10 Best Indoor Grill for Korean BBQ (December 2022)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying Korean BBQ, the initial thought you’ve probably had is, “Can I have this all day long until I end my life?” Of course, the next thought you have could be “Can perhaps Iprepare the dish at my home?”

Korean BBQ is popular and traditional part of Korean cultural identity and. Every home you visit has one thing they all share and that is barbecue grills.

Korean barbecue grill pans have gained popularity in the west after they discovered the delicious flavor of Korean barbecue. This article we’ve put together a selection of the top Korean grill pans that are indoor to let you enjoy it with your loved ones and family.

We’ve compiled our top 10 choices of distinctive outdoor Korean grill pans. Here’s a brief list of our top 3 picks in various categories:

After you’ve had the overviews of some of our favorite grills we’ll dive to our list of top 10 most popular indoor grills to cook Korean BBQ.

10 Best Indoor Grill for Korean BBQ 2022

01. Aroma Housewares, ASP-137 3 in 1 Super Pot With Grill Plate

Aroma Kitchenware Houseware

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  • Dimensions12.8 13.4 x 13.4 7.7 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Form:Circular
  • Capacity:3 Quart
  • The material isAluminum
  • Color:White

Aroma Housewares Superpot equipped with grill plates is an intriguing and necessary equipment for kitchen.

Is it an oven? It could be a slow cooker? A steamer? Do you want all three! This is a three-in-one indoor grill that is able to do all three of them and then some.

You can prepare healthy and nutritious meals without adding any fats or oils. It was designed to provide convenience and speed to your everyday life.

The mobile Korean BBQ grill is equipped with adjustable temperature , with a separate control probe. It can be heated at temperatures up to 350F. The aluminum pot is designed to ensure uniform heat distribution and maintains the temperature.

It is easy to imagine the array of options for meals when you grill with a grill such as Aroma 137. The steamer can be used to cook vegetables and chicken breasts and then place them onto the grill to get an attractively charred surface.

It’s designed to be a multi-functional accessory to your kitchen. It can cook everything that you like from Chinese hot pots to Vietnamese Pho broth on this. You can cook traditional meals like steaks and hamburgers, too.

The bigger 10″ grill and deep 2-quart pot is the right companion for slow cooking, grilling as well as steaming and simmering. It’s also possible to serve food with it since it will keep your food hot for a long period of time. What a versatile gadget it can be!

If you are confined in your space in your kitchen, you should not have five different appliances to cook with. This grill lets you be able to cook with ease and versatility all within one pan. If you are able to purchase just one pan for your kitchen, this is the one you pick. You can cook almost anything within this pan, from grilling hamburgers to stews, and brownies. What else are we looking for to know?


  • Deep, 3 quart pot with grilling surface that is raised.
  • Smoky grill taste at any time of the year.
  • Perfect for grilling or low cooking and simmering and serving.
  • It comes with a the ability to control temperature.
  • It is easy to clean using a the use of a moist towel.
  • A multi-functional device, it is able to be used in numerous methods.


  • When the oven is heated up to a high temperature it shuts down for a short time to cool down. This can be frustrating in certain recipes.

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02. CookKing CookKing Master Grill Pan, Korean Traditional BBQ Grill Pan

CookKing Grill Pan

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  • Dimensions16 inches x 2.3 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.39 pounds
  • Color:Black
  • Materials:Aluminum

CookKing is well-known for its titanium coatings that are non-stick and its long-lasting cookware. If you’re one of those who are following an eat-low-fat lifestyle This is the ideal cookware for your grill.

The titanium coating that is non-stick ensures the highest heat of cooking, without smoke. Titanium is used since it can withstand extremely high temperatures and not harm the food items.

We all enjoy the look of charcoal on grilled food. However, this kind of char is detrimental to our digestion and heart. CookKing is a great option for those who follow a strict fat and cholesterol, carbohydrate or calories diet, but are wanting a smoky flavor to their meal.

We all love grilling, however but it can be difficult to make at the home. The grill can be placed on any stovetop to cook your favorite seafood, meats, or vegetables. It is possible to have a simple barbecue time with your family without any specific food preparation.

