5 Best Adjustable Drop Hitches For Lifted Trucks 2023

Lifted trucks are loaded with plenty of power in their hoods however, they require an additional level of support to transport or tow your ATV trailer, snowmobile, etc. This is the point where an adjustable drop hitch can come into play. The fitting of the most effective drop hitch is a straightforward but effective method of creating optimal conditions for towing. It offers an incredibly secure connection between the raised trucks and the object you are towing.

There’s a lot of towing equipment the receiver’s hitch which is the one thing that keeps your lifted trucks and trailers in line are these tiny pieces of steel engineering. Therefore, choosing the correct hitch is essential for safe towing. It must be strong and be able to handle the load you place on it.

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to choose which one is the best fit for your needs because different types of drop hitches differ dependent on the specifications capacities, specifications, and cost.

However, don’t fret because we’ve compiled a list of the most adjustable drop hitches designed for lifted trucks that can get you started.

Top 5 Best Adjustable Drop Hitches For Lifted Trucks 2022

1. Curt 45900 Adjustable Hitch Ball for Trailer Mount

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The CURT 45900 Adjustable is a very flexible and well-known adjustable hitch designed for trucks that are lifted. The ball mount for the trailer hitch can be adjusted to suit any type of towing. It is very adaptable and smooth adjustable design.

The channel-style shank is able to be turned upside down to provide up to a drop of 6 inches or 5-1/4 inches of maximum rise. It is made in America using CNC manufacturing and robotic welding to provide greater quality and accuracy. To ensure a more peaceful ride when towing your trailer the adjustable hitch is stable and has an anti-rattle function, which stops the rattling, chucking, and vibrations at the point of coupling, which makes for a more comfortable riding experience and an improved receiver hitch.

The hitch is made from steel that is high-strength, making it extremely tough and robust. This 2-inch ball-shaped hitch has been designed for a maximum capacity of 10,000 pounds. The ball’s diameter is 2-5/16 inches, for 14,000 pounds is sufficient to meet all your needs for towing.

It is equipped with standard shanks that fit almost any 2-inch x 2 inch truck drop-hitch. It’s perfect for classes 3, class four and five receivers. Connecting CURT Adjustable Drop Hitch to a Lifted Truck

Furthermore, to shield your vehicle from dirt, rain road grime, salt and rain the adjustable drop hitch that has the ability to adjust its ball mounting is encased by a tough black carbide powder coating. Additionally, the two ball mountings come shielded by a zinc-plated corrosion-resistant coating so whatever happens you do, the CURT45900 Adjustable will always be ready.

The CURT program also comes with an extended lifetime warranty (one-year finish and one-year parts).


  • The height can be adjusted in a way that is adjustable.
  • Many hitches can be connected to a ball mount that is adjustable.
  • 14,000 lbs. capacity towing.
  • It comes with anti-rattle technology.
  • Dual ball mounts are weather – and corrosion-resistant.


  • The assembly of the hitch may be difficult.

2. B&W Trailer Gets Hitched Tow & Stow

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It is the B&W truck hitch is adjustable and capable of towing you mower from the workshop, your boat on the lake or your tractor for the work site all with identical ball receivers. This is among the most effective dropshitches that is able to be put under the vehicle once you’re done towing. It’s why you don’t need to scratch your shin, or shut the garage door with another hitch. This is an exclusive feature that’s different from other hitches that can be adjusted.

B&W A trailer hitch for heavy trucks is small for such heavy-duty. The B W trailer hitch has at an adjustable height, and comes with a variety of ball sizes, making it a perfect fit for every trailer. Different ball sizes keep you from having to use numerous ball mounts. To accommodate different trailer sizes as well as other accessories for attachments such as the B&W Trailer Hitch is an excellent choice.

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This hitch designed for lifted trucks made by B&W features two ball mounts that comes with two different size towing balls that are twisted to make it easier to locate the right match to your trailer. The height can be adjusted to allow for even towing, making sure that your lifted trucks and trailers in the same level.

