7 Best 4000 Watt Generators 2023

The presence of a generator could be a big help in the event of power outages or you’re heading to the great outdoors for the road or on a camping excursion. The most efficient 4000-watt generator provides the power needed to maintain your most important appliances, such as your refrigerator freezer, water pumps, freezer and lighting – operating in the event of a power failure without being too large heavy, heavy, or fuel-guzzling. In addition it is the ideal amount for powering an RV of a moderate size or even an electric generator for a camping site.

To find the top 4000-watt generators available currently available we looked at a variety of aspects. We first checked if the 4000-watt rating reflects continuous power, the highest amount of watts the generator is able to produce consistently and also the surge power that the generator is able to keep for a couple of seconds when motorized appliances are starting up. We also looked at the amount of runtime the generators offer based on the size of its fuel tank and its efficiency. The volume of noise generated by generators was a crucial factor when evaluating the top 4000-watt generators for RVs as well as camping. We also looked at the warranty on various generators compare. In the end we chose the Westinghouse 4500 iGen4500 was the Editor’s Choice.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Westinghouse IGen4500 “A extremely efficient inverter generator, with the longest runtime of 18 hours at 1/4 load. It is extremely quiet and simple to start.”
  • Best 4000-Watt Generator for RV:
    Champion Power Equipment 100302 “A inexpensive inverter generator equipped with an outlet for RVs that is RV-ready.”
  • The Most Superb:
    WEN 56475 “A powerful generator that has an impressive surge power of 4750 watts.”
  • Ideal for job sites:
    XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt Gasoline Generator “A solid generator that has simple design and a convenient outlets panel.”
  • Budget Selection:
    DuroStar DS4000S “A small-sized generator ideal for people who don’t want to regularly use a generator.”
  • Best Portable 4000-Watt Generator:
    Pulsar PG4000iSR “A extremely mobile inverter generator that has the ability for moving it around.”
  • Best Home for You:
    Westinghouse IPro4200 “A quiet and efficient generator that is fuel-efficient, as well as that boasts six outlets with 120V and 2 USB ports.”

Top 7 Best 4000 Watt Generators 2022

Westinghouse IGen4500

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This powerful generator from Westinghouse is exceptionally well-equipped for all uses but you’ll have to pay more for the many features included. It has 3700 watts of continuous power , and 4500 watts of power surge and a wide differential to let you securely start motor-driven appliances, without disconnecting all other electrical components from the generator. The four-stroke engine enables the generator to be extremely efficient in fuel consumption. The unit has a long runtime of 18 hours with only 3.4 gallon of gasoline.

The users were amazed by how quiet the generator was. Its dB is just 52 this is not just the most quiet generator we tested and is also over 10 dB quieter than typical generators of this size. It has recoil and electric start options, which customers loved, so there’s an option to backup the generator’s battery runs out.

The front of the generator comes with two outlets for 120V as well as a 30A outlet. an 12V DC outlet as well as two USB ports to charge small electronic devices. There isn’t an RV-ready outlet. This is the main drawback of this model. The users were extremely pleased with the LED display that allows you to know the amount of watts being consumed by the generator and the amount of runtime remaining, based on the amount of fuel consumed.

Westinghouse gives a 3-year warranty on the generator for residential customers However, commercial users must be aware that they’ll get only a one year warranty.

What makes it unique?

  • It is fuel efficient thanks to its 18-hour runtime.
  • Very quiet, with just 52 decibels
  • Recoil and electric begin
  • LED display
  • Parallel capability

Which are its weaknesses?

  • No RV-ready outlets
  • On the larger side.


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Champion Power Equipment 100302

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The modestly priced generator by Champion is a great all-around performer made to perform well at home to provide electricity during power failures or for use on a daily basis inside your motorhome. It is designed to provide 3500 Watts continuously generating power as well as 4000 watts of power output during surges this means it may be difficult to start motor-driven appliances when running the generator at maximum power. However, the users were very pleased with the pure electrical waveform produced by this generator. This permits it to be safely used to power and charge sensitive electronics.

