12 Best Food Steamers (December 2022)

The benefits of ordering healthy food are great.

At some level, it becomes quite expensive, don’t you think?

Does boiling stop all the nutrients you get from foods you consume?

You require an appliance that allows you to eat healthily and also keeps your food’s nutritional value in check.

This is precisely what the most effective food steamer can accomplish. Steaming food is believed to offer all the nutrients and vitamins that you require from your meals and makes them as tasty as they have ever been!

The greatest thing is that these steamers don’t require any grease. They make your vegetables or seafood, poultry, and so on. soft by using water!

We discuss the best twelve food steamers that you should test in our reviews of food steamers.

Are you interested in knowing more about it?

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What’s a Food Steamer?

Food steamer, from the title itself is a device used to cook food items by steaming them. It’s a closed vessel in which you place your food items in, and then begin the steam! From vegetable from dumplings the steamer can cook any food item.

One of the reasons it is extremely loved is because it’s very simple to utilize! Furthermore, there is no other device that can seal in juices more effectively than the food steamer. If you’re looking to get the extra flavor in your food then a food steamer is going to be the best choice!

Sorts of Steamers:

There are two kinds of steamers available: Electric and Basket. Before you decide on the most suitable food steamer for you be aware of the different varieties!

  • Electric Food Steamer:

Electric steamers are among the most user-friendly options available. Just put the food you’d like to steam in the pot, then place it on the device and select the settings you prefer. It’s that easy!

One of the unique features of electric cooking steamers is the fact that it comes in a variety of sizes. There are one-tier steamers as well as two tiers that can be used for multiple food items.

  • Basket Food Steamer:

This is the classic food steamer, which is used by all of us. They may not be fully automated however, they’re user-friendly.

It is possible to use kitchen equipment and place the food into the container and close the lid. Be sure to add water to it , and then begin boiling it. While you are boiling it the steam will be released onto the vegetables or whatever you throw in , and you can eat the yummy food!

Be aware that here you have control over the timing. Be sure not to overcook the food or you’ll end up with a soggy meal which nobody would like! Make sure the timer is set just to ensure that, when you insert a fork into the dish it, it flows easily yet feels solid.

Basket steamers don’t have many features that are complicated and are easy to select from. Therefore the food steamer reviews focus on electric steamers exclusively. From one to three levels, we’ll cover everything!

Top 12 Best Food Steamers 2022

01. Secura Electric Food Steamer

Secura DZG-A80A1

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  • Pot capacity: 8.5 quarts
  • The power: 1200 watts
  • Dimensions 15.3 * 12.4 * 12.4 inches
  • Weight: 6.89 pounds
  • Color: Black/Silver

Are you looking for an appliance that locks in all the flavors and heat from your food? Look no further than this Secura Electric Steamer!

It comes with a 2-tier stainless steel cooking pan which produces heat in just 15 seconds and steams many kinds of food items. If it’s seafood, chicken or even vegetables This one has your back! In addition, it includes the ability for cooking rice!

Are you looking forward to returning to a delicious meal that you steamed? Set the delay timer, and then leave! It will cook your food, and then greet you with the aroma of your delicious meal when you return!

Just like you could delay the clock and quit eating in the restaurant and leave.


Choose the warm option, and the Secura Food Steamer will keep your food warm and delicious until you return! This smart food steamer will automatically shut off after your meal is done , or when your water tank has become full.

Made from stainless steel it is not necessary to fret about the mess of pots. Just put them in your dishwasher to prepare it for the next time!

To further ease of use The lids of the pots are cool to touch. So, no matter how hot the inside is the lids will not let you be able to feel the heat when you grip the handles of the pot! If you’re scared, don gloves that are gloves that are heat-resistant and we’re sure you’ll not be needed.

One aspect that can make some people uncomfortable is the absence the use of drip water collection system. The stains can be left on the pot. However, they’re easy to get rid of There is no reason to worry!

