6 Best Felling Axes 2023

A felling axe isn’t the typical tool you find in the shed. It’s an expert axe for those who prefer to get into the forest in the traditional way. Felling axes, in contrast to traditional axes, are great to chop extremely large trees because of their large, broad edge that is usually 11 centimeters or greater. Furthermore, they have more than a curved bit and are therefore best suited for cutting fresh into resinous woods like pine or spruce. If this is the first time hearing about these axes, be sure to study and keep following this blog! This is a great list of resources to help you locate the top felling axe.

Our research into this subject increased our knowledge of how to fell axes and characteristics that help an axe outweigh another’s in use and cutting depth. From the mass of an axe as well as the driving force that it produces and the head material and the depth that the different metals can cut we looked at every angle of each axe before deciding on this list. The other features that are essential include an extended length handle as well as a handle material and a durable sheath. We picked manufacturers whose brands were more recognized, yet also less well-known brands that provided transparency about the materials they utilize as well as the cost of their axes, as well as the scientific basis behind each swinging cut they create. We have compiled our top 6 choices, as well as we felt that the 1844 Helko Werk Classic Expedition was a worthy candidate for the Editor’s Choice nomination.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    1844 Helko Werk Classic Expedition “A top-quality felling axe that has a 35” handle that is made from an American Hickory.”
  • Made-to-order American Axe:
    Council Tool Velvicut 4# “A relatively lightweight felling axe, with a the handle of 36 inches and an 4.5 cutting edge.”
  • The Best Double Bit Felling Axe
    Helko Werk Hinterland “A formidable double bit axe , with 3.5 pounds of head made from C50 carbon steel, which is high-quality and durable.”
  • The best material:
    The Gransfors Bruks Axe for American Felling “An outstanding felling axe that has 3.3 pounds of steel head and an 4.5 sharp cutting edge.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Hultafors Felling Axe “A reasonably priced hand-forged felling tool with a the length of the handle at 28 inches.”
  • The Best Axe to Drive Force:
    Hults Bruk Atran “A robust felling axe for felling with a 4.25″ cutting edge and a 3.5 head that weighs 3.5 pounds.”

Top 6 Best Felling Axes 2022

1844 Helko Werk Classic Expedition

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Start swinging! German-made axes, such as this one that was made in Wuppertal are considered to be among the of the top felling equipments available.

With a staggering 35-inch length from the point of the handle all the way to the C50 high-grade carbon steel head. This axe can accomplish the task! The head is folded when hot and then machine-pressed until it has its large and refined cutting edge. The hand is oiled with linseed and handcrafted in Switzerland that is why it has a long length.

The total weight of this falling axe weighs 6.5lbs and is easy for a professional feller but it can take some time to get used to for a new lumberjack. 4.5lbs of that weight is in the head with a high strength. The main purpose behind this open-face drop forged with heat-treated, forged, with oil-hardened construction is to make an axe that is 53-56hrc in the Rockwell hardness scale, in addition to achieving the perfect angles to get the highest swinging speed.

Overall the axe is expertly designed and ergonomically balanced. it’s the best choice to clear your home and for obtaining fuel for heating your home.

What is it that makes it different?

  • Amazing 53-56 Rockwell rating
  • Long handle made of sturdy material
  • A powerful carbon-steel-carbon head

What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • Heavy
  • Machine-forged
  • Expensive

Council Tool Velvicut 4#

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Council Tools has been making high-quality axes since 1886 the felling axe is not any different! In contrast to the example above, which makes use of a combination of carbon and steel – where both metals need to achieve their welding temperature simultaneously or risk carbon burning out – this one stripped of a carbon-infused cutting edge and is made of extremely strong 5160 alloy steel.

The handle measures 36 inches and is constructed of the highest quality American hickory that is comparable to the tougher Scandinavian handles. The handle is designed with a the slightest curve in order to provide more swinging power. Upon the arrival of the handle, it is finished with linseed oil and dried at a moisture content of less than 10% to stop shrinkage or loosening around the head of the axe.

A first on the market The axe head is unique to the market. It has the exclusive Dayton Style Head designed for cutting through trees to the maximum extent of effectiveness. This patent is an axe head that is drop-forged. It is heated to a hardness of 52-56. This is even higher than ANSI standards. It is then polished to give an extremely sharp 4.5″ cutting edge.

