5 Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna 2023

Are you preparing to go on an adventure using you and your Toyota Sienna? However spacious Sienna can be, you may not be enough space for everything.

But, we can fix this issue with an accessory hitch. The trailer hitch gives more space to your overall design of the vehicle.

Toyota Sienna is a modern car that displays power and elegance. It requires a strong hitch that’s strong and elegant. It could be hidden or visible insofar as it does not interfere with the clearance of the ground.

This is where we’ve examined the five most effective hitches for Toyota Sienna out of numerous possibilities. We’ve focused on a few key characteristics of these hitches. Take a look at our reviews to get to know these hitches in greater detail.

Can a Sienna pull a trailer?

Yes, it is possible. Sienna boasts a remarkable towing capability of over 3500 pounds. It is capable of towing trailers and spare tires boats bicycle racks as well as all the other cool items you require for your outing.

1.) A Draw-Tite Hitch for Trailers Class III

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch for Toyota Sienna selected models

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Draw-Tite is a great hitch that is compatible with modern automobiles. Since the beginning of the business it has offered an excellent trailer hitch.

The hitches they attach to are a part of style and are perfectly matched with them. Toyota Sienna.

This particular hitch is one of the Class Three model that features a ball mount style with a remarkable towing capacity. Weight distribution is a crucial aspect of any hitch, and this one is an expert in it.

If the hitch is used to be used for cargo carriers, bike racks, spare tires or other the hitch is what you require.

It is equipped with all the needed certifications, including SAE J684 and V-5, but it’s not the only one. The trailer hitches manufactured by Draw-Tite have an unlimited lifetime warranty.

The lengthy warranty comes from thorough testing that is conducted including on wiring prior to when the product’s introduction into the market.

The maximum trailer weight that it can carry is 8,000 pounds, and the an tow weight of 525 pounds. The strength of the hitch indicates that the hitch is in a position to manage the sway and last for a long time in the simultaneously.

They come with a 2 inch square hitch receiver that can be useful for installation because the receiver can be incredibly adaptable.

Alongside the computer-generated design, the hitch comes with an A-coat base as well as an black powder finish that shields the hitch from corrosion, rust, and other adverse conditions.

There are many hitches in class iii that promise the possibility of a profitable performance, but Draw-Tite has established a distinct class that is its own.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this hitch

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Things we love

* Recommendations for models 2011-2020

* Perfect match

* Good clearance for the ground

Excellent towing capabilities

Influenced by a rain repellant design

* Cost-effective

It could get improved

* The leveling system of the receiver hitch isn’t enough to be able to keep up with the standards.

* Installation can be a little lengthy

2.) 2. Reese Towpower 511080 Class III

Reese Towpower 51080 Class III Hitch for Toyota Sienna

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A lot of customers are looking for a light trailer tow hitch that is compatible with their Sienna. Reese Towpower made this hitch keeping the demands of the customers in mind. As of far, the product has been very well-liked in the marketplace.

The product is unbeatable in towing power , even though it’s extremely light-weighted. It has a towing gross score of 3500 pounds, and an average tongue weight of 350 pounds. Toyota Sienna is equipped with the same towing capacity that makes it even more reliable than it is already.

It is possible to ask, what makes them so powerful? The hitch developed by Pro-series undergoes intense testing of fatigue, stress and is only released into the marketplace after having successfully passed all required certifications such as V-5 and SAEJ684.

Its design is beautiful. It perfectly fits into the vehicle without the need to drill or weld. It also has a three stage coating called Metalshield to safeguard the model of the hitch.

This hitch is an e-class three hitch with the same design as other hitches from the pro-series. However, this particular model is distinguished by its simple installation and the ease of use to passengers.

This hitch is great to add bicycle racks, cargo containers or other similar accessories. In my own experiences, I’ve witnessed the most usage of this item for trailers as it is a hitch and it seems to work better than other brands.

Things we love

*Recommended for models between 2004 and 2020. Models

* All parts were welded with the utmost care

Fantastic coating

* Very quick shipping

The receiver’s opening and closing is smooth.

It could get improved

* Ground clearance requires more focus

* Not a hidden hitch

* Installation instructions are not crystal clear

3) CURRT the 13343 Class 3 Trailer Hitch for Sienna

CURT 13343 Class 3 Trailer Hitch for Toyota

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Curt has a wide range of options for hitches up their sleeves that can be matched to your vehicle. custom-fit design lets you attach the hitch to different vehicles in addition to Toyota Sienna.

Curt hitch is regarded as an outstanding quality product in the current market. The company has a team of skilled engineers dedicated to the improvement of the hitch and that’s why they are able to provide exact welding, and co-cured finish curt hitches.

This is in the class three category of hitches. The trailer’s gross weight of this particular hitch is 3500 pounds and the tongue weighs 525 pounds. It is suggested that you only tow as per the vehicle’s compatibility.

In this instance it is a match for the specs of your Toyota Sienna without hampering ground clearance.

This hitch can be used to support bikes, trailers, passenger cars and more. It’s an invisible hitch that has the 2-inch receiver for the hitch.

The receiver opening is important because it shows your hitch’s function and flexibility. The hitch of Curt we’re discussing is tested thoroughly in a real-world situation. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the safety of trailers.

Curt hitches are also shielded against rust, corrosion, and UV rays because of its dual-coat finish.