The CookKing Master Grill Pan is an Korean traditional-style pan. It was developed and produced in Korea. It is clear what quality that you get from a genuine brand such as this.

If you are looking for an inside Korean grill where you can take advantage of healthy food, without sacrificing flavor This is the grill for you. You will be able to take advantage of a healthy barbecue thanks to this new cooking technique. There’s no extra oil but the food will be infused with an enticing sweet smoke. Perfect for an indoor/outdoor party.


  • The heat is extremely fast and efficiently.
  • Equal distribution of heat throughout the entire pan.
  • It is easy to clean using a clean cloth.
  • It adds a wonderful flavor to everything you put it in.
  • Lightweight and easily transportable.


  • The metal can get rusty if do not properly clean it. It requires regular seasoning and maintenance.

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03. 4YANG 2200W 2-in-One Electric Hot Pot Grill

4YANG Hot Pot Grill

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  • Dimensions20.5 inches x 20.5 8.75 inches 8.75 inches
  • Weight: 13.37 pounds
  • Color:Black
  • The total power is2200W (1200W boiling pot 1,000W barbecue)

If you’re a lover of BBQ and hotpots, then you will love 4YANG’s 2 in 1 hotpot grill. It may sound odd to use a single gadget for both, but 4YANG has made it happen.

You can cook, boil roast, steam, and boil all in one pan. It’s so convenient! The cooker can heat up to 2200w using circular rings that heat up. It takes only 8 minutes after plugging it into the cooker.

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The pot itself is created with a five-layer thickness disc. The pan is made of cast iron, with an upper non-stick coating that helps stop any burning.

The pot is equipped with two buttons to control barbecue and hot pot. You can manage separately and regulate the temperature of each to make for an easier and more enjoyable experience.

You may be thinking about what a challenge it would be to take care of! The electric grill comes with one design split. This lets you remove it from its baking cooking pot to make cleanup easy.

Cast-iron makes it durable and a worthy investment for your gatherings with family. It can accommodate six people or more with this stunning barbeque grill.

This is useful gadget to have in the kitchen. It is extremely fast to heat up and you don’t have to wait around. The pot is big enough to grill and can be used as a hot pot! It is ideal for family-style meals. The pot can be set in the middle of your table and sit down with your family members to enjoy delicious meals.


  • Clean and easy to maintain.
  • Rapid heating, and includes temperature control.
  • A two-in-one indoor grill as well as hotpot.
  • More space is perfect for gatherings with family members.


  • It is not safe to wash in the dishwasher.

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04. Zojirushi EB-CC15 indoor Electric Grill

Zojirushi EB-CC15

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  • Dimensions20.5 inches x 14.1 * 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Color:Black
  • Materials:Plastic, Aluminum

With a grilling pot like the Zojirushi EB15 There are a myriad of options for family-style dinners as well as indoor gatherings. With the craze for microwaved and bland meals, we’ve lost sight of how easy and fun to grill vegetables and meat and enjoy having it with all the family.

Zojirushi grill pan for indoor use can be used to grill chicken, steaks and fish, burgers, and other vegetables. No matter what time of year or a day of rain using this grill, you can cook up delicious barbecue at any time.

It is intended to take excess fats and oils from food items. It collects the fats and oils and then drips them onto the pan. It is then possible to throw the drip pan in the dishwasher to wash it completely.

It is equipped with the ability to control the temperature of food items in a way that guarantees a precise distribution of various food items. The handle is constructed of a fashionable black plastic base. The handle is cool to the touch.

There are other safety features which prevent heating control from being used in the absence of a drip tray made of metal and the cooking grid are placed at the correct place. The grid is protected from falling accidentally while cooking.

The BBQ grill is completely smokeless. If you’re worried getting smoke and sputters which will turn the alarms off it’s the best choice for you. Zojirushi has created this grill to be completely indoor-friendly. You can enjoy deliciously charred and tasty meat, all while staying in the luxury of your living space.


