5 Best Drill Presses Under $200 2023

If you’re looking to take your passion into the higher levels. This usually means that you’d like more quality from your work as well as more options for what you can accomplish within your work space. Drilling is a part of many DIY projects, which makes the most efficient drill press for under $200 an investment worth it. It’s not expensive but you’ll benefit from making use of it.

Be aware that the models with lower prices discussed below may have some limitations compared with high-end models. They’re mostly benchtop models. However, for certain types of people, that’s an advantage, since there aren’t all of us with the flooring space, don’t you think?

A budget-friendly purchase does not mean that you’re not getting the most value for your dollars. For each item that are listed below, we analyzed several aspects like specifications of the motor such as speed settings, speed and range, as also practical factors like weight. We came across some amazing units, like our Editor’s Pick, which is the WEN 4210T Drill Press with Laser. Although they aren’t expensive that will allow you to increase your workshop’s capabilities tremendously when you have a tool like this.

To ensure that we are providing you with the most exact details for our review We scoured the market before asking experts to test the various models. We evaluated each model based upon their comments along with general feedback from consumers. In the end, you might not be a professional, but we want to help handymen, DIYers and even hobbyists find the best purchase. For those who don’t have a lot of experience in their field we have a buyers’ guide can help you determine what you need as well as our table of comparisons provides the answers in a glance. Are you ready to get started?

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    WEN 4210T Drill Press with Laser “Great quality drill press that comes with an induction motor of 2/3 HP and a speed between 3100 and 3100 RPM.”
  • Best Compact Drill Press:
    General International DP2001 “Lightweight but tough drill press that can reach an impressive top rate of 3,100 RPM. has a safety switch that has a lock for security.”
  • The most durable drill press under $200:
    ShopSeries RK7033 “Durable drill press that has five speeds, it comes with a beveling worktable , and comes with a two-year guarantee.”
  • The Safest Drill Press Under $200:
    BUCKTOOL Drill Press 251A “5-speed Benchtop Drill Press that has the ability to run between 610 and 1800 RPM. comes with a laser and the LED lights.”
  • Budget Choice:
    TruePower Gino Development 01-0822 “Small-sized drill press that has a variable speed that goes up to 8500 RPM. comes with the cast steel worktable.”

Top 5 Best Drill Presses Under $200

WEN 4210T Drill Press with Laser

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This was at high on our checklist due to the fact that when you consider a drill that costs less than 200 dollars, it’s quite sturdy. This is due to the work table constructed out of cast iron. It’s not just a factor in its longevity, but you’ll appreciate how stable it feels while working. This will surely result in better work It’s therefore a affordable purchase that professionals could think about investing in.

If you are looking for a less expensive model, there are plenty of features that make it simple to use including five different speeds to choose from. This makes it suitable for a variety of tasks and if you are working with different materials, this is the best option. The versatility of the table is even more pronounced due to the fact that it is possible to remove the table in the event that it is necessary to create an ideal work environment for your particular project.

There are some top-of-the-line options, like the ability of the work table to be sloping up to 45 degrees. Yes, this model is equipped with an illumination for your work area. It is possible to work with precision even in dim lighting and when the direction of the workshop’s lighting causes shadows to fall over the work area.

Be aware that this isn’t the quietest device however that’s to expected from lower-end models. There are some users who have noticed that it can take a long time until the laser is set up correctly so that it is 100 100% exact. However, these are factors that can be managed that make this laser a popular choice among the current market.

What is distinctive?

  • Durable
  • Superb
  • Table can be removed

What pros did we discover?

  • Lasers might not be the best precise
  • Louder than top-end models


6 Top Drill Presses for Workshops of all kinds or Projects (Fall 2022)

General International DP2001

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The ease of use is crucial when selecting equipment, particularly if you’re on your own all the time. The users love this tool because it is robust and well-performing however it isn’t nearly as much as other models above. It weighs just 31 pounds, it’s easier to handle, allowing it easy to set up.

It’s a lot less expensive than other models that we have reviewed, yet has useful features like an guiding system that incorporates the company’s laser technology. The cross pattern technology is globally patented and is one of the many features that this reputable company –in business since 1946–has created. It’s not completely exact, but it’s still remarkable for a less expensive model. When you purchase from a brand that is well-known is also a good way to ensure that you’re likely to get access to parts or services in the future. It’s essential if you are looking to avail the two-year warranty. Customers also praise how responsive the customer support provides the ability to replace items without an effort.

