5 Best Basking Light for Bearded Dragon 2023

Bearded Dragons are wonderful pets that are loved all around the world because of their peaceful temperament as well as their ease of care to keep their health. As reptiles, these cold-blooded animals require adequate sunlight to live for a long period.

In their natural environment, They thrive in warm climates like deserts. It is vital as it allows their body to work optimally. As a “Beardie” owner you must purchase a quality basking light with sufficient warmth.

The ideal light for basking your bearded dragons must provide moderate heat, which is sufficient to maintain your pet’s optimal body temperature. We’ve compiled a comprehensive listing of the most well-known lighting options available today which will ensure your pet is well-behaved and safe beneath.

The best lamp for bearded dragons.

Before we start our detailed report, we’ve included an overview that will give you a glimpse of our top basking lights.

The RankingProduct NameWattageVoltage
1Zoo Med Repti Basking Light
2The Fluker’s Basking Light100 Watts
3Evergreen Pet Supplies Mercury
4Cullen 2-Pack Basking Light100 Watts120 Volt
5The Tekizoo Basking LightThe power of 125 Watts

Top 5 Best Basking Light for Bearded Dragon 2022

1. Zoo Med Repti Basking Light

It is the best choice. this premium bulb can produce 100 Watts of light. But, the quantity of light and heat produced is 35% more when compared to other lights that bask. It has an extra reflector, which increases the intensity of light and heat.

Due to its large heat output it is recommended to the use of large tanks as the heat can be absorbed by all corners with ease. Furthermore, the lamp has two bulbs to boost the amount of heat produced and also serves to act as an emergency in the event that the first bulb fails.

Furthermore the light for basking is multi-purpose and could be utilized on reptiles to provide the same type of setting as the reptiles’ natural environment. This includes snakes and lizards. They offer the warranty for 180 days, allowing you to exchange any bulbs that are defective.

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  • There is no flickering
  • Suitable for large enclosures
  • Additional lighting and heating
  • Durable


  • Expensive

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2. Fluker’s Basking Light

This bulb will provide a suitable temperature range for your pet at a lower cost. This means that your pet will be protected from getting sick from low temperatures within the home. It’s an incandescent light bulb that increases the long-term use of 2500 hours before becoming unusable.

In addition it is able to be used in various enclosures because you can mount it to different surfaces without difficulty.

Furthermore, this bulb does not produce UVB and UVA light, making it less appealing. The heat that it generates will ensure your pet’s safety. If you’re looking for a smaller bearded dragon, this bulb is sufficient. But a larger pet will require a larger zone of basking, which this bulb does not completely cover.


  • Cheap
  • Long-life
  • High compatibility with various enclosures
  • Temperatures rise rapidly


  • Insufficient UVA as well as UVB light

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3. Evergreen Pet Products Lighting for Mercury Vapor

The bulb emits 100 watts of UV heat but without harmful UVC radiation to ensure that your pet is protected throughout the day. It doesn’t matter what enclosure you’ve made for your pet as it’s compatible with any type that are available.

This bulb makes sure that your pet receives enough sunlight to meet its skin’s metabolism requirements.

In addition to bearded dragons, you can also use it to keep your other reptiles warm like toads, turtles, and iguanas. Furthermore, this light has been evaluated on the basis of efficiency, performance and safety to ensure that you will get the most the most value for budget.


  • It provides maximum warmth
  • Tested for safety
  • Very brilliant
  • Long-lasting


  • No batteries are included.

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4. Cullen 2-Pack Basking Light

If you’re looking to purchase an efficient basking lamp to satisfy your dragon’s needs for heat it is essential to buy this lamp. It comes with two UVA bulbs as well as a thermometer that will let you keep an eye how much the light your pet is receiving at any given time.

Additionally, this heat lamp generates upwards of 75-watts of energy which keeps your bearded dragon in good health. It’s therefore able to nourish well, boost vitality as well as absorb food. It’s easy to put in place since it requires screwing onto an socket.

Additionally the lamp’s life span goes as high as 1000 hours, making it durable and will save you money spent on replacing quality basking lights.


  • Easy to install
  • Digital thermometer with
  • High-performance
  • Two bulbs in a set


  • It is more prone to burning out quickly.

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5. Tekizoo Basking Light

The heat bulb offers UVA as well as UVB light and heat with one bulb, ensuring that your dragon’s bear gets enough. The ultraviolet light mimics sunlight in the natural environment, allowing it to keep your pet healthy and boost the production of vitamin D3.