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Things we love

* Recommend by Toyota Toyota Sienna 2011-2020

* Perfect wiring harness

* Different mounting options

The Receiver Tube is top-quality.

* Simple to install

* Option for lifting torque

It could get improved

* Alloy steel is a substitute for carbon steel

4) CURT 13511 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

CURT 13511 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

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Based on the performance of this hitch it is unjust to take this amazing product off the top of the “best five hitches to Toyota Sienna’ list.

Are you planning an adventure on the road and are you need a space to keep the spare tire? Connect this hitch to you Toyota Sienna and get an ample amount of space it.

Functionally in terms of functionality, this class iii shackle is as good as other curt hitsches. It is also offered in the class ii version, and the primary distinction in their systems is the weight capacity.

The capacity of distribution of weight for this hitch is around 4000 pounds. It has a the tongue weight of 400 pounds and the hitch has the ability to overtake any weight, without impacting its ground clearance.

You won’t have to be concerned about the towing system since it comes with a 2-inch receiver tube that allows the space extension path. It can tow pickups trailers, passenger vehicles as well as sports utility vehicles and snowmobiles too.

There’s a black gloss coat that’s included in this curt hitch as well as an exclusive dual coating system which shields the hitch from UV rays, rust and corrosion.

Things we love

* Recommend by Toyota Toyota Sienna 1998-2003

* Tested in real-life and with proper certification

It’s a great fit for your car

* Hidden hitch that has a perfect finish

Installation is quick and easy.

It could get improved

* Not as secure like other Curt hitches

* Alloy steel construction

5) CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch for Toyota sienna

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The trailer hitch must be light but strong enough to handle the weight of the load. Through years of knowledge, Curt has revolutionized the hitch industry, offering the most effective hitch with the strength to withstand the weight of heavy lifting.

With the aid of an extension hitch, the vehicle can take the shape of a bike rack minivans, cargo carriers, minivans and lots other things.

The hitch is equipped with an approximate Gross trailer weight (GTW) at 3500 pounds, and an the tongue’s capacity at 350 pounds. This is the reason why this hitch is able to perform this function so effortlessly.

But that’s not all. Curt hitch is classified as a class II variant and features two by two hitch receivers. The tube for the receiver is hidden due to the two coatings system the hitch is protected from UV rays and corrosion.

Curt hitches can be custom-made to fit the specifics of your vehicle. With regard to Sienna this is no different and the hitch can be fitted just like an existing piece of equipment in the car.

Things we love

* Recommendation for models 2004-2020.

* Mounting flexibility

It was thoroughly tested and arrived with the correct certification

Great distribution of weight

* Vehicle-specific installation and excellent fit

It could get improved

* Receiver tube cannot be correctly angled.

How much will it cost to install trailer hitches to the Toyota Sienna?

The cost of the trailer hitch on the Toyota Sienna varies per customer and their budget.

When it comes to ball mounts, the price is possible to spend anywhere from $150 between 450 and 150 dollars. It is important to select an item that is branded to show how high quality their products are.

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How do I connect a Hitch to Toyota Sienna?

It’s not enough just to choose the right hitch for the Toyota Sienna; you have to put it in place successfully.

The installation of a trailer hitch on the Toyota Sienna can be done by following five steps. To set up hitches, you’ll need some tools. They’re

* Torque wrench

* Power drill

* Exhaust removal wrench

* Socket

* Cleaning the terminal (Battery)

* Safety glasses

All bolts, wires and tools are included in the hitch tool kit available separately. Modern hitches have been tested so thoroughly that they don’t require drills or welding. Below are five easy steps to follow; Follow them carefully to put the hitch on your vehicle.

Cleansing of Nuts

The first step is to cleanse the weld nuts in a proper manner. Then, we’ll scrub any rust, corrosion, or dirt from the bolts using the cleaner for the battery terminals. There are three bolts that attach to the sides that of the car. A further point to consider is that a lot of Toyota Sienna features an underbody panel. The entire board has to be removed as well as trimmed and cleaned.

Lowering exhaust

From an exhaust hanger made of rubber the rod that isolators are attached to must be removed. The process is done by using an exhaust wrench. The rubber hanger is located in the exhaust muffler on the door for passengers.

It is possible to use soap-treated water to aid in the process of removing the rod.

Positioning of the Hitch

Lift your car as per the hitch requirements and then slide the brackets of the hitch on the back muffler. The attachment holes have to be aligned before you can secure them with an socket after placing them.

Torquing of the Hitch

The next step is to torque the hitch until you reach the desired degree. When the ideal level has been attained, you’ll hear the sound of a click that indicates you’ve put the correct quantity of force on your hitch.

Releasing of Exhaust

Place your Isolator rod back into the rear, securing it against the exhaust hanger made of rubber. Determine if you have appropriate pinhole clearance and ground clearance.

Setting up the trailer hitch isn’t straightforward however, you can accomplish it by following these simple steps. If you’re not able to make the time or are facing issues, talk to an professional.

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Wrapping Up!

Selecting a hitch isn’t an easy task but the process is not difficult particularly when you’re driving an extremely popular car like Toyota Sienna.

The cost of a hitch is determined by the need of the buyer for function. A few people will purchase a certain hitch, no matter what it will cost.

With all the options We can conclude that they are the most suitable hitches that you can get for your Toyota Sienna. You can purchase one of them with your eyes shut. But, before you buy, make sure that it is compatible with your particular vehicle model.

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