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A surprisingly lightweight felling axe that is weighed at 5.6 pounds. Purchase comes with a top quality leather sheath as well as an oil for coating .

What makes it unique?

  • Medium weight
  • Comesa with a leather sheath
  • Patented Dayton Style Head

Which are its weaknesses?

  • Blunts are more easily
  • Machine forged

Helko Werk Hinterland

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It is the Helko brand is well-known for its guarantee that every axe will not be identical, which creates each tool – like this beauty with a double bit – an exquisite piece of art.

This head as you see, has the benefit of having a double bit, that has one head dedicated to hard felling (that could dull the sharpness of the axe) while the other is finely sharpened. Made using C50 carbon steel of high-quality This head not just provides superior strength, but also sharpness that other axes made of steel aren’t able to match.

The double bit isn’t even weighing more than the axe. It weighs 3.5lbs from a total of 5lb weight of the axe. In the Rockwell hardness scale, this head is rated 53-56hrc. That means that one bit is easily used to cut undercuts from huge timber, while the other bit is able to cut finely.

The handle is constructed of hard American Hickory with a 30 inch length, then finished in boiling in linseed oil. The axe has a slower swinging speed because of the handle’s lack of curve, but it’s also one of the more durable handle designs. It has an edge of hardwood and a an engraved steel ring wedge .

Why did it make our list?

  • Sheath made of leather is included.
  • Carbon steel that is hardy and extremely sharp design
  • 53-56hrc
  • Head with double bit

What’s not great in it?

  • Extra care needed with two pieces
  • Slower swing speed
  • Expensive


6 Top Splitting Axes Cut The Firewood Without a sweat (Fall 2022)

Grensfors Bruks’ American Felling Axe

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If you’re looking to cut wood in a skilled and traditional method do not look further to this Gransfors American Felling Axe with its large 11.5cm head that has a huge 4.5″ cutting blade.

It’s refined using Swedish steel for axes, which is one of the strongest steels that provides an edge that is sharp. The head is very light at 3.3lbs of the total weight of 5.3lbs which means that anyone can use the axe (so long that they’ve had the proper training). Furthermore, the head is designed with a curved design for cutting through wood and for handling huge trees, with the broad curve of a handle that is powerful.

The handle measures 31 inches long, constructed of American hickory , is finished with a fine coat of Linseed oil. The purchase of this Axe comes with a remarkable 20-year warranty from the manufacturer and sets a very benchmark that other brands of axes don’t meet. It is also equipped with a leather sheath made of vegetable-tanned.

What are some of our most loved features?

  • Reliable Swedish Axe steel
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sheath made of vegetable-tanned leather

What is better?

  • Axe could seem too lengthy for certain people.
  • Expensive

Hultafors Felling Axe

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The axe that is the lightest that we’ve reviewed comes with 4.4lbs per head and shaft anyone who is new to the sport is sure to be thrilled to get started using this amazing product.

It’s hand-forged using folded and heated carbon steel that is high-grade It’s as sturdy as any other steel axe, but sharper due to carbon alloy. It’s shorter than the typical Swedish model the solid American handle made of hickory is just 28 inches long, yet it’s designed with an impressive curve that allows for a more powerful swing speed. Hickory is utilized because it’s sturdy, while naturally absorbing the shock of hard hitting blows.

This model is from a reputable Swedish brand called Hultafors which has been producing Axes since the early 1700’s. The axes feature very wide heads that have more density and longer durability that can produce large and deep cuts, but with lower accuracy.

The entire head have a smooth tempered zone that permits the edge to be sharpened, while not affecting the quality and strength of the blade .

Which are the most appealing attributes?

  • High-quality carbon steel hand-forged by hand
  • Clear tempered zone
  • Axe with a broad head for large cuts
  • Low cost

What can be improved?

  • Lighter axes require a more firm grip
  • Medium-length handle
  • Reduced precision and aim

Hults Bruk Atran

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Swedish steal is believed to be one of the strongest steels, as a result of a sharper edge that has been honed and tempered and this axe doesn’t only has a company operating since 1697, but it also has that identical Swedish harvester.