The hitch is said to tow 10,000 pounds. (14,500 lbs. using the 2 1/2 inch shank model and 21,000 pounds. with the model that has 3 inches of shank) that is enough. The weight of the product is 31 pounds.

The precision of the machining on B&W hitches is amazing making the assembly of the hitches simple. The Tow and Stow hitches are not made of made of forged aluminum, and are checked for durability and strength in accordance with the SAE J-684 (the current standard for bumper-pulled hitches). That means you don’t have to worry about the possibility of the hitch breaking on your own.

This B&W hitch that is designed for truck lifts is coated in black and ecoat coat, which offers protection against corrosion. It can even be stored underneath the vehicle when it is not being used.

The Trailer Hitch from B&W comes American constructed with strong steel construction. It comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. This trailer hitch is constructed with sturdy premium materials, which is why it lasts for a long time.


  • 21,000 lbs. towing capacity.
  • Multiball Mounts.
  • Powder coated and rust resistant.
  • Keep it in a safe place until necessary.
  • Includes a lime time guarantee.


  • Not compatible with excessively lifted trucks.

3. MaxxHaul 70380 Black/Chrome

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The MaxxHaul 70380 black/chrome hitch designed for trucks that are lifted is a tough, versatile, and heavy-duty hitch with excellent value for money. It is among the most reliable towing hitches available on the market and delivers an outstanding performance for the money. This top hitch for lift trucks is available at an reasonable price when compared with its rivals.

From the box the hitch is constructed and long-lasting. The ball mounts for the adjustable hitch permit you to tow up 12,000 pounds. With the ease of a 6 1/2 inches maximum drop and 7-1/2 inches of rise. MaxxHaul 70380 is black and comes with two inches as well as 2-5/16 inch of chrome balls. It features two pins which offers the best stability. The dual 2 inch ball mounts are able to support as much as 800lbs. On the other hand, the other ball hitch is able to hold up to 1,000lbs.

The weight of the product will be 29.5 pounds. This hitch for trucks that are lifted is designed to handle the rigors of the towing demands of a heavy vehicle. It is simple to set up and simple. The hitch will fit any 2-inch x 2 inches maximal drop-hitch receiver making installation difficult. The hitch is made of steel design and comes with the chrome and black finishes. It is compliant with SAE J684E specifications that provide a safe and secure hitch.


  • Attachment is simple.
  • 12,000 lbs. capacity towing.
  • Made of steel that is heavy duty.
  • Dual pin design that makes it easy to utilize.
  • Dual ball mounts can withstand up to 800lbs.
  • Value in exchange for money.


  • Not all ATVs work. So check your model before buying.

4. Geny 525 16,000 Lb 10” Drop Raise Hitch

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The possibilities are limitless The possibilities are endless with Geny’s adjustable hitch. Geny adjustable hitch designed for lift trucks. It is not only suitable for towing using numerous applications, but it is also durable and designed to last for the long haul. It was designed to increase the safety and comfort of users, which ranges all the way from off-roaders and boaters to serious outdoor enthusiasts.

Alongside for towing, the Geny 525 drop hitches could be the most efficient drop hitches employed for other uses like bike racks, motorbike carriers cargo racks as well as other cargo racks. The desired height of the attachment can be easily adjusted by pulling a pin and then moving the hitch ball to the desired position. Like most hitches, this one features a shank that is 2 inches, with four slots.

It also features two pins that can be used hand in hand to hold the bolts in place to provide additional strength. Hookup is quick and easy, and makes sure that the trailer will be moved as straight as it can be.

The ball mounts have been heat treated to ensure longer lasting longevity. The hitch is able to be fitted to nearly any bumper trailer as well as pintle couplings. Compatible with all 2” Attachments and is able to tow weights of 16,000 pounds. The weight of the product can be described as 44.49 Pounds. The hitch is manufactured in the USA using heavy-duty steel to ensure durability.

