12 Best Automatic Espresso Machines (December 2022)

It all started with the Ethiopian plateau when Kaldi an animal farmer observed that one night his goats were full of energy and would simply not go to sleep.

The incident occurred after the animals were eating the berries of a particular tree. Legend has it that Kaldi then reported the incident to the local abbot monastery. The priest then utilized the fruits to make an alcohol drink to help him concentrate throughout his lengthy evening prayers.

Since that time of uncertainty in the history of mankind, those “berries” began to take over the world . Now with the advent of automated espresso machines it is impossible to imagine a time without these machines.

If the most important thing to do prior to starting our day is stand in a long line at coffee shops or fight in our kitchens with tired eyes it’s the same goalto find the perfect cup of coffee to off the day.

It’s not just mornings are it? Every day is a good time to drink coffee for anyone who is looking for a delicious, silky-smooth drink with a bursting flavor.

If you are one of them then you’re probably thinking about hiring a professional barista to be at your service 24 hours a day. This is because you’re looking for the top automated espresso machines that are available.

Here’s a selection of our top choices to help you choose which one best suits your style and taste.

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What exactly is the definition of an Espresso Machine?

Simply stated, an espresso machine is a device used to brew your coffee. It does this by running hot, pressurized water through the cake of ground coffee, and an espresso filter. What you get is either a cup, or cup of concentrated coffee – espresso.

Espresso machines were first invented in the 19th century Italy and were later developed into a variety of types that we can see to this day. Some are manual, while more modern versions are automated.

You may have seen the terms semi-automatic, automated, and super-automatic. Let’s see what they mean.

Automatic Espresso Machines:

They are able to automate the quantity that is brewed. Tamping and grinding of coffee are manually done.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines:

These models allow you to control the grind settings, manage the tamping, and control the duration of your drink. If you prefer to call the shots and tweak the drink each occasion, these are the model you’d like. Commercial machines are typically semi-automatic.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machines:

They are the most advanced of their type. They can be tamp or grind and even have integrated milk blenders. All you need to fill up the bean hopper every time.

Certain models require the reservoir of water for filling manually, while other models are connected directly to a water source. Although they are dependable in serving quality drinks but they do not allow much space for personalization.

What are the reasons you should consider an Automated Espresso Machine?

Here are some motives to think about installing an espresso machine that is automatic at your house.

It’s not a good idea to drive to the coffee shop each morning only to stand in an endless line.

Your routine for the day could include taking a drive to the nearest coffee shop, then waiting in a an incredibly long line of people who are suffering from morning caffeine anxiety, just like you.

The line moves slowly, until eventually, you grab your coffee in a paper cup that is disposable.

Do you prefer sticking to your routine or go for an espresso mug made of freshly ground beans, and an extra few minutes in the bed?

I’m inclined to believe that the former.

You’d like to save money.

The coffee that your automatic espresso machine produces is only a tiny fraction of what you spend in the coffee shop and without losing the quality.

Freshly grind whole bean coffee straight out of your kitchen or office automated espresso maker could prove as more enjoyable than expensive coffee that you bought pre-ground.

Is that right?

You’d like to cut down on time and avoid the stress.

For busy people , the top coffee machines with super-automatic technology can be lifesavers. There may be times when you don’t have the time or the desire to grind and brew the beans, then pour the milk, and serve it in cups.

Even if you are able to complete the task there’s always an opportunity that the outcome will not taste as you would like. You can save yourself time and effort and let a fully automated espresso machine handle the task.

You shouldn’t buy an expensive burr grinder.

Contrary to semi-automatic espresso machines the majority of super-automatic espresso machines are equipped with an integrated grinder. This can save you money that the burr grinder could havewould be able to cost, as well as the space that the burr grinder would have taken up.

You’re looking for a consistent, high-quality beverage every time.

Whatever you prefer, Americano or cappuccino, or latte and espresso machines that are automated ensure that you’ll receive a regular quality drink every time.

You’d like to be the most sought-after barista in your family.

It’s true, you’d surely appreciate a reward or two while entertaining guests. Your own automated espresso machine can make you an instant star barista the moment you take it out and try it out.

You’re ready to take your experience with coffee to a amazing experience.

The top automatic espresso machines that are suitable for homes and work are equipped with a variety of functions. Features such as pulse extraction and Bluetooth connections and even in-app operation will enhance your coffee experience the top of the line in terms of comfort and convenience.

