8 Best Chainsaws For Firewood 2023

In selecting the appropriate chainsaw to do the job, is to know the differences in chainsaws with electric cords, battery operated chainsaws as well as gas-powered chainsaws. For smaller jobs that require pruning trimming, trimming, and smaller cutting, electric chainsaws will be able to do the job However, larger tree-cutting tasks often require stronger motors and more powerful blades that operate with a blend of gasoline and oil. In this article we will look at the last category of chainsaws which is the gas-powered type and, by far, the most effective chainsaws to cut firewood, which will eventually be utilized with the chainsaw mill.

When we looked at the best products on the market, we considered the features we liked to narrow our selection until we were able to choose the top tools for the job. This is why the Ego CS1604 is now our Editor’s choice. In the next section, we discuss the details of options and the ways in which they could impact the overall performance of the chainsaw. This list contains fuel types, the way that chainsaw motors run with different fuel sources, the weight of the body and weight of machine the machine’s speeds and power as well as the chainsaw’s length of bar. Through the individual reviews of each item, you’ll notice a number of these features mentioned.

Another aspect of this review was the arduous research that was conducted to write it and we did not just reach out to the manufacturers of these products to get information on design and specifications, but we also spoke to certified customers as well as professional landscaping and loggers. The users of these chainsaws shared some of the advantages and disadvantages you will be able to read further about. To make it easier for you this article has charts that provide specific details about each item as well as the final purchase guide that further details the details of how to use a chainsaw care and advantages of various features. With this information, we hope that you’ll be able to pick the most efficient chainsaw for burning wood.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Ego CS1604 “Storming hail, thunderous rainfall will not be a problem with this chainsaw, which is designed to handle any weather conditions with the best cutting capabilities.”
  • The best chainsaw for professionals:
    Makita EA7900PRZ1. “This chainsaw that is as big as a beast can blast a bar of that is up to 32 inches in length for advanced cutting at a staggering speed of 12,800 rotations every minute.”
  • The lowest fuel consumption:
    HUSQVARNA 24 inch 460 Rancher “A secure and versatile chainsaw equipped with 60.3 Cc engine will provide the full 3.62 horsepower engine to get the task done perfectly.”
  • The Lightest Chainsaw:
    Machita EA4300F40B “This is a chainsaw that is easy to handle that, even though it is small yet still delivers powerful cutting power with a 13500 rpm.”
  • The most powerful chainsaw
    DEWALT DCCS690X1 “An electric chainsaw that has an easy control of the actions of the chainsaw and a safe chain-break that automatically stops, decreasing risks of incidents.”
  • Best Chainsaw for Homeowners:
    Jonsered CS2245 “A fantastic chainsaw that is ideal for occasional or everyday use with a fantastic vibration dampening technology for safe and enjoyable work.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Poulan Pro 967061501 “This chainsaw is a best value for money with its outstanding performance, and it is perfect to prepare firewood at anytime of the year.”
  • Most Durable:
    Echo CS-600P “This strong chainsaw can be utilized by professionals and everyday users alike, delivering top performance each time.”

Top 8 Best Chainsaws For Firewood 2022

Ego CS1604

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One of the few fully electronic models. This chainsaw generates zero emissions and does not need the constant purchase of oil and gas, eliminates the confusion that comes with mixing mixtures for more than two strokes and does not have a spark plug that could cause a problem. The start-up process is as simple as shutting off the safety switch and pressing a button for without the need to prime the engine, and there is no hassle.

The drawbacks are that it has a lower power, but for an electric tool, the cutting speed is quite quick at 6800 RPMs. The most important benefit, especially when it comes to electronic saws to be water-resistant is the design, which shields the electrical components of the engine, and helps keep the running chain and the blade free of rust. Double guard bars ensure that your hands are secure throughout the day, and a chain kickback brake provides absolute control at all times.

The air filer inside works constantly to prevent dust or larger wood chips and even moisture from causing damage to the mechanism inside the saw. In contrast to other electric saws that are only suitable for small cuts and trimming the saw is able to keep pace with gas-powered beasts and utilize spikes for bucking to provide an extremely secure bite that can finish the job.

What made it onto it onto our list?

  • Fully electric design doesn’t need gasoline.
  • Waterproofed and weatherproofed design.
  • Purchase comes with a lithium-ion battery as well as a corded charger.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

What’s not great in it?