It is hand-crafted , and it is then struck several times in order to enhance its strength and toughness. In addition, the superior workmanship creates a tempered zone that is designed to support an extremely razor-sharp 4.25″ sharp cutting edge. Multiple sharpenings won’t weaken the design. The American handmade hickory handle that has an oil-based linseed finish features an extended 32-inch length that is curved for greater swing force and speed of driving. Furthermore, it has to be among the most practical and elegant axes with stunning Swedish ornaments.

The capacity of the felling tool is quite light at just 5lbs, with just 3.5lbs of its total weight is the head. The purchase comes with a well authentic leather sheath as well as the user’s manual that is detailed for the unreliable lumberjack .

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What are we enthralled by to it?

  • 25″ cutting edge
  • Leather sheath with protective leather
  • Made of high-quality Swedish steel

What did we feel disappointed with?

  • The head of the metal is not covered within the warranty
  • The lighter axes need a stronger grip

Things to Consider

The rest of the guide is dedicated to describing the use as well as upkeep and attributes of every felling axe. In addition, we provide the axes on our list that best display these attributes. We conclude by answering many frequently asked questions and also list our most popular choices. We hope this guide can help you find the best felling axe. for the top felling tool.

The felling axe: what exactly is it?

Sometimes referred to as a ‘forest saw’, the felling axe is employed for cutting down trees and taking branches. Their design dates back to the 15th century. However, the modern versions are made of higher quality materials and more sophisticated scientific designs. They are made to cut across the wood grain with small cuts that will not damage or alter the result which is why they’re not intended to cut wood, but instead to help trees fall. A good felling axe should possess a fine, thin edge, which is well-defined and is incorporated in a well-tempered head which is more robust near the back. By using these tools, lumberjacks can cut as deep into the wood grain as is possible.

How can I extend the life of an axe that is used for felling?

To ensure the longest longevity and the most effective option, you should only think about an axe with an Hickory handle. Hickory is resistant to and absorbs the impacts of every blow more effectively than other types of wood With an aesthetically pleasing finish, hickory can last for a longer time. When applying regular finishes and performing general maintenance of your equipment you should only apply coatings made of teak oil , or any other boiling oils (like Linseed oil). Be sure to avoid using oils that are not boiled because they will not dry, and can cause sticky resin to stick to your axe. Boiling oils dry quicker and cure as well, and are just as well in safeguarding your axe from the elements.

Axe sharpening tips

Based on the wear and tear on the edges of your axe, for example, if, for example, you ran your fingers across the edge and noticed any burrs or nicks the axe will have to be filed to preserve its form and then polished using the whetstone. The process of filing is simple and is done using an edging file that is fine-toothed and sawing the edge of the axe until you reach the axe’s original shape. To get the most effective results, when filing move the an axe from side to side (this will give you an smooth edge) and then turn the axe on its side periodically using the whetstone (this will give both sides a sharper edge). Small damage can be treated by using a coarse, handheld whetstone. Never something that is machined or too soft. Also, if you’ve got it in your hand, you can strop your axe on some leather after you have made any strokes away from the cutting edge.

What is the best hand length to fit your felling axe’s handle

There is a reason why experts believe that the ideal handle length offers comfort and easy handling. Longer-handled axes are able to provide powerful swings and greater speed in every strike However, this can only be true only if the person using the axe is strong and tall enough be able to carry the axe. Selecting an axe that gives you a balance of accuracy and powerful blows, perhaps using a shorter or medium handle – can make a job easier to complete and also more effective. An Swedish standard axe, which sets the standard for almost all felling axes far too large for many people, standing at 36 inches, from bottom of the knob from the bottom edge to. For your needs you may be better looking at axes with the range of 26- to 31 inches handles.

Tips to look out for when selecting the right felling Axe

The following features are those you may have seen in the above charts. The next sections will provide a detailed explanation of each of these characteristics, and also provide examples of axes that best show ‘head weight shape, as well as materials.

Which head you select is based on a mix of materials and your personal preferences. Axe heads that are made of carbon steel are going to be more sharper and lighter however, they are also more costly. The most effective cutting edges will be made using carbon alloys. But hardy steels such as Swedish steel 1045 alloys, 1045 alloys, or maybe even 4140 when heated treated, folded properly, and polished to sharp edges can be cut straight into trees using deep wide cuts. In our list, some of the axes with top heads are the Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe, 1844 Helko Werk Classic Expedition and the 1844 Helko Werk Hinterland.