What are the reasons you require the Top fully Automatic Espresso Machine?

Selecting an automatic espresso machine that will best suit your lifestyle and needs is the most crucial aspect. It is not a good idea to take something that will churn out a brown liquid that has a odd taste, instead of the desire for freshly made espresso.

Don’t choose anything other than the one that is perfect for you. The top fully automated espresso machine that’s.

Top 12 Best Automatic Espresso Machines 2022

01. DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

De’Longhi ESAM3300

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  • Dimensions 11.x 15.3 14.4 14.4 inches
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • The power: 1,150 watts
  • Rated frequency and voltage: 110/120V, 50/60 Hz
  • Capacity of water containers: 60 ounces/1.8 liters
  • Beans container capacity: 7.10 ounces/200 liters
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver

DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 is among the most efficient super-automatic espresso machines under $1000. The brand that is known for bringing out high-end kitchen appliances has met its promises by introducing this Magnifica ESAM3300 Super-automatic Espressoand coffee maker.

It’s extremely compact for the features it comes with. This makes it the perfect choice for people who have an extremely small countertop or are struggling with small storage space. This is a small machine the capacity of the water tank at 60 oz is a great value.

It can be programmed to a high degree and therefore does not restrict your options like others automated machines. There are 5 settings that allow you to select your preferred strength and four options to decide the quantity of your drink. No matter what setting you choose Magnifica Magnifica is known for producing top quality drinks and offer anything, from espresso to Latte.

It has the twin boiler system. This means you don’t have to wait for the brewing process to end before beginning the steaming process. Both processes happen simultaneously, and the Magnifica ESAM3300 can be used to speed up the process.

It’s best with medium espresso roasts. Another benefit is that it is able to work with coffee that has been ground. It does not take well to roasts with oily flavors.

There are a few things we don’t enjoy about the Magnifica 3300 ESAM however. Regarding maintenance and care it is not super-automatic. The parts that are removable must be separated and cleaned by hand. The steam wand too requires manual control.

The Truth:

DeLonghi Magnifica is an excellent choice to get the most efficient mid-range super-automatic coffee machine that has a good scope to fine-tune espresso shots at the office or at home.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • User-friendly
  • Double boiler
  • Capacity large (60 OZ water tank)
  • Auto-off feature
  • The spout can be adjusted to fit any size cup to be used.
  • It allows for a high degree of control
  • Instant Reheat feature
  • Bypass chamber for coffee that has been pre-ground


  • Loud burr grinder
  • It is not recommended to cook with oily or fatty roasts.
  • Maintenance and care must be done manually.
  • No milk carafe
  • Steam Wand not fully automatic

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02. Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia 59100

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  • Dimensions 10x 15.5 * 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Hopper Capacity: 8.8 oz
  • Reservoir Capacity: 40 oz
  • Max. cup height: 4.5”
  • Boiler Types: Single
  • Material Stainless Steel

Gaggia Brera Super-automatic espresso machine is one of the most automated espresso machines under $500. It’s a great price for the money.

It’s just the right machine for those who love the milk espresso. A top milk frother will give you smooth lattes and fluffy cappuccinos. When you use the Gaggia Brera model, you are able the option of choosing between five grind sizes and three strengths of brewing ( medium, light, as well as strong ).

The bean-shaped icons allow you to alter the amount of coffee you drink. There aren’t pre-programmed drinks Once you’ve perfected the Espresso recipe will remember it and reproduce it with Memo function.

It’s not a super-automatic barista in any sense of the term. It’s more in the lines of semi-automatic.

The brewing equipment is of top quality. The burr grinder made of ceramic preserves the scent that comes from espresso beans The bypass doser lets you utilize pre-ground coffee, too. A spout with an adjustable height can accommodate the cup from 3.5 up to five inches high.

It is equipped with one boiler, but it will not hinder its performance. This Pannarello steam wand can heat water in within 10 seconds, which makes your drink delivery speedy.

Maintenance and cleaning are effortless. The parts that require washing are on an area in front and are easily accessible. The automatic rinse process can be somewhat inconvenient. it is possible that you will need to put the water in a cup each time you switch the machine on or off.

This implies that the tank will quickly empty and requires to be filled often. It’s energy efficient, and it is put on standby for 60 minutes of no activity.