  • Not quite as fast as gasoline engines.
  • A semi-heavy device, particularly for an electric chainsaw that has the smaller engine
  • It is not self-lubricating and requires manual maintenance to maintain a well-maintained condition.

Makita EA7900PRZ1.

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Another easy start-up, this chainsaw is equipped with a 5.7hp engine that is able to run its chain with 12,800 rpms and all you need to do to get started is one push using the enhanced compression relief valve and spring-cord support. In terms of hard vibrations are concerned the 78.5-cylinder engine is built with a relief feature which dampens vibrations, and allows easy sawing.

A major benefit is that the chainsaw’s strength and torque, which allows quick work out of tough work and is ideal for cutting and felling trees. Furthermore, this chainsaw does need regular maintenance to stay in good shape It’s instead equipped with a 3-stage filtration system that not only deals with harmful wood dust or larger pieces of wood, it can also eliminate moisture and oil damage, and keeps the engine dry and cool.

Security features include an automated half throttle locking, a dual chain brakes, and an exhaust that is free of jams. However, being designed by a professional for professionals, this chainsaw is built to stand up to the toughest conditions and give its user a an uneasy working experience. Finding firewood in winter shouldn’t be an issue with the expertly designed slide-out baffle that keeps this high-end chainsaw all through the year to give you the most efficient performance.

What makes us so impressed?

  • Multiple safeties ensure a protected experience
  • Spring-cord release and compression relief makes for the most simple to start engine
  • It is designed to withstand cold weather conditions.
  • The optimal flow of chips through with a distinctive exhaust design
  • Two-year limited warranty.

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • One of the most heavy models at 14.7lbs
  • Professional designs are more expensive than other chainsaws that are available


12 Top Cordless Chainsaws – Lightweight And Effective Help (Fall 2022)

HUSQVARNA 24 inch Rancher 460

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If you’re in search of a product that can be used in forests, yet saves you the cost of gasoline and oil this chainsaw comes with some of the lowest levels of fuel consumption , as well as lower emissions from exhaust. To ensure maximum durability and less vibration during sawing, the chainsaw is forged into three distinct pieces , which include three components: the 60.3-cylinder engine, a 24-inch cutting bar, as well as an air cleaning system , which includes the pull-starter as well as the chain brake.

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The unique Smart Start technology is used in the design, so that it starts the machine with the least effort. It then begins to filter oxygen and purging it from the carburetor. The engine is equipped with an average horsepower of 3.62 and is capable of cutting at 9000 RPMs. The cutting bar chain is mounted side-to-side to allow for simple cleaning removal, replacement and replacement and also to reduce pressure on the cutting blade when cutting.

If there is a kickback, this saw comes with a built-in stop feature that is activated by the chain brake in the event of any sudden acceleration and reduces the possibility of injuries.

What made it onto the list?

  • The lowest rate of fuel consumption for any chainsaw
  • Less exhaust emissions
  • The transparent fuel indicator tells you when you’re nearing empty

What’s not perfect regarding it?

  • Heavy

Machita EA4300F40B

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With increased efficiency, this chainsaw comes that features a durable two-point chain brake that’s built into the chain bar made of metal This enhancement increase the force of the chain, but gives you complete control over every cut that you create. The cuts themselves will be smooth due to the saw’s blade, which is continuously being lubricated with an integrated 16-inch sprocket nose bar that not only holds oil, but also helps keep your tool slick and easy to use throughout the day.

This small chainsaw designed with smooth rounded edges to make cleaning simple and effortless operation. The 42-cylinder engine runs at a capacity of 3hp and a total chain rotating at 13,500 rpm. The extra-large handle permits greater control when cutting, and the size of the handle reduces vibration.

Another design option is an easily adjustable chain that has an easy-to-clean compartment for the chain, and the powerful filter that self-cleans and helps keep your engine cool, dry and free of dust.

What made it onto it onto our list?

  • The automatic oiler helps keep your bar and chain kept lubricated throughout the day.
  • Single lever that can be stopped and touched control instantly shuts off engine
  • Large front spikes of steel increase the efficiency and reduces rpms
  • One of the chainsaws with the lightest design

What’s not great in it?

