5 Best Fifth Wheel Hitch 2023

Being in a position of difficulty when carrying essential, but heavy items in your small bed truck or the SUV isn’t a pleasant experience, is it? This is why we suggest that you utilize different kinds of hitches.

There are numerous fifth wheel hitches on the market. But, you should consider our recommendations on the top fifth wheel hitches in order to help you select the right one for you.

The first thing you should consider is the capacity of weight the fifth wheel is capable of supporting when fully filled. The money you invest in a hitch that’s not able to handle the load of your furniture and other items is wasted.

Furthermore, purchasing items without considering their weight is not good for you by itself. Conducting your research making use of the hitches on your own and taking reviews from customers into consideration We have provided an in-depth review of the five best fifth-wheel hitches.

What are the various types of fifth wheel hitches?

To fully comprehend the 5th wheel hitch first, you must be aware of how it functions and whether you have either a long or short bed car and if this is what you are looking for? After that, you’ll be able make a informed decision when you are done. The trailer, truck and hauling requirements will assist you in making your decision.

1. Gooseneck Gooseneck

It may be connected to the rear of the truck bed. There is a great deal of weight the pins are creating, and they need assistance in carrying the weight. These trailers require gooseneck hitches that are designed specifically for these trailers. This means that they can help spread the weight and turn in the most efficient way that is possible. Be sure to keep your RV and short bed truck secure when you travel!

2. Two Pivots

The dual pivoting head it is possible to move in two ways. In both directions. By using this kind of lateral motion the truck can move up and down hills as well. This isn’t the case, however. The best thing to keep an watch for potholes and bumps in the road.

3. The Four-Pivot

The addition of a fifth wheel hitch that has four pivot points isn’t the most important step you’ll need to take. It is able to handle all the swaying and shaking caused by the fact that the ground isn’t even. The bed of the truck and the hitch must be in good condition in the event that this kind vehicle is in use.

4. Sliding

This hitch is great for pickup trucks with a short bed. A height of 8 feet or less is ideal. When you are making those sharp turns, you need your vehicle to strike the truck’s cab.

The downside is that a vehicle with a shorter bed will require slides. After that, you must remove the vehicle to make the final changes to the hitch of your trailer prior to it’s secured.

For a start, make a tight turn and after that, come to a complete stop using a short bed. One of the advantages is that you are able to purchase models that aren’t constructed by hand. But, they aren’t inexpensive, and you need to determine if the cost is worth the cost.

5. Double Jaw

This kind of hitch is utilized by many and comes with the two “kingpins.” The majority often jaws seem to join. But this isn’t always true.

Drive, and they are able to limit the amount of motion and noise is there. However, there’s a disadvantage to this, too. It’s due to two jaws, each of which has lesser strength than two jaws together.

6. Single Jaw

It is crucial to utilize one jaw 5th wheel hitch if you’re towing a large amount of weight. If you want to make a towable which weighs over 25K pounds, it is necessary to have the all-in-one model. Because it is more powerful! Since they are able to handle more weight, they’re better equipped to take on heavy weights.

Top 5 Best Fifth Wheel Hitch 2022

1. Andersen Ultimate 5th wheel Hitch It is compatible with trucks with short beds

Andersen Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Hitch

Check Price on Amazon

Andersen’s most powerful Fifth Wheel Hitch Connection is more powerful than ever before and includes a an exclusive ball funnel which makes it even simpler to connect. This is why people are preparing to alter the way they pull fifth wheels.

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Unboxing Andersen fifth wheel hitch for review
The unboxing Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitch to review

Towing with a fifth wheel can be simple however, with the base weight of only 35 pounds Andersen has solved one of the more frequently encountered issues. The foundation of this unit can be inserted and removed in minutes. The people who work on Andersen Hitches have found a method to make life a lot simpler with the use of short or long bed trucks.

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  • In comparison to the gooseneck-mounted 5th wheel hitch the set-up used is much lighter.
  • It offers incredible usability at less cost.
  • The short bed truck doesn’t require an adapter.


  • If you’re looking to hook up your truck an extended or short bed truck that has a fifth wheel hitch, you’ll need to remove the converter from your pin box.