The verdict:

If you’re looking to play with milk-based beverages and while enjoying all the benefits of having a high-speed coffee maker, then this is ideal for you. It’s the top semi-automatic machine for espresso that provides an excellent price for the money.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Stylish design
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Ceramic burr grinders help preserve the flavor of beans.
  • Ideal for milk-based coffee
  • It can be used in conjunction together with pre-ground coffee
  • Energy efficient and has standby function after one hour of inactivity


  • Not completely super automatic
  • There is no pre-programmed espresso, milk or drinks
  • Noisy
  • Hardware is not of the highest quality.

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03. DeLonghi Compact Automated Cappuccino Latte and Espresso Machine

Delonghi ECAM 22.110.SB

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  • Dimensions 17x 9.4 * 13.8 inches
  • Weight: 19.84 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.8 L / 60 oz
  • Bean Container Capacity: 8.8oz
  • Average Time to Heat-up: 75 sec

One thing is certain, DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact is an expert barista. It’s not equipped with less features than its more expensive counterparts.

With 13 adjustable settings for a professional burr grinder and direct-to-brew technology, it grinds your coffee beans prior to when the brewing process begins. This makes sure that your drink remains as clean as you can be. In addition there’s another chamber where you can make use of coffee that has been ground.

It comes with a five strength coffee setting that can brew various strengths, ranging from mild to super powerful. The beverages this machine is able to crank out are sure to provide your local cafe with rivalry.

Similar to Magnifica ESAM 3300. DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact can be a second automated coffee machine that manufacturer DeLonghi provides at a cost of less than $1000.

However, it doesn’t come in a two-boiler as the Magnifica. The single boiler lets it conserve energy. Furthermore, an energy saving switch will reduce your energy bills even more.

Controls for manual operation are simple to operate. Maintenance and cleaning are easy. It is also considered to be quieter than The Magnifica 3300.

But, the two models are alike in the case of coffee beans that are oily and they are not able to manage them effectively.

The Final Word:

It is a small machine that is user-friendly and efficient in its energy use. It is an automatic espresso machine. It’s not equipped with all the convenience of a high-automatic espresso machine, but can make delicious drinks with very little trouble.

A good value. It is ideal for those who enjoy experimenting in the world of espresso.


  • Affordable
  • Compact, compact and convenient
  • High-quality milk frothing tool of excellent quality.
  • Menu that is intuitive
  • Switch to save energy
  • Five coffee-strength options and four cup-size choices
  • Manual controls that are easy to use
  • Cup warmer as well as a drip tray that can be removed
  • Not noisy
  • Coffee that has been ground can be used


  • It is not recommended to cook with oily or fatty roasts.
  • Poor heating plate performance
  • Single boiler

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04. Mr. Cappuccino and Espresso Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Mr. Coffee

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  • Dimensions 9.25 inches x 9.38 11.25 inches
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • The Water Tank Removable
  • Milk: Manual Steam

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is available at an low price of less than $250. It’s semi-automatic. The fact that it’s not a machine that has a wide range of options reflects the price. Furthermore, the components of the machine aren’t made from grade-A materials, and therefore it might not last for long.

In any case, it’s an excellent choice for a wonderful coffee at home. The milk frothing feature is done automatically, however there isn’t a included burr grinder. It means that you need to grind the coffee beans by hand or use coffee that has been pre-ground.

The recipe book included with the gadget will teach you how to make everything from Espresso martinis to raspberry cappuccinos , and even choco-nutty latte – amazing you say?

A milk reservoir that is removable lets milk leftovers be kept inside the fridge. The cup and water tank tray are also removable.

The Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is extremely user-friendly. It has a simple single-touch control panel that can be used for single or double shots. Maintenance and cleaning are simple. The manual of instruction serves as your permanent guideline for operating your device at its fullest capability.

You must prepare the device in accordance with the manual before you use this device for the very first time. In some cases the new device may struggle to attain the right temperatures for heating (170-180) and the appropriate timing (27-30 minutes) per shot. If you’re confronted with the issue, simply give the new device an oil-based clean and the will kick off with an explosion ( in a way, not literal, but hey! )

The Final Word:

The espresso you make with Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker will be inferior when compared with the premium machines. It’s best for novices and those who are looking for an affordable option for an espresso machine semi-automatic to use at home.