  • A large handle can be a bit of a learning curve and it means most of the instrument’s weight is placed on your wrist, not your hands.
  • Air filter requires semi-continuous cleaning The best option is to utilize an air compressor for removing dust


12 Top Cordless Chainsaws – Lightweight And Effective Help (Fall 2022)


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This exclusive chainsaw combines battery-powered convenience with gas-powered power, with an efficient brushless motor that utilizes batteries to ensure that your sawing runs longer, and the gasoline flow out more slowly, with less exhaust emissions.

To ensure maximum convenience, this product comes with integrated LubriLink as well as LubriWell technologies that provide continuous lubrication , and only use about a quarter of the cap for two hours. Mechanical features include a tool-free tensioning and bar-tightening knob which will provide the right clamping force each time.

Electronics include one lithium ion battery the typical Dewalt charger and a variable speed triggers that help in regulating the cutting force for each cut. When the engine is fully powered, it operates at 300 watts, and reaches 7.5hp The chain speed varies according to the speed trigger, as well as the setting you prefer.

The safety measures include a low-noise design to safeguard your hearing as well as an emergency chain break that will activate against any abrupt inertia.

Which are the most appealing attributes?

  • Automatic chain break is activated and safeguards you in the event of sudden jumps or violent impact
  • Innovative technologies help keep instruments clean and lubricated without using a lot of oil
  • A great 3-year warranty that is limited to three years.

What can be improved?

  • The model is quite heavy, however the handle is narrow and gives you an impressive amount of leverage over the tool.
  • Hybrid chainsaws require charging it is not often, but it can be a problem
  • It does not have the most effective air-filtration system and is subject to regular cleaning by hand


12 Top Cordless Chainsaws that are Portable and powerful help (Fall 2022)

Jonsered CS2245

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In this model, the makers have successfully reduced emission levels, as well as the fuel consumption, and even increased the chainsaw’s torque to an extended range of rpm. The engine has 2.8 horsepower, with 9000 rpm’s and provides a clear cutting force. The distinctive Turbo intake cleaning process separates and cleans 97 percent of the sawdust that is cutting prior to it reaching the air filter.

Steel springs incorporated into the 18-inch bars help reduce vibrations and permit extended use. In addition the chainsaw’s handles are protected from the engine. This helps completely remove the cutting vibration from your hands, providing a fantastic ergonomic support. For quick and simple chain adjustments, this model comes with an easy-to-use side-mounted chain tensioner as well as quick-release cylinder covers, which allow instant access to the spark plug and air filter mechanisms.

Other features include a button with preference for speed settings as well as a built-in hand guard and a clear fuel level indicator and a spin start feature that helps 40% to start the engine.

What are our top features?

  • Clean power engine can reduce emissions from exhaust up to 75%.
  • Air filtration removes 97 percent of the sawdust before it reaches the filter.
  • 2-year limited warranty

What else could be better?

  • Low running speed of 9000 rpm.
  • Double guard bar cannot work as an automated brake.


7 Best Chainsaws For Professionals Each Project Succeeds (Fall 2022)

Poulan Pro 967061501

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One of the most ideal chainsaws to manage your property and personal firewood for the home, this one is user-friendly and makes every job easier (though it’s the largest chainsaw we have reviewed with a weight of 15.5lbs). First of all, it comes with spring-assist starter systems that decreases the pull force by 30% and reduces wear and tear on the starter mechanism.

This engine utilizes OxyPower technology to give you more power, with 70% less emission and 20% less consumption of fuel. It also offers a variety of speed settings and gives you complete control over the cuts you make as well as the speed at which you cut through each piece of wood and tree. Artists will appreciate the control this saw gives is the ideal choice for ice sculptures as well as other similar artistic works.

Maintenance on the chains around the blade, as well as within the air filter is performed using the combination tool, which is integrated in the rear handle and is easily accessible for hands-on repairs. Reduced risk for damage to your purge, filter bulb and spark plug All of these parts are waterproofed, protected, and vibration-resistant.

A further benefit for the user is an integrated choke and stop control to ensure quicker starting and more durability while cutting. Double post chain brakes can also improve security and safeguard you and your family members at all times.

Why is it different?

  • OxyPower technology reduces emissions as well as the amount of fuel consumed
  • Provides a safe and tool-free chain tensioning dial
  • 2-year limited warranty

Which are its weaknesses?