  • It’s easy to put together.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to heat up and is equipped with temperature control.
  • The handles are cool-touch and the housing is also Cool-touch.
  • Non-stick grill surface 12.5″9.4″ 9.4″
  • 1300 watt heating element.
  • Clean and easy to maintain, dishwasher drip tray secure.


  • It takes a little longer to cook the meat over standard grills. This could be the sole negative of this grill.

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05. TechEF (Technical Equipment for Food) Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan

TECHEF Grill Pan

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  • Dimensions14 6 inches x 13 inches
  • Weight: 7.58 pounds
  • Color:Grill Pan with Stove Set
  • The Power SourceElectric

This TECHEF grill pan can be an ideal indoor or outdoor barbecue choice thanks to its tough non-stick coating. They are one of the top non-stick coatings, and they have gas burners that can be carried around in a portable device.

Produced in Korea If you buy Korean barbecue, you will automatically begin to trust the quality of their products. The one thing that Koreans are aware of very well is the art of making barbecue a common item using simple equipment.

The gadget has an elongated chapped design that assists in draining extra oils. If you have excess grease on the grill? It creates smoke. By using this method, you’ll get less smoke but the most flavor.

If your food doesn’t contain excessive oils cooking with this grill can result in healthier meals especially pork belly and other fat meats.

Most grills for indoor use are heavy and bulky which makes storage and cleaning a nightmare to manage. This grill has a sleek design that can be placed in any cabinet.

The swirl design helps remove the excess oil very effectively. This can also stop smoking. If you’re looking to enjoy an authentic barbecue in your home This is a excellent alternative. The pan is large enough to cook family meals. The non-stick effects are amazing since nothing sticks to the pan. This is an extremely versatile pan that you can make any kind of meat charred items, including kebabs, steaks and kebabs!


  • High-quality materials that are durable and have non-stick coatings.
  • Drainage system for excess oil.
  • There is no need for extra oil.
  • The perfect stovetop for you.
  • Easy, non-messy cleanup.
  • Great, smoky BBQ flavors.


  • When there are too many oils in the meat, juices may also get grained. If you’re not careful it’s easy to get dried meat chunks.
  • A bit expensive in comparison to other models.

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06. Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill

Presto 09020

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  • Dimensions: 19.75 x 3.38 13.06 x 13.06 inches
  • Weight: : 5.5 pounds
  • warranty description:1 Year of Limited

In the realm of kitchen appliances, we’ve every heard of Presto at least at least once. If you look into your kitchen, I’m certain there will be something that was made by Presto. There’s a reason Presto is a well-known brand.

Presto’s cool touch indoor grill is one of their fantastic inventions. The grill was designed to be practical and efficient for kitchen use.

It is constructed in such a manner where grease is able to drain from the food items in the drain tray. This eliminates fat from your food.

In the event of burns that happen accidentally, Presto grill pan has a base with a cool-touch surface that surrounds any grilling surfaces. This helps prevent any unintentional incidents from occurring.

Presto’s indoor grill is equipped with a master control system that ensures the proper temperature all by itself when cooking. It is simple for you to scrub clean. It is also possible to throw it into the dishwasher to make it easier.

The grid-like cooking surface produces beautiful char on the meats. It also acts as a draining surface for fats by letting the fats run off. The cooking area is big and spacious. You can squeeze six hamburger patties onto it if you would like! The cost is reasonable in comparison to similar products. This is an excellent product for any kitchen.


  • Simple to use, easy control panel.
  • The temperature control lets you be precise about the temperature.
  • Heat control that can be removed Safe for dishwashers.
  • It is portable wherever there is an outlet.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • It is easy to clean using a sponge.
  • Sweet BBQ flavors.


  • Sweet BBQ flavors.

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07. CookKing Korean Traditional barbecue grill Pan equipped with Cauldron Lid Form

CookKing — Korean Barbecue Grill Pan

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  • Dimensions13.5 13.5 x 2.3 * 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.85 pounds
  • The material isAluminum
  • Color:Black
  • The item has a Nonstick Coating:Yes

If you love authentic Korean barbecue This will be the pan that you should be looking at. With a multi-layer non-stick coating the BBQ pan will be your ideal device to grill pork belly, short ribs of beef, steak or other varieties of fish and meats.