  • Super cheap
  • Automated milk to froth
  • Removable milk and water reservoirs and cup tray
  • User-friendly
  • Includes an instruction manual as well as a recipe book


  • There is no built-in burr grinder
  • Machine parts aren’t manufactured from grade-A material
  • The device must be primed prior to the first use.
  • Not a lot of features

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05. Gaggia Anima Prestige Automatic Coffee Machine

Gaggia RI8762

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  • Dimensions 116.93 inches x 8.7 * 13.38 inches
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Hopper Capacity: 10.58 oz
  • Reservoir Capacity: 54 oz
  • Max. Cap Height 4.5”
  • Boiler TypeType Single
  • Style name: Coffee Machine

Then, fill the bean hopper, choose between 5 selections of fineness that have been pre-selected, then choose the strength of your brew and then choose the “Go” button. Gaggia’s Anima Prestige guaranteed to surprise you. The first time it was launched in 2015 Gaggia Anima Prestige Automatic Coffee Machine is known as the’soul that is Gaggia’.

The burr grinder is 100 percent ceramic. This means that your coffee beans will undergo very little heat in the grinding process , so there is no burning taste in the drink. There is an alternative doser that can be bypassed if you are using the pre-ground coffee.

The milk carafe’s automatic milk maker creates a creamy and rich foam. However, it does not have a steam wand. Thus manual frothing is not an alternative.

The programmable brewing options as well as 3 temperature settings offer ample opportunity for personalization and providing users the ease of a fully automated espresso machine.

The tank for water is easy to access and has the capacity of holding 60 oz of water, which is excellent. The water tank also has a Spout that is designed to serve hot water for drinks like hot cocoa or tea.

The device is simple to maintain and clean. It also has an energy-saving feature that automatically shuts off the device.

Too too good to be real?

It could be a problem. There are instances when the repair process proved complicated, even with the 2 year warranty offered by the maker Gaggia.

The verdict:

If you’re looking for the ease of an espresso machine that is super-automatic and still have a decent amount of control over your beverage Gaggia Anima Prestige is for you.


  • Outstanding design
  • One-touch making and condensing
  • Programmable brewing options for brewing
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Five grind settings burr grinder
  • Energy-saving auto-off
  • You can brew two cups at once
  • Automated descaling of the entire system and washing
  • Bypass Doser allows you to make use of coffee that has been ground


  • There is no steam for the wand
  • Repair issues

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06. Saeco Philips PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco HD8927/37

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  • Dimensions 20.6 inches x 19.5 inches 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 15.87 pounds
  • Color: Piano Black
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters

Saeco HD 8927/47 Pico Baristo is an excellent contender to be the best espresso machine that is automatic for offices.


It is able to brew 11 varieties of coffee each time using its rapid heat boiler. It is the right choice for you and your coworkers who aren’t just distinct in their personal appearance but also in the taste of coffee too.

Another advantage that makes it an ideal barista for the office is that it can serve up 5000 cups before needing descaling.

There are five different options to adjust the volume and temperature. By using its memo function it will also remember your settings that you’ve customized.

It’s compact, and will not take up a lot of your countertop, regardless of whether it’s your kitchen or office.

The ceramic grinder will ensure you that fresh coffee gets into your cup.

The water tank’s capacity is 60.9 grams, which is impressive for a machine of this size. However, the tank along with the milk carafe and bean hopper will require refilling often.

We are not happy with Saeco HD 8927/47 Pico Baristo is its loud water pump. A few users have also reported problems with the door magnets for the hopper. The metal grate that you put the cup tends to scratch quickly, a design flaw that we’ve observed.

The device is powered by USA 120 Volts. If you are using an alternate voltage setting, be sure you have the issue addressed by the manufacturer prior to buy the device.

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The verdict:

It is a great option for workplaces and a decent choice for homes. If a noisy water pump isn’t an issue it is this Saeco HD 8927/47 Pico Baristo is one of the most efficient automated espresso machines that you can bring to your home.


  • 11 coffee options from a single-touch menu
  • Ceramic burr grinder
  • Brew group that can be removed
  • 5 different brew volume options and temperature settings
  • Compact
  • Memorizes custom settings using memo function
  • Serves 5000 cups before it needs descaling


  • Loud water pump
  • Bean hopper, water reservoir and bean carafe might require frequent refills
  • The metal grate that cups stands can be easily scratched

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07. Breville Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Oracle Touch

Breville BES990BSSUSC

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  • Dimensions 114.7 by 14.5 17.6 x 17.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 37.3 pounds
  • Color Stainless Steel
  • Materials: Stainless Steel

Oracle Touch Oracle Touch by Breville is appropriately called. It can make the finest cappuccino and latte an automated machine can come up with. This machine is nothing but an engine.

