7 Best Fireproof Safes 2023

Safes are an effective method to safeguard your important documents or valuable items from being taken. Of course, an ordinary safe isn’t likely to be very helpful in the case of another type of emergency, such as an fire. For that reason it is essential to make certain that you have the safe that is fireproof to the highest standard. So, you’ll be secure from the possibility of burglary and unexpected emergency.

As you’re probably aware there are a variety of things we needed to think about when searching for the most fireproof safes for homes. To create our list first, we looked at capacities of the safes since this tells the amount you can put in it without worry. Then, we examined the dimensions of the general model since it can be used to determine where it should be placed. And, perhaps the most important, we looked at the various security mechanisms that each safe has, since they are all which will prevent you and your belongings being stolen or lost. Based on these criteria, we chose the First Alert 2087F was awarded our Editor’s Choice.

To compile our complete list of the most effective fireproof safes for homes available We spent a number of hours reading hundreds of reviews from users. This allowed us to compile thorough review for each one, so that you can pick the right one for you. However, should aren’t certain what you should consider when choosing a new safe, make sure you make sure to go all of our purchasing guide that will show you all you need to know to select the ideal fireproof safe that meets your requirements.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    First Alert 2087F “This solidly constructed safe is waterproof and fireproof. It also has a the security of a combination lock that will ensure your security.”
  • The best fireproof safe for files:
    First Alert 2037F “An ideal safe to keep your papers; comes with five years of warranty and is waterproof.”
  • Budget Selection:
    SentrySafe 1200 fireproof box “This low-cost model can last 30 minutes at 1,550°F and is equipped with a carry handle and two keys.”
  • The best Fire and Waterproof Safe:
    Honeywell 1106 “A very large safe that is not just fireproof but also water-resistant. It’s also and backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.”
  • Most convenient to store:
    Honeywell 6104 “Being tiny and compact this device is easy to store in the tiniest of homes but it’s also equipped to keep all important documents safe from fire-related accidents.”
  • The Largest Fireproof Safe:
    Steelwater AMWWD 500 “A large safe that is able to endure for a staggering 2 hours at temperatures of 1,850 degrees; it also has an inside drawer and an adjustable shelf.”
  • The Best Fireproof Document Case
    Steelmaster Fire-Retardant Black Steel Security Box “A small safe that’s perfect to store documents and cash; is constructed of steel and two-insulated walls.”

The Top Seven Fireproof Safes Review 2022

First Alert 2087F

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This could be the most fireproof safe you can buy in the present. One thing that stands out about this safe is the thickness of its interior walls as well as its insulation. This combination provides one of the highest endurance ratings available. It’s capable of keeping your possessions in good condition for up to one hour at 1,700°F. If you consider that most fires that cause structural damage only take place at 1,100 degrees, you will see a better picture of to the high quality the safe. Simple and easy the safe will help protect your possessions in the event that an incident of fire occurs within your home.

The company provides a limited warranty of five years should something go wrong in the safe. Although this warranty isn’t it’s worth, they will repair your safe in the event that you suffer from the unfortunate event of a fire. The emergency warranty is without limitation and can be used for the entire life of the item.

The safe is also safe. It utilizes the combination lock and key to guard your documents and valuables safe from being stolen. Just be sure to make the effort to remember the password carefully because it can’t be altered. Fortunately, the sequence isn’t too complicated which means that it should not be too difficult.

Not only is it fireproof, but it’s also impact and waterproof. If you do happen to lose it while moving it in a its position, you can be at ease knowing that it will protect your possessions and keep them safe. Its ability to be waterproof makes it an ideal choice for anyone who lives close to a water body.

What is distinctive?

  • Lifetime after-fire replacement
  • Impact Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Long-term endurance time
  • High-temperature rating
  • Works with combination locks or key

What pros did we identify?

  • The combination cannot be altered.


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First Alert 2037F

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A few of the more popular items people should keep in their safes that are fireproof are important documents. They could include birth certificates, marriage licenses social security cards or other crucial documents. The papers in these categories can be a challenge to arrange inside a standard fireplace, however not in this model. It’s designed to help organize common file holders in a simple way. This arrangement of storage is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to store their most important documents safe and well-organized.

Like you’d expect with an excellent company like First Alert, this model is backed by a lifetime warranty that should you experience an emergency fire at residence, the company will repair the safe at no cost. This not only reflects well on the brand and its products, but it also shows they are confident in their product. This is one way you can determine if it’s a safe that is of high-quality.

