5 Best Gobo Projector For Weddings 2023

The most effective GOBO Projector to use for weddings are waiting for you! The word GOBO refers to “goes between optics’. It is a kind of projector that you can use for any event. The projector is made from steel or glass and put inside the projector. The result is a GOBO projector that is light on the display of text, image onto is the screen.

This GOBO light wedding projector well-known for its use at weddings, as well as other occasions. it’s perfect to use for your wedding as they can project logos onto walls, show fun items in the dancing floor and make other gatherings enjoyable!

You’ve probably had the pleasure of seeing an GOBO light projector in the past. In this article, we’re going to review the best GOBO projectors for weddings specifically for you. Before we do that, let’s look at exactly what you want from the GOBO projector!

The Best GOBO Projector for Weddings Buying Guide

When you are deciding to buy a gobo projection device for your wedding reception, here are essential things to know prior to making your decision. Custom GOBOs and high-quality images GOBO lights, options for manual focus and manual zoom features along with the ability to customize options for images and projection range could all determine the perfect GOBO projector.

There are several important factors to consider when shopping at the price of your GOBO. These are the most crucial factors like the brightness, the model of the GOBO, image quality and the variety of options, in addition to cost. Look over our breakdown in detail to know the options you have.

The luminosity that comes from the GOBO Projector

A reliable lighting source is among the most crucial factors when showing images during your wedding. The best GOBO projector will come with an extended lamp lifespan and a wide beam angle choice and will be visible for both outdoor and indoor use. Some projectors might have specific specifications for lumens and measurements to project images. However, your custom GoBOs will need to have excellent luminosity capabilities.

If it is intended to be used for outdoor events, indoor occasions, and weddings in particular. This means that a low cost gobo projector that has a moderate brightness will be able to complete the job while staying within budget. If the wedding will be outside in bright sunlight, you’ll likely require a high-lumen GOBO projector that has high lumins in order to fight the fade caused by sunlight.

Types of GoBO Options

If you’re in search of HD images or an easy set-up, the perfect GOBO is available to help you plan your wedding. There are two types of GOBO projectors that you should take into consideration:

Steel GOBO Projector

Steel GOBO projectors are monochrome GOBO projectors which project images that are black and white. This is a simple projector that has a less long life span. Most often, it is made of the aluminum alloy shell.

Glass Gobo Projector

The Glass GOBO Wedding projectors use the most advanced projectors. They come with HD images, color projected images, and a high-resolution optical lenses to create icons.

If you’re planning your wedding, these options will provide. This GOBO made of steel is perfect for DJ effects that are simple or a small image, and maintaining a high-quality beam angle and light source.

It is the Glass GOBO projector tends to provide a longer lamp lifespan and a longer throw distance. more options for visual content as well as a lighter design. They are generally higher priced, however, the GOBO projectors with light sources made of glass options are amazing.

Image Quality

One of the most crucial aspects to purchase the GOBO is determining the perfect image for your wedding. However, there are a variety of options in the projection of images. GOBOs are able to have pre-built images and also custom-designed images designed by order. The kind of image you are able to project is contingent upon the following factors:

  • Throw Distance
  • Light Source
  • Light Quality
  • The amount of GoBOs
  • Projection range
  • Zoom DJ effect Light
  • The name of GOBO the product you choose can have a significant influence on the image you will be able to project during your event.
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Pricing Your GOBO Projector

Weddings aren’t inexpensive. The right GOBO for your event could require deciding on a model that fits your budget. The price of these kinds of projectors will depend on many aspects. Glass quality, materials lighting options, and whether it can work indoors and outdoors. In addition, how many images and the quality of the images that are accessible.

Variety and Multiple Images

There are many alternatives when it comes down to the variety of images. Additionally, you can make use of multiple images on a GOBO projector. Some brands boast the capability to create custom logos and images there are also GOBOs that feature simply generic designs and images.

The kind of projector you purchase will have an enormous influence on the size and types of photos you will be able to display. Make sure you know prior to you purchase the type of images or logos you need. If you just want only one image, you could purchase something that has a longer life and will have only one image.

On the other hand , you might want something that has many images. If that’s an option, then you might be forced to sacrifice the life of your lamp, or quality of images to have additional alternatives.

Top 5 Best Gobo Projector For Weddings 2022

We’ve scoured the web to find the top GOBO projection systems for weddings. We have a variety of options that are affordable that have a top-quality light source, and longevity of the lamp, as well as fun features such as wireless connectivity and great distance coverage.

The following are our five top picks for your GOBO lighting projections for your wedding! Look over this comparison table for an overview of your choices.

Editor’s choice:
After looking through the many choices available for wedding projectors with gobo and scrutinizing each one of them thoroughly and separating the nastiness out to make sure you don’t have to work on the tedious task and created a list of the most effective gobo projectors suitable for weddings. If you’re looking to take your time making a decision The editor’s recommendation to you for the best gobo event projector is ADJ PINPOINT GOBO Color Projector. For a complete review that includes the features, read the review below.