The generator is equipped with only two 120V outlets for household use, but the RV users really loved the twist-lock outlet for RVs as well as an outlet for charging batteries at 12 V DC in the event there were any problems regarding the battery of the RV. The generator is very fuel efficient at half-load, able to run for up to 17 hours only consuming less than three gallon of gasoline. Users have noted that the generator may be slightly loud during the evening or early in the morning particularly at campsites with a noise level of 64 decibels. Additionally, many users wanted an electrical start feature, but they noted that the recoil feature was reliable and responsive.

The generator is covered by a three-year guarantee from Champion however, some users were not able to find any issues with the generator during that time.

What makes us so impressed?

  • A twist lock for RV ready
  • It is fuel efficient, with a 17-hour runtime.
  • Waveforms of clean electrical energy
  • Three-year warrant

What negatives should the user be mindful of?

  • There are only two 120V outlets.
  • Loud at 64dB
  • A mere 4000 watts of peak power


7 Best Inverter Generators – Your Guide in 2022

WEN 56475

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This robust generator made by Wen is ideal for home usage if you’re looking to go beyond what generators in this size class could offer. It is rated at 3750 Watts of continuous power, however, it boasts a staggering 4750 watts of power for surges which is the highest out of the 4000-watt models that we tested. However, all that power comes at costs that the generator is low fuel efficiency, and it can empty its four-gallon fuel tank in less than 10 hours with a half load.

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The majority of users were pleased with the electronic start of this generator due to how simple it is to begin using the generator from cold temperatures. The front of the generator has an RV-ready 120V twist-lock plug The structure of this generator may be beneficial or detrimental to an RV, based on the dimensions of the vehicle. On side, integrated wheels allow the generator to be more mobile to move around camp however, on the other hand they add to the dimensions and weight of the device. It also comes with only two 120V outlets that are standard and doesn’t have an AC 12V outlet for charging batteries.

While the generator has been certified with The CARB as well as the EPA for its low emission however, some users have noted that it is incredibly noisy compared to other generators this size. it generates 68 decibels of sound when it is operating which is enough to trigger complaints if it is used on a campsite during the late at night. Wen gives a two-year warranty for this generator.

Why did it make our list?

  • Incredible 4750-watt surge power
  • 120V RV-ready , twist-locking outlet
  • Wheels are included on frame
  • Electric start

What’s not great regarding it?

  • There is no 12V DC outlet
  • Loud at 68 decibels
  • Fuel-guzzling car with short 10-hour runtime

XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt Gasoline Generator

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Its XtremepowerUS gas generator can be described as a stunning model. It comes with an engine of 212cc that will give you everything you need. It’s well-designed to give you not just reliability but also an excellent level of user-friendliness.

Despite the impressive level of power it is effortless to move. It’s light in weight and comes with large handles. If you’re two it shouldn’t be difficult to place it in the location you’ll require it.

One of the major drawbacks for portable generators is that they can be incredibly loud. While all generators are bound create a lot sound, this one is one of the quieter ones. With a 67dB output, you don’t need to be concerned about drowning out any other noise and needing to shout it out.

It’s not the strongest generator available however it’s ideal for campsites and construction sites or tailgates as well as parties. Some customers have reported problems with delivery, however this isn’t an issue common to all users.

The recoil start of this model is superb and makes it easy to start. It is a breeze to operate particularly when compared to other generators available. This is all at an extremely affordable price that gives it a good value for the money.

What does it make it different?

  • Simple to move
  • Not too loud
  • Simple to get started
  • Great price

What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • Delivery problems
  • Lower power level

DuroStar DS4000S

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This compact and affordable generator made by DuroStar is an excellent option for those looking for an inexpensive generator or who need the power of a generator for an emergency, but don’t want pay a large sum for the tool they will not regularly. The four-stroke engine generates just 3300 watts of power continuously, yet can produce more than 4000 Watts of power surge power. Although four-stroke engines tend to be more efficient on fuel however, this generator consumes gasoline and is able to fill the entire tank of four gallon within just eight hours half the load.

This outlet panel comes fairly equipped, featuring two outlets for household use and an outlet that is 30A to lock to accommodate tools that have a higher current need. It also has an analog display that displays the wattage utilized, though this may be difficult to understand. Some users have warned that this generator is quite noisy, as it’s classified as having 69 decibels of noise. But, considering the low cost, the majority of customers were pleased with the recoil-start feature and were not astonished at the absence of an electric push start.

The warranty also isn’t long for this unit at an year. That isn’t unusual considering the cost. However, many users have reported that the generator worked effectively over a number of years of non-stop usage.

