you’re not using the 1,800 watts of power at the moment, this option will allow you to conserve fuel , and also allow the machine to run for longer time. According to Honda the generator’s minimum time of operation is 4 hours with a maximum runtime of 9.5 hours.

The general design of this generator is fairly normal. It has two outlets that are 120-volt as well as it has a DC outlet convertor. In addition, it comes with a parallel mode, which permits it to connect to other units. Additionally, it includes indicator lights that show that the generator is overloaded, and also when the level of oil is low. The generator’s motor is also designed to remain cool, which allows it to work more efficiently.

What are we loving this for?

  • Eco throttle mode
  • Low oil indicator Light
  • Protection from overload
  • Rubber feet enhances stability
  • Handle for easy carrying

What did we feel disappointed with?

  • The oil needs to be changed frequently


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Champion Power Equipment 100302

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The first of two inverter generators manufactured by Champion that we have listed is this model: the Champion 4000-WRV inverter generator. The most remarkable aspects of the machine is that it operates 50 percent quieter than traditional generators, while being 10% lighter, too. It is because of the advanced open-frame design of the generator. With an integrated economy setting it is certain to help save fuel as well as prolong the engine’s lifespan.

With its smooth operation, we assure you that this generator will be excellent for tailgating in RVs, tailgating on the road or for your home’s backup. The generator has an operating time of up to 17 hours because of its capacity that is 3,500 watts. Additionally, this inverter generator produces extremely pure power.

Clean power is suitable for sensitive electronics like cellphones and laptops. Thus, you can sleep at ease knowing that the generator can be trusted for delicate electronic gadgets. It also has a an option for parallel-ready this means you will get more power from it by connecting two units.

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But, everything in the world is free of drawbacks and this generator isn’t unique. The main disadvantage is that you must purchase the wheel in a separate purchase, and it is available with a price tag of a lot.

What are we enthralled by to it?

  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Parallel-ready
  • Clean power generation
  • Modern open-frame design

What did we feel disappointed with?

  • Wheel attachments are available separately.


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WI 56200i

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Another reliable inverter generator that is we’ve included can be found in our recommendation for the WEN 56200i inverter generator. If you’re looking for an inverter generator that is low-powered capable of powering the most basic appliances then you should check out this one, as it is one of the most powerful 2000-watt generators available.

With a maximum power of 1,600 Watts, this generator will be ideal for the majority of appliances. The most remarkable thing about this generator is that it creates pure sine waves. We won’t dwell too much about the technical aspects of what this means this simply means that it produces pure power. Clean power is ideal for electronics that are delicate, such as cellphones and computers. Additionally this generator is equipped with a an USB port to ensure that your devices are charged faster.

Like the title This generator is incredibly silent, with a sound level of just 51 dB while operating. To give you an idea, the typical human voice is around 60 dB. So this generator is extremely quiet, especially when utilized outside. Another thing we like with this model is the eco-mode function that’s built in. If this mode is enabled it will make the generator significantly more energy efficient and, consequently, will save more fuel. If you’re only using 1000 watts, as an example it is possible to activate the eco-mode to save a lot of fuel in order to extend the lifespan of the generator.

We also like the fact that the generator is designed to shut down when it’s low in oil. The generator also has indicators that indicate that the oil level is decreasing or the generator is being overloaded. Safety is generally not an issue when using this model.

What is it that makes it different?

  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent performance
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Low operating costs

What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • The warranty is not the longest.


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Westinghouse W2200iXLT

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Westinghouse is a renowned company for its high-end home appliances and power generators including their Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Inverter Generator is no exception. With a weight of only 43 pounds, this portable inverter generator is among the lightest models we have ever seen. 2,200 peak watts as well as 1,800 running power makes it perfect for power outages in emergencies or for camping in an RV with loved ones.

If you’re looking for power output the inverter generator can produce approximately 1,800 watts of operating power. It is equipped with an 1.3-gallon capacity tank for fuel that can last up to 13 hours under 25 percent load. To improve the efficiency of the generator’s fuel it comes with an efficiency mode button that can help you conserve energy you don’t use.

In addition the portable generator also has parallel power, meaning that it is able to be connected with other units to generate more power. It comes with two 120-volt outlets as standard. The generator operates at 52 decibels, which makes it very silent. Overall, the Westinghouse version is a great option for those who don’t have significant power requirements.

What is its greatest attributes?

  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Two 120-volt outlets
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Quiet operation
  • 1.3-gallon tank
  • Up to 13 hours

What can be improved?

  • Limited fuel capacity
  • It can be challenging

Generac G2200i

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For those who enjoy on camping, fishing and hiking or those who want an efficient source of power to enjoy outdoor pursuits, the Generac G2200i is an excellent option that you should consider. It is extremely quiet to operate and, with a fully-filled tank, it’s capable of delivering a runtime of 10.75 hours of continuous operation at 24% load , with no problems. It also comes with an eco-mode function that helps reduce the consumption of fuel. The generator is also equipped with an option for parallel operation that allows you to connect two units for more power.