Check out the complete review of Andersen hitch: Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch Review

2. The CURT 16120 5th Wheel Hitch: Highest Weight Capacity Hitch

CURT 16120 A16 5th Wheel Hitch

Check Price on Amazon

In certain instances the hitch on your shorter truck bed may be weak enough to be able to pull a large trailer. This is the reason why you’ll need the most effective fifth-wheel hitch that has double jaw design to handle this type of task.

This model 16120 A16 from the CURT Fifth wheel hitch as an illustration, demonstrates what we mean by. More than 25K pounds are available of the A-series from the company. There are also 20 and 24k pounds. If that’s the case you can pick between the 25K option or the two other versions.

How much weight do need it to support? In terms of cost, the CURT 5th wheel hitch isn’t the most costly. One of the most appealing aspects of axial bearings is that they’re absolutely amazing. A bearing that is able to move in any direction allows it for it to be moved around. In the long term it doesn’t affect the way you perform.

CURT 16120 A16 5th Wheel Hitch in the garage
Test CURT 16120 A16 5th Wheel Hitch in our garage

It’s easier and more quiet to tow because of these components. The CURT 5th wheel tow hitch includes all the bolts and screws you require to join and attach items.

The capacity of the bed’s weight is what is what makes it stand out. If it has the capacity between 24,000 and 30000 pounds that it is able to handle the largest loads using any length of bed. The 16120 A16 from the CURT 5th wheel hitch will aid you relocate to a new home and camp. Incredibly, considering the amount it can carry and how affordable it is the best value.

It’s unfortunate that this 5th wheel hitch from CURT doesn’t come with a height adjuster for each. Before purchasing the 16120 A16 model of the CURT’s fifth wheel hitch, it is important to determine how tall the vehicle you intend to tow using or your small bed vehicle.


  • In this situation the pivoting mechanism is able for the screens to be tilted in all directions.
  • These stoppers are constructed from the thickest of rubber.


  • There aren’t many short bed trucks that can be made taller.

3. B&W Hitch: The best 5th wheel hitch for Ford puck system

B&W Trailer Hitch

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Everyone who has any knowledge regarding the trailer hitches will say they believe that B&W’s fifth wheel hitch is among the top hitches available. The choice of this one, and other hitches are an exception to the guidelines.

If you’re in search of the most effective fifth wheel for your Ford puck, then you should consider the B&W hitch would be most effective..

Installing it is easy due to an easy method of mounting it. The bed of your truck can serve for different purposes due to its gooseneck design. It’s a good idea to utilize this whenever you’re not the one responsible for transporting the cargo! The hitch you’re considering can be used to pull RVs as well as trailers that weight upwards of 22,000 pounds easily.

Since the head is able to be moved in all directions from front to back , and between sides, the head is able to be turned in any direction without difficulty. In the end, you’ll be able to perform extremely precise movements.

For this, to be thankful, the polyurethane bushings are responsible for this. They are designed to enhance your B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch’s capacity to jerk, and reduce noise. This is the reason we’re going to tell you about the hitch now that you know the reason.

Used B&W hitch
This past week, one of our customers visited our shop to fix his B&W hitch

It will start to come alive when you press the lever. After that, you can put in the attachment post included in the kit. When you tighten the bolts, you should place the base over the shank, and then follow the same procedure.

For the installation it’s that easy to it. Furthermore, the device is very easy to remove. When you’re talking about using the B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch there is no doubt about it.

If it comes to capacity for weight, there is an enormous difference from and the B&W Companion five wheel trailer as well as the other options available on the market. You should consider whether this is important to you at this time.


  • This B&W hitch is very well-made.
  • Simple to use system that doesn’t produce much noise.
  • It is capable of carrying a significant amount of weight.


  • It’s not as light as a feather.

SEE B&W Website

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4. Pro Series 20K fifth wheel Hitch It is easy to install

Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Check Price on Amazon

There aren’t many 5th wheel hitches which are compatible with smaller beds. Another hitch for 5th wheels is”the Pro Series 20K 5th wheel hitch however, in contrast is.

The setup is ideal for both long and short beds. It is able to be able to pull lots of large trucks. It weighs around 20,000 pounds which is an enormous amount! Stability is maintained through the entire procedure. The kit is equipped with the head pivoting in four directions.