The milk texture is incredible. This gadget is guaranteed to provide you with a smooth cup of premium caffeine each and every day!

Through a touch screen, swipe to select the beverage you’re craving and the Oracle takes care of the rest you.

However, it’s not automatic in any sense. It gives you some degree of control. The strength of coffee, the texture of milk and temperature are all adjustable. You can save up to eight personal combinations, and you can label them however you like.

A steam boiler and an espresso boiler and a PID controller form the triple heating system of the machine. The only issue on the road to Breville BES990BSSUSC Fully Automated Espresso Machine , is it could be it difficult to locate an additional water filter for the machine when the original disposable water filter has worn off.

Then, there’s the price. It could be a little expensive if you’re not a fan of coffee and are who is willing to shell out a large amount for a decent beverage.

The Verdict

If you’re addicted to coffee and aren’t averse to the price cost, Oracle Touch by Breville is the perfect partner to achieve the highest barista-home reputation among the rest of your friends!


  • High-quality results from cafes
  • The most delicious milk texture coming from a machine that is super-automatic
  • Simple to use
  • Triple heat system – a steam boiler with an espresso boiler that is specifically designed and the digital PID control
  • Touch screen operation
  • Up to 8 options for coffee can be stored


  • Expensive
  • Not completely hands-free

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08. Saeco Vapore Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco HD8645/47

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  • Dimensions 15.16 16.73 x 16.73 15.35 inches 15.35 inches
  • Weight: 15.67 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Capacity 1 Liters

All baristas at entry level and people who enjoy a drink casually- Saeco XSmall Vapore is waiting for you!

For coffee lovers who are casual and those who begun to explore their barista skills Saeco XSmall vapore is the ideal partner to start with. It’s a charming semi-automatic espresso maker that you can learn the art of making coffee without a huge amount of your pocket!

It can make every kind of coffee, while also giving you a an experience using the milk frothing wand. The ‘X’ that is in the name XSmall means that it’s extremely compact, which means it can easily fit on the most compact countertop.

The style is attractive to kids of the 90’s The younger generation may be unable to comprehend why it’s like it does. It’s black and solid plastic with a hint of metal in the corners.

It isn’t a good choice for those who drink a lot of power. Philips, the company that makes it, Philips does not equip Saeco XSmall with many options. As mentioned earlier, the majority of it is made of plastic and therefore not intended to last for a long time.

The reservoir for water has a very tiny capacity of 33 ounces. You might be beginning to realize why it’s not for people who drink a lot of coffee every day. The bean hopper has the capacity of the reservoir for water and holds 6.5 grams of beans.

It includes flat ceramic grinding equipment and an aluminum boiler that has thermo-block technology that allows for quick heating.

Certain features are not available. Temperature regulation and adjustable spigot options are two of these. This means that you don’t have control over the temperature setting , and you are not able to place cups of various dimensions within the unit.

There is also no water filter, but you could make one, if you’d like. It is, however, extremely simple to clean and maintain.

The Verdict

The best option for novices. A great price for the price. It is not recommended if you’re searching for a premium highly programmable , super-automatic espresso machine.


  • Super-low cost
  • Super compact
  • Simple to utilize
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Brew unit that can be removed
  • A high-quality manual frothing tool that is of excellent quality.


  • Not as feature-packed
  • Small reservoir of water
  • There is no water filter
  • The temperature settings cannot be adjusted.
  • Spigot is fixed to the ground and is not adjustable.

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09. Mr. Coffee Cafe Steam Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Mr. Coffee Mr. Coffee

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  • Dimensions 9.25 by 9.38 11 inches
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Materials: Stainless Steel

Although the Mr. Coffee may not be an advanced super-automatic espresso machine but it offers great value for the money.

It’s a decent automated espresso machine that is home-based and less than $500. It makes good quality coffee.

The device is notable for its ability to make top-quality crema that is of the highest quality. It also comes with helpful extras such as the frothing bowl and measuring cup.

The capacity of the water reservoir is restricted ( 40oz ) However, this shouldn’t be a problem in the event that you decide to refill it regularly.

When using Mr. Coffee Cafe Steam Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine bear in mind that the espresso has to be shut off manually otherwise, it may overflow your cup.

If you’re unable to remember this, don’t fret. the drip catcher is movable and is washable.

