6 Best 22 Inch Light Bar 2023

Although a 22-inch light bar is going to cost more than a light bar that is smaller, however, it is an investment worth it. It’s because it’s been developed to provide the same amount of luminosity as its nearest size. i.e., 17-Inches.

With this kind of light bar it is certain that you will take pleasure in your off-road journeys since it is safer and more comfortable. If your vehicle is spacious enough for the grill, there’s no reason not to opt for the top 22-inch light bar.

This is a comprehensive review of the best-rated light bars (22 inches) on the market to help you make the best choice when you are looking for a light bar.

Top 6 Best 22 Inch Light Bar 2022

Explore the items we have listed and we hope that you will discover your perfect bar on the list.

The RankingProduct NameVoltageWattage
1Nilight 70003C-A 22″ Light Bar12 Volts120 Watts
2Rigidhorse Single Row 22″ Light Bar12 Volts180 Watts
3The Xprite Light Bar 22 inches in length12 Volts100 watts
4The Lightronic LED 22″ Light Bar12 Volts120 Watts
5The DWVO Light Bar 22 inches LED300 Watts
6Greatek 22,-Inch LED Light Bar30 Volts120 Watts

Nilight 70003C-A Light Bar 22 inches

As our 1st recommendation, we’re using one that comes from Nilight which is among the most renowned manufacturers of lighting bars. You will see that Nilight produces quality products that are never disappointing.

The particular light is with a rating of 120W and features an arc beam and spot combination pattern. This means that the light will illuminate more distance and offer more of a view. Thus, you’ll get all the brightness you require for off-road trips.

Then, it comes with an intrusion rate at IP67 as well as passed the rigorous test to confirm that it is completely waterproof. It can be submerged at 3.3ft in water around 30 minutes with no leakage.

We believe that it will endure the most harsh conditions because of the sturdy aluminum housing and sturdy brackets.

Nilight light bar comes with a 2-year warranty. Nilight Light Bar comes with a two-year guarantee to give you security. The warranty assures that you’re making an investment that is risk-free since you are able to make claims should there be any problems related to the product.

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Key Specifications:

  • 120W is 120W.
  • Light combo that combines flood and spot lights
  • IP67 rating
  • The warranty is valid for two years.


  • Built to last
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Excellent customer support


  • Poor moisture resistance

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2. Rigidhorse Single-Row 22-Inch Light Bar

The name implies it is a Rigidhorse light bar a LED light bar constructed to last. We credit this to the durable aluminum housing and lens shatterproof to 6063PC which guarantee they will withstand the toughest of circumstances.

The next thing we will examine will be these high-power LEDs that have an output of 20000 lumens , which is extremely powerful and very bright. It’s like installing an entire moon on your car!

What’s what is the rating IP67? This signifies that the water resistance of the device is so high that it is able to submerge 3.3ft under water for approximately 30 minutes with no leakage.

Key Specifications:

  • 20000 lumens 20000 lumens, 6000K color temperature
  • Over 50,000 hours of life span
  • IP67 rating for waterproofing
  • Includes a set of mounting brackets


  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Well-built
  • Broad compatibility


  • Paint is easily removed

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3. The Xprite Light Bar 22 inches in length

Are you searching for an ultra-thin device that is small in size? Xprite is the perfect choice to help, and its size gives you plenty of freedom for installation, while minimizing the sound of wind.

This smaller size doesn’t affect the performance of the light bar since it has the light bar has 20 LED chips to give the light bar a brightness that is 21000 lumens. This is more bright than our previous light bar and will make sure you can get through dark streets quicker and more efficiently.

For the structure it is the die-cast aluminum housing that is perfect for the most challenging environment. It also has an ribbed design that allows for quick dissipation of heat, which is a major reason for the extended life span of more than fifty thousand hours.

In addition, it has the rating for intrusion of IP67. Therefore, even if you expose it to extreme rain, nothing will get in the lighting bar. If it wasn’t enough to be enough, the light bar is also shockproof, able to withstand continuous bumps.

Key Specifications:

  • Lifespan of more than 100,000 hours
  • 21,000 lumens, 100W
  • IP67 intrusion rating


  • Very brilliant
  • Decent lifespan
  • Small and slim


  • Poor packaging

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4. Lightingronic Light Bar 22 Inch

This is a high-end 22-inch light bar might be worth considering buying. The Lightronic model is single-row design that has 12 pieces of LEDs, each having the power of 10W and 12000 lumens. This is a decent amount of brightness and gives you the ability to see even in difficult conditions like fog and snow.

The three types of lighting, i.e., amber flood light, white spot light, and the amber and white light combination, make sure you have the perfect setting for what the circumstances require.

If you take a look at the die-cast aluminum housing you’ll know that you’re getting a solid piece that is able to withstand the most difficult conditions. Additionally, it features vertical fins to aid in the dissipation of heat which contributes to a long longevity of more than 50 000 hours.