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It is important to highlight the chic black and red style: it makes your workplace appear stylish. If you need to impress your clients, everything can help.

It has a well-designed layout that works in your favor since you are able to easily access the controls that allow you to control speed. This can improve the efficiency of your workflow.

Despite its size being limited it is possible to use it for metal, wood and many other things. One thing it needs is greater control over depth.

By using a safety switch, you can create an environment that is safe for work.

Why are we so amazed?

  • Security features
  • Compact and light
  • Excellent customer service
  • Smart design

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • Lasers can enhance
  • Controlling depth is not the best option.

ShopSeries RK7033

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We have rated this the most durable drill press because the construction is quite impressive. The proof of its durability is its lengthy warranty. In contrast to other models that offer two years of warranty in which the manufacturer claims that the quality of its products and materials aren’t going to let you down. For less expensive models it’s not bad.

The RK7033 also excels in terms of functionality, as you benefit from its many useful features, which range from five different settings for speed to the worktable which can be curved to a maximum of 45 degrees. This gives you a variety of working options for those who are interested in hobby. In the course of testing, it was discovered that it can be used for wood, metal and other materials.

One disadvantage of lower-end models is that they’re less powerful than professional tools. It limits the size of your project that it could be. Drilling holes into the center of the wood piece only works with items 10″ or less. This is why it’s difficult for professionals, however its capabilities are perfect for those who are interested in hobby.

Be aware that you must put it together yourself upon your arrival. Although it’s easy but don’t expect much assistance from the instruction manual provided.

A note to make: it’s an example with lasers. However, this isn’t a decisive aspect for all.

How did this make it onto our list?

  • Tables can be rounded
  • 5 speed settings
  • It is easy to put together
  • Durable

What’s not perfect in it?

  • No laser
  • Manual is in need of improvements


Five Top Drill Presses for Metal – A Durable and Dependable Addition to Your Workshop (Fall 2022)

BUCKTOOL Drill Press 251A

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From Bucktool you’ll get another nifty device, which includes a variety of premium features, including LED lights. This ensures a comfortable workspace regardless of the location you work in because there’s sufficient visibility. In addition laser, there’s a light which acts as a reference. It will be clear where the drill bit is going to strike, making it simple to perform precise work. One suggestion to the manufacturer is to increase the brightness in the future models since it’s dim.

These features make it a safer drill since it is less likely that you accidentally putting your hand underneath the drill bit due to the clear view. The reason this is a more secure model is that it features the safety switch. It can be operated using the use of a key, which will stop any misuse. If you have children who are curious who you wish to keep from harming themselves in the process These features come in useful. The same feature can also provide you with an option to stop quickly in the event that you have to stop at the middle of your work.

One area that the manufacturer can make improvements is the design, since it appears to be too heavy for its weight. This could hinder user-friendliness. This is in part because of the large motor however, you also can benefit from the strength it is. This is an ideal purchase for enthusiasts, but not the best choice for professionals because it might not be able to handle the demands of daily usage. However, there is an assurance to fall back on, so maybe this is the tool you’ve always wanted?

What is special about it?

  • Laser and LED lights
  • Switch for safety
  • Quick stop
  • Motor that is powerful

What negatives did we discover?

  • Light needs to be improved
  • Top heavy


7 Top Drill Presses for Woodworking for DIY and Professional projects (Fall 2022)

TruePower Gino Development 01-0822

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When you look at this model by Gino Development, you’ll instantly see it’s more simple than other models listed above. The lack of features makes it extremely affordable however don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s a Budget Pick won’t still impress you. It has a variety of speeds to work at and a surprising range of speeds. It’s only downside is that it only has three speeds, which is not the case with many other models that have five.

The weight is also a factor in this model’s advantage. If you are aware that you will frequently shift it around, this drill press is designed to provide the user to have a smooth experience every time. The 11.8lb is far more than enough to handle. Its design is a good choice for people who work in small areas. It can easily fit into an existing cabinet and won’t take up many space on your workstation. People who are just beginning their careers might appreciate the small size, making it less daunting to use. It’s also easy to master. But be aware that the instruction manual isn’t that informative, so you may need to consult an expert in your area or conduct some online research if you’re uncertain about certain aspects.

