7 Best 3 Point Quick Hitch 2023

Three-point quick hitches have proven to be an excellent companion for effective harvesting and farming. Did you know that this year marks the 86th-anniversary celebration of the three-point hitch’s invention? It was initially used on tractors but it has now been extended to trailers.

As time went on, different companies introduced categories 1,2, and three of fast hitches. But, every tractor or trailer does not need a 3 fast hitch with a point. Today, it’s difficult to imagine a tractor that doesn’t have the ability to use a quick hitch of three points to use for farming.

Our team of experts went back to the country in Minnesota and evaluated various famous 3-point quick hitches. Take a look at our comparison and review to find the most efficient 3 point fast hitchfor your trailer or tractor.

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Top 7 Best 3 Point Quick Hitch 2022

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What is a 3-point quick hitch?

A three-point quick hitch can be utilized to connect implements with an agricultural tractor or trailer to harvest, plough, and perform other agricultural tasks. The hitch looks like an arc or a version of A. The hitch typically attaches three points to the implements, so that it can be used at an angle of 90 degrees to the arm of the hitch and tractor.

The pivoting or drawbar attachment usually aid these hitches to have a fast setup and flexible position. This type of hitch gives tractor with greater grip and friction with equipment so that farmers get a good grip on the rowing or plow.

Additionally, it decreases the overall weight, or tractor weight. it gives you a convenient grip and resistance for controlling how the implement while aligning the tractor.

Different types of 3-point Quick Hitch

The lift arms, the implement and the top link are joined by an attachment hole. Pin attachment lets you remove and connect different tools quickly and easily. The diameter of the hole is different between tractor models and also for trailers. Therefore quick hitches are made in accordance with the measurement of size. The majority of the time there are between 0 and four categories.

Category 1

Category 1 lift arms and top link hole measurements are slowly 7/8 inches as well as 3/4 inch. It’s suitable for compact tractors with a range of 21 to 50 horsepower. The correct size is between 14 and 16 inches. But, prior to 21 horsepower this category is referred to as the category 0.

Category 2

Lift arm of Category 2 and top link hole measurements are slowly 1 inch and 1 1/7 inches. The distance between the lift arm is approximately 30 inches. It is ideal for the 40-100 hp horsepower tractor. In general cat two quick-hitches tend to be heavier-duty than cat 1.

Categorization 3

Cat 3 is perfect for tractor models with 78 to 250 horsepower. The top link is 1/4 inch of space, while arm links measure 7/16 inches. The spacing, however, is approximately 36 inches. Homesteaders typically use cat three measurement.

Category 4

The tractors that have 178-plus horsepower require cat 4. The arms’ spacing for lifts must be 45 inches, and the pinholes should be 2 inches. Additionally, the link pins measure around one 3/8 inch.

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Categories 1 and 2, vs Category 3 . Three-point hitch

ConcernCategory 1Category 2Categor 3
Horsepower21-50 HP40-100 HP78-225 HP
Top Link Diameters3/4 inches1-1/7 inches1 1/4 inches
Diameters of Lift arms7/8 inches1 inch7/16 inches
Maximum Weight2000 pounds5 000 pounds15,000 pounds

The best 3 point quick hitches for Trailers and Tractors A review with comparison

We believe that you’ve have a general idea about three-point quick hitch. Let’s find out which best suits your needs. In this review, we’ve looked at the differences between the hitches of each of them.

1. Vowagh Three Point Hitch for Trailers

Vowagh 3 Point Trailer Hitch

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Our first choice would be our first pick, the Vowagh 3 Point Trailer Hitch Undoubtedly a classic.


Material and quality: It has high-grade steel finish and pure heavy-duty construction. But, other hitches such as Sulythw & Kolypin are similar in the quality of their materials. We drove over 24 miles on it with no issue and a stunning balance. The implements were in the same place all the way.

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Style: It has a traditional yet robust triangular design that is sturdy. It is not like the Mophorn Trailer Hitch, we needed to simply connect the trailer’s frame, and then use it to align. This hitch is suitable for a receiver of two inches. Additionally, a powder-finished finish will protect the hitch from scratching, which was very impressive.

Implementation: We adjusted the operation using the Kublota 1 series using the drawings, and weld the nut using pin. The plow implement performed well with this hitch , and it harvested more easily than other hitches we’ve tried. As we mentioned, the lift pin is 7/8 inches long while the bolts can be simple to set up.

Measurement and fit: The length is 26 1/5 inches from the bottom of the pin, and 19 inches from the angle at the top of the pin. It’s not more than 26lbs and is lighter than the Happybuy hitch. We like the way that the lift pins are angled into the back of our Kubota.

Things we enjoy:

  • Quick Attach bolts are useful and make installation much easier.
  • Even in the presence of extreme humidity and pressure it won’t corrode.
  • Construction and grip are heavy-duty, as well as durable.

