5 Best Hitch for Boat Trailer 2023

If you’re in the market for a hitch for your boat trailer you’ll need to ensure that it’s the right size for your trailer. There are a variety of hitches and sizes to choose from and it’s difficult to determine which is best for your particular trailer. After thorough analysis along with testing and evaluation, we’ve created this article to assist you to pick the ideal hitch for your yacht trailer.

Top 5 Best Hitch for Boat Trailer 2022

1. B&W Tow & Stow: the best hitch for towing boat trailers

B&W Tow & Stow Hitch for Boat Trailer

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The B&W TS20048B, that are extremely durable and built to be used with 2.5-inch receivers. They have 5″ drop as well as an towing capacity of 14,500 pounds they are the top hitch for boats trailers in the industry of towing in the present.

It’s been nearly 20 years since B&W was making products for tow vehicles. The most well-known gooseneck within the U.S.A. is their TurnoverballTM gooseneck. The gooseneck has revolutionized business! The majority of manufacturers of gooseneck hitches are now using this storage method for tow balls and mounting technique.

Experts and the most recent technology are utilized in a state of the art manufacturing facility in the heart of the country to make their merchandise. People come to B&W frequently to get top-quality products and exceptional customer service.


  1. Tows that can reach 10,000 pounds
  2. Heavy duty. In endurance tests it is able to perform extremely well
  3. There is no need to have multiple hitch ball mounts if multiple tow balls are of the same size.


  1. After testing the hitch on various automobiles, we found that it may be too large to fit into certain receivers. Therefore, make sure that you have the right size.

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Moving and lifting your boat will be easy using this bulletproof HD256. Built to stand the tests of time, BulletProof hitches are well recognized in the industry of towing and are constructed of strong steel in America. United States of America.

The raising and lowering of the height of the ride is as easy as pulling the pins, and then sliding or shifting the tow balls within the hitch upwards or downwards. The BulletProof hitch ball has an overall trailer weight capacity of 22,000 pounds are included and feature a top quality and patent-pending design.

The heavy-duty steel hitch bars that run along the sides of this item to allow it to be removed and connect to any other receiver. Guarded against rust, corrosion, UV radiation, and other types of damage its attractive appearance can last for a long time despite excessive use.

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  1. Heavy duty
  2. 14,000 lbs of power towing
  3. Second the ride heights of four riders can be adjustable.
  4. There is no need to have multiple tow ball mounts if you have you have several ball heights can be accommodated.

Cons :

  1. Athletes pass the agility test

3. The Weigh-Safe 180 Eco friendly boat trailer hitch for the budget

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This Weigh Safe hitch dial here informs you that you’ve reached 10-15% of the towing capacity recommended as you transfer your trailer’s freight. Utilizing a scale to determine the tow ratings of the vehicle and measurements, determine that the towing capacity of the trailer’s tongue TW by taking it to the scale , and then weigh it several times.

Note Pay attention at the trailer’s tongue weight , TW capacity when it is you hook it up to a vehicle.

Our expert holding a Weigh Safe 180 Boat Trailer hitch
We set up an Weigh Safe 180 hitch setup for our customer at our garage

Apart from being a functional piece of art in addition, the Weigh Safe is visually arresting. Based on the shank of the receiver it comes with 1500 pounds of tongue towing for 2 inches. or 2.5 in. and 2.5 inches of receiver shanks. This is an innovative method to ensure the safety of your trailer which explains the reasons and why it is essential. This heavy-duty military grade towing hitch is made using a 6061T6 aluminum block.

This aluminum that is of high-quality from Weigh Safe will outlast and outshine your vehicles for the coming ten years. This means that snow removal processes that employ magnesium chloride instead of salt will be much more green.


  1. The system is easy to adjust using a Dual Locking mechanism that has a Pin and Locking mechanism for clips that was enhanced
  2. A 12,500 pounds. towing capacity and a powerful towing mechanism that has better stability


  1. The receiver lock can be locked at times isn’t working correctly.

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4. The CURT 13333 class 3 is Populer hitch used to pull an RV trailer

CURT 13333 Class 3 hitch

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The CURT 13333 class III hitches are made to work with a range of vehicles towing. It can be used on any type of vehicle, from a large car, a truck, van or even a trailerboat. If you want, you could also utilize this class III hitches equipped with chain safety to tow a hitch-mounted bike rack or cargo carrier for those who require extra storage space when out on the road.

This class II heavy duty hitch is designed to be fitted to any vehicle so that installation is as easy as is possible for every homeowner. As per the official process it is able to handle the weight of 6,000 pounds GTW as well as 600 pounds TW of weight. Towing equipment that has the spread of 10000 pounds WDTW and 1,000 lbs WD is easier to access with the class II hitch, than other weight-distributing hitches.

Another feature of the type of hitch that it has the capability to insert two balls’ mounts using two shanks into the 2-inch hole in the tubular. The hitch is manufactured by hand in the United States to provide a top quality craftsmanship and design as well as an exact fitting.

Unboxing CURT 13333 Class 3 Boat Trailer hitch and accessories
Unboxing CURT 13333 Class 3 Boat Trailer hitch

Manual and robotic processes are used in conjunction to increase quality and speed during the production process. The company’s co-curing process is a breakthrough in technology. To avoid rust the product is submerged in Bonderite liquid, and afterwards coated with a black powder coating to improve its durability and protect it from chipping, corrosion and exposure to UV trailer lights.

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There’s no reason to be concerned, since the CURT brand offers an guarantee of a limited life time that will give you assurance on every adventure, regardless of what time frame it will take. A CURT 13333 Class Iii trailer hitch is a fantastic accessory for any trip whether you’re out camping, fishing, hunting or even for work.