The Reasons to Purchase It:

When you first use this Secura Food Steamer Once you start using it, you’ll discover that it is priced much more expensive! With its contemporary settings, a stay-cool handle and the ability to cook foods to the highest quality, it’s the most efficient stainless steel steamer you can discover.


  • Creates steam quickly.
  • The delayed time begins setting.
  • Automatic shutoff function.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Stay-cool handles.
  • Keeps moisture out and preserves taste.
  • Inexpensive.


  • There is no drip water collector.

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02. Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer

Hamilton Beach 37530A

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  • Pot capacity: 5.5 quart
  • Dimensions 13.70 inches x 7.28 inches 12.60 inches
  • The weight is 3.97 lbs
  • Material Plastic
  • Color: Silver

Are you unsure whether to purchase one-tier and two-tier steamer for your food? Let’s find an intermediate point and pick this Hamilton Beach Electric Food Steamer! It has two levels however you can make use of one to steam food in smaller amounts.

The bowls are also equipped with dividers to ensure that when you are steaming two different food items the flavors don’t blend. If you’d like to steam whole corn or carrots it is easy to remove the dividers and make space!

With a touchpad that is digital with a digital touchpad, you are able to effortlessly control the food steamer. Add your food the steamer, put the food in, and then set the desired setting to make your ideal dinner!

One of the best things that the Hamilton Electric Food Steamer does is to ensure that your meals are kept warm. After it has completed cooking your food to your preference the machine will switch to warm mode, keeping it warm until you’re ready to eat the food!

But, don’t think that this could increase the risk of burning since the heating mode lasts for one hour, and then it automatically shuts off.

Hamilton Steamer does come with the possibility of delaying your start time. However, we do not recommend this device for cooking fish, poultry or seafood. You should only for vegetable steamers.

Contrary to the majority of food steamers, this is equipped with an integrated drip water collection. This means that the pots won’t get stained easily, and you can simply place the drip tray as the rice bowl in the dishwasher. Other parts need to be cleaned by hand.

When you are handling the bowls, be aware that the bottoms will come off, which means you have to be extra cautious so that you do not spill any items. However, this will make cleaning simpler, and you’ll be ready to go!

The Reasons to Purchase It:

This Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer is worth every cent you pay. Starting with three stackable tiers separators, and the auto-warm and off functions the appliance includes everything you require for a modern-day steamer! It is great to steam all sorts of food items, we think it’s the top vegetable steamer on the market.


  • Cooking a variety of various foods.
  • There are dividers to allow you to cook small quantities of different ingredients.
  • Simple access.
  • Automatically warms food after steaming.
  • Auto shut-off after an hour of warming up.
  • It has a drip water collection.
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  • Pots’ bottom may be removed.
  • Plastic bowls are prone to staining.

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03. Rice Cooker from TIGER, and Food Steamer Basket

Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U-W

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  • Pot capacities: 5.5 cup
  • The power: 672 watts
  • Dimensions 10.6 by 13.9 8.4 x 8.4 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Guarantee: Limited 1 year

Watch the bosses within the realm of steamers who are smart!

Before we get into the fundamentals, let’s look at its ability in cooking rice, and then steam your main meal at the same time. Put the rice bowl in the steamer, then place the steamer tray along with the fish or vegetables on it so that it can steam at the same time.

Offering four options for cooking synchronized, plain rice brown rice, slower cooking. It offers you the ability to pick your preferred options! The rest are easy to explain with the synchrony option works to allow simultaneously steaming, cooking and baking that we discussed earlier.

With 672 watts it quickly produces heat to steam your food until it is perfect!

The bowls are not sticky, so you don’t need to worry about food sticking to the bowl or difficult cleanup.

In order to help you save money to save money, you can save money by purchasing the Tiger Food Steamer and Rice Cooker include the Non-stick spatula as well as a cooking plate and measuring cups. Also, there is a cookbook that will help you find inspiration for when you’re not able to come up with you own thoughts.

Despite all the attributes, Tiger made sure that the steamer doesn’t get ugly. It has a solid and white look that looks cute on the counter and is simple to store!