This safe is extremely high temperature rating. However, it will not last for long at this temperature, since it can only last for around 30-minutes at 1,550 °. That’s enough time given that fires rarely reach that temperature. The safe is waterproof, meaning you’ll be able to rest at ease in the event that your home is susceptible to flooding.

The safe is easy to open and to organize. Although this is certainly beneficial for you, it’s not the best option in the event of a burglary. The purpose of this safe is not to protect your documents against robbers, therefore you shouldn’t count on it to. It’s compact enough to put it out of sight, which will make it in a safer place if anyone attempts to break through your door.

What are we loving this for?

  • Lifetime replacement
  • High-temperature rating
  • Waterproof
  • It is easy to open
  • Large capacity

What did we feel disappointed with?

  • Not very secure from break-ins.

SentrySafe 1200 fireproof box

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When you hear safe, you might envision something large and costly. It is possible that you can’t buy a top-quality safe without spending lots of dollars. This isn’t the case, so long as you purchase an fireproof security. This is a premium firebox that won’t cost you a lot of dollars to purchase. It’s not exactly as durable as the more expensive ones however, it does have plenty of fireproofing to the cost. Actually, this safe can stand up to 1,550 degrees for approximately 30 minutes that should provide enough security for your documents.

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If you decide to purchase this safe it is important to be sure to only utilize it to store paper-based valuables. The reason is that even though the safe is able to withstand temperatures of 1,550 degrees outside but it could reach temperatures of around 400 degrees inside. While this temperature isn’t harmful to paper, can cause melting of metals and plastics. This safe isn’t the best choice for data storage due to this reason.

It is among the safer safes that is easy to carry that are available. It’s intended to be used similar to a briefcase equipped with a simple handle. The exterior is extremely tough that will keep it safe from any falls or bumps that could occur.

What makes us so impressed?

  • Budget-friendly
  • High temperature rating
  • Very mobile
  • It is easy to open
  • Easy to fit in tight space

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • Best for paper storage only.


6 Home Security Tips to keep your valuables From burglars (Fall 2022)

Honeywell 1106

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While fire is often considered by everyone to be the most devastating thing that can befall the home they live in, damage from water could be equally devastating. If water enters the home of yours, it could cause destruction just as fire could, and turn your once beautiful home into a slumbering mess. Water can be just as harmful to valuable documents and other mementos as fire, therefore should you be aware of the proximity to any lake, it is sensible to search for an outdoor fireproof and waterproof secure. If this is the case it could be the best choice for you.

This model is not only capable of sustaining 30-minutes at 1,550 ° and 1,550 degrees, but it’s also totally waterproof. Even if the safe is submerged completely for a brief time, your files will be secure and safe regardless of whether you’re storing paper or electronic files.

This safe is also equipped with an enormous capacity, which makes it an ideal choice to store larger objects, for example, external hard drives that are full of family photos or complete photo albums. It is easy to open, and it’s large enough to accommodate larger objects comfortably.

The only thing you need to be aware of when using this safe is the fact that the locking mechanism is easily broken. You must be certain that it is completely free when closing the safe or you could be tempted to bend it accidentally.

What made it onto it onto our list?

  • Lifetime after-fire replacement
  • High temperature rating
  • Large capacity
  • Waterproof

What’s not perfect in it?

  • A flimsy locking mechanism

Honeywell 6104

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A lot of the time when looking for safes, it’s extremely difficult to locate one that is suitable for your house, particularly in the case of an apartment. A lot of models are too big to be able to fit into the space is available, or even be able to fit into a closet ease. This model however is sleek and compact and is a good choice for people with only a small amount of space for storing the safe. Although this safe is quite slim, it’s nevertheless large enough to accommodate all of your essential documents.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that such a small case is simple to move from one the place to the next. Even if you fill this fireproof case down with as many things as feasible, you shouldn’t face problems shifting it around. The lock is secure and simple transport handle make moving this safe easy.

The case was not made to protect your possessions secure from anything except the possibility of fire. Although the lock is sturdy enough to secure the case closed however, it is easily removed. The lock comes with an additional key, which can be used as a alternative in case you accidentally lose the original key.

The thing you’ll want to be aware of when you are considering this particular model is that it comes with a very low temperature rating. The case can only be capable of sustaining temperatures up to 400 degrees over a small duration. It can protect your documents in the occasion of a minor fire but it will not work well in the event of a massive fire.