The parallel feature lets you to extract the maximum amount of power from two units, so that you are able to run your RV’s air conditioning, lighting or cell phone, as well as several other electrical appliances at the same time. With an inbuilt handle it is effortless for you to transport from spot to the next, and you can put it up in the glance.

It is a Generac inverter generator has numerous features to take note of. It comes with everything you need to start from the beginning. Additionally, it’s light and extremely easy to operate which means you can utilize it any time and anywhere you’d like. Be sure to check the levels of gas and oil and maintain them at suitable levels for continuous use of this device.

How did this make the list?

  • Peal power of 2,200 Watts and 1,700 watts for running power
  • Construction compact
  • Transport and use is easy.
  • Ideal for novices

What’s not perfect in it?

  • More ineffective than models of the similar class.


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Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter, 100263

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When you are choosing an inverter generator power source, one of the most important aspects to think about is the source of power and this Champion 3400-Watt inverter generator is able to be powered by battery or gasoline, making it very adaptable. It has an option that lets you to switch to gasoline when necessary.

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The power that generated by a generator is an important factor that people consider when selecting an inverter generator. This inverter generator has the maximum power of 3,400 watts as well as an operating capacity of 3100 watts. This makes it ideal for running several devices at the at the same time, such as the most powerful appliances, such as microwaves and heaters.

Additionally, this inverter generates energy that is clean. While it is powered by fuel it doesn’t have to worry about it creating an interruption. So, you can utilize it to power sensitive electronics such as your cellphone and laptop. This model comes with a 30A TT-30R outlet, duplex 20A , 120V outlet, as well as 12V converter as well as the RV connector (30 amps).

If portability and compactness are two things you think about when you are looking for a generator, this model by Champion could be the right one that is right for you. It’s a breeze to carry around as it has wheels that are built-in as well as a handle that folds that lets you pull it any way you’d like.

In addition, this generator is equipped with Cold Start Technology, which makes it attractive to many purchasers. It is possible to turn on the generator in the coldest weather and this makes it more flexible and efficient particularly when you take the generator on a camping trip.

What are we enthralled by this for?

  • Wheels with wheels that can be integrated to roll
  • The handle folds in the integrated folding mechanism.
  • Cold Start Technology
  • Easy electric start

What were we dissatisfied with?

  • The power can fluctuate in certain instances.


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The last item on the checklist is KRIEGER Portable UPS Battery Backup Generator. What an amazing unit it is. With a maximum power that is 2200W, we’re sure that this product will give you the energy for camping or various outdoor pursuits. Additionally it also comes with two USB ports and two AC outlets, which allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously at a at the same time.

Additionally, you can charge the battery in this generator, and three ft batteries are provided. With dimensions of 11.8 x 6.7 and 3.5 inches This generator is slim. In addition the fact that the generator comes with a fantastic 3-year manufacturer’s warrantythat will make it more attractive to buyers who are considering buying it.

It weighs just 3.16 pounds This portable generator can be carried easily. It can be taken wherever you’d like. It’s ideal for emergencies runtime power, helping to keep your devices operating. It also features an LCD display that shows the level of battery, output, inputs, warning indicators and temperature shut-off. It’s important to note that this generator is priced at an affordable cost.

Why did it make our list?

  • Included LCD display
  • System for managing batteries
  • Portable and light weight construction
  • MET Approved

What’s not great in it?

  • Power only small appliances

Things to Consider

We want you to pick the most efficient generator for your inverter, and in order to achieve this the benefits provided by the generator should surpass its price. While money is easily counted, it’s not possible to measure value.

What are the advantages of using the inverter generator?

Inverter generators come with a myriad of distinct advantages, making them more desirable than regular generators in certain instances. One of the most significant benefits is their quiet operation. Inverter generators run more peacefully than conventional generators. In general, inverter generators run at levels that are somewhere between those of a library and average conversation, which makes them perfect for office use and camping.

Inverter generators also typically are portable in design. In addition to being small in terms of size, they have a remarkably small design. Because of this, you are able to transport them easier than conventional generators, making them perfect for leisure, camping as well as construction sites.

In addition, inverter generators are extremely fuel efficient, due to their ability to operate at lower RPMS if there is less energy demand. Conventional generators, on other hand, generally run at 3,500 RPMS regardless of regardless of the amount of energy actually used.

What should you look for in an the perfect inverter generator?

To determine the best inverter generator to meet your needs, we’ll begin by looking at the various aspects that you should consider prior to selecting a specific model. Since this is a matter of electricity and power it is crucial to provide ample space and a secure environment to ensure that the generator can function efficiently and without causing for unintentional accidents.


Inverter generators from manufacturers are classified as small, medium or small models. Inverters that are compact can run a single home appliance like a toaster, and a small model could run two appliances at once. Medium inverter generators can be used for operating multiple appliances and handling many electronic loads. If you need more power, you’ll require a larger motor. In this scenario you may need an entire home generator or standby generator could be the best choice for you.