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase It:

This Tiger Electric Food Steamer offers the ability to perform simultaneous functions. It comes with four different settings and an non-stick base. What else do you require to get from your food steamer? Make sure to grab this item before it is out of stocks!


  • Cook rice as well as steam it to cook the main course at the same time.
  • The four options for cooking.
  • Non-stick bowls facilitate food release.
  • Easy to clean due to its nonstick properties.
  • It comes with a complete tool kit.
  • The kitchen looks nice.


  • There are no indications for when the steaming is completed.

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04. Rosewill 3-Tier Baskets Stackable Baskets Electronic Timer Food

Rosewill B018RM1VG4

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  • Pot capacity: 9.5 quarts + 1-quart rice bowl
  • Dimensions 12.20 9.25 x 9.25 and 15.63 inches
  • The weight is 4.39 lbs
  • Material Plastic
  • Color: White

Its Rosewill Electric Food Steamer does not have one or two tiers. It includes three! This means that it is possible to steam 3 different food items in the same time, and enjoy full meal within a short time.

Equipped with the turbo steam ring this steamer can generate steam in just under 40 minutes. Its tightly shut lids make sure that food is infused with steam deliciousness!

It also has an auto shut-off feature which will turn off when the tank of water is full or when your food has been steaming. The 60-minute timer lets users set a timer that you can use when you’d like to go off with other chores while food is cooking.

When it comes to a tank for water it may be somewhat difficult to pour water into it, and difficult to take it out as it’s only a tiny opening each side. But reservoirs have a transparent design and therefore you can observe how much is full. To make things easier, utilize a jug for pouring water into the hole.

The three levels of the Rosewill BPA-Free Steamer for Food aren’t the only bowls available. It also includes the rice bowl, which is great to use with brown rice or white rice, and other tiny amount of food items. In addition, for additional utility it comes with egg slots to cook eggs to perfection!

The Reasons to Purchase It:

The Rosewill may be made from plastic, but it’s BPA-free. Don’t be frightened by it. If you’re looking for a substantial quantity of food that can be cooked in a short timespan, you’ve found the ideal steam cooker you can get!


  • Can hold a variety of food items together.
  • Very fast and good steam.
  • Features an auto shut-off function.
  • A water tank that is transparent allows you to easily determine the amount of water within it.
  • It comes with rice bowl.
  • It can be used to cook eggs.


  • The plastic material may stain.
  • The water tank is difficult to empty.

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05. Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer

Cuisinart STM-1000

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  • Pot capacity 5 liters
  • Water tank capacity: 1 liter
  • Energy: 1875 watts
  • Dimensions 13.74 inches x 13.23 9.37 x 9.37 inches
  • Weight: 15.75 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • The color is Stainless steel

This Cuisinart Glass Steamer will be an ideal appliance to anyone who enjoys steam-cooked food. Making it up and using it is is easy, which makes it the ideal choice for those who don’t like hassles.

This food steamer are able to quickly select one of the preset settings that are displayed on the LED control pad on the front to begin the process. With 1875 watts of power, it will ensure that your food is steam-cooked to perfection!

It only takes around 30 minutes or so So you don’t need to wait for too long to eat the soft, yet firm food.

The most appealing feature of this Cuisinart Digital Food Steamer is the ease of filling the reservoir with water. It’s large enough for you to simply place it under the tap to make sure you fill it up!

With a glass bowl, it’s simple to know what’s in the inside. It also looks great! From seafood to vegetables You can steam everything in this cooking steamer.

This glass bowl could be used as serving dish, serve dish and even as a container for storage to store leftover food items. This is a versatile dish!

But, you must be extra cautious while handling this dish since it’s glass and susceptible to break! However, the added flavor and the non-plastic taste can be found in your food will make up for the little sacrifice of being extra cautious.

There is an stainless steel tray in the package, however it’s not necessary to utilize it constantly. For small amounts of food, you can use the tray, but otherwise you should put food directly inside your glass container.

Contrary to many other food steamers that use electricity, Cuisinart Glass Food Steamer lets steam out in a top-down fashion. This way, it’s certain for cooking your meal in a uniform manner!