When you require it most, you must be able get to where you need to go quickly and efficiently. When towing an RV or trailer do not expect to avoid any bumps. If you want to get the most smooth 5th wheel hitch Pro Series 20K would be your ideal choice. We’ve tested it on every kind of road surface to determine its efficiency.

Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch on the ground
Tests Pro Series Fifth Wheel Hitch

To ensure the safety of everyone the trailer is secured to the truck’s short bed by the help of a advanced locking mechanism. Its Pro Series 20K 5th Wheel Hitch is extremely useful and built to last.

This Pro series fifth wheel hitch comes with the easiest handle to connect to, which makes it user-friendly. Even though these items are top-quality doesn’t mean they’ll cost an enormous amount of dollars. In terms of price it’s clear that Pro series Pro series is an excellent bargain. There should not be reason to be in doubt or unsure in evaluating other options.

It is easy to unhitch because there’s less of a fumbling, and the procedure is straightforward. Once you have purchased the Pro Series 20K 5th Wheel Hitch, you’ll be able to enjoy many more features than you anticipated.

There’s plenty of quality products as a whole. It’s simple to put in but it does not come with an installation kit.


  • The time for assembly is quick.
  • Since the head is able to move, it could be employed in areas where it is difficult to reach.


  • In comparison to other hitches the quality may be higher.


5. The CURT 16516 E16 5th wheel Slider Hitch is compatible with Ford puck system

CURT 16516 E16 5th Wheel Slider Hitch

Check Price on Amazon

For long-term usage the 5th wheel hitch of CURT features an articulating head that is fully articulated and is top-of-the-line. It is the most ideal choice to get value for money over the long term. We don’t think it’s likely that the single CURT product we mentioned prior to this one can compete at the same level.

The device that we’re currently testing is more robust and can take on the additional load. During this time we’d like to draw your attention to an issue we’ve encountered. When you’re turning fast it’s difficult to create stationary hitches. If you’re not in the mood you’re more likely to smash or strike things.

A sliding mechanism that was useful was developed because of this, and helped solve the issue. If you employ this method, you will be able to rotate the trailer so that it’s simpler to maneuver around. The rollers are crucial for the smooth operation.

testing CURT 16516 E16 5th Wheel Slider Hitch in the garage
Test CURT 16516 E16 5th Hitch for the Wheel Slider in our garage

Instead of using hitches with the bed rails that are hollow, this doesn’t. It’s possible that your load will be evenly distributed which means you can relax. This means that the best durability is now achievable.

In the event of pressure, the hitch can’t even move! This kingpin will not be able to stand up to the double jaw mechanism. This means that there will be no noise. If you value quality just as they value longevity ought to look into this option as it’s good for them.

There are a lot of great things packed inside the 5th Wheel 16516 Hitch that it is difficult to decide. It is equipped with two sets jaws that are connected to form a an incredibly tight seal.

Additionally, there are also features that slide on rollers those who need to turn swiftly. The mounting process is easy because of the plenty of room.

In the end, this is an ideal fifth wheel hitch that can satisfy and possibly exceed all your requirements. Making the whole thing up on your own is sure to cause you to be angry. This is why it is recommended to seek help with the installation of the 16516 E16 Fifth wheel Hitch from a professional.


  • Top-quality, CURT hitches.
  • Handle for simple access, and locks cannot be altered or stolen.
  • The Torsion head can move in all directions.


  • The sound can be heard far away.
  • There’s some difficulty getting the system running initially.

Undecided between Cart and B&W hitches? Here’s a short video that compares the two hitches:

Comparison Table of the Top fifth wheel hitch

ProductsWeightBuiltDurabilitySpecial Features
Andersen Hitch55 poundsAluminumYesGreaseless coupler
Curt 16120 A160.9 poundsCarbideYesFull Articulation
B&W Trailer Hitch1 poundPolyurethaneThere is noEasy release
Pro series 20k111.5 poundsAluminumYesThere’s no unique feature
Curt E16 1651612 poundsCarbideNoAuto locking feature

Tips to choose the best 5th Wheel Hitch to suit your needs

A guy is holding a 5th Wheel Hitch

It is the only method to differentiate the difference between good and bad is to consider the essential items. The buyer’s manual would not be complete without these items. Look for a fifth wheel hitch keeping these factors in your head.