The downside of this espresso maker is that it gets hot when steaming milk repeatedly. One method to prevent this is to brew all shots prior to preparing the milk.

The Verdict

Excellent value for money. Good for regular at-home espresso preparation.


  • Super-low cost
  • Compact
  • Washable and removable drip catcher that is washable and removable
  • Includes accessories


  • Not a lot of features
  • Small reservoir of water

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10. Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Philips 2200 Series

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  • Dimensions 17x 9.5 14.5 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material Plastic

This is a low-cost bean-to-cup machine that is truly sense. Simply set the desired strength and length of brew and let the Philips 2200 Series fully Automated Espresso Machine handle the work!

It’s priced at around $500 and offering an acceptable level of performance and convenience you would expect from a fully automated espresso machine. But it’s not exactly what we’d say it’s feature-packed.

It’s got a stylish design. The body is mostly made of made of plastic, with chromium-plated parts in places.

The aspects that should be noted are its two buttons for drinkswith one for espresso and one for coffee. Its Panarello steam wand can froth by itself, but it lets you control the temperature of the milk.

It is moderately programable. It is possible to adjust the shot duration, dose and temperature. It can be used to fill cups from 3 and 5.5 inches.

This device also includes an alternative doser for your coffee that has been ground prior to.

It is not equipped with a filter, but suggests that you buy AquaClean on its own and then pair them together to avoid having to be concerned with regular routines for descaling. The single boiler has thermo-block technology.

This device is a energy-saving device and also a great energy saver. It has an auto-off feature which takes charge of your energy bills.

The Verdict

This machine falls somewhere between a premium feature-packed super-automatic espresso maker as well as a basic capacity beginner espresso maker. Its price is somewhere between the two extremes.

The main point is that it’s an affordable and decently priced fully automated espresso machine that can be used at offices and/or at home. It certainly offers price for the money.


  • Affordable
  • A stylish and elegant look
  • Panarello steam wand
  • 2 drink buttons
  • Doser bypass for pre-ground coffee
  • Auto shut off
  • Doser, shot timing and temperature can be programmed


  • It’s not exactly loaded with features
  • There is no water filter
  • There’s not a single touch

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11. Philips Fully Automated Espresso Machine that comes with LatteGo

Philips 3200 Series

Check Price on Amazon


  • Dimensions 21×19 17 inches
  • Weight: 21.1 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Plastic

This machine is a solid contender for the top espresso machine that is super-automatic and under $1000. It’s appropriate for use in the office or at home.

In just 60 seconds, it will transform beans into a delicious beverage! We honestly were unable to figure out the negatives of this gadget.

It is equipped with an easy-to-read touch screen with basic icons that don’t require much getting used to. It allows you to calculate the amount of grounds and also the amount of milk and water.

For the double shot of espresso To get a double shot of espresso, simply hit the espresso button two times. The ease that Philips offers here is admirable.

The milk carafe for latte go can provide you with top quality smooth and silky foam. But be aware that it’s completely automated, which means you manage it.

The machine keeps track of the last custom settings for each of your drinks, however it won’t be able save them all. The bean hopper has an aroma seal which promises to keep the taste that the beans have.

Contrary to Philips 2200 series AquaClean is component in the package. This means that you don’t have to purchase it separately.

It will ensure that you don’t have to remove the device’s scale before making at the least five cups. It also reminds you to descale your device.

There is a movable basket where the grounds that have been used are placed in order to empty it in the future. The spout is able to hold cups to be up to 5.5 inches high.

The device shuts itself down every fifteen minutes, or more thanks an auto shut-off option. This could be annoying.

The appliance requires a bit of meticulous maintenance. The manufacturer suggests cleaning the brew unit once every week, and oiling its components every 500 cup interval.

The Verdict

It is a must to consider this gadget if you’ve got an estimated budget of $1000 and wish to enjoy the ease of a modern coffee machine that is super automated.


  • Excellent quality beverage
  • The design is stunning of the latte go milk carafe
  • User friendly
  • Touch panel with easy-to comprehend icons
  • Helps you remember when you need to descale.
  • Aquafresh water filter is included in the unit
  • Coffee that has been ground can be used
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  • Auto-off feature shuts down the device down often
  • Customized settings can’t be saved.
  • Requires careful maintenance

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12. Jura Automatic Machine for Coffee

Jura 15216, D6

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  • Dimensions 9.1 by 9.1 9 9.1 inches
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Color: Platinum
  • Size: 1
  • Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Style: Machine

It’s a bit pricey in comparison to Philips 2200 Series. It also provides users with a variety of features and conveniences.