This hitch for trucks that are lifted is sandblasted, then coated with a strong Silver veined powder. It is able to withstand any type of wear and tear caused by UV radiations or fatigue caused by excessive friction. Geny offers a variety of sizes or colors and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • 16000 lbs. towing capacity.
  • The silver-vein coating is durable and lasts for a long time. powder.
  • Custom sizes or colors are also available.
  • Compatible with all 2 Attachments.
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  • The movement pintle hook’s receivers aren’t as efficient.
  • Sometimes, it hangs to the bumper.

5. A BulletProof-Proofed Hitch 2.0″ High-Duty Adjustable

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Its Bulletproof hitch is an 2.0 inches adjustable, heavy duty hitch designed for heavy trucks. It is different from the other products from their competition. The best drop hitches are constructed to a very high standard that they have never experienced one single issue. It is possible to make use of the entire range of Bulletproof hitches at the highest height or drop position and maintain identical weight capacities in both position.

The hitches are thoroughly tested and exceed the SAE-J684 requirements for testing. It’s a class 4 for the majority of heavy-duty trucks that weigh 22,000 lbs. Maximum towing weight capacity. has four ride heights that can be easily adjustable. The weight is 47 pounds. Each ball mount that is adjustable is equipped with a two-ball platform that can be placed in the channel that can be adjusted on the hitch.

To ensure maximum durability and stability for maximum strength and stability, two hitch balls are joined to form a solid, high-strength steel structure.

The hitch shanks made of heavy-duty are made of steel through the. For them to slide easily through and out of your receiver for your hitch They have sharp edges that have been chamfered. The solid Shank is made of solid steel construction, which is precision CNC milled and drill. It also has two pinholes to give you more options for adjustment.

Bulletproofs are made using the most advanced CNC machine that provides an extremely precise tolerance. This ensures that every ball and hitch combination is able to fit together without slop or extra movement when it is attached with your car. Each shotch that is bulletproof for lifted trucks comes with the same durable corrosion resistant powder coat that eliminates the chance of corrosion. It is made from The USA with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee.

Also, take a look at the following BulletProof boxing unboxing clip:


  • 22,000 lbs. towing capacity, with sturdy construction.
  • Lifetime warranty is included.
  • The precision CNC milled and cut and.
  • Signature durable corrosion-resistant powder coat.


  • The adjustable drop hitch is very heavy.
  • A little expensive when relative to other alternatives.

Top 5 Adjustable Drop Hitches Comparison table

This table of comparisons is built on our research

Curt Trailer Hitch AdjustableB&W Track Hitches Tow & StowMaxxHaul 70380 Black/ChromeGeny 525BulletProof Hitting 2.0″ Flexible Heavy-Duty
14,000 lbs towing capacity21,000 lbs capacity towing capability12,000 lbs towing capacity16,000 lbs capacity towing capability22,000 lbs towing capacity
Limited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warrantyNo such warrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLifetime warranty
A variety of hitches can be used to attachThere is no Such configurationTwo pins design that is simple to make use ofCompatible with all 2 AttachmentsThere is no Such configuration

The buying guide for an Adjustable Drop Hitch

Towing capacity:

The most important thing to be thinking about is the amount of weight you’ll need to transport around.

Your vehicle that tows isn’t without its own limitations when it comes to the towing job, which need to be considered. Intensively increasing the risk of accidents by using the wrong type of hitch for lift trucks isn’t something you want to do.

They are classified by gross capacity of the trailer’s weight:

  • Classes 1 and 2 ranging from 1000 lbs. to 2500 1 to 2500 lbs.
  • Class 2 – 3500lbs.
  • Class 2.5 4000 pounds.
  • Class 3 – 6000lbs.
  • Class 4 – 8000lbs.
  • Class 5 – 10000lbs.

Strength and durability:

Drop hitches are your only aid in making sure that the load is equally divided between the trucks and trailers in accordance with the capacity of the tongue. This is why you should be aware of the strength of the materials that are used to construct your hitch. They are generally made of solid steel with a solid structure. The most common problems that occur are corrosion and rust, however, most manufacturers have a powder coatings to ensure they are resistant to weather and corrosion.