Things could get more positive

  • A bit expensive.

What makes us think that this is the best 3-point quick hitch?

Vpwagh Three Point Trailer Hitch is most compatible one with popular tractor brands such as John Deere, Kubota, NorTrac, Yanmar, and more from the seven fast hitches. The lower lugs are non-standard and operate in the same way like any other implement. Anyone who is new to the field can adapt to this, and then use it effortlessly.

#3 Maxxhaul Standard 3-Point Hitch

Maxxhaul Standard 3-Point Hitch for Tractor or Trailer

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Maxxhaul Standard Three-Point Hitch an effective hitch that is perfect for advanced users. It is great for use with several devices, but we have a few thoughts to share with you below.


Improved and new: The hitch includes steel pins that eliminate additional cost similar to previous Maxxhaul-type hitches. Additionally, the bushings offer the ability to connect any type of tool. We are glad that the manufacturer have listened to the critics before and designed the hitch to work with cargo and utility tractor.

Connection Similar to our favourite Vowagh installation, the installation and connecting process is simple. We have years of experience with hitch, and it took just four minutes to set up the whole device. It could be different when you’re a novice. It’s perfect for a drawbar that is two inches long.

Lifting pin measurements: It is a category one hitch that has lift pins measuring 7/8 inches wide on the sides. But, it will fit in a Case IH S series. Based on our measurements 19 inches at the highest point and 26 inches away from the side of the pin. It’s a decent size for universal compact tractor. We tried to attach it on to the John Deere 2038R and it stayed attached to a certain extent, but didn’t perform as well as VOWAGH. We would not suggest you do it on Cat 2. Cat 2.

Materials: This hitch made of steel alloy and has the strength of a triangle-shaped base. We have found that Maxxhaul quality is not compromised. There is no need to take extra care or keep it in good condition as with other hitches we’ve reviewed.

Things we enjoy:

  • Make sure you have a correct powder finish
  • It is durable and compatible with the majority of tools
  • Slots for towing and new accessories

Things could get more positive

  • Not for the beginner.

#3 Mophorn 3 Point Trailer Hitch

Mophorn 3 Point Trailer Hitch

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Are you in search of an extremely durable yet premium 3 point quick hitch? If so, then Mophorn 3 Point Hitch for Trailers may be the thing you’re searching for.


construction:The showstopper of the hitch is its structure. It’s a carbon-steel body that has a durable coating of powder. A lot of farmers from Minnesota said their Mophron was fine despite being outside in the rain and conditions for a long period.

Setup:Unlike Maxxhaul, it’s simple to install. It was just a matter of placing items at an right angle in front of the drawbar. In addition, you don’t require additional drilling or anything else. It is able to secure many hitches with just the pin. Different from other hitches it comes with a distinct design for the bottom pin, making it simple to connect.

Reduce time: Even though implements require manual adjustment to dispensing it, the bottom-up design is comfortable to switch. It allows quick movement of trailers and tractors from farms or warehouses. It is perfect for transporting equipment from a tractor that is small since the receiver hitch measures 2 inches.

Information: The hitch is black and features a half-moon triangular design. The pin’s end is around 31 inches and the height is around 24 inches. The total weight is 46 pounds that is heavier than Sulythw.

Things we love:

  • Three hitch flip pins are included.
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Excellent for heavy farming work

It could get improved

  • Heavy-weighted

#4 Kolpin Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitch

Kolpin Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitch

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To be used with UTV or ATVs Kolpin is better as compared to Mophorn. Take a look at our review below.


Heavy Duty The Kopin fits on any kind of two-inch receiver. An electric actuator is a particular type that can handle with heavy tools and also balances weight, making Kopin distinct from other models. The range of force can be up to 300 pounds, however, we only needed 250 pounds to manage and operate it on an 1300 lbs trailer. We did find the connection to the implements complicated.

Innovative: The hitch includes an extremely convenient rocker, which is unique for the Cat 1 hitch. It allows the implements to reduce or increase the depth of soil using an implement. The majority of popular hitches do not come with this feature which is why Kopin stands out as the only one to offer this feature. You don’t have to step off the machine. The hitch allows you to control it from the front seat.

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Additional Information: A frame support helps to secure the suspension locks on receivers specifically for ATVs. We didn’t mention that the triangle lift arms that come with this hitch can be flexed. It’s fairly easy to adjust to use any 2 inch automotive receiver. Our team can use the adjustable hitch with 60 inches toolbars along and the hitch.

Details: Like most cat hitches, this one has 7/8 inch diameter and also a 20 inch toolbar. The tube’s frame is 1 1/2 inches. Its capacity to lower pressure can handle as much as 15 inches in vertical lift.

We love:

  • Convenient rocker provide extra capacity
  • Heavy duty, with an electric actuator
  • The maximum draw weight is 300lbs.