The Reasons to Purchase It:

This Cuisinart Digital Food Steamer might be expensive however, it’s worth the price due to all the amazing features!

With a glass bowl which can serve three distinct reasons, a powerful steaming capability, and simple to utilize features, it’s an excellent electronic steamer in stainless steel to steam an average amount of food items.


  • Evenly cooks food with a top-down approach.
  • It is simple to use.
  • The reservoir of water is large enough to allow for easy filling.
  • The reservoir can hold a large amount of water that can cook many meals.
  • The glass dish is able to be stored in the refrigerator with any leftover food items.
  • The package comes with a stainless-steel tray that can hold small amounts of food.
  • It doesn’t emit an unpleasant plastic scent since it is made of glass.


  • It is important to handle it with care.
  • Expensive.

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06. Black & Decker Double-Decker Flavor Center Steamer

Black & Decker HS2776

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  • Pot capacities 3.5 Quarts plus a 7-cup bowl for the rice cooker
  • Dimensions 12.75 by 14.25 9.50 9.50 inches
  • Weigh: 5.00 lbs
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Guarantee: 1 year

The time has come to elevate it to the next level with the Black and Decker Food Steamer!

With two levels of cooking space It is great to steam a variety of food in one. Cook your veggies in one layer while you cook the chicken in the second to create the perfect dinner!

If you’re not one for complex settings The dial on this is bound to attract you. It is not necessary to do anything other then adjust the dial according to your preference settings and watch it cook your food to the perfect temperature!

One of the secrets we discovered is that rice can be cooked using this method! If you’re looking for sushi rice or brown rice it can help you prepare it.

The package, however, doesn’t come with instructions for cooking rice, so you’ll need try trial and error approach to find out the best method.

All components of the Black & Decker are dishwasher safe, so there is nothing to be concerned about. However, as it’s constructed of white plastic it will stain slightly when you add the spices as well as water.

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What You Need to Know Before You Purchase It:

Black & Decker provides all the features you’ll require from a simple food steamer. With its dial for setting and plenty of space, it is sure to fulfill your needs. In addition, it has the rice cooker bowl, that is an added benefit to anyone!


  • holds a great deal of food in one go due to double Tiers.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Can cook rice.
  • Dishwasher is safe.


  • Unskilled and incorrect instructions on cooking time.
  • This plastic bottle is vulnerable to staining.

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07. Black and Decker Flavor Steamer

Black & Decker HS900

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  • Pot capacity: 4 quarts + 8 cups rice bowl
  • Dimensions 10.83 9.53 x 10.2 9.53 inches 9.53 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Material Plastic
  • Color: White

This Black and Decker Food Steamer is equipped with a four-quart steaming bowl, which lets you cook an entire amount of food at once. The divider is a great way to divide different types of food items.

It’s not just steaming bowls, but it also has separate bowls for cooking rice. So as you charcoal grill handles your protein needs, you are able to effortlessly cook your preferred variety of rice with it, without having to use a separate appliance.

One of the most useful aspects of this model is its auto-shutoff function. It is turned on, you go away, then return when you can hear the bell. There’s no other option for the bell it could be a bit irritating for some.

With a screen for flavor which diffuses the aroma and taste of the herbs or spices you use in. Delicious steaming is what you can expect from the Black Decker HS900 Food Steamer!

The only issue we could find is that it’s just a bit too large for the majority of counters. Therefore, if you have smaller tabletops it might not be the best option for you.

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase It:

If you’ve got plenty of room in your kitchen and would like an appliance that will make healthy eating enjoyable There is no reason to shy away from this option.

With its spacious cooking space along with its flavor-scentering feature and auto shut-off feature it is the Black & Decker Steamer is one of the top steamers for vegetables on the stovetop market.


  • Steams food to the perfect temperature.
  • The divider is used to separate different food items.
  • The rice bowl is a great way to cook enough rice.
  • Automatically shuts off.
  • Infuses flavor and smell into the food.


  • Too big for most counters.