1. ADJ PINPOINT GoBO Color Projector Editor’s Choice!

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The most reliable Gobo projection device for weddings would be the DJ Pinpoint Gobo color projector. It is an high rating on its reviews from reviewers from all over the world. It’s an ADJ products GOBO projector that can make your wedding memorable. ADJ is known for their the highest quality products as well as their exceptional customer service.

The projector has a power of 10W. powered LED light projector ideal for weddings. It features a magnet integrated into its base to allow for easy and quick installation. It also supports X-clip mounting frames for drop-down ceilings.

It is equipped with a powerful battery that makes it easy to carry around. The GOBO dimensions and portability means it can be set up anyplace in the wedding venue. The battery will last around 5 hours in standard operation and about 18 hours when in energy saving mode.

There aren’t a lot of GOBO projectors with battery power.

In particular, when compared to it’s counterpart, the GOBO Projector IR, the ADJ Pinpoint is more portable as well as offers a longer lamp lifespan and can be operated by batteries.

An extended lamp life allows you to utilize the projector for a longer period of time without having to maintain it. The portability feature and the battery with 18 hours of life are great for a variety of lighting configurations.

Its Projector IR is ideal to be used as a permanent fixture, while it is designed for permanent fixtures. ADJ Pinpoint is built for ease of disassembly as well as portability. This model is a great option for weddings with the highest quality features and flexibility to move.

Reviews for this projector talk about the ease of use and the price. In addition, it comes at a reasonable price. The GOBOs that can be removed make it easy to change your photos.


  • Magnet base frame X-clip frame mounting.
  • Built-in battery with powerful power.
  • 4 unique removable gobos.
  • Frost filter.


  • You will need to purchase the remote for the IR remote separately , which is an option.

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2. HiLTING 40W – The Best wedding GOBO projector that is top quality.

High-Brightness 4800 lumens Light Power 40W GoBO Type GOBOS: Film/Glass Waterproof IP65


  • High Brightness
  • Superb 40W OSRAM LED
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Remote Control is included


  • A bit expensive

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The HILITING 40W is the most powerful Premium GoBO projector for weddings. It’s one of the most expensive GOBO Projectors designed for weddings, but it’s worth the price if you’re looking for something that has more power.

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The primary characteristic of the HILITING40W is the massive 40W OSRAM LED which offers the user 4800 lumens of light. suitable for any lighting conditions. This powerful projector is perfect for projecting small – to medium-sized designs in dimly well-lit venues.

With the brightest brightness you can project as much as 20 feet in brightly lit environments 40 Feet in dim lighting and 60 Feet in dim conditions. When compared to a 40W projector the Mooefie 40W the Hilitting 40W is the clear winner.

The HILITING 40W extend its reach and is more powerful. It also has a higher brightness.

It’s more adaptable and reliable than many other models, which is why it has a somewhat higher cost. This is crucial, particularly when it comes to GOBO projectors that are ideal for weddings. The mood lighting is the last thing brides is concerned about.

The device also works with Film and Glass GOBOs that help to preserve the custom logo design GOBO image accuracy with an effective heat dissipation, even in the continuous usage.

It is further enhanced by IP65 weather resistance , making it water-proof and doesn’t get hot more than others GOBO projectors. The construction that is this model HILITING 40W is robust and is constructed of an alloy of aluminium that is non-corrosive that means you won’t need to worry about taking it into outdoor settings.

It comes with a remote that can be used to turn it off or on and change the 360deg rotation, as well as stationary patterns.

The HILITING40W is as reliable like GOBO projectors. It’s equipped with everything you need however it comes with a higher cost. If you want to have the very best wedding reception it’s best to invest some extra.

3. INSTAGOBO 15W LED GOBO projector is the best For Long Lamp Life!

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This is the small 15-watt LED GOBO GOBO projector made by INSTAGOBO. In addition to it being a Chauvet gobo projector and the Chauvet gobo projector, this InstaGOBO wedding wedding-themed projector’s LED chip provides approximately 30000 hours of lifen before having replacing. This is a the highest temperature resistance, and maybe even sandblasting to oxidize the glass.

With such a long-lasting life and premium materials, it’s one of the most brilliant GOBO projectors. Furthermore the quality of the projector is of the highest quality. The image quality of this projector is clear as well as sharp and clarity HD image. The majority of GOBO projectors break down because of constant usage but not this one!

Overall the product has a excellent resistance to high temperatures and heat pipe, so you can use it for long durations of time. This means it is able to be used placed in a dance hall that is hot or even in the sun for longer.

The INSTAGOBO 15W also has a the waterproof rating, which is different from other projectors of this price similar to the AHWZ 15W GoBO.

The INSTAGOBO is a little more costly however, a waterproof construction is crucial for outdoor weddings and other occasions. The INSTAGOBO can also project farther and can reach 23 feet and the AHWZ 15W is 16 feet.

The GOBOs that can be used to create this slim projector are constructed of films and glass. The company also offers customized multi-color plates that feature your personal images for your big day. The high-end quality of the projector as well as the GOBO size makes this an excellent choice in your big day!


  • Extra long 30,000 hours life.
  • Resistance to heat.
  • Clear and crystal transparent HD picture projection.