There should be no doubt about which you should select for your trailer and truck. In this case it could be more challenging to get it put in place. It’s easy and possible to set up a number of units by yourself today, with no assistance of a professional.

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There are a lot of service providers that produce such products You just need to discover them. In the end, you won’t have to head out and buy all the necessary parts yourself.


The easier the application is the easier it is to use. It is believed that convenience is the main factor to consider. It is possible to disconnect or reconnect your hitch depending upon your preferences making it much easier for you to operate your vehicle, and to take the trailer along when you travel.


Fiberglass is the ideal material to create the most effective fifth wheel hitches. It is a dark and shiny appearance.

Capacity to hold a specific amount of weight

The wrong hitch could put you at risk. A model that can be able to handle the weight load of a fully-loaded trailer should to purchase. An equipment that does not think about the entire capacity of the trailer is risky at the beginning.


Another great tip is to evaluate the capabilities of the hitch and the cost, as well. You should ensure that the hitch comes with a variety of fantastic features to justify its cost. To ensure that you’re not just looking at the price tag to determine whether it’s good or not.

One thing to note is that not all expensive solutions are certain to provide the highest value! Since not all fifth wheel hitches that are affordable don’t have the lowest price.

What’s the price to set up the fifth wheel on your vehicle?

If you own a car which can tow a trailer 5th wheel, they are the best option because they offer plenty of space than a standard travel trailer. Install a 5th-wheel hitch to attach to your truck first. For the installation it is possible to have a professional do the job for your needs, or you may perform the task yourself if you think you are able to accomplish it successfully. In this instance it is obvious that the cost of both solutions are quite different.

What does the fifth wheel hitch set to cost install? In a garage, a 5th Wheel hitch is priced between $1600 and $800. If you decide to do the work yourself, expect to spend between $200-$500 for a hitch and tool set. If you purchase more tools it will cost you up.

Installing a 5th wheel hitch on your own could make a huge difference in cost, but it can also be difficult. The right equipment and a thorough knowledge of how it is done can make your life simpler. It’s a little more expensive for the service, but it will give you an extra sense of security knowing that the job is done to your satisfaction.

Learn about our guidelines for the fifth wheel installation

FAQs on the best Fifth Wheel Hitch

Our expert is Installing the Best Fifth Wheel Hitch

Does the hitch on the fifth wheel be removed?

A girth wheel can be removed and easily removed. Five wheel hitches can be put on top of the truck’s sturdy bed, where they are able to take on greater weight. This allows for easier access into and out of tiny locations.

It ought to be easy to remove in just 20 minutes, you will be able to dismantle the hitch if you’ve got all the tools you require. Installing a hitch to the bed of the truck is normally accomplished using “slide” rails which are bolted both to the bottom and top.

What’s the distinction between a fifth-wheel or a gooseneck hook?

The gooseneck’s vertical coupler attached to the hitch using the gooseneck ball of the gooseneck hitch. The kingpin in the fifth wheel trailer is linked via a fifth wheel hitch that is made up of jaws, a set of teeth and an adjustable plate. On the side of the wheel trailer of a gooseneck connection the coupler mechanism or receiver will be the coupler.


What’s better: a gooseneck and a 5th wheel?

Towing for fun requires the use of a fifth wheel hitch, while towing for business and farming requires a gooseneck hitch. 5th and 3rd wheel hitches are superior to hitches made of gooseneck as they give a more secure ride. goosenecks are superior since they’re less disruptive.

How do I identify a hitch for fifth wheels?

An 5th wheel hitch which slides on rails of the bed of the truck is referred to as the sliding 5th wheel. In contrast to a conventional fifth wheel, the one in this is able to be moved along rails. This way the trailer and the truck can be separated from one another.

Do 5th wheel hitches need lots of maintenance?

Inspecting and maintaining your fifth-wheel hitch can help ensure that your trailer doesn’t disconnect during your drive. A check and maintenance must be done every three months or 48,000 km due to the weight on this component.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to the fifth wheel’s towing experience can be described, you do not need to be taking chances. Particularly, because of this we’ve selected the top hitches for your review. We hope that you are assisted by our recommendations and be able to identify the perfect hitch in line with your requirements.

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