Why is it different?

  • It also has a twist-lock outlet for 30A.
  • Analog display to read the wattage
  • Cost-effective

Which are its weaknesses?

  • Loud at 69 decibels
  • Not fuel efficient, short eight-hour runtime
  • One-year short warranty


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Pulsar PG4000iSR

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This small generator from Pulsar is a bit different structure compared to the other generators we have reviewed it has a single carry bar on top of the unit and plastic wheels integrated instead of a complete metal frame. This, together and the handle that telescopically extends is one of the portable 4000-watt generators that are available.

The generator comes with an engine with 224cc capacity, however it can produce only 4000 watts in surge power and 3500 Watts of continuous power, therefore it’s not the best choice for homes with a large number of motorized devices to power. The efficiency of the fuel and time to run are mid-range and require 3.4 gallon of gas to keep the generator running at half-load up to 15 hours. While the sound isn’t too bad at 63 decibels Some users complained that the generator produced lots of irritating whining noises while running at the wattage it is rated at. The users did appreciate the electronic start, however they were very pleased with the capability to start the generator from a distance using the controller included.

Its outlet is equipped, including an RV-ready twist-lock outlet , as well as an USB port that can charge small electronic devices. Also, it comes with an outlet with 12V DC to charge batteries, which when combined with its portability make this model a good choice to be used in an RV or on road journeys. It is important to note that it has only two 120V outlets that are standard.

Pulsar provides a two-year guarantee on the generator, and customers are advised that parts for this model are available at many hardware shops or repair shop.

What makes it unique?

  • Very portable, with the telescoping handle
  • Remote control to start the electric engine.
  • Outlet for RV, USB port along with a DC 12V outlet
  • Parallel capability

How can we fix the weaknesses?

  • A mere 4000-watt surge power
  • Whining sound is heard at times when the system is near capacity.
  • There are only two 120V outlets.


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Westinghouse IPro4200

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This generator by Westinghouse has six 120V outlets for household use and 2 USB charging ports that make it an excellent choice for homes in case of power interruptions, and you require the most outlets you can get. Be aware that it doesn’t come with an outlet with 30A or an outlet with 12V DC, as well as an RV-ready outlet like are found on other generators. This means it is restricted in its applications.

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The generator is rated at 3500 Watts of continuous power or 4200 watts for surge power which means it’s got enough power to run the majority of appliances within your house in case of an electrical interruption. Additionally, it is very fuel efficient at half load and consumes only 2.6 Gallons of fuel to run for 15 hours or more. People also liked the quietness of this generator with a sound level of between 52 and 59 dB , depending of the amount drawn. This quiet level allowed it to be used at night in certain instances without disturbing the neighbors or even the homeowners.

The generator doesn’t have an electric start feature, which is one of the most frequent complaints from the users. But, they did appreciate the LED panel which displays the amount of watts drawn by the generator and the remaining run time.

Westinghouse provides a 3-year warranty on the generator for residential use however, the warranty is limited to one year only for commercial customers.

What is it that makes it different?

  • Two USB ports and six 120V outlets. USB ports.
  • Quiet with less than 59 dB .
  • Very fuel efficient

What disadvantages should you be aware of?

  • There are no 30A, 12V or RV-ready outlets.
  • No electric start

Things to Consider

Once you’ve found out more about our top seven 4000-watt generators available currently, how do you decide which one to find the one you need for your requirements? Selecting the best generator depends on the way in which you plan to use it , which influences the features you want as well as the budget you have. This buying guide will go over the fundamentals on what’s possible to run using a 4000-watt generator. We’ll provide the essential features you must be aware of to make the right choice.

What is the power you can generate using a 4000-watt generator?

To figure out the amount of power you’ll get from your 4000-watt generator you’ll have to add the wattages of the appliances that you’re planning to connect to it. But, there’s a problem because all appliances powered by a motor like your refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioning unit – will have two different requirements for wattage including running wattage as well as surge wattage. The term “running wattage” refers to the number of watts an appliance needs to run after it’s already begun. The surge wattage usually is higher, but can be more so, and is how much power that the appliance is using during the brief period when the motor starts to run.