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Many people have comments about how it allows for precise work. With the durable structure, you’ll be able to benefit from the feature for decades to be.

It’s a good thing that this model isn’t terribly noisy, which isn’t something you typically claim when it comes to drilling.

What is its most appealing characteristics?

  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • This allows for precise work
  • User friendly

What can be improved?

  • Manual requires revision
  • Three speed options are available.


7 Top Drill Presses for Woodworking to use for DIY as well as Professional projects (Fall 2022)

Things to Consider

Undecided on which niche to choose? We’ll provide basic guidelines and suggestions to help you understand this area better. We will look at a range of elements that could influence the new drill press’ worth, based on your specific needs.

Benefits of acquiring a top drill press for less than $200

In the beginning, you might be in doubt about the right tool for you. We suggest the use of a drill press that is budget-friendly for any situation because it can be helpful for a variety of aspects:

  • It provides you with better control, and results in tidy execution
  • A low-cost purchase will not break the bank but it will help young handymen perform better work to make more money.
  • There’s less chance of breaking drill bits because you have more control over every job, compared to ordinary drills
  • It provides a safer work area by exerting greater control over drilling
  • You’ll be able to enjoy more relaxed work sessions because there’s less stress on your arms.

Considerations to make when selecting the right drill press

What are the features that create this favorable working environment? We’ve listed the most significant ones in the price. There are many other features in the top drill presses, but these characteristics make them stand out as outstanding products. Go through them carefully to are aware of the reasons each one is essential and how it can be applied to your specific situation. Based on this , you will be able to decide which of the above models is the best for you.

Motor power

Power is crucial regardless of what price you pay in. Of course greater power get, the more powerful. With more power, you’ll be better able to overcome thicker, more difficult materials. Power is measured as HP (horsepower) and 2/3HP as a standard spec such as in the General International DP2001 above.

Make sure that the settings for the model’s power and the power infrastructure in your workshop match. Find out the voltage and current ratings to ensure that your new equipment doesn’t cause short circuits or even worse.

Speed range

Speed is another well-known feature for vetting.

A drill press must have different speed settings as every job is different. For certain materials, drilling requires speeds, while other materials must be done slowly to ensure accuracy.

Wood and metal need different speeds to achieve the best results. Imagine you are working on a complicated item of furniture. It’s important to work slowly to avoid harming it.

In terms of RPM, models like the WEN 4210T provide a wide range of options which makes it suitable for a variety of tasks.

The number of speeds

However, diverse speeds are only useful when they’re simple to establish. The greater the number of different settings for speed within the range the more flexible. For this price you will get around five different settings however, high-end models could include up to 16 settings.

Be sure to think about how you choose the settings you choose: it should be easy and quick to make your work easier, for example, a quick switch.

What kinds of materials can it be cut?

Before purchasing, take into consideration what you’ll do in the near future. Drill presses can be built for various uses, with some appropriate for use on metal while others are better suited to wood. You may even work on plastic?

Choose your drill press based on the type of work you do and if you’re sure that you’ll need to do everything, choose an easier-to-use model.

Quill travel

Many experts recommend quill travel is one of the most important five factors to take into consideration before purchasing the drill press. It is important to note that this feature is known as “stroke length” or “spindle travel’.

It is the movement up and down of the chuck using drilling bits. The longer the distance, the greater the thickness of material you’ll get to operate with. This will also affect the length of drill bits you can utilize.

The general rule is that a 2 1/2″ quill travel is the minimum you want to achieve.

Chuck size

You should research the size of your chuck and think about whether it is able to handle all drill bits that you’re planning to use. If you purchase a chuck that is that is too small, it won’t be able to accommodate larger bits, which could limit the kind of work you are able to do.

When you examine different chucks, they may appear similar however don’t be deceived by the appearance: a larger chuck can make a massive difference to the drill press’s capabilities.

It is typical to have chucks available in the following sizes such as 1/4″ 3/8″ or 1/2 “. If you’re purchasing for personal use, not professional use 3/8” is generally the most suitable.

It is important to consider whether you require an chuck that is keyed or not. Modern tools generally come with keyless versions , which only require you to tighten the chuck using your hands but a keyed version is more suitable for heavy-duty work. Keys allow you to make it tighter than with your hands, which allows for greater stability of the tool when you perform your work.