What makes it unique?

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Simple to fit in tiny space
  • Includes an additional key

Which are its weaknesses?

  • Low temperature rating

Steelwater AMWWD 500

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If you want to keep your documents, mementos and other treasures of your family safe from fire, you cannot be too cautious. If you’re looking for a safe which will exceed your expectations to ensure that everything is safe in the event of a fire breaking out in your house, this might be the best option for you.

It has the top fire rating that is available. In actuality, it’s guaranteed to keep your possessions safe for up to 2 hours, regardless of whether the temperature is set to reach 1850°F. It’ll last for a greater time if the temperature does not rise to that point which makes it a great alternative for those who want the best guarantee as they can for their possessions to be able to stand up to fire.

Although the password isn’t able to be altered with this particular model, be sure that it will keep your possessions safe. It comes with a set keys which can be used to unlock it. It’s just a matter of making sure that you have these two keys in separate locations so that you will always have one in case you need to utilize it.

The safe has one of the biggest capacities and is a fantastic product for anyone who needs to store a lot of items. It comes with shelves that can be adjusted or removed to make it easier to keep your things tidy. This shelf, in conjunction with the easy-to-use and removable drawer, make an excellent unit. most effective storage solutions available.

What are we enthralled by this for?

  • Shelfs that can be moved and adjusted
  • Inner drawer
  • Long-term endurance time
  • Extremely high temperature rating
  • Very safe

What did we feel disappointed with?

  • Combination cannot be modified

Steelmaster Fire-Retardant Black Steel Security Box

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As we’ve mentioned previously that you should never be too cautious regarding important documents, valuables, or documents and fires. Whatever place you’re in and no matter how modern the structure is, regardless of how well you plan your plans fire could occur at any moment. That’s why it’s recommended to keep an emergency fireproof safe that you can carry around.

The model produced by SteelMaster is a fantastic illustration of an extremely secure that could be a great option for those who are moving or who wants to ensure their documents are safe during travel. The safe is extremely light and comes with a user-friendly carry handle which makes lifting it up and carrying it with you easy.

As it’s an extremely compact and lightweight box, it will come as an obvious that it’s ideal for storage everywhere within your home. This small size helps make it an excellent choice for those who live in a new home and isn’t yet able to buy a larger safe, since it is able to be put away in any location you wish.

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While the model is quite tiny, it has an extremely high rating for heat. The only issue is that it isn’t equipped with a lengthy endurance time. This safe only lasts for around 15 minutes when it is at its highest temperature. The safe is not constructed to guard against theft since the locking mechanism can easily be damaged So keep this in mind when you make the final purchase.

What are we enthralled by this for?

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • It can be used in tight spaces.
  • High temperature rating

What were we dissatisfied with?

  • Not the most secure against burglaries.
  • Very little endurance time

Things to Consider

In this article we will discuss all you need to know to choose the most safe with fireproofing for your valuables. We also took the time to address a number of frequently asked questions, so make sure to go through them also if you’re not sure about something.

Why should you choose an fireproof safe?

There are many reasons why you should choose a the fireproof safes for your home. This includes:

  • Security Against Burglaries If you’ve got important possessions in your home, like jewelry, cash or family heirlooms what you do not would want to do is keep them tucked away in the closet. If you are so unlucky as to have your home robbed by a burglar A safe that is fireproof will ensure your valuables are safe from being taken.
  • Fireproof as the title suggests that these safes are safe from fire. Every homeowner has insurance for their home but it can only protect you in the event that there is a fire in your home. While insurance can help you rebuild your home, it will not replace memories of your family important documents or the most valuable items. A fireproof safe could help provide security in case something that you could never imagine becomes an actuality.
  • Waterproof Certain but not all security safes made of fire are waterproof as well. This is an awesome feature as emergencies aren’t restricted to fires. This is particularly relevant if you live close to the shoreline of a stream, river or creek. An outdoor safe such as one like the First Alert 2037F is an excellent device to safeguard your documents during any kind of situation.
  • Heavyweight One of the reasons safes that are fireproof are an ideal option in preventing theft is because they’re very heavy. Because they must have additional layers added to ensure they are fireproof they could weigh over 100 pounds. The weight of these safes makes them much harder for burglars to grab and carry away during a burglary.
  • Durable The HTML0 is extremely durable. As you’d expect from an item that weighs this many pounds they are extremely robust. No matter which one you purchase, you can be sure that it will to last for a long time. The materials that are used to create them fireproof keep them in good condition for decades to come and make the purchase a wise choice to secure your belongings.
  • It is convenient The only way to be certain that the essential documents, such as your birth certificate, passport or marriage license. are secure from disasters is to store them other. The issue with this method however, is that they’re not located in the most convenient location should you require they. If you purchase a fireproof safe, it can secure your documents and accessible when you need access to them.