You can put the BBQ pan over your stove top. However, it is most effective when you are using an electric stove that is portable.

You can imagine the enjoyment you will share with your loved ones and your family. You can throw the perfect Koran barbecue and enjoy tasty smoky delights.

The pan is produced in Korea that guarantees top quality. This Korean cast iron BBQ pan is guaranteed to win your heart with its rich, flavour and aroma that is charred.

This is a great present for anyone who loves barbecue but lives in a colder area. You can be certain they’ll love this grill more than anything else that they will have in their kitchen. It has a system for draining fat that assures smoke-free cooking.

This grill is a great alternative if you’re seeking something that is affordable and low-maintenance. It is possible to enjoy delicious barbecue without much effort or preparation. Grill pans work well with a small camp stove or home-built burners. To make the most of it, take it off of the burner and create an even and solid surface.


  • Durable and sturdy construction makes it a great present for anyone who cooks at home.
  • Easy to clean and light weight.
  • Fantastic value for the money.
  • Keeps warm very well.
  • Excellent for butane-burners
  • The garlic well placed on top is an excellent addition.


  • The dome shape makes it difficult to use the whole surface of the cooking area

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08. CHYIR Korean-style Barbecue Pan

CHYIR Korean Pan

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  • Dimensions14.57 inches x 13.98 and 2.72 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Materials:Aluminum
  • Color:Black
  • Does not have a nonstick coatingYes

If you’re looking for an excellent smoker-free barbecue pan, CHYIR Korean non-stick pan is the perfect choice for you. It is among the easiest grills for vegetables and meats.

It is a stovetop is compatible on propane or gas stoves. It’s perfect for outdoor and indoor events because of its non-smoking.

It is covered with maifan stone, which provides the distinctive non-stick finish. It is constructed of double-layered , thickened aluminum.

This means that you can use it for a long time without physical damage. The aluminum is a great material for even heat distribution and long-lasting.

The base of the pan is an oil droplet-shaped hole to ensure that there are no spills of oil on the stove. It is also possible to control the output of oil and tighten it up by placing an insulated bowl to collect the oil.

The pan is big with 32 x 32cm so it is possible to cook large portions rather than boiling in batches.

The pan is oven-proof. This allows you to make use of it in a variety of different recipes that will add variety to your kitchen.

It is ideal for propane stoves This is the most efficient Korean barbecue grill pans available. It’s heated in the speed of light and your food is served with an amazing char and doesn’t lose any of its moisture. The result is juicy and delicious, fat pieces of pork and beef. The large size is perfect for 3-4 people.


  • Simple to clean, just wipe it off.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Fantastic spicy, juicy and juicy flavors of the meats and veggies.
  • The concave shape is perfect for storing a lot of food items without spillage.
  • It heats up very quickly.


  • If you’re not careful enough the drainage of oil within the middle of the pipe could pose an entrapment for fire.

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09. Countertop Electric Grill made by the Home-Style Kitchen ™

Countertop Electric Grill

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  • Dimensions18 14×4 inches
  • Color:Black

If you’re looking for an easy countertop grill that will allow you to enjoy delicious Korean barbecue with the whole familymembers, the Home-Style kitchen is an ideal alternative for you. Their BBQ grill has a size of 13″ which makes it practical to cook large portions of food in one go.

The grill is electric, which means that you are not limited by the space. You can cook anyplace using this grill for your countertop.

It is equipped with an adjustable thermostat that can be set from 195deg up to 445deg, ideal to allow high heat grilling and searing.

The small and portable Korean design electric grill is equipped with ergonomic handles and a drip tray. The drip tray is designed to collect all of the oil that is left over. This makes cleaning up easy.

The grill measures It is 18″ long and It is 12″ wide. It is easy to imagine the space you can get from an electric grill such as this.