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The intrusion rating of IP69 guarantees you outstanding performance in the event of excessive dust or rain.

Key Specifications:

  • The power consumption is 120W. 12000 Lumens
  • IP69 intrusion rating
  • Lifespan of more than 50000 hours


  • Three lighting options
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Widely used


  • A little heavy

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5. DWVO 22-Inch LED Light Bar

Why not invest on a tri-row light bar to increase the efficiency of its lighting? This is the kind of light bar you’ll find with this light bar from DWVO that comes with the most powerful multi-lamp beads to increase its lighting.

In addition the multi-bulb configuration allows that the bar to emit light over a larger distance. This makes it easier to navigate your way on a difficult way, which is common for off-roading.

In addition, with an IP68 intrusion level, you don’t have to be worried about severe weather like heavy fog and rain. It is because the unit is sealed completely against these elements and you’ll be able to safely travel in the harsh conditions.

It is imperative to include our aluminum alloy body as well as efficient cooling that is crucial to the excellent heat dissipation. This is why the light bar can have an average lifespan of the 50,000 hours.

Key Specifications:

  • Triple row and multibulb design
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Housings made of aluminum alloy


  • Universal fit
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Widely used


  • Noisy

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6. Greatek 23-Inch Light Bar with LED

What is it that makes this Greatek light bar so amazing? It’s a decently bright bar that has minimal power consumption, something that is hard to come across. With a power rating of 120W, it has CREE LEDs that are bright enough to brighten the dark illuminated path in front of you.

It is also worth noting the flood beam and spot combination that enhances your off-road vision substantially.

The next thing to consider is the life span of more than 30,000 hours, which is fantastic and means you’ll have time before you have to plan to purchase a new item.

You could also be delighted by your IP67 waterproof rating. This is which is an guarantee of a high resistance to dirt and rain. This means that you do not need to be concerned about driving offroad in the rain.

Key Specifications:

  • 120W is 120W.
  • Over 30,000 hours of life span
  • IP67 is the waterproof rating.
  • Diecast aluminum housing


  • Low power consumption
  • Solid construction
  • Affordable


  • Unklar warranty conditions

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Buying Guide to the Perfect 22-Inch Light Bar

It is important to note that because of a broad selection of brands for light bars to choose from, finding the perfect light bar might not be easy.

It is better to focus on specific elements to narrow your search. At the end of the day you’ll have saved lots of your time as well as energy.

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The Brand

Different brands have different aspects to provide. So be patient and look into each brand’s distinctive feature, and this can assist you in making your choice.


Then, you’ll prefer to choose a light bar which can light up your route in a way that is sufficient regardless of how dark. In this case, you must consider the number of lumens which means that the more lumens is, the brighter it will likely to be.

However, you should be aware of the power consumption to ensure that your battery doesn’t get too drained.


The quality of construction determines whether the lighting bar can last you, as well as its ability to withstand the harshest conditions. Aluminium alloys are the most commonly used material used to construct the housing. An intrusion rating as high as IP67 or above is suitable for off-roading.

Other things to take into consideration include:

  • The purpose
  • The number of rows
  • Beam pattern
  • Price
  • Reviews that have been published on the seller’s site

FAQs about the Best Light Bars

In answering some of the most frequently asked questions about light bars 22-inches by answering some of the most frequently asked questions, we’ll be expanding your knowledge of the subject. Let’s take a look at what they’re.

How do I clean my light bar?

When your car is equipped with accessories on it, we advise hand washing as a method to clean it. This reduces the chance of damage that could have occurred if you taken your car to an auto wash.

Lightbars are designed to be used in off-road vehicles If you stick to this type of use they are not likely to run into legal trouble. But, make sure to check the specific laws of your state to find out what you are allowed to do before installing this gadget.

How is a light-bar powered?

In the majority of cases it’s the vehicle that is responsible. You will need connect the connector to the power source of your vehicle in order to finish the circuit. We suggest that you go through the manual for the product prior to installing it in order to understand the requirements of each light’s power source.

The Most Excellent Overall

After comparing all of the options and knowing what each can offer We came to the conclusion that the Rigidhorse One Row, 22 inches Light Bar is the best overall. It’s well-constructed, and the brightness level will give you the visibility required to drive off road.

This being said it isn’t the wrong way if you opt for the other accessories since they are of the highest quality.

Wrapping Up!

You should have discovered something new about the 22-inch light bars. This will make you able to make the right decision. For those who are off-roaders, this is a tool that can greatly benefit your adventures, and should you be fortunate, for a reasonable cost.

Each of the products we’ve looked at has something unique to provide, and it’s your responsibility to make the necessary comparisons in order to decide what one you prefer.

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