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08. Oster Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer

Oster 512

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  • Pot capacity: 6 quarts
  • Dimensions 10.80 by 10.00 14.40 x 14.40 inches
  • Weigh: 7.81 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Guarantee: 2 years limited

Its Oster Electric Food Steamer comes with a cooking space of 6.1 Quarts, making it ideal for large-scale gatherings. It features two levels that allow you to steam your vegetables and meat in one go!

With a display that is LED This steamer comes with the most convenience available in the world. You can not only select the setting you like and settings, but you also have the option to program your timer to an earlier date, for up to 12 hours.

In addition warming food items is now a breeze. Utilize your LED screen to select an option to store it it warm and later eating with the same delicious taste! Be careful not to keep it too long.

It has an external, transparent water reservoir. So, you don’t have to worry about spilling water when filling it. With an incredibly powerful heating element of 900 watts it rapidly heats the water. You can also keep in the loop of the water using the marks on the Jar.

The most appealing feature of Oster Electronic Food Steamer is that Oster Electronic Food Steamer is it comes with egg slots. If you’re looking for eggs that are hardboiled, you don’t have to resort to the stove! Instead, you can use the steamer and start working with the process.

With all its positive qualities aside, it has one drawback, which is the fact that it is constructed of plastic. This makes it difficult to eliminate the smells and stains. We believe mixing vinegar and baking soda, lemon and water will help!

The Reasons to Purchase It:

This Oster Electrical 6.1 quart Food Steamer could be expensive however its performance is more than it. It cooks food faster than others steamers, is set to the correct settings, and allows you to cook your food in order to eat later. We think this is the best steamer Oster could have offered to you!


  • Instantly steam releases for cooking food until the highest standards.
  • Two tiers can hold a large number of different items in one.
  • Pre-set timer settings.
  • Food items can be kept warm in the containers.
  • Markings on the reservoir will let you know the level of water.
  • Includes egg slots.


  • Plastic materials can be a magnet for staining and can also absorb smells.

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09. Black and Decker Handy Food Steamer


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  • Pot capacity: 2 quarts + 4 cups rice bowl
  • Weigh: 4.5 lbs
  • Color: White

Are you looking for a stylish white appliance that will complement your kitchen? Check out this Black & Decker Food Steamer that is not just stylish but also does a great job!

With a 2 quart steaming bowl that uses its quick cooking time to deliver you the best cooked and delicious meals! Additionally, it includes a rice bowl, where the rice can be cooked to four cups of rice.

A flavor scenter is a must it is possible to easily include the flavor of a soup broth of chicken as well as your preferred wine brand wines for an extra kick of flavor to your food!

That said it’s an absolute gem for those who are looking for a simple feature in their steamer for food. It comes with only an on/off button and a timer to determine how long you’d like it to operate. Makes life super simple, if you ask us!

The Reasons to Purchase It:

This Black and Decker Food Steamer may be expensive however it is worth the cost. It has the perfect size for a steamer bowl and is simple to make use of, making it a great, small food steamer for kitchens of all varieties.


  • Perfectly steams food items.
  • Includes rice bowl.
  • Flavorscenter improves the taste of food.
  • It is simple to use.


  • Expensive

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10. Food Steamer 3 Liter Electric Steamer Foldable


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  • Pot capacity: 18.8 quarts
  • Water tank capacity: 3 liters
  • The power:1200 watt
  • Dimensions 20x15x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 14.67 pounds
  • Color: White

Take the prawns, the clams and corns all at once , and place them into the steamer! Surprised?

Don’t be!

Its Sunvivi Electronic Food Steamer has three different food bowls that let you steam different foods at the same time. With an XL 3 liter capacity water tank that is able to allow steaming for at 60 mins!

If, however, the water gets drained the steamer will set off an alarm , and then shut off on its own to prevent burning your food.

In addition, it has eggs slots so boiling eggs to perfection isn’t difficult now.