Things to take into consideration when choosing the best fireproof safe


The first thing you will need to think about when choosing the fireproof safety you want is its capacity. What the capacity is of the safety will determine the number of things you can fit in it, as well as the kinds of things you can put in it. The most effective way to purchase the fireproof safe is to choose one that can hold more than you want to keep in the first few days. The last thing you’ll want to restrict what you can keep inside it, as you will likely acquire more valuable items as well as more important documents in your lifetime after purchasing the safe.

If you’re in search of the largest safe on market that is available, you should consider this Steelwater the AMSWD 500 is the ideal choice. It is spacious enough for valuables and also enough room to store a lot of documents even in the event that you have tons of things to store. However it is a good choice if you want to save cost and don’t have to keep a lot of things, Honeywell 6104 Honeywell 6104 could be a great option.

Security system

The security features that your new safe uses has a direct impact on the security of it in the event of a burglary in your home. There are three main options to choose from. They are:

  • Locksmith and Key It is the most simple method of safeguarding your belongings as well as the reason why it’s the most difficult to get into. It functions as a door in your home, except that it utilizes keys to open and unlock the safe. Of course, you have to ensure that you keep the key safe in a location, otherwise there’s no way to gain access to your safe.
  • Combination Lock If you think of any safe you’ve seen in a television or film show then a combination lock will be the first thing that comes to thoughts. It’s an a lever that must be turned in the correct sequence of numbers to open the safe. This makes it very safe. It is good to know that if you forget your combination, a lot of safes equipped with combination locks, such as First Alert 2087F. First Alert 2087F comes with keys as well.
  • Digital Keypad Keypads that are digital are similar to combination locks, but do not turn a knob, all you have to do is type in the code. The locks require batteries to be replaced each time, and it is an extra cost. Similar to the combination lock safe the majority of these locks include keys in case you forget the code.

What temperatures it is able to endure and for how long

When you are looking for an fireproof safe, you must make sure it’s in fact fireproof and not only fireproof.

If you purchase one that’s only fireproof, your documents will not last long if exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. The best option is to choose a safe that is the most temperature- and time rating you can get.

We’ll be honest, firefighters will not search through your house to find a safe while they battle the flames and trying to bring your loved ones back to safety. If you choose a safe that has the highest temperature and duration rating, you’ll aid in ensuring that your belongings are safer. If that’s the type of safe you’re searching for, then Steelwater the AMSWD500 could be the ideal security option for your needs. It is able to be used for two hours at temperatures that is 1,800°. This should provide your valuable objects enough protection while firefighters work to put out the flames.

Materials that are used

The materials employed in fire safes tend to be quite similar all over. They typically have steel as well as insulation to keep your belongings safe from being damaged or burned by water. The most important thing to determine how safe your safe is depends on how thick the products are.

If you are looking at a safe that is smaller such as that of the Honeywell 6104 one, it shouldn’t be an astonishment that it’s not the most secure in terms of temperatures or ratings for time. The insulation and the steel are both quite thin, making it an excellent and lightweight safe that offers little security in the event that there is the possibility of a fire. However, it is the first Alert 2087F is made of the thickest steel and insulation that gives it a longer time to last when temperatures are higher. Of obviously, this makes it a more substantial secure product, but don’t be expecting moving it as often once you’ve put it in your place.

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External dimensions

After you have decided on the amount of space you require in addition to the temperature rating you need to protect your belongings You must then think about where you are going to store the safe you purchased. The dimensions on the outside of various safes that are available are something you’ll be able to consider once you’ve decided the place you’ll put the safe in your home. Naturally, if you live in small space, you’ll have to be sure to purchase a safer that is smaller. If space isn’t a problem it is possible to choose the safe of your choice.