There’s a broad array of options to take advantage of using Jura D6. First of all the menu, it is easy to use and at the very same time, extremely intuitive. The menu offers four strength coffee choices.

A robust thermal block can provide extremely fast heating. Semi-automatic milk mixers produces a dense foam, while providing you the ability to control the process.

The device employs the pulse extraction method to extract the most of coffee beans. But, there’s no bypass doser, which means you can’t make use of pre-ground coffee.

If you’re looking to be the automated barista who sits in your kitchen and isn’t moving away from your sofa and can be connected to your device to the Jura Smart Connect Bluetooth Adapter. This really makes this device stand out from other Bluetooth adapters.

The dose, time of the shot and temperature can be programmed.

The capacity of the tank for water will be 1.8 The capacity of the tank is 1.8. There is an empty coffee grounds bin that is able to store as much as 16 cups ground. The bean hopper can hold 200 grams of beans.

Jura D6 also comes with an energy-saving timer that automatically shuts off. The benefit is that you can choose the time period before it shuts down.

The verdict:

An amazing super-automatic espresso maker that offers a broad range of features that is very inexpensive. Jura D6 definitely deserves to be on the listing of the top twelve most effective automated espresso machines!


  • Pulse Extraction Process ensures maximum extraction of beans
  • Optional Bluetooth operation
  • Very rapid heating
  • Simple and simple menu
  • Auto-off feature, with a user-defined timer


  • No bypass doser
  • The texture of milk is too foamy.

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What should you look for in the Top Automatic Espresso Machine

In spite of our lengthy list of features, our buying guide will show you the most obvious features to consider when looking for an automated espresso machine. It’s time to make some notes!

01. The Label

The first thing you should do is decide which kind of espresso machine is best for you. The terms semi-automatic, automatic and super-automatic can help narrow your choices. However, the three labels are usually used loosely and can be interchanged. Therefore, it is best not to base your decision on one label alone.

02. The capacity of the Water Reservoir

What capacity is the reservoir for water as well as the milk carafe, beans hoppers is something that you must consider before purchasing.

If you are the only person the machine’s automatic espresso is designed to provide, then a tiny machine with a small capacity the bean hopper and water tank is sufficient.

However should you be planning to provide your family with a drink or plan to set up the equipment up in your office, select an item that has an adequate container for water, bean-hopper and milk carafe sizes.

03. Boiler Double vs Single Boiler

Double boilers can make your life easier. A machine equipped by a dual boiler can make the brewing and steaming at the same time. However one equipped with just one boiler will take care of the tasks one after the other.

04. Built-in Grinder

The presence of a built-in grinder could mean that you don’t have to purchase a burr grinder separately. A 100 percent ceramic grinder is one of our favorites because it preserves the flavor of coffee beans.

05. Built-in Brew Group

The brew section is the most crucial component of the automated espresso machine. It is in which the actual coffee brewing process takes place.

The built-in ones have the convenience of self-cleaning. Detachable models offer their own advantages. They are simple to operate and easy to clean.

06. Portafilter

A good portafilter is one that it can handle 16-22 grams of grounds for each serving. The portafilters at the lower end are smaller and therefore their quality coffee may be less than optimal.

07. Bluetooth Connection and In-App Operation

If you are interested in the concept of making the perfect espresso from the convenience of your sofa, then you might consider looking for an Bluetooth connection as well as an in-app function within your bean-to-cup maker. This is definitely a valuable feature for tech-savvy people that are in the market.

08. Steam Wand

A steam wand that is controlled by hand can give you greater control. With a little practice, you can have a better outcome than any automated steam wand. The auto version simply does the work.

09. Programmability

The more sophisticated your espresso machine’s super-automatic features are and the more programmable is. The more easily it can be programmed it is, the more you can modify the espresso you drink.

10. Maintenance

Find the removable components within the gadget you are considering. They are easy to use and simple to clean.

Additionally, you might think about the material the machine is constructed with. Plastic is prone to wear away over time regardless of how well you take care of the machine. The stainless steel option is the best alternative.

11. The Brand

Look for dependable brands. DeLonghi, Breville, Gaggia, Philips, and Jura are just a few names that can be found that are among the many espresso makers which you can count on.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s begin with the most frequently asked questions.