The unique thing of this steamer is the fact the fact that it’s an oval shape, that can be used to place any type of object. So, when you’re looking to clean up cups, towels and baby bottles. put them on the hot steamer, and allow it to work its magic! What better way to rid your body of germs than by killing the germs with heat? !

It’s possible that the shape will make you anxious over storage. But this model has it covered as well. When you’re done working on your project then fold the steamer in half and set it aside. It’s that simple!

One minor issue with the portable food steamer is the fact that the bowls are constructed of plastic. Therefore, they can retain scents and stains for a long time. But, you can clean it with vinegar and water to eliminate the smell!

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase It:

It is the Sunvivi Food Steamer is one unique due to its ability to sterilize products in addition to steaming food items. It’s easy to use, comes with intelligent functions and is an excellent stovetop vegetable steamer that is suitable for everyone!


  • Three levels let you cook multiple meals at once.
  • The capacity of the water reservoir is XL.
  • Automatic shutoff.
  • Alarm sounds when the tank is empty.
  • Useful to sterilize towels, bottles and other items.
  • A foldable design makes it easy to store.


  • The plastic material may stain the bowls.

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11. BELLA 7.4 Quarts of Healthy Food Steamer

BELLA 137872

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  • Pot capacity: 7.4 quarts
  • Dimensions 11.61 8.94 x 11.73 inches 8.94 11.73 inches 11.73 inches
  • Weigh: 4.75 lbs
  • Material Steel
  • Color: Black

You are looking for a steamer that can be used by an entire group of people?

Take a look at this Bella Electric Food Steamer that comes with an 7.4 Quarts of cooking space. With two cooking compartments separate it is easy to steam food for the entire family!

The setting isn’t too complicated and it only needs a twist of a knob to set it up. With a boil dry cooking option, this lets you steam safely and easily!

To make it even more efficient, Bella gave it an auto shut-off feature. Once the steaming has been completed or the tank of water is empty, the system automatically switches off.

The reservoir for water has an open view that lets you know how much water is needed to get the steaming. Additionally, Bella Food Steamer is very fast as it takes just 30 seconds to steam!

Although it releases steam quickly, it still takes time to prepare the meal. We believe that the patience demonstrated here will result in delicious food!

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase It:

Its Bella Electric Food Steamer might take some time to cook your food, however, it cooks with the utmost attention. Two levels as well as the user-friendly features that allow equally cooking make it a top meat steamer, above all.


  • It takes only 30 seconds to make steam. It takes only 30 seconds to produce.
  • Steams evenly all food items.
  • There are two levels to accommodate diverse food items.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Auto shut-off is an option.
  • Water reservoir with a view-through.


  • Cooks food takes time throughout.

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12. Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer


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  • Pot capacity: 5 quarts
  • Energy: 400 watts
  • Material Plastic
  • Dimensions8.40 8.40 inches x 8.40 8.40 x 8.40 8.80 inches
  • The weight is 1.15 lbs
  • Color: White

It comes with a double tiered steaming system with 5 quarts of capacity The Oster Food Steamer has been an all-time favorite of families. From poultry to vegetables it is able to steam almost everything!

If you enjoy watching the steaming process, the transparent containers are interesting. With 400 watts of power you can watch your food become soft, yet packed with nutrients right in front of your eyes!

It is also possible to set an automatic timer that can last for up to 60 minutes. Once it has finished steaming it will then shut down and wait for you to return and take your food!

While the Oster Electric Food Steamer does not come with a bell to signal alerts, it does have an LED light at the front. It lights up whenever the Steamer turns turned on and lets you know when the food is ready.

The best part is that it’s dishwasher safe. Place them on uppermost rack of the dishwasher, and enjoy your tasty dinner!

It may be tall in height however in width it’s pretty slim. In addition, you can remove the containers to fit them into any place.

Remember to not put too much water in the reservoir as it may leak.

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase It:

This Oster Double-Tier Electric Food Steamer is the perfect fit for kitchens with small spaces. It doesn’t take up much space, yet work just as well as larger steamers for food!


  • 2 levels can accommodate enough food for small gatherings.
  • Pre-program settings.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Dishwasher secure.
  • It is easy to store.