  • This is the largest chainsaw we have reviewed by us in the buying guides: 15.5lbs
  • One of the air filters that are weaker systems, it may require periodic cleaning manually

Echo CS-600P

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A popular choice for firewood, this device has the 4.3 horsepower engine that is mounted on an electric pull cord with the only decompression valve to allow fast start.

The chainsaw’s normal size comes with a 20-inch length however, the manufacturer can make the chainsaw in 16, 18, 24 inches, and 27 inches with replaceable bumper spikes that allow for greater control while cutting. This professional grade 59.8-cylinder engine can run at 13,000 rpms, which allows for a smooth cut and exceptional performance, without chain loosening or snags.

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To allow for easy cleaning when working, the chainsaw has an air filter that is built-in which removes large chips and wood dust and aids in maintaining the strength of the machine in between cleaning with a manual. While the chain is turning, it is controlled by an oiler driven by clutches that is able to run along a dual-post chain brake to ensure rapid and controlled stopping.

The machine is robust and large enough to handle every task, but the technological innovation will also help make you save money on gas by reducing oil consumption by over 30% compared to an ordinary chainsaw.

What’s different?

  • 2-stroke engines allow for a more aggressive performance, while reducing the amount of oil used.
  • Replaceable bumper spikes
  • Dual-post chain brakes allow for an instant , safer stop
  • 5 year consumer warranty for consumer

What negatives did we identify?

  • One of the more heavy models, weighing 13.3lbs


7 Best Chainsaws For Professionals Each Project Succeeds (Fall 2022)

Things to Consider

The rest of this buying guide has been written to give you additional information you’ll require prior to making a purchase. The features are explained further below , and we’ve added our tips on the proper cutting techniques for wood, and on choosing the most suitable chainsaw. The most frequently asked questions are answered at the endof the article. A listing of the top picks is also available.

Profits for the whole year – why invest in a cutting chainsaw

It’s not only difficult to purchase firewood during the summer and winter months however, it can also be very expensive. For some, buying wood from a shop or at a gas station isn’t an option. It could be due to the distance to a store nearby or simply being snowed on by your home. If you look at the long-term, then especially for those earn a living from felling and cutting trees, buying the best chainsaw could yield an all-year-round profit that easily exceeds the initial cost for the chainsaw. Particularly during the holiday season when snow begins to fall as temperatures drop and trees need to be cut , decorated and trimmed a good chainsaw is essential.

How do you cut wood correctly?

There’s a correct method of using a chainsaw for cutting firewood and this technique produce the most effective results – logs that last longer, appear better and are more popular and are more attractive – but it also provides the most secure and safe environment to cut wood. First, you’ll need to know the size of the tree you’re cutting in time, this is something that will be easier to determine.

The sizes of wood vary in a variety of ways, not just depending on the species of tree, but also on the amount and age of growth it has had. An enumeration rule should be: the more dense your wood, the greater the power requirements of your chainsaw. Chainsaws with inadequate power make really small cuts, and can take a lot of time to complete a task.

Furthermore, chainsaws with weaker engines when working on wood that is dense can result in chain breaking and accidents. For a good scale to use the most effective chainsaw to use on a 22-inch log is any that has a 50cc motor or more.

When you’re facing a tough to measure the size of your wood against the chainsaw, keep at heart that your chainsaw bar must typically be two inches larger than the tree you’re cutting. A longer chainsaw bar will stop kickback and boost the overall efficiency. Another option is to purchase two chainsaws. Many experts do this as they swiftly realise they require an ad hoc tool for limbing, and an even bigger tool to cut trees. Why are they doing this? A heavier chainsaw can cause injury to your back and cause your muscles to ache even when you’re working to limb branches one at a.

Additionally, you may need to cut an angle into the tree using the help of a blunt tool – for example, an axe – prior to making any cuts. A wedge is an cut that is angled, which guarantees the tree will fall in a specific direction, and also to ensure safety, most professional lumberjacks prefer to do the first cut using an axe felling Ax instead of a chainsaw.

What kind of chainsaw should you pick?

Chainsaws with cords are primarily for garages and general maintenance around a tiny yard, as the cord that is dragged in front of you could quickly become annoying and unreal in the end. After all, are you going to continue adding extension cords the further into the forest? The portability requirements should at the very least call for a battery-powered chainsaw however, the most effective wood-cutting chainsaws are those that have gas-powered. An alternative could be an hybrid model somewhere between, such as that of the DEWALT DCCS690X1.