Work table

The way you work depends on the way your ergonomic and comfortable workplace is. The new drill press you purchase can improve this aspect if you purchase one that has a suitable work table.

It should be big enough to ensure that the object you work on will remain solid under pressure.

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It also needs to be able to bear the weight of items that you typically work with. This will give you greater control as you’ll have less effort trying to maintain the stability of your work. This allows you to concentration on your work, and you can improve your work.

The larger the better however, keep in mind the amount of space you actually have. The purchase of a new drill press should not mean that your workspace is overcrowded immediately.

LED work light

Another aspect that can improve efficiency is if you increase the precision of your work. Seeing your work clearer can help prevent mistakes. Leaning on the drill press may cause shadows, however If your device comes with an LED light for work it shouldn’t be a problem now.

Durability and build

It is no secret that working with a drill isn’t a small task. The power of these tools is amazing. But, is your drill press’s structure be able to handle this?

To make sure you’re purchasing the best long-term solution that won’t fail when you first touch hard metal or for long hours Look for models that have more metal components rather than plastic. Even even if they cost more, you won’t need to replace them in the near future and they’re a good purchase.

Dimensions and weight

We have already discussed how crucial it is not to overflow your work space. The measurement of your space is crucial prior to buying your furniture. Then, you can look at these measurements against models on the market. Choose one that is able to fit in the space you allotted. We can assure you that it’s not best to disrupt your workflow and your space just to purchase a huge and expensive device (unless you absolutely need one). It could appear that way , and you could regret it.

Be sure to check the weight to ensure that you can move, carry and move it around without causing injury to yourself. This is crucial when you’re not able to keep your drill out in all times. If it’s stored periodically ensure it’s simple to carry around.

The drill presses that we examined are typically bench-top models. At times, you might need the table’s surface cleared. A table that is lighter can make it much more simple.


A drill press is placed under a rigorous pressure and heavy-duty work. Does it have the capacity to be able to handle the load? Factory mistakes can cause the best performance, and a solid warranty will assist to get it fixed or replaced. Our models don’t provide longer warranties than two years as is evident within the ShopSeries model however, by the time you’ve reached that point, you’ll know if there’s an error in the manufacturing process that is affecting your work.


Does the benchtop drill press be used to drill metal?

Like I said, every drill press is an individual. Some are specifically designed to work with metal, while others are designed for wood. Specifications such as power and speed will decide the choice. You could also think about the use of a keyed chuck when doing metal work. This provides more stability, allowing you to perform more work that is heavy-duty. The key lets you make more tightening than you’ll be in a position to do using brute force, while holding the drill bit in place while minimizing vibrations. This will result in accuracy in your work as well.

Can I eliminate the table?

In the majority of models, you’ll be able to take off the tables since they’re typically equipped with fasteners that you can remove. Be sure to research this feature prior to purchasing. There are other options, such as drill presses that permit users to spin tables away. If you’ll frequently need the drill press with or without a table buying one that removal is simple and quick will be worth the investment. It will improve your efficiency, without needing to remove bolts and nuts each time.

What can the laser be employed to do?

There are some drill presses that have lasers that shine onto any surface that you’re working. The beam will show you precisely where the drill bit is likely to strike the metal, wood or plastic. Because lasers take the guesswork off of drills, it will be able to achieve improved results, and with less effort.

It is crucial to verify if the company’s laser is correct. If it’s not, and if it’s not adjustable–this can be more troublesome than beneficial.

Wrapping Up!

When you purchase equipment, you must be thinking long-term to ensure you purchase items that you will use for a long time. We believe that the WEN4210T merits its 9.8 rating in part due to the fact that it is able to accommodate many different needs. Because of its strength and durability, it is able to work with almost all materials without causing damage. Tables that are removable also offer the flexibility.

Safety is also a top priority this is the reason what is the reason that General International DP2001 is a must on your list of possible options. It is our second choice with a score of 9.7 This light but robust drill press has the highest rate of 3,100 RPM. It has a laser as well as a safety switch that has a security key.

With a score of 9.4 we were awestruck by our experience with the ShopSeries RK7033 for its long-lasting performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at an affordable purchase, or looking for the most reliable drill press for less than $200 won’t need a purchase within the next few years. It will last well and comes with the two-year warranty.

Now all you need to do is select. Think about your next projects take a look at your options, purchase a drill press and observe how it can help your work. You are more capable than you think.

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