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You don’t need to make the money in your pockets to purchase the long-lasting and most reliable drop hitch for trucks that are lifted. Choose the ideal one based on the needs of your. However, buying the most affordable one could cost you more unless you’re lucky and it won’t break after several uses. For your information that the most effective hitches are priced at around $100 in the average. However, many manufacturers go out of their assistance to select the best model to meet your requirements. Therefore, you must select the most suitable drop hitch based on your budget.

Variable Drop Hook FAQs

#1. Are adjustable hitches the best?

Because adjustable hitches enable the transport of various sizes and types trailers behind your vehicle, it’s an easier option than buying fixed trailer hitches for vehicles that lift. The main drawback of adjustable hitches lies in the fact that they require moving parts, meaning it is more likely to break or breaking or requiring parts to be replaced.

#2. Do you require drop hitches for the truck that is lifted?

It is no doubt that a drop hitch is essential to stop the trailer from shifting away from the ball of the hitch. The coupler for the trailer isn’t made to stand up to the load trying to break it and change shape around the ball and disengage. To have a smooth experience when towing the trailer and lifted trucks should be of similar heights. Because lifted trucks are designed to be higher in order to create the trailer lower than the truck drop hitch is needed.

#3. What kind of drop hitch will I need with a 6 ” lift?

For trucks with a lift of an 8-inch lift, a drop hitch, such as two ball mounts for 180 Hitchand Stainless Steel hitch balls – 2 inches hitch 10 inches is the recommended. To determine the precise drop you require you should determine the distance from the ground to the upper part of your drop opening of the receiver, as well as from there up to the bottom of the trailer coupler.

#4. What is the drop hitch size for trucks that are lifted?

There are numerous methods to gauge the exact dimensions of the hitch drop used by raised trucks. The first step is to check the recommendations of the manufacturer for the size of the hitch. Then, consider the amount you’ve raised your vehicle and the size of your tires in the event that you have gone beyond the recommended heights of the manufacturer. The total of all elements that raise the truck is the same as the drop that your new hitch will need to be able to handle. There is also an average of 18” off the ground is usually where trailers are set.

#5. Is it possible to install a hitch for weight distribution on a truck that is lifted?

Yes, a tongue-mounted weight distribution device could be used with your truck that is lifted. It is important to locate an appropriate shank for distribution of weight that has enough drop to tow your trailer to the right level. Weight distribution systems can be found without a shank, so you can pick the one that’s best for your needs.

#6. Does the weight of the Drop Hitch What’s the deal?

The performance of your car will be affected as you lose traction and you’ll have more trouble stopping if the vehicle’s front axle is not weighted enough (especially when you’re carrying massive trailer in front of you). To be able to drive safely, it is essential to know the weight of the hitch tongue.

#7. What does adjusting the Drop Hitch do with regard to Lifted Trucks?

A drop hitch that is adjustable for trucks that are lifted ensures the weight of your tongue that you are towing and hauling using your trucks is equally divided between your vehicle and the object you’re towing. A drop hitch that is adjustable allows you to level your trailer as well as your trucks by adjusting the height of your vehicles.

#8. Why do my drop hitches keeps rattling?

Rattling is caused by the issue of clearance between the receiver of your hitch and the drawbar that is inserted into it. A hitch has moving components that slide into the hitch receiver tube, which can cause it to rattle if they do not sit comfortably. It results in whining, rattling or clunking sound that can be heard while driving and adds stress to the pin of your hitch.

Wrapping Up!

The most effective drop hitch can enhance the performance of trucks that are lifted. We’ve highlighted the best quality hitches with strong capacity and high power.

Our top recommendation is that of the Curt 45900 Trailer Hitch Adjustable Ball Mounts. It’s not just versatile, but also extremely rigid and long-lasting. It’s a great option for those with heavy trucks without costing you a fortune. In addition, this hitch has anti-roaming technology to provide an easier, more quiet ride when towing. It also has weather and corrosion-resistant coating and a lifetime guarantee that will last longer than the time you use it.

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