In simple terms corded chainsaws work great for cutting wood that is already present in your home. battery-powered chainsaws are ideal for trimming and cleaning your property or yard and gas-powered chainsaws offer the highest performance of all and are ideal for navigating deep into the woods and accumulating wood for firewood.

Tips for safety when cutting firewood

Simple steps can protect workers, you, and loved ones from being injured when cutting wood. Most injuries can be prevented by wearing the right protective clothing and appropriate attire; hard glasses, hats as well as eye protection (goggles and sunglasses) and earplugs safety gloves made of leather, and boots can significantly reduce the risk of getting hurt. Other things to consider are clothing that is loose – as it could catch on bushes and branches, and even within the chainsaw itself and footwear that have slippery shoes.

Beyond the clothes you can put on to safeguard yourself from injuries It is also advisable to always keep a first aid kit and an emergency fire hydrant in the event the gasoline ignites. Maintaining your chain and saw brake in good working order is an effective way to guarantee your safety. However, many saws are equipped with a no-tools tensioning system. A person who has the appropriate experience in handling the saw, aswell being trained in first aid is always a benefit and is a great asset. A good rule of thumb is to Be prepared. It is possible to avoid most accidents However, there may be hazards and risks you cannot know about.

Considerations to make when purchasing the most efficient chainsaw for burning wood

You’ve been exposed to a variety of features described in the in-depth critiques of our tools. This section we will take an in-depth look at various features and how they can be used to enhance the efficiency of your chainsaw. Examples of the best are also provided and are provided to assist you in making the most suitable purchase to meet your needs.


Size is an important element and the right-sized chainsaw is determined by the dimensions of the logs and trees that you’re cutting, as being the biggest dimension you’ll be able to handle by yourself. The weight is a major factor in this choice and is as follows. There are different sizes to choose from throughout the chainsaw. For instance the dimension of the handle will change the place the place where the chainsaw’s weight rests upon your physique. To ensure optimal control, you should choose an easier grip because it places the your weight in the palm of your hand. Larger handles put all the burden on the wrist. Another aspect to consider is the dimension of your bar . For the most efficient cuts and the safest timing, the bar must at a minimum extend 2 inches longer that the branch you’re cutting.


The tiniest chainsaw may not be the most effective, but it’s not the most heavy. It is important to select a chainsaw that is compatible with all other specifications and then ask yourself whether you (and other users of the device) are able to carry the weight on their own. Make adjustments accordingly, and remember that people who aren’t able to effectively hold a chainsaw can make wobbly, jagged cuts that can not only be dangerous for the user, but also harm the equipment. Most chainsaws that are light are electric models. however, our tiniest saw can be found in the oil powered Jonsered CS2245.

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Simply put it is essential and will perform best work. For instance, a 35cc engine won’t be able to slice through a 22-inch thick log or at the very least, it’ll take a lengthy time to do it and cause extensive destruction to the chain as well as other components of the device. A 50cc engine may take some time to cut through a 22-inch log, but it could accomplish this feat with a bit of patience and a couple of double cuts. Choose the best motor for the task. one that’s thick will require an gas-powered chainsaw that has 60-70cc power. It is the Makita EA7900PRZ1 is undoubtedly the best professional chainsaw for big logs as well as heavy firewood. You can adjust the cut according to size.


Horsepower is similar to engine power and can be explained through the number of beats per minute that the chain is running along the bar of the chainsaw. The more frequent these rhythms are, the more deep and less difficult the cuts you will make – but a lot depends on the person who does the cutting.

Bar length

The dimension that your bars are crucial and should be extended by 2 inches beyond what tree or log size you’re planning to cut. The middle ground bar’s length is between 16 and 18 inches, and saws of this size can be used with most woods, and don’t have to be expensive. But the more dense the wood that you saw, the more expensive the purchase will be. This Echo CS-600P is a beast that has an 20-inch diameter bar This is a chainsaw capable of handling whatever you can throw at it, but it’s expensive.

Does it make sense to use?

The ease of use is an individual matter and could, in reality be more in line with your age size, craft, and overall capability. Making firewood is a time-consuming process and it can be difficult to determine how long cutting down a tree and then slicing logs is going to take. While you’re learning the procedure, it will take longer, particularly when you’re constantly fiddling around with the machine and trying to figure out the cuts, but once you’ve mastered this technique, it will speed up significantly.