The possibilities are more effective

  • The installation of switch implements may be a little simpler.

#5 Sullythw Tractor Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch

Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch

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Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch is a unique hitch. This is the perfect fit for light-duty work as well as daily farming.


Strong design This design has triangular design that is laser cut. The base material is steel and it’s fully weldable. We chose John Deere, and were able to pull 7-680lbs.. Based on our experience, Vowagh remains a top choice in terms of construction and overall materials. It has a strong powder coat which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion-resistant. A lot of users have given it with a 4-star rating for the design in various forums.

compatibility: It didn’t go with the Kubota that we tried for reasons. With John Deere’s tractor, harvesting implements were aligned perfectly and were plowed effectively. A V-shaped attachment pin is able to fix the position, but however it also assists in adjusting the heavy equipment.

Artistic: Sullythw constantly uses the latest models of trailers or tractor. We weren’t happy that the hitch took time to adjust. It also can lead to the time being wasted.

However, in terms in terms of capacity to pull, the figure exceeds Maxxhaul.

Dimensions: You’ll get a chain, clevis hook as well as a 7/8 inch ball for smaller uses. It’ll come with at minimum the one lifting pin. The frame’s width is 26 inches while the length is 21. Manufacturers offer a full year of warranty.

The things we love:

  • Includes the clevis hook
  • 12-month warranty
  • The maximum towing capacity is 8000lbs.

It could get more effective

  • Manufacturers could have used better materials for construction.

#6 Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer Hitch

Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer Hitch

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If you’re looking for hitches with tools and other accessories You can look at this Happybuy BX 3 Point Trailer Hitch.


construction: From the many hitches of all, the Happybuy hitch is the tiniest powder coat. We can conclude that this one will last for an extended period of time. It was a pleasant journey using this specific hitch. It was able to be towed up to 8000lbs.

Simple to install: You need a drawbar to secure the accessory to the right place. It features a pin design that makes it easy installation of compact or subcompact tractor. The implements are dispensable manually however, the dispense was simple to use.

Additional Features:Some farms use chain chains for dragging their implements, which can take some time. This hitch has an clevis hook that can be attached to the equipment quickly and without difficulty. Two different balls adjust to the soil’s resistance and can prevent the trailer hitch to prevent it from falling. We took 45 minutes to pave the land, while it typically requires 1.18 minutes to accomplish the same.

Information:It is for Cat 1 tractor models and ideal for farming in industrial settings and even construction. The ball’s diameter is 1-7/8 inches in diameter and the maximum load of 36 inches.

Things we love:

  • It is easy to set up and dispensing
  • Ideal for construction and industrial work
  • It can tow 8,000 pounds. capacity.

It could get more effective

  • If you are using this hitch only for small agricultural jobs, there are other alternatives.

#7 Sulythw Tractor Drawbar Adapter

Sulythw Tractor three point Drawbar Adapter

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Our final pick comes from our final pick, the Sulythw Tractor Drawbar adapter. It’s a more flexible version of the Sulythw Hitch we discussed above.


durable: Sulythw hitches have beautiful design, however we do not like the construction. Because it needs greasing, which many hitches don’t require. But the anti-corrode and anti-rust quality for the fixture is laudable.

Compatible with: The hitch is compatible with Yanmar, Catand, John Deere, LM25H, and other popular tractor models. It is lightweight and simple to set up. The hook pins can be adjusted in the event that the lift arm pins aren’t secure enough. The bottom pin style has this hitch to make the installation and connecting process easy for newbies.

Dimensions:Again, it has the standard 2-inch receiver-hitch. The frame’s size is 28 inches wide and its height is just 21 inches. Furthermore, the typical dimension of the pin is 7.8 inches. One drawbar adapter is included, as well as three pin adjustment options.

Other: Manufacturers provide the possibility of a full return for this particular hitch model. This is more suitable for construction than for farming.

We love:

  • Bottom pin design makes easy connection process
  • Extra hook pins
  • Ideal for construction and industrial work

There is a way to improve things:

  • Manufacturers could have used better materials for construction.

3-Point Quick Hitches Comparative Table

To help you make your purchase easier, we’ve evaluated the main features of these three point models with quick hitches.

Vowagh Three Point Trailer HitchAlloy steel26 poundsEasy for beginners and beginner-friendly
Maxxhaul 3 Point Hitch StandardAlloy steel35.2 poundsManuals must be adhered to
Mophorn 3 Point Trailer HitchAlloy steel48 kilogramsInstallation is simple and easy to do
Kolpin 3 Point Hitch Heavy DutyCarbon stainless steel82 poundsComplex
Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Hitch for TrailerAlloy steel29.2 poundsThe manual is to be adhered to
Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer HitchAlloy steel29.5 poundsEasy for beginners and beginner-friendly
Sulythw Tractor Drawbar AdapterAlloy steel20.9 poundsThe manual must be adhered to

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy the 3 Points that are the best for a quick Hitch

A 3 Points Quick Hitch is connected with a trailer


It is vital to gauge the upper links and the lift arms with precision. Additionally the precision of the trailer and tractor toe weights is crucial. It determines how quick a hitch that your vehicle requires and prevents double trips of attachment.