  • There is no alarm for the time that food preparation is complete.
  • The reservoir for water may be damaged if it is it is filled with water that is too high.

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Buying Guide

While you are familiar with the basics of each electronic food steamer, it is important to make sure you have ticked the boxes on the other aspects as well. We have compiled a general overview of the top food steamers you can buy!

Number of Tiers

Food steamers are available with two, one, or three levels. With three or more tiers you can cook a variety of types of food at one sitting.

Its Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer is one of those steamers that has two levels. With 5.5 quarters and 5.5 quarts of cookware, it may not be the most powerful steamer, but it does offer the ease of steaming your vegetables and seafood in one sitting.

While two and three tiers may appear to be the most practical alternatives, it’s not the case for every person. If you’re just looking to cook for your own small family, it’s not going to make sense to go beyond one-tier.

This Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer is among the most efficient one-tier food steamers we’ve seen to date. With its contemporary features and plenty of cooking space, it can meet your requirements more than other two-tiered steamers also!


There are a variety of types of steamers and tiers, however not all steamers that have more than tiers can boast the capacity of a larger. For instance this Black Decker HS2776 Double-Decker Flavor-Scenter Steamer only can cook for 3.5 cubic inches although it comes with two levels.

However it is it is the Bella (13872) 7.4 Quart Healthful Food Steamer includes 7.4 Quarts of steaming area featuring two tiers.

Therefore, take note of the amount of food you’d like to prepare and how much so that you can get your favorite food steamer in the right quantities.


Food steamers come with a variety of useful features ranging from timers all the way and water tank.

Let’s begin with water tanks which need to be reachable. Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer is reservoirs that you can fill without difficulty. It’s large in size and it is easy to empty it.


No regardless of how beautiful an appliance appears, we can’t purchase it unless we’re certain that it will be able to fit into our cabinet or counter.

You buy a food-safety steamer, only to discover that it’s way too large for your kitchen cabinet and. This is a waste of money, If you ask me! Bella (13872) 7.4 Quarts Healthy Food Steamer can be tracked down as an electronic food steamer that is suitable for kitchens with larger spaces.

If you have smaller storage space We recommend for the the Black and Decker Handy Food Steamer . With 2.5 4 quarts in cooking capacity, this will fit well into any cabinet.

If you’re looking to stay at the middle then it is the food Steamer 3- Liter electric foldable Steamer can be an option. It’s not the smallest size, but it features an easy-to-fold design that makes it ideal for storage.

Frequently Answered Questions

01. Does steaming food actually make you healthier?

Steaming food is much more nutritious than boiling or frying. While boiling or frying requires oils or fats, steaming does not have need for these. All you have to do is to pour water into the reservoirs and then it will generate steam. The design of the food steamer can retain moisture and taste and make healthier foods without oil!

Additionally, when boiling vegetables, the majority nutrition is removed. However steaming preserves all the nutrients, giving your body the nutrients it requires!

02. How long should I steam Vegetables?

It all depends on your preferences and the kind of vegetables you’re steaming. If you’re using asparagus, it shouldn’t take more than four minutes. However, carrots may take as long as 10 minutes to get perfect steamed.

It will depend on how firm or soft you’d like your steamed vegetables to be. In the end the result of a few trials and errors can help you discover the solution to the question.

03. Does a Food Steamer Have Other functions?

Another use that many steamers serve and that is to cook rice. Some steamers have the rice bowl, which is typically utilized for cook rice..

Although the majority are required to be used at various times however, the Rice Cooker from TIGER that comes with the food steamer basket can be used for steaming and cooking at the same time.

Wrapping Up!

Food steamers are an easy way to lead a healthier way of life. The ideal food steamer should be user-friendly and fit your preferences for size and, if would like it, are able to cook rice, too.

Our food steamer reviews attempted to include all the great features of electric steamers. If you’re looking for the convenience of a food steamer in a basket We recommend that you consider the Consevisen Steamer Basket. It is available in a set of three with distinct functions to meet various needs.

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