A frequent locations where people prefer to keep their safes is the bedroom closet. The most common is the storage on a high shelf within the closet. If that’s the case for your family and you you should consider you should consider the SentrySafe 1200 fireproof Box could be an ideal choice. It’s about the size of a small briefcase, which makes it able to fit on smaller shelves or in tight spaces.


If you purchase anything that is made to protect your possessions You should ensure that it’s protected by a guarantee. Although the goal is to ensure that you will never have to take advantage of the warranty in order to exchange any part of your safe, it’s good knowing that the manufacturer will stand behind the product. Certain safes can be a significant investment, and the warranty can be a great security measure to ensure that you won’t lose cash if something fails in the safe’s regular usage.

Another thing to bear in mind when using the safes mentioned is that because they are made to use during the event of a fire, some companies provide lifetime replacements in the event of the fire start. As we’ve mentioned earlier, is an excellent opportunity for a business to demonstrate they are confident in their product. This guarantee is also a great way to make the purchase is worth more.

Extra features

As we mentioned earlier, safes are generally simple devices. They are made to keep your possessions locked in a safe place from fire, but not much else. Of however, there are additional features that could make your life simpler. One of the items to think about when you’re looking to store is adjustable or removable shelves. They will help you get all your valuable documents and papers in the safe more simple.

Another thing you may consider keeping in mind in particular in the case of living close to a water body and you need a safe that is water-proof. If you opt for an secure that is waterproof, then your valuables will be safe from more than fires or break-ins, which is an more secure investment for protecting your belongings.

If you purchase an item that is able to only be opened with keys, it may be beneficial to buy one with an additional set. This way, if you lose the initial key set, you’ll have another set to ensure that you are able to access your safe.

How to ensure that you are safe

While these safes are made to withstand a lot of heat, it doesn’t mean they’re impervious to destruction. There are many ways you can take every now and then to ensure that your safe is operating correctly. If you don’t invest the time to monitor your security, you run the risk of having it fail in the event in the event of an emergency. Therefore, ensure that you take the time each month to observe the following aspects:

  • Batteries Maintenance If you buy an item that comes with the capability of a digital keypad, then it is important to monitor the levels of the battery. If you don’t, you could have the chance of the battery not being able to function to you, which can make opening the safe more difficult.
  • Moisture Control Although you purchase a safe that is waterproof the repeated exposure to water will eventually ruin the hinges as well as the exterior inside the safety. This can reduce its efficiency in the event of a fire, or flood, as rust could allow these harmful elements to get into your safe, and cause damage to the contents.
  • Cleaning the interior and surface Because these safes are made to last for a long time it is essential to keep them clean and free of dust, dirt and grime, both on the exterior and the interior. Also, you should ensure you wash your hands whenever you use your safe to ensure that your important documents don’t collect any dirt or grime as you open the safe up. It’s all you need to keep your safe looking as if it was just taken from the store.


What model of HTML0 is water-proof and also?

If you live close to an area of water It is not a issue of whether it is likely to flood, but an issue of the time it will. In this situation, it’s ideal to select waterproof as well as fireproof secure. Of the safes that we have listed these are the ones that are waterproof:

What happens when I drop it?

Accidents can happen. If you fall and drop your safe as you’re transporting it to another location, then the initial step you’ll need to do is to open it to check that everything functions properly. Since safes are built to guard your valuables from harsh conditions, chances are that they won’t have sustained any damage. This is especially true when you purchase an item like First Alert 2087F. First Alert 2087F It is built to withstand impacts.

What do I do to get another key in case I have lost the safe and key it was packed with?

If you happen to lose the key included in the safe you purchased, then all that have to do is call the company who made it. Make sure you have the model number in your possession as they’ll need it to issue a replacement key.

Wrapping Up!

From all the security products we reviewed Of all the safes we looked at, the One Alert 2087F is the most effective. It comes with one of the biggest capacities available and is a top quality of temperature as well as time ratings. It’s also extremely safe, which makes it an excellent choice to not just secure your documents from fire, but also from theft.

Important documents are the most frequently used items that people wish to store in their fire-safety kit. Therefore, First Alert 2037F First Alert 2037F is the most reliable safe to keep fire-proof around. It’s made to be used in conjunction with file folders. This helps to keep your items organized extremely easy.

The budget-friendly SentrySafe Fireproof 1200 Box can last for 30 minutes at 1,550 degrees; includes a handle for carrying and two keys. This is Our Budget Pick for the best smokeproof Sages

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