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Tractor/Trailer type

Although both are small-sized tractors, the MF 1300 Series Conditioner configuration isn’t identical to the John Deere 3032E. The measurement of the trailer does not match the measurements of tractors. This is also different from utility tractors and row crop tractor. While some trailers come with the same quick-hitches many do not. Some even have fixed drawbars.


Implementations make the process of selecting essential. When we tried the three point quick hitches cat 2, numerous implements weren’t able to attach regardless of the measurement. Therefore, prior to purchasing the quick hitch, be sure to specify the type of implement you’ll be employing.


Always ensure that you have a suitable finish for your protector, no matter the type of quick hitch you are looking to purchase. A heavy-duty steel construction is preferred in terms of overall design. Additionally, anti-corrosive and anti-rust materials are durable for a long period of time. Make sure the material is of high-quality or not.


The best way to buy a hitch is to verify the towing capacity as well as the weight of the tongue. The tractor or receiver trailer’s weight and horsepower define the type of hitch. Quick hitches differ in weight based on the material and the construction.

What is the 3-point quick-hitch function? And what are the reasons you require one?

3 point quick hitch connected with a tractor

A quick hitch that is 3-points attaches to the drawbar of the bumper of the trailer or tractor. A triangular lift arm attached to links (three locations).

The lift arms are controlled by the tractor/trailer hydraulic system. But, their third link will be where the install equipment. Implements are typically equipped during the third link latch. The implements raise and lower in accordance with the way you drive them and connect them.

If you drive your tractor/trailer through the hitch, it transfers the equipment’s weight to both the rear and front axles of the tractor or trailer. This means that the weight won’t transfer to the rear axle, which could result in the front axle having be unable to bear any weight.

The distribution ensures that the implement is aligned with the trailer and does not get sucked out by any kind of resistance by the drawbar. When plowing a field and harvesting the land, a 3 point quick hitch will ensure safety and reduces time spent farming more efficiently.

Be aware that without an easy hitch, it is necessary to be able to plough manually as there is a possibility of the equipment falling and ruining the land that was prepared to harvest. In addition, it can increase the chance that an incident could occur.

How do I install a 3- points quick hitch? (Step by Step Guideline)

1. The standard 3 point hitch is equipped with draft links, which we have discussed earlier. The first step is to move the hitch towards the lower the three-point position prior to aligning. Be sure to keep it in its place. It is better to work with a friend when installing. Because the majority of hitches are heavy.

Step 2.Back to the implement align the holes in the link draft and then lift the pins on the arm in an angle of 180 degrees to the implement. Link the links up into the hole, and then pin and secure it using an additional lunch pin to secure the hook for the clevis. reverse the position on the arm of your pin, then fix it in an adjustable or fixed location as you wish.

In the last step top, Link should be not bent forward as it could cause an imbalance in the lifting harmony. Once all three points are set connect the hitch using those pin hooks. Make sure you tighten the pin hooks to three sides. Check your trailer or tractor then and you’re done.

Quick Hitch FAQs

Quick hitch for tractor

What’s the best quick hitch for you?

A hitch-compatible adapter assists in adjusting rear attachments so that they can be lifted or lower.

All 3-point hitches are created equal?

3-point hitches fall into four types in accordance with their top link as well as the lift arms measurement. Therefore, not all three point hitches have the same.

How can I determine what class my 3 point hitch belongs to?

Take a look at your tractor’s or trailer’s horsepower and weight, as well as the top pin, and armhole diameter. If they match or recommend an instruction manual for hitches it is easy to determine it. It is possible to check our categories comparison chart to make it easier.

Do 3 Point Hitches are Universal?

The reason they’re not due to the measurement or size.

What are the top three-point hitch brands?

Vowagh, Harbor Freight quick hitch, Kolphin, and more brands are among the top 3 point hitch manufacturers.

Are there any benefits of using the 3-point quick hitch rather than the drawbar hitch?

Three point quick hitch is able to transfer weight to drive wheels in contrast the drawback hitch allows an adjustment to the trailer’s attachment.

Final verdict: Which 3-Point hitch is the best?

The process of testing and comparing to figure the most effective three-point hitches was fun but challenging. We were able to learn how these hitches work. But, Vowagh 2” Receiver 3 Point Trailer Hitch Category 1 is the one we like best as it passed our testing. It’s sturdy, simple to install, and compatible as well as the plowing performance was excellent. But the other six we reviewed are worth a look.

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