If not, It’s likely that you’re using a incorrect device for the job, or that a component of your chainsaw has been damaged and requires replacement. The ease of use should indicate that the chainsaw is easy to set up and operate and, in general, easy to use for a prolonged duration. In addition when you’re using a chainsaw in a safe manner, the device isn’t likely to raise serious safety concerns during use. However, should it do and you find it being handled in a way that isn’t normal, you can almost guarantee there’s something wrong with the model or that it is worn out or has been affected due to a manufacturing flaw.


The security comes from the round handle-like section at the top of your chainsaw that offers you more grip, and also protects your hand from coming into contact with the blade. A lot of chainsaws have double safety features and are the most popular, some double safety chains even serve double-purpose of being an automatic brake that can be pushed down on the chain. Think about this model: HUSQVARNA the 460 Rancher that has two safety features and a stop-function built into it that slows the speed of the saw blade the event of any kind of inertia (dropping on the chainsaw etc.).


There are many chains and methods to put them on your tool , so ensure you purchase replacements in line with the specifications of the manufacturer; there isn’t one chain that fits all solution. The most straightforward chains to take off and clean, then remount and so on, are those that are mounted on the side, as you can observe this using this HusqvaRNA The 460 Rancher. Another excellent feature to include is a non-tool chain tensioning dial that can improve the chain’s grip around the bar. The Poulan Pro 967061501 includes this feature. You may also want to buy an chainsaw sharpener to extend the device’s lifespan.


To ensure the security of your purchase from damage resulting from handling and manufacturing errors You should consider a guarantee of that is at least two years in length. It is important to have enough time to look over the chainsaw and try it in different settings and on various log sizes and varieties of wood. A proper maintenance routine will ensure that your chainsaw is in good condition, but chainsaws that are damaged can quickly decrease in value and show their flaws and weaknesses. These poor-quality chainsaws may also be unsafe to operate.


Should I employ an expert to cut the firewood with a chainsaw, or do it myself?

Learn from a professional not only by watching YouTube videos And using the appropriate safety precautions put in place, you are able to cut firewood on your own. With a little knowledge, you can take the initiative of inviting a knowledgeable friend or professional to provide cutting tips, and based on your age, there could be occasions when you hire someone else to cut the wood for you.

What is more efficient to cut firewood: axes or chainsaws?

Chainsaws are a lot faster and produce the finest cuts, as well as logs of equal size, therefore in many ways chainsaws work better. When you have the right chainsaw and proper usage, cutting logs can be done faster However, for the task of felling trees, there are axes available that are extremely quick and are also able to be used to make the wedge cut to ensure that the tree falls in a specific direction. A lot of professional wood cutters prefer using two tools one to cut down the tree or to make the wedge cut then the second one to finish the job and cut the logs into smaller sizes.

What other tools would I require to cut firewood aside from that chainsaw?

In order to protect yourself, it is recommended to put on leather gloves, safety glasses and steel-toed boots as well as earplugs or perhaps even an appropriate safety helmet. Wheelbarrows are another great option to move the logs to your property, and some experts even employ hooks to carry sawn logs into trucks with minimal effort. A lot of the extra purchases depend on the setting you’re working in and the work you’re working on; professional companies typically inform you of the additional tools you’ll require.

Our Verdict

In the end, we’re happy to present our readers with the top three products on our list. This is because these chainsaws are worth the praise however, if stuck between a myriad of options, cutting down your options can simplify the purchasing process for the buyer. Based on authentic reviews of customers as well as our research these three items are the top chainsaws for burning wood.

Ego CS1604 is among the few fully electric models that is fully electric. This chainsaw is emission-free it does not need endless purchases of gasoline and oil, thereby avoiding confusion that comes with mixing mixtures in two or more of the strokes and doesn’t have a spark plug to clog.

Makita EA7900PRZ1.. It is the most reliable choice for felling wood and cutting it into firewood, its offered bar lengths reach to 32 inches, therefore it’s the best choice for the massive logs that measure 22 inches in diameter, which many chainsaws aren’t able to handle.

Husqvarna the 460 Rancher is great for use in woods and can save you cash on oil and gasoline The chainsaw is among the lowest levels of fuel consumption , and less exhaust emissions.

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