  1. They are available in five classes, and offer a range of capacity for weight and receiver tube sizes.
  2. Heavy duty with towing capacity of 6000 pounds


  1. Endurance performance may be better

5. CURT 11486 Class 1: Long lasting hitch

CURT 11486 Class 1 hitch

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Curt’s Class 1 trailer hitches provide an ideal choice for any of life’s occasions as well as encounters. Towing boat trailers or other trailers that are smaller, such as the small crossover or sedan Class 1 offers an front receiver tube that can be used for load carriers with a hitch bicycle racks, as well as lighter heavy duty trailers.


After evaluating this receiver hitch from class 1 we discovered that you don’t need to load the trunk, as well as the seat backs with cargo.

Similar to the other Curt special trailer trailers the Class 1 trailer hitch has been designed to be specifically designed for a particular vehicle. A design that is specific to the vehicle allows the most secure quick, fastest and simple installation. There are specific models that are compatible for the Hyundai Ioniq Class 1 Hitch. Any unnecessary adjustments are eliminated and the vehicle’s current design and layout is flawlessly combined with a custom-fit design.

The maximum gross trailer weight rating is 2 000 pounds. 200 pounds will be the tongue load capacity on this Hyundai Ioniq hitch.

The lighter trailers and freight trucks are also able to gain from this (never surpass the lowest rated component). The receiver tube for the hitch measures 1-1/4″ and 1-1/4″ for tow ball mounts as well as additional accessory trailer hitches. The open side of the receiver tube helps make cleaning easier to manage.


  1. Made for each vehicle to ensure a good fit
  2. The body’s exterior is hidden to create an OE style and maximum connection to the vehicle
  3. Testing for safety by SAE J684
  4. High-quality precision welding guarantees an unbeatable strength and fit
  5. Powder-coated with a high gloss black, which is extremely resistant to scratching


  1. The warranty’s concise duration

This is an instructional video on the Curt hitch installation procedure video

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Things to keep in mind when choosing a ball hitch and coupler to pull the boat?

The trailer hitch lets your boat and trailer safe being towed behind the tow vehicle. But, since there are many different hitches so let’s pick the best hitch for your needs.

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The use of hitches to transport loads

The most commonly used type used to pull trailers particularly for boats with heavy loads is the Weight Carrying (also called dead-weight) hitch. There are five distinct classes depending on the weight of the trailer and the boat.

Atop the hitch you’ll see the vehicle’s tow ratings. Step bumper hitches are gone and you must apply the same principle to our discussion. They’re not as good as those that we’ll review here.

Carbon isotopes and Isotopes

They can be fitted with Fixed ball-mounted platforms, or with hitch receivers that can accommodate ball mounts with 114-inch squares. They are able to take the weight of up to 220 pounds net towing weight GTW along with 200 pounds of towweight (TW). Smaller boats are only pulled by a lighter duty towing rating.

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The hitches, which are able to be able to support up to 3,500 pounds GTW or 300 pounds of TW, are attached to the frame of the vehicle. Unibody vehicles, however, may have additional backing plate bracing. With drawbars of 114 inches the hitch receivers are generally adequate for aluminum boats as well as personal watercraft.

Which type of hitch for trailers is the best suitable for boats?

Towing a trailer boat with a truck

Class III

If you’re searching for the most popular hitches that are high-performance, then this is you need. It’s secured to the frame of a vehicle via fasteners (usually the van, truck or SUV that is full-size). A drawbar that is 2 inches square fits in an opening in the receiver. With a weight-distributing system that can be used, you can increase GTW as well as the TW rating in class iii are able to be increased up to 15,000 tons GTW as well as 1,000 pounds TW respectively.

Class IV

The Class IV frame-mounted receiver hitches are rated at 10,000 pounds GTW as well as 1,000 pounds when in the weight carrying mode. They can tow up to 1,000 pounds. Class IV hitches is limited to 2 inches in size and is usually found on larger trucks. The weight distribution mechanism that is used by Class IV hitches boosts their GTW and the rating for TW up to the levels of 14,000 pounds and 1,400 pounds respectively.

Class V

These receiver hitches are built for vans and heavy duty vehicles and come with a weight limit that is 12,000 pounds GTW and 1,200 pounds TW. With the weight Distribution System, the trailer lights increase from 17,000 to and 1,700 pounds TW. The drawbar that is used for this is 212 inches wide and will increase the size.

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Axle for Boat Trailer FAQs

• Can I pull a vessel with an Class 2-hitch?

Yes, in our tests we’ve learned how Class II hitches can tow the trailer with a gross weight GTW of 3,500 pounds. In actuality, it’s normal to find Class II hitches mounted on larger minivans, cars and crossovers, in addition to smaller pickup trucks and SUVs.

* Which trailer hitch type is most suitable to a vessel less then 2000 pounds?

Based on the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) classification There are four categories that each have a maximum rating of maximum weight of 220 pounds. Class I hitches and Class II hitches. Class III hitches and Class IV hitches all have a weight capacity of 3,500 pounds pounds and 10,000 pounds, respectively.

Wrapping Up!

The best way to ensure you are safe is to have an automobile with a hitch that is of the correct size. We’ve laid out for you the top 5 trailer hitches that you can purchase for towing boats. Based on your budget, you could choose one but CURT offers high-quality boat hitches which are well worth the price. We hope you can be able to safely load your trailer in order to increase your safety as well as the safety of motorists around you using this article.

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