7 Best Bathroom Night Light 2023

Do you hate having to switch on the bright lights at night in order to go to the bathroom? If yes, then it’s time you bought the bathroom night lighting.

A nightlight is a great way to illuminate the bathroom, which can prevent you from getting lost in the darkness. The greatest benefit is that they can be:

  • Cost-effective
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lightweight and compact

However, not every light that you see will work for the bathroom. Therefore, below you’ll discover our top picks of the top bathroom lighting options that are currently available.

7 Night Lights to Use for Bathrooms A Quick List

You might find it difficult to select the ideal nightlight. However, here’s a brief overview of our top recommendations to aid you in making an informed decision.

RatingProduct NameSpecial HighlightLight Source Type
1Vont’s ‘Lyra’ Night LightFrom Dusk until Dawn not Dimmable Dusk to Dawn, Not Dimmable, Light SensorLED
2GE Soft LED Night LightFrom dusk until Dawn SensorLED
3AMIR AMIR Motion Sensor Upgraded LightMotion-SensorLED
4Eufy from Anker Lumi Night LightMotion Sensor , Dust Sensor to down SensorLED
5The Lofter plug-in night lightSensor Dusk-to-Dawn, RGB Multi-colors, Gentle Lighting and Slim DesignLED
6AMIR Lights for Motion SensorsMotion sensor PIR
7GE Lighting Night LEDDawn Sensors from Dusk Dawn SensorLED

Top 7 Best Bathroom Night Light 2022

1. Vont ‘Lyra’ Night Light

Our top choice is the Vont “Lyra” Night Light that is made to deliver the ideal amount of illumination. This means it’s neither too bright or dim.

The greatest part, the light functions by automatically changing on as it gets dark outside. As the sun’s brightness increases the light dims. This means that you don’t have to remind you to turn off the lights early in the morning.


  • Compact plug-in design
  • Energy efficient
  • A lifetime warranty is included.
  • Over 10,000 hours of living time


  • Perhaps a bit more brighter

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2. GE Soft LED Night Light

Are you looking for a chic and reliable bathroom light? This light is sure to complement your space with its beautiful light white color and contemporary style.

The most appealing aspect is that it has sensors for light. It will turn itself on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Additionally you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s able to be connected to any outlet for indoor use.


  • Uses energy-efficient LED
  • 90-day limited warranty
  • Secure and reliable
  • Easy to fit in tight space


  • There is mixed feedback on their luminosity
  • The quality could be better

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3. AMIR upgraded Motion Sensor Light

This AMIR Upgraded Motion Sensor Light is ideal for regions with limited or no electricity. This is due to the fact that it operates on AAA batteries that allow for installation without cords.

What’s more? The light has a the PIR motion and light sensor. It will typically turn on after 10 feet, and then will shut off after 20 seconds when there is no movement. Additionally the light sensor makes sure that it only switches on in the dark.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Super-bright LED bulbs
  • Installation is simple thanks to the built-in magnet
  • More than 50,000 LEDs in the lifespan


  • You will need to purchase the batteries separately
  • Pads with poor quality and adhesive results

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4. Eufy with Anker Lumi Night Light

Are you tired of turning on the blinding light when you need to use the bathroom during the night? This night light has been specifically designed to give you the perfect amount of light at the time you’re in need of it the most.

The greatest benefit is that it provides two different installation options. It is possible to install the device using mounting screws that can be used for permanent installation. In contrast you can make use of the back sticks with adhesive to put it on a broad variety of surfaces.


  • Automatic soft illumination
  • 3 AAA batteries are the power source.
  • Warranty of 18 months.
  • Includes the installation hardware


  • Batteries are not included with the purchase

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5. The Lofter Night Light Plug-in

This is another fantastic bathroom light source that provides enough light to guide you through the darkness. Similar to other lighting this one has an automatic sensor that will turn the lights on at dusk and turn it off after dawn.

You know the best thing about this lamp? The lamp comes in eight different colors to pick from. So, you can pick the one that best suits your preferences.


  • Plugs into any outlet that is standard
  • Provides gentle glare illumination
  • Design that is slim and energy-efficient
  • Widely-spread application


  • Doesn’t stop flashing
  • It is not long-lasting.

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6. AMIR Motion Sensor Lamps (Upgraded Version)

If you’re searching for an electric model, this product from AMIR is worth looking into. It’s because it’s driven through AAA batteries. However however the batteries aren’t included in the box.

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You will be pleased to learn that the nightlight uses bright bulbs that are super bright. This means it can boast as high as 20-lumens power. This is perfect as a lamp for bathrooms.