Double bit and single bit

The only time you’ll need double bits is to keep the one side of your axe for sharp cuts that dull it. The opposite part of the axe stays sharp for more precise cuts and splitting wood. Double bit axes are generally heavier, with an exception, the lightweight 1844 Helko Werk Hinterland.


Axes don’t have to be extremely heavy for it to function effectively. The quality of your cut is dependent upon the material of your axe’s head, the curve of your handle of the axe, as well as the speed and accuracy in your swing. But, based on how much weight you can comfortably carry and your personal preference, you may select a lighter axe rather than one that is heavier.

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Handle material

All the axes in our list are constructed from the highest quality American hickory. This is because felling axes should use only hickory for their designs. A finished wooden handle made from hickory is naturally more balanced , and the wood absorbs the impact of every blow more effectively than other types of wood. This allows you to take a lengthy, heavy swing without worrying about the blow breaking up or harming the handle.

Handle length

As mentioned above there is no need to pick the longest handle to get the most power. You should instead choose the one that is best that suits your needs and size. To determine this you need to stand three or up to four feet (depending on the length of your arm) away from the tree, and then extend your arm to check how close you are to touching the tree. The distance remaining between your hands and the tree ought to correspond to the size of tool you’ll need. The longest axe is Council Tool Velvicut 4# and the shortest one being the Hultafors Felling Axe.

Shape of the handle

Single-bitted felling axes may have handles that are straight however, the most preferred shape for the handle is curved since it offers more an authentic feel and aids in swing. But, with dual bit felling axes it is common to notice an axe handle that is straight. to make it easier to move the axe in between the two bits.


If you’re planning on continuously pruning trees, you should get used to the blisters that you could experience and realize that as they swell, your hands get more rough and your grip will get more powerful. Varnish, if it’s present should be removed as it is likely to make your handle slippery , and consequently, the axe will fly from your hand when cutting. There’s a distinction between applying a finish to an axe and a varnish. You can be assured that no of our products feature varnished handles.


It’s recommended to keep the sheath of leather solely because it will keep your axe in tip-top shape and safe from elements, but because it’s not easily cut when you’re using an axe. Then, the axe itself will not cut you.


Do you correctly cut down a tree using the felling axe?

The first step is to look at your axe, and then understand the mechanism behind it. If you don’t understand the reasons why a tool is constructed in a particular way and how this design affects the process of cutting down a tree you could never be able to create a good design. Felling axes have a small cutting edge, paired with the appearance of a rounded blade which is why their design makes it easier to chop along the main grain the tree rather than against the grain. Based on this, it’s easy to understand that swings and cuts should be done sideways to a tree, but ensure that you start your cut at a 45 degree angle to the direction that you wish for the tree to drop. If you keep cutting with close 45-degree swings every time, making each cut in the opposite direction to the one before you get about 1/3 of the length of the tree. Follow the next question to learn the last steps!

How can you cause a tree to fall in a particular direction?

Cut an open-faced notch to the side your tree will fall, so be sure you know the ideal fall location prior to making this cut. After you’ve made your first cut, continue according to the guidelines for 45-degree cuts, until you have the final cut is at 70 degrees. Together, these should reduce your tree. It falls in the direction of the notch that faces open.

How can I protect myself when using a felling axe?

Pause in times when your arms aren’t strong, or you could let the tool slip from your hands. In addition, protect your axe by an axe sheath after you’ve finished working. Also, never make use of an axe handle which hasn’t had varnish removed. Be aware that if other people are present, “Timber!” isn’t just a snarky lumberjack phrase It’s how you inform people that your tree is likely to go down. Don’t look away from a fallen tree until it’s been cut down to the direction you want it.

Our Verdict

Then, we present our top three felling axes which are rated based on their material and design and their functionality for different types of saws. If you’re having trouble to make a decision which one to choose, these three are likely to be the ideal felling tool.

1844 Helko Werk Classic Expedition. Nominated as the Best Axe All Around, this an axe that is superior to other axes available on the market. It’s a top-quality felling axe, with a the handle of 35 inches comprised of American Hickory.
Council Tool Velvicut 4#. Our top American-made pick on this list, it’s an incredibly light felling axe , with a the handle measuring 36 inches and an 4.5 cutting edge.
Helko Werk Hinterland. A powerful double bit axe that has a 3.5 pounds of head made from C50 carbon steel, which is high-quality and durable.

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