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In addition, aside the bearded dragons that this lighting can be used multi-purpose and used by other reptiles , such as snakes, chameleons and Lizards. If you own more than one reptile living in your home, this light is sufficient for all.

Furthermore it is made from high-quality materials and can be used in diverse enclosures like the cage or in vivariums.


  • High-end
  • Utilized by other reptiles
  • Compatible with various structures
  • Fantastic heating and lighting


  • Questionable durability

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Important Points to Take into Account for the Basking Light on Bearded Dragon

If you are a brand new owner of a bearded dragon, or an owner with a long history who has had to deal with bad basking lights it could be difficult to find the perfect match that is suitable for the pet.

In general, the basking lights have the same functions and features however, there are some things to consider when the search for a quality lamp.

Bulb Type

It’s crucial to realize that a quality basking light must generate UVB light to ensure that your bearded dragon in good health. If a lamp that is fluorescent produces UVB lighting, it makes it’s is an ideal choice for those operating on a budget.

If you are looking for a an excellent basking experience for your tank, you should consider mercury vapor bulbs because it has greater power and heat output in comparison to other bulbs.

It’s essential to place the bulbs in a way that they aren’t overheated or under heating, which could cause harm to your pet’s health overall.

Changes in Cycle

A lighting fixture that has been used for a long time requires replacement after a certain amount of time as its capacity to provide the heat output diminishes as it ages.

Thus, it is recommended to read the manufacturer of your bulb’s guidelines regarding the life span of the bulb. It is crucial to make sure that the bulb provides your pet the right amount of heat to maintain good health and decrease the likelihood of anxiety and restlessness.

A great basking light must work for a time that is not less than 10 months prior to making a switch.


Basking lights are priced based on the performance you expect. Additionally, the cost is contingent on whether the lamp offers the combination of UVA or UVB light, or only one. In general, lamps that have additional features will command a higher cost.

Certain lights for basking have different pricing, yet come with the same features. It is important to research the most affordable price for you. In light of your budget and priorities We suggest to purchase an appropriate lamp to make sure your pet is protected and healthy all the time.

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People Also Have Questions (FAQ) about Basking Light for Bearded Dragon

We’d like to address some of your most frequently asked questions about the subject of dragons with bears and basking lights. Here are four.

What is the most effective light bulb for basking the bearded dragon?

We recommend Zoo Med Repti basking bulb with a temperature control suitable to bearded dragons. Additionally, the basking bulb lasts longer than the other bulbs.

There’s the various bulbs’ wattages with, based on the size of the pet. In case your dog is tiny then you could opt for 50 watt bulbs, while 100 watts bulbs is ideal for larger pets.

What should the power of my lighting source for basking be? the bearded dragon in my home?

Based on the size of the tank of your pet is the bearded dragon will do most effectively with a basking light which produces an average of 40 and 100 watts for the highest.

It is crucial to ensure that you have enough lighting for 12 hours, at a most basic level for your dog during the daytime. But, at night there is no need for lighting.

Do I need to use a normal bulb to make a basking light?

Yes. A standard bulb that produces white light is a suitable alternative. We recommend halogen bulbs because they offer a similar amount of heat as lighting for basking. They also last longer and can be used in situations where the basking lights aren’t in use.

But, you must be extra vigilant by monitoring the wattage of your regular to prevent overheating or underheating the dragon’s habitat.

Do I have to leave my bearded dragon to its own devices for one week?

Letting your pet go for extended durations isn’t recommended. Bearded dragons can live by itself for as long as three days. But a week isn’t enough as they rely on your food supply and the heating of their bodies to allow their optimal bodily functions to take place.

Bearded Dragon Basking Light #1 Picks

Bearded dragons are fantastic pets that require enough warmth and light to live.

We believe that the best basking light to use for dragons with bearded faces would be one like the Zoo Med Repti Basking Light. It has 35% greater efficiency on heating and lighting it gives the most efficient performance.

Additionally it has an extended warranty, and can be used by reptiles as well as other pets, and is very robust. We strongly recommend that you select this bulb as your first option.

Final Thoughts

In our selection we’ve conducted studies and reviewed feedback from customers to develop the top-quality products. A quality basking light must include both UVA as well as UVB light to provide the best conditions for your pet’s needs.

We hope this guide along with the guide will assist you in making a sound buying decision. We wish you the best of luck.

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