  • Simple installation using adhesive pads
  • Bright and soft light
  • It is equipped with PIR motion as well as light sensor.
  • Portable and light


  • Batteries are drained very quickly.

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7. GE LED Night Light

It is GE LED Night light is well-known for its solid-colored modes. It comes with 8 different colors and capacitive touch technology that makes it simple to change the color. Simply touch any area on the lamp’s hood in order to switch between different colors.

What’s more? It has an integrated sensor for light that turns the lights on at dusk and turns it off at dawn. In turn, this aids in reducing your energy bills.


  • Creates soft white light for the night.
  • Elegant and attractive nickel finish
  • Automatically switches its own light on and off
  • Lifetime warranty for limited time


  • The brightness varies depending on the color that is selected
  • It is not long-lasting.

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Factors to Take into Account for Bathroom Lights at Night Light

Bathroom lights come in a variety of kinds of shapes, designs and dimensions. This is why it can be difficult to select the perfect model if you do not know what specifications to be looking for.

So, here’s two things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect bathroom light.

Corded against. Cordless

The first aspect to take into consideration is the power source for your night light. Different devices use various power sources. Some are powered by cords, while others use cordless.

Corded lights are most efficient because they require connecting to an electrical outlet. Additionally, they use less energy.

The cordless models, on the contrary, operate on batteries. They can, however, be costly because you need to continue buying batteries. One of the best things about them is that they can come to the rescue in areas where electricity is not an option.


Another thing to take into consideration is the dimension of the night light. In general, the ideal bathroom lighting must be compact in design.

It should also be compact enough to fit into any wall outlet without being in the way of other outlet. Also, you need light bulbs that are light enough to carry around and use wherever.


In addition, you must consider the kind of sensor that the nightlight is equipped with. Some models come with just the light sensor, whereas others have a light as well as a motion sensor.

A light sensor functions by automatically detecting darkness , and it switches itself on. It is also built to automatically turn itself off whenever it detects the presence of light.

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With regards to the motion sensor, it works by the detection of motion. Thus, a nightlight equipped with both motion and light sensors is thought to be more efficient as compared to a traditional light sensor.

Installation Ease

Then, you should think about how easy it will be to set up the nightlight. The ideal bathroom light is one that is easy to put in without any difficult wiring.

In addition, it must be equipped with the appropriate equipment for installation, such as the built-in magnet as well as adhesive pads.


The luminosity of the lighting fixture is another aspect to be considered when choosing the perfect bathroom night light. In general, the ideal nightlight shouldn’t be too bright, nor too bright or dim.

A light that has at least 20 lumens is an ideal option for your bathroom according to your preferences.

It is also advisable to think about the hue that the lighting. Certain models only emit mild white lights, that are most suitable for bathrooms. However there are lights that come with up to eight different colors.

Most frequently asked questions High-Quality Bathroom NightLights for Bathrooms

For this episode, we’ll attempt answer some of the frequently-asked questions we’ve stumbled across regarding bathroom nightlights.

What color is the night light ideal for bathrooms?

It’s up to you what you prefer. But, the majority of people prefer soft or warm light because it’s not too bright, nor too dark.

What is the ideal number of lumens for a bathroom’s night light contain?

Certain models can have as much as 20 lumens of output. But, a night light that has at minimum 10 lumens, 5 Watts, as well as 120 Volts, is the best option for your toilet.

Can nightlights be left for the entire night?

Yes. Lamps are considered safe because they don’t create significant amounts of heat which could cause melting.

Can the LED lights in the bathroom be up through the through the night?

High-quality LED lights for night are made to be durable. They can be on for 24 hours, 7 days per week without being overheated.

Why my LED lights burn out so quickly?

However, the parts of LED lighting can be vulnerable to overheating. If this happens, it results in the lights burning out too quickly.

Which is the best?

Although all of the above night lights are a good option for bathrooms Our top choice is the Vont “Lyra” Night Light. It is our top choice for a lighting for the bathroom. We love the fact that it provides the ideal brightness while being energy efficient.

The greatest thing about it is that it’s lightweight and is backed by a lifetime guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Wrapping Up!

It’s easy to imagine lighting a bathroom as something that is luxurious. But the reality is that they offer numerous benefits that are greater than their tiny size. They not only help to reduce the disruption of sleep after using the bathroom, they also give you better access to the bathroom.

If you don’t have a nightlight for your toilet at the moment, you must purchase one to stay safe from slipping in the darkness.

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