  • A bit higher in cost than the others.
  • Only one color gobo.

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4. SUNY Stage DJ GoBO Projector – Best to use for Variety of Features!

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Another great option to add to the list of top Gobo projectors for weddings is the SUNY Stage DJ Projector. Like the name implies this projector is the ideal choice for dancefloors, DJs or DJs.

In addition, it can be used to serve any purpose. It’s a great showpiece at parties and events. It comes with an amazing selection of 20 GOBOs and 128 incredible combinations!

The SUNY Z128RGRB is also equipped with three different R+G+B laser lights, in contrast to their other model, the SUNYZ128RGRG. This gives you a greater variety of colors to make the dance floor more vibrant.

The Z128RGRB is smaller and weighs a bit less which is ideal to pack it back up in the event of a price , the SUNY-Z128RGRB is our top choice of the two.

It offers amazing features for an incredibly low price. You won’t get more worth for your money with the other GOBO projector.

Another outstanding feature that is unique to one of the highlights in SUNY Stage Projector’s features is the sensors for sound. They regulate the effects of lighting according to the music. So, your music beats will be synchronized with the lighting effects.

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The projector has a remote control, which makes it an ideal choice. It is possible to change the settings including sound and lights from a single spot. It’s compact and light in weight making it easy to take it wherever you go. All you need to do is connect it to the internet and watch the magic happen within the next few minutes.


  • Cost-efficient
  • It comes with twenty Gobos as well as 128 different combinations
  • Sound and light sensors
  • Lightweight projector


  • Average brightness
  • No Scissor clip

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High-Brightness 2400 Light Power 30W | GoBO Type Waterproof IP65


  • High Brightness
  • Superb 30W OSRAM LED
  • Strong Aluminium Build
  • IP65 Weatherproof


  • Costly

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The last item in the rankings is yet another HiLITING GoBO projector The HILITING 30W. It’s an excellent choice for those who don’t wish to spend a lot on the premium model, which is the HILITING 40W.

It keeps many of the features found in the HILITING 40W , but is less expensive and less powerful.

It has 30W OSRAM LED that can produce up to 2400 Lumens. just half the maximum brightness of 40W. It also features the color temperature of 6500K for consistency in the color of the GOBO designs.

If you take into account the cost difference it’s understandable to downgrade.

In comparison to other projectors in its class and vying for attention, the YKGOBOLED Logo GOBO projector, the Hilitting 30W projector is ahead of the rest with a greater power lamp that is able to project more effectively in different illumination conditions.

Although they’re similar priced The HILITING 30W comes with many more features as a wedding projection system.

The HiLTING 30W is able to extend up to 10 feet in brightly lit environments 20 Feet in dimly lit situations and 30 feet in dark environments. It can be positioned on the ceiling, wall or flooring with just a few screws.

Its body HILITING 30W can be described as a sturdy, non-corrosive aluminum casing which is IP65 weatherproof. This means that it’s extremely robust, suitable for all environments and climates.

The package includes the remote control, which can switch it off and on and switch between stationary or rotating patterns with the touch of a button. It’s a useful feature that many other projectors don’t have.

Although the HILITING30W isn’t as powerful as the HILITING 40W it still has plenty of advantages for event planners. It’s simple to use robust, durable and reasonably priced too and makes a great projector for weddings.

Final Review of The GoBO Projector!

Whatever type of projector you’re looking to purchase to use for your wedding reception, we’ve got you covered with these fantastic options. The top five choices will provide you with a memorable and memorable experience with a projector for your wedding.

If you’re looking for a suitable projector to use for your outdoor wedding, you should consider this Hiliting LED GoBO projector. It’s incredibly strong and bright and is also waterproof! The led logo GOBO is not only excellent in displaying images, but it’s also affordable.

The Stage DJ Projector by SUNY is an excellent choice to make sure you get your worth. The variety of possibilities for projections, and the light weight design, make it perfect to help you save the cost of your projector. But, it also delivers excellent quality images!

Its INSTAGOBO 15W LED GoBO projector will provide the longest lamp lifespan, along with a clear HD images.

Simple setup can be achieved by using any of our options however, our favorite is the ADJ Pinpoint GoBO color projector comes with an extremely fast magnetic stand and it is easy to attach it on whatever flat metallic surface. It makes setup extremely simple. Another projector that comes with that feature would be one called the CHAUVET gobo-projector.

The best GOBO to choose for your wedding doesn’t need to be a challenge! Utilize this helpful guide to help you choose and add an additional aspect of fun and character to your wedding day!


Are GOBO Projectors Too Expensive?

GOBO projectors are extremely inexpensive. They range between $35 to $1,000.

Does you use GOBO Project Monograms be used?

GOBO projectors may be pre-built and customized images, including monograms for your wedding.

Do I need an GOBO Mount?

The majority of GOBO projectors have simple magnet stands, clips on bases, and adjustable clips. Certain brands require floor or ceiling mounts.

Do GOBO Projectors rotate?

Certain GOBO projectors are able to rotate and move or project images that move. The majority of models offer static images.

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