01. What exactly is meant by the”Self-Cleaning” Feature?

Don’t take the phrase self-cleaning” in a literal sense. Although the machine may be equipped to clean itself, it still requires some effort on the consumer’s end.

The super-automatics have an automatic rinse process that flushes the brew unit of dirt each when the unit is turned on or off. In addition, some espresso machines that are super-automatic have automatic descaling capabilities.

Even with these features consumers must add a descaling agent to the reservoir, then activate the descaling function, then at the close adding fresh water to begin the next rinsing process.

02. What are the Pros and Cons of a removable Brew System?

Pros of a detachable unit to brew:

1. It is easy to remove (duh)
2. It is easy to rinse and clean
3. Repairs and replacements are easily made.

Cons of a detachable unit to brew:

1.Reinserting the brew device could be difficult, and it might not be properly reattached. This can cause the machine to fail.

03. What are the Pros and Cons of a Fixed Brew System?

Pros of a fixed-brew unit:

1. There is no reason to believe that the brew system will not be properly aligned and fail to function.

Cons of a fixed-brew unit:

1. This requires a very specific maintenance procedure
2. You will need to purchase the tablets for cleaning.
3. Repair is more costly

04. Are ceramic Burr Grinder Better Than A Metal Burr Grinder?

It is not possible to say that one is superior to the other. We can certainly look at comparison and contrast to gain an overall picture.

Ceramic burr grinders don’t produce a lot of heat. This means that coffee beans do not get over-roasted and the aroma remains.

It doesn’t mean that your burr grinder will ruin the beans you’ve brewed. In most cases, the metal burr grinder will not get hot.

Although ceramic burr grinders have been considered to be more durable, they can shatter in the event of a foreign object entering.

The ceramic burr grinders produce much less loud than burr grinders made of metal.

What it boils to is that although ceramic burr grinders are an amazing option, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not be worried when the machine you’ve got an eye on comes with an iron grinder.

05. Are Super-Automatics more costly to Repair?

It’s not really.

Super-automatic espresso machines are becoming more popular, parts are typically available and repair work is priced around the same amount as an manual or less complex espresso machine.

06. Which Coffee Beans Should I Choose for The Automated Espresso Machine?

The best coffee beans to use in your super-automatic espresso machine are those with less oil moderate roast beans.

This is because beans that are oily or beans that have oily textures can cause damage to the espresso machine. Coffee beans that are dark roasting are typically oily.

07. Can I use tap Water to load the Water Tank?

You are able to however, but you shouldn’t.

The mineral content of hard water isn’t ideal for the automatic espresso machine. It is recommended to use distillate water instead.

However, if you plan to make use of tap water, be sure you clean your espresso machine correctly and regularly to ensure it’s functioning.

08. Can I use pre-ground coffee for my Automatic Espresso Machine?

It is possible if your automated or super-automatic machine comes with an bypass chamber or a second chamber to grind coffee. The Magnifica Espresso Machine from DeLonghi, Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine and Gaggia Anima Prestige are a few machines that have this feature.

09. What is the best method of Descaling My Automated Espresso Machine?

Only one right method of descale your automatic espresso machine. Utilize a descaler with liquid that is designed for descaling coffee pots.

Don’t choose the DIY methods for descaling found on the Internet. Should you decide to, you’ll end up damaging your flawlessly functioning automated espresso machine.

10. How Can I Get the Maximum Value From My Super-Automatic Espresso Machine?

Here are some things you can do to help get your espresso machine that is automatic to

1. Performance to the highest level.
2. Beware of coffee with oily beans.
3. Keep your machine clean.
4. Use water that is distilled.
5. Cleanse your device in the correct method and every so often.
6. Use the user’s manual included with the machine.

11. How can you get the best value of my espresso machine that is super-automatic?

There are a few steps you can do to help your automatic espresso machine operating at its highest efficiency.

  • Beware of coffee with oil.
  • Keep your machine clean.
  • Make use of distilled water.
  • Cleanse your device in a proper method and every so often.
  • Read the user’s guide included with the machine.

Phew! It was a lot of Espresso Research!

With a 360-degree review of the top twelve most automated espresso machines for 2020, and some of our personal insights on what you should look for in the perfect coffee maker for your office or home This article will suffice to guide you through the maze of mechanical baristas as well as their makers.

If you feel that you’ve done your homework, then choose a product and go to purchase.

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