The size is probably the most significant benefit to this model. It’s large enough for family gatherings , yet light enough for travel. This small Korean barbecue grill is an ideal kitchen partner for those who grill delicious meat often.


  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Simple to use and easy setting.
  • Simple to clean, and drip tray that is removable.
  • Good chargrilled flavor.
  • Small size, light enough to transport around.


  • It takes a bit to warm up.

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10. Korean BBQ Stone Grill Stovetop Grill Pan

Korean Grill Pan Grill Pan

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  • Dimensions13.3 inches x 12.9 inches 2.2 inches
  • Color:Silver
  • Materials:Stoneware
  • Diameter11.8 Inches

The rock is a native plate known as Agalmatolite This stovetop grill pan offers the taste of charcoal barbecue with no charcoal at all.

It is because of the rock plate that is on the top. The plate absorbs oil and then heats it up enough to create that smokey flavor. It can be used to grill fish, steaks or any other meat for a smoke-free barbecue at your home.

Stone BBQ is very popular among Korean to grill samgyupsal, galbi, steak, and other kinds of meat. The people who use them love that they impart a lovely flavor to food but without losing the comforts of staying inside.

The stone grill pans are healthier and more nutritious for your body. You don’t require any extra butter or oil to make it taste delicious. You can relish delicious foods without adding salt or fat.

This is an excellent Korean barbecue grill plate that is ideal for anyone eating a low-calorie diet. There is no need to consume bland meals to keep fit. You can indulge in delicious pan barbecue and achieve the fitness objectives you have set.

It is a classic Korean barbecue stone grill. The people have been making use of this grill for a long time. The stone imparts a punch of flavor to all meats. It’s difficult to find anything really well-made and of premium quality. The only drawback is cleaning. It’s not an easy task, but once you’ve got a handle on it, you’ll be able to identify the shortcuts quickly.


  • Very long-lasting, it can last up to 10 years if given seriously.
  • The stone holds heat effectively and helps reduce the amount of energy required to grill.
  • Perfect to grill pork belly or other meat parts that are fatty.
  • It gives a very strong BBQ taste.
  • It feels luxurious in the hand. Heavy and sturdy.
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  • Cleaning the stone is very difficult. It can take a while to clean it.

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Buying Guide

After you’ve read our top Korean barbecue grill pans You may be thinking what is the most effective. Before you make your choices, you must be aware of the things to consider when looking for the best Korean mobile grill pan.


It is essential to concentrate on the kind of material that was used to construct the pan. A traditional Koran grill pan is constructed of cast iron. They are well-known for their toughness and high-temperature cooking.

If you are unable to find anything in cast iron, search at aluminum-based pans. Aluminum spreads heat evenly across the pan. It is a crucial component of the barbecue.


A barbecue pan must be non-stick. Do you think of the mess it can cause without a non-stick pan? Non-stick cookware, specifically titanium coated pans, are ideal for cooking with high heat.

Fattier meats tend be able to adhere to surfaces that are hot naturally. Therefore, having a non-stick cookware helps make the making and washing process easy.

Oil Drainage

Each good Korean barbecue pan has an opening in the bottom of the pan or an extra tray to allow oil drain. The reason for this is that oil produces smoke. For an indoor barbecue experience, you’ll need an oven that is able to deal with this problem.

The drainage of oil makes barbecues healthier and less calorie-laden. Even if you’re trying to lose weight and want to have a great time, you can still take advantage of the barbecue in this manner.

Size of the Plate:

Try to find larger sizes of plates preferring something larger than twelve” inches. The bigger the plate the more food you can cook. It is not necessary to cook in batches and just wait for the meats to cook with a bigger plate.

For cooking family-style, larger pans are required. Make sure you check the dimensions prior to adding them to your cart.

Heat Distribution

A uniform distribution of heat is essential to have a great BBQ experience. Otherwise, you’ll need to shift your food between two places to locate the spot that is hot within the skillet.

It can be very stressful when grilling to feed your household. Make sure you choose two layers of non-stick or aluminum pans.

The Burner Range

To cook BBQ Korean style, you require a high-temperature. If you’re buying an item with a burner ensure that it is heated to a very high temperature. Electric grills are very convenient because they come with more temperatures.