Output power

The size of the generator’s overall will directly impact the amount of power generates. The bigger the generator, the greater power it will be able to produce as well as the models vary from small to medium-sized, with power that is greater than 2000 watts. This is enough to operate the RV AC and many more at the same time. Smaller models can provide 800 watts or less enough to run a couple of smaller appliances at the same at the same time. Therefore, you should choose one that is suitable for your size and requirements.

Quiet operation

While inverter generators are significantly quieter than conventional generators, there are still a few variations between models. It is therefore essential to look up the generator’s noise ratings in your shopping list. Although that might not be a determining element, it’s important to keep in your mind. For portable generators, it is usually measured by decibels (dB). In the case of the inverter generator anything higher than 60 dB at the half-load for is more than average.

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Safety for delicate electronics

It is also essential to make sure that the generator used to invert your circuit is secure for sensitive electronic devices. Equipment that is delicate, such as TV sets, tablets mobile phones, laptops, can’t handle fluctuation very well. Inverters removes the fluctuations and gives the pure sine wave signal.


There are times when you’re seeking an inverter generator that could be permanently installed in the location you want to install it at. But, regardless of whether you plan to utilize the inverter generator inside the vehicle, RV or boat, as well as other forms of transportation it is essential to take the dimensions and weight of the inverter generator into account. Because of the advancements in the field of electrical technology today, there are powerful inverter generators which are light and compact that they can be easily moved from one location to the next.


The majority of people believe that warranty conditions of a product say a lot regarding the high quality and durability of the item as well as the faith that the makers are having in the product, and we believe that this assumption is true.

Before purchasing an inverter generator make sure it’s covered by an extremely good warranty, unless you have only a couple hundred dollars to invest in an inverter generator after some time.

Extra Features

It’s also an excellent idea to research additional features like parallel-ready function remote start, parallel-ready function and eco-mode prior to purchasing the inverter. Parallel mode lets the connection of two generators in order so that you can squeeze more power from the two. Although features like this can be highly beneficial, you should be prepared to pay extra for it.


What amount of generator power do I require? How do I calculate the power I use?

Find out the maximum Watts and running watts that are required for every device you are planning to use. In some instances the running and peak watts will be identical in the case of devices like laptops, lights and televisions all come with the same running and starting power.

Every appliance in your home comes with its own energy source or use. Make sure you check whether the inverter generator that you’re looking at has sufficient power output to meet the initial watts prior to purchasing. You can easily determine the wattage and the energy consumption of appliances at home on


Trusted Source
Estimating Appliance and home Electronic Energy Use Department of Energy
Find out what it will cost to run your appliances, and the amount of power they use.



Which units are most appropriate in RV camping?

The inverter generator ideal for RV use will be one called the Honda EU2200i 2200-watt Portable Inverter Generator. This model is extremely versatile because it can operate a wide array of devices. Because of its versatility it’s ideal for portable use , whether you’re camping, in the RV or even at your home.

It is rated at 48 to 57 decibels It is very quiet. With only a small amount of sound it’s perfect for camping. It ensures a quiet operation and is suitable for RVs with additional power.

What generator should be used outdoors in the rain?

One thing to bear in mind is that the electricity generated through an inverter engine could be risky if you’re reckless. Inverter generators that are operated in the rain could result in an increase in the chance of electrocution. Most likely, you would not wish to see your generator in the middle of a attacked by storms.

No matter what kind of inverter generator that you own however, we wouldn’t recommend to take it outdoors in the rain. If you do, ensure that you are protected from the elements. There are many generator shields on the market today We recommend purchase one if you have to operate your generator in the rain.

Our Verdict

In order to decide the best inverter generator to choose from top of the line we’re looking at the power and reliability as well as overall reliability. With this in mind we selected the Honda EU2200i as well as the Champion 4000-WRV and the Westinghouse WH2200Ixlt for our top three choices.

If you’re looking for the most powerful all-around generator, with a touch of all the essential features that you need, this Honda EU2200i is the ideal option. With an eco-throttle function that allows you to cut down on fuel, and a parallel-mode feature which allows it to be connected to another device if additional power is needed It’s not difficult to understand the reason this is our top choice.

If you’re looking for an extremely powerful generator such as it is the Champion Power Equipment 100302 is the best choice. With a power output of 3,500 watts and 17 hours of runtime when the tank is full there aren’t many better alternatives than this one.

Our third choice would be our third pick, the Westinghouse the WH220LXLT because of its amazing flexibility. It weighs only 43 pounds, it’s amazing how the manufacturer have managed to provide a peak capacity of 2200 Watts as well as an output of 1800 watts in this small generator. All of our selections are rated highly and are highly useful should you need to be in a crisis situation.



Estimating Appliance and home Electronic Energy Use Department of Energy

Learn to calculate how much it will cost to run your appliances and the amount of power they consume.


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