So, you should ensure that the total of all running watts of the appliances you wish to run with the 4000-watt generator is lower than 4000 watts. In addition, the total of all surge wattages and the running wattages for non-motorized appliances is lower than the surge wattage your generator is designed to handle.

To show what a generator of 4000-watts can power the majority of the appliances that are commonly found in an RV or house. 4000 watts provide the energy to power a refrigerator or freezer as well as microwave and air conditioning units and only a couple of hundred watts to spare to turn on lights or charging small electronic devices. Be aware that the power needed for these appliances is more like 500 watts as they are powered by motors.

The most important things to think about prior to purchasing an 800-watt generator

When you are trying to select the right 4000-watt generator for your needs, there’s many important features on generators you need be aware of because they impact the way that the generator performs in different situations. In this article we’ll go over these aspects, what they are and how they may influence your purchase decision.

Rated and the maximum power output

Every modern generator has two power outputs, their rated power and maximum output, also known as surge power. The rated power reflects the amount of power generators are able to consistently produce as long as it is powered by fuel. It is the amount which you can’t surpass once you have all your appliances running. For non-motorized appliances like dishwashers, light bulbs and microwaves The running wattage is only the amount that counts. You are able to determine the amount of power your appliances require by adding all of their running power wattages.

It is important to note that all of the 4000-watt generators that we examined had wattages less than 4000 watts.

The maximum power output is required when you’re powering motorized appliances, such as refrigerators freezers and air conditioning units and certain kinds of pumps. When these appliances first connected to the generator, it will require a greater energy draw to begin as opposed to running after it has been begun. It is likely that the maximum amount of energy of your generator is capable of handling this additional power requirement for a couple of seconds, which is enough time to allow these appliances to begin. If you’ve left yourself some room when making your calculation of your running power requirement then your generator will supply enough power surge to get your appliances running.


The engine is at the center of your generator since it is the element of the generator which converts fuel – propane or gasoline – into electrical energy. It is generally accepted that a larger engine will generate more power, and so generators that have roughly the same output watts have similar engines. This is why the majority of 4000-watt generators we tested include 224cc or 212cc engines.

Fuel tank capacity

The 4000-watt generators we examined are solely powered by gasoline, which means they contain an internal fuel tank to store the gasoline. The size of the fuel tank for these generators doesn’t differ much, and typically 3.4 up to four gallons. However it is the Westinghouse IPro4200 is equipped with a smaller 2.6-gallon tank, which decreases the overall dimensions of the generator, however, it reduces runtime and requires refilling the tank more often. In general, a bigger fuel tank will improve the duration of runtime, but it also depends on the efficiency of fuel used as well as the size of the generator.

Time to run

The duration of a generator is usually calculated at half-load (i.e. when the generator runs at a half-power wattage of its rating) as a measure of the length that the generator will run with a single tank of fuel. The duration of the run depends on dimensions of fuel tanks as well as the efficiency of the generator’s engine. The generator’s runtimes for 4000-watt units can range from one hour at half capacity for the DuroStar generator to a staggering 18.8 hours when half loaded on Westinghouse IGen4500.

It is important to note that the generator’s efficiency in fueling is based in large part on the amount of power is taken in by it. For a single generator the running time will be less when it is running at its the maximum capacity than when operating it with just one appliance connected.


The amount and kind of outlets on your generator is extremely important as it determines the kinds of appliances you can use and the number of appliances you can plug into without the need for electrical adapters or power strips. The amount of standard 120V outlets ranges from two outlets, such as on those of DuroStar and Pulsar generators, up to up to six in the Westinghouse IPro4200 generator. If you intend to make use of your generator to power large tools, it’s crucial to select an option that comes with the 120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet. However should you plan to make use of your generator to power the RV you are using, an RV-ready outlet, such as those you find on wen generators could be the best outlet you can possess. Additionally there are some generators such as that of the Westinghouse versions as well as those from the Pulsar Generator come with USB ports to charge small electronic devices. Another outlet that could be very useful is a 12V DC outlet, similar to found on the Champion generator which can be used to charge batteries for your vehicle or RV, as well as a boat.

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Noise level

While you might be focusing the power aspect when you look at generators, it’s important to think about the amount of noise a generator makes once it’s started. The noise level is a major aspect to consider if you are planning to use the generator to power camping or in an RV. The sound of a noisy generator could wake up the entire camp or keep your from sleeping. Even for use at home A loud generator could keep you and your neighbors awake in the night and create complaints.