If you’re purchasing a grill pan that is stovetop choose a small size that fits onto your stove in a proper way. If the grill pan is larger than the stove will take longer to cook and your food will not taste the way you would like it to.

Cleaning your Korean BBQ Grill Tips for Maintenance

Cleaning of a Korean BBQ grilling pan an essential step. If you don’t take proper care for your grilling pan the nonstick coating will begin to break down faster.

In many Korean families, they’ve been using grills for generations. The grill pan will last longer if you treat them with respect and love. This is a fundamental aspect of Korean society as well.

There isn’t much to clean your grill pan. We’ve collected the top indoor Korean grill pans to help you to choose from. They are all non-stick and long-lasting. Though they’re tiny, they aren’t suitable for the traditional dishwasher.

  • Allow you Korean grilling pan cool before you begin to clean it.
  • Make sure to soak the pot in soapy water in your kitchen sink.
  • Don’t use a rough sponge to scrub the pan. After soaking for a few minutes then, lightly sup a cloth to wash away all food debris.
  • Make use of dishwashing detergents to clean oil and grease out of the pot.

This entire process takes less than six minutes. It’s really simple to clean your kitchenware.


01. Can I use a griddle to cook Korean barbecue?

Yes you can. A lot of people are using griddles made of electric as an alternative to Korean BBQ pans. It’s not the best alternative, and doesn’t offer the same flavor.

But, it’s an excellent choice since griddles are larger and can cook larger chunks of meat and vegetables.

02. Do indoor grills emit smoke?

Even if you purchase the most expensive smoke-free indoor grill, it’ll smoke a tiny bit. But it is tiny that it is smoke-free. Even at their most smoke level, it’s not even close to the grill outdoors. Smoke develops when oil or fat gets in contact with the surface with extreme heat.

Korean indoor grills are equipped with fat drainage options that stops smoke from accumulating. Your fire alarm won’t go off in case you’re worried about this.

03. Do indoor grills actually work?

While outdoor grills offer many advantages however, indoor grills have recently become a very popular option. Since Korean barbecue has become well-known in the West We all want to attempt making Korean BBQ at home. Grills inside are effective and are much healthier than outdoor grills.

This is due to the charred result from charcoal is extremely harmful for your lungs and heart. Grills indoors instead are suggested by dieticians for adding some interesting twists to the routine diet. Grills in the indoor space don’t have the intense smoke but can be enjoyed at any time in any season. It sounds like a good deal to me!

04. What are the best ingredients to buy to make the preparation of a Korean barbecue at home?

If you are planning to cook an indoor Korean barbecue, it’s necessary to buy the stovetop Korean grilling pan. It will provide that smokey flavor without the need for any charcoal. There are many various kinds of meat based on the type of meat you like the most.

The majority of Korean BBQ includes the pork belly, short ribs the beef tongue, brisket seafood, and classic Korean bulgogi. If you are not a fan of meat, grill your favorite veggies as well as protein alternatives to enjoy the flavor of Korean barbecue.

05. Are indoor Korean BBQ grills healthy?

Korean food is generally healthier than the other popular dishes across the world. Koren BBQ however, isn’t the most nutritious type of meat you can eat.

They’re usually high in oil and fat. Grills for indoor barbecue are quite different. A good Korean outdoor barbecue grill is equipped with oil drainage which dramatically reduces the fat content of the barbecue.

So, you can enjoy Korean barbecue even if you are following a diet that is low in calories. Make sure to use smaller pieces of meat and plenty of vegetables.

The taste of good Korean barbecue is not like your typical barbecue. You’ll be awed by the delicious flavor of succulent, fatty meats.

Wrapping Up!

There’s no hassle in making an outdoor BBQ or cleaning up the massive machine after having delicious food. You can enjoy the best parts of a Korean barbecue at the convenience of your own home.

Find the most popular indoor grills that are suitable for Korean BBQ from our carefully collected and researched list. Pick the one you like and begin having fun with your loved ones.

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