In general, generators that have larger engines are more likely to produce noise, but the degree of noise reduction that is built-in by the manufacturer may play a major role in the noise. For instance those Westinghouse Generators generate only 52 decibels of noise, while the equally robust DuroStar and XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt gasoline generator generators produce between 67 and 69 decibels of noise.

Dimension, weight and transferability

The weight, size and portability of the various generators may be important more or less based on the location you intend to keep it as well as how you intend to utilize it. If you’re using the generator for household use and the generator is located at the exact location you intend to utilize it, portability could be a no-brainer. However when you intend to utilize your generator in conjunction in conjunction with an RV to camp using, then having a huge and heavy generator could prove challenging. However, while 4000-watt generators are a bit heavy to carry around on your own but they can be handled in terms of size when compared to larger generators. If portability is an important issue then it is recommended to consider Westinghouse, Pulsar as well as the Westinghouse the iGen4500 generators are placed on wheels, making them much easier moving around.


An electric 4000-watt unit is an enormous purchase, so you need to ensure that the generator will function as good as new for years to in the future. A manufacturer’s warranty will protect your purchase in the event that something occurs with the generator. It can also give you peace of mind about the purchase. Warranty periods vary from a single year on the DuroStar unit, to 3 years or more on all Westinghouse as well as Champion generators.


What is the price you can expect for a 4000-watt generator to cost? The models vary in price, however you should anticipate spending at least a couple hundred dollars for an efficient model. Our pick for the cheapest is that of the DuroStar Generator is priced at just $250. The Pulsar and Westinghouse IGen4500 models cost $850 and $950, respectively.

If you’re considering generators, choose the most reliable one that comes with the features and surge power that you require. It’s more cost-effective to pay a bit more now than purchase a new generator in the coming years.


When you have your brand new generator How do you connect it to the internet? Here are a few of our top suggestions to help you begin using your generator.

  • To protect yourself, do not operate the generator indoors or in enclosed spaces.
  • Plug in appliances to the generator instead of trying to feed power directly to the electrical grid of your home – it’s not legal!
  • Make sure that the generator is allowed to cool completely before adding gas to your reservoir.
  • Maintain sufficient filter and motor oil in your car In addition to gasoline to get through a prolonged power outage.
  • Don’t let the generator completely run out of gas in case it causes damage to the engine.
  • Do not leave the gas tank empty in the generator when you’ve finished using it because it could become stale or cause damage to your engine next time you power it up.


What do I have to do with an 400-watt power source?

4000 watts of run-time power can provide power to a standard fridge and freezer, a microwave and a smaller air conditioner, as well as light fixtures for your RV or home. If you have a collection of appliances that you plan to run with your generator, multiply their running wattages and ensure they’re under 4000 watts in total. Also, pay attention to appliances that have surge watts to make sure your generator is able to handle the initial load.

What is the loudness of Generators with 4000-watts?

The amount of noise that 4000-watt generators generate varies from models, but it is generally between 50 and 70 dB. The quietest generators we tested are those from the Westinghouse iPro4200 and the IGen4500 have a noise level of only 52 decibels, and the louder generators that we tested, such as those from the Sportsman as well as the DuroStar generators create 69 decibels of noise.

Can I run 110V and 220V at the same time?

Typically, not. Generators that let you switch between 220V and 110V can only operate one voltage at a time however, you can put a power converter at one outlet to convert 220V power to 110V power.

Our Verdict

The three most popular 4000-watt generators available present comprise those from the Westinghouse iGen4500 and the Champion Power Equipment 100302 along with the WEN 56475. These three generators are extremely fuel efficient and provide extended runtimes of 15-17 as well as 10 hours and also produce minimal levels of noise. The Champion generator comes with RV-ready twist-lock outlets, which makes the perfect option to power a journey. The Champion generator comes with an extended warranty of three years, which is one of the most comprehensive warranties available in the market. Additionally this Westinghouse generator has wheels, making it more portable. We think it is the Westinghouse generator to be the most powerful 4000-watt generator due to its huge 4-500-watt peak power and its incredibly quiet 52 dB motor and the addition of an LED display at the front of the panel to show wattage consumption and duration of runtime.

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