6 Best 10 inch Rough in Toilets 2023

The smaller the bathroom more compact, the less likely it will be to have the standard rough-in toilet of 12 inches. In addition, if the house was constructed in the past it is likely that the rough-in area is 10 inches due to the fact that those bathrooms from the past were extremely small. The measurements should be interchangeable, and that is the reason it is crucial to determine the correct rough-in measurement prior to installing an entirely new toilet. In the absence of this, it could cost you money as you might require purchasing additional accessories to install the toilet. In the worst-case scenario, your new toilet might not be able to be installed at all.

When you are deciding on the most efficient rough-in toilet of 10 inches there are many factors that go into the choice. It is important to think about the bathroom space and the amount of water that a toilet consumes as well as the type of bowl that is round or elongated and the reasons why one is superior than the other. You will also have to consider specifics like the flushing system. This will allow you to sort through the myriad of options available. Our top pick is Kohler K-3889-0 highline that is WaterSense compatible with WaterSense and EPA approved for its water efficacy. It comes with an elongated bowl to provide more comfort, is rated 1.28gpf and comes with a unique ClassFive(r) flushing system for an extremely powerful and clean flush.

The article is divided into sections for better navigation. It begins with a comparative table that is followed by with in-depth critiques of our top 10 inch rough-in toilets. Then, you’ll arrive at a complete buying guides. It took us about 72 hours to create after an extensive study of reviews of customers and references to the websites of the manufacturers. We hope it is beneficial when you are searching for a rough-in toilet with a 10 inch diameter.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice:
    Kohler K-3889-0 Highline “Elongated single-flush toilet, with an easy three-bolt design as well as a CALGree Certificate.”
  • Budget Choice:
    Toto Drake CST744SF.10 “Fairly priced, high-quality toilet that has a single G-max flush and a fully-glazed trapway.”
  • American Standard Cadet 3:
    American Standard Cadet 3 “Troubleless toilet with an EverClean surface that wards off microbes. It also comes with a PowerWash(tm) edge.”
  • The Best Two-Piece Toilet with a 10-inch Rough-In:
    Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron “Elegant toilet that has an elegant toilet with a DryLock(tm) system and a space-saving round seat, as well as an adjustable height for comfort.”
  • The best for potty training:
    American Standard Baby Devoro “Teach your children toilet manners by using this 10-icnh round-seated rough-in bathroom.”
  • The Best Dual-Flush Toilet
    Toto Aqua CST412MF.10 “High-quality toilet that has an outstanding Dual-Max(r) flushing mechanism as well as the universal chair height.”

Top 6 Toilets with 10-inch Rough-Ins Review 2022

Kohler K-3889-0 Highline

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Kohler’s K-3889 Highline is a toilet made of two pieces which combines simplicity and efficiency in one. It has a sleek and clean appearance, the single-flush device employs gravity’s force and a well-designed tank trapway, and bowl to form an impressive siphon while flushing. The system also uses class Five(r) flushing tech, which provides plug-free performance and rinsing capacity for a clean bowl. A built-in flush valve for canisters delivers a strong punch to clear clogs without using water. A left-hand trip lever is easy to operate.

Its WaterSense(r) toilet is compliant with the strict EPA flushing guidelines that include using 20% lower water consumption than 1.6-gallon models. It uses only 1.28 grams of water per flush, which means it will help you reduce the water bills each year when by replacing an old toilet. It is a two-piece bathroom, which means it is higher than a single-piece toilet, making it suitable for older or mature people. It is more like sitting on an actual chair, which makes it more comfortable for bathroom trips.

The installation of this toilet is easy because of three pre-installed tank bolts, which will can reduce the time needed to install. If you’re worried about the dimensions the rough-in measurement is precisely 10 inches. It is 74.9cm (L) and 45.7cm (W) in size. 79.4cm (H). There is also the fact that the bathroom is CEC (California Energy Commission) and CALGreen-certified, which means that it’s an environmentally friendly toilet. The exterior finish is distinct biscuit-colored hue which is a great alternative to the countless white toilets in the market. In all, the Highline water-saving toilet appears impressive and works efficiently and deserves a place in every house.

What makes it unique?

  • The bowl is longer, which provides more space and ease of use.
  • The chair-height seat allows for comfortable standing and sitting.
  • 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • Strong siphon during flushing.
  • Plug-free performance and high rinse power.
  • Simple installation.
  • Elegant finish.

How can we fix the weaknesses?

  • A slightly higher cost option.


12 Great Toilets For Every Bathroom – Pick the Ideal Bathroom (Fall 2022)

Toto Drake CST744SF.10

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Another model from Toto The Drake CST744SF.10 is on the lowest price to meet the needs of people who are looking for a quality rough-in toilet that is 10 inches in diameter without costing a fortune. The toilet features an elongated bowl and, when a seat is installed it gives the equivalent height of the standard chair. The tank is an attractive design with a high-profile design. It is smaller in size in comparison to other elongated-bowl type toilets. There is also the option of locking the lid to avoid from tampering with the flush mechanism. One feature that the Drake provides is a range of colors. The bathroom is offered as Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, Bone, and Ebony.

It utilizes Toto’s distinctive G-Max flushing systemthat incorporates a huge water outlet and a powerful siphon action that gives an additional increase to 1.6 gallon water flow. The water is pumped into the bowl via an angled nozzle, and the fully glazed trapway will ensure total removal of all waste from one flush.

In contrast to the standard 2-inch valve unlike the standard 2-inch valve, the Drake comes with a larger 3-inch valve. This results in a faster and stronger flush which completes the water in 50% the time of the standard flush. This powerful flush with an extended trap area of 2 1/8 inches gives almost zero chance of blocking.

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The toilet is constructed with an inch rough-in between the wall and the middle in the pipe for the disposal. It comes with all the components required for installation, but the seat is required to be purchased separately. Toto includes a user’s guide to assist you in the process , but the actual job is fairly simple.

What are our top features?

  • The seat is comfortable and universal in height.
  • A bowl with a long length.
  • Very difficult to block because of the extra-large trapway.
  • Extra powerful flush because of an increased valve.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Affordable.

What else could be better?

  • It is not Water Sense compliant.

American Standard Cadet 3

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If you’ve been searching online for a premium toilet to fit in your bathroom, then you’ve likely come across the American Standard Cadet 3 model. It is among the top sought-after toilets available is this Cadet 3 is highly functional and comes with a number of amazing features.

From the beginning that is built of vitreous china. It has a an elegant design that will give a stylish look for your bathroom. The item is ADA certified and comes with an EverClean finish that reduces the requirement for manual cleaning in the bathroom. The material is resistant to the growth of mildew and bacteria. With a comfortable high of 17.5 inches it is a great alternative for tall people and the elderly as well for the disabled. It also comes with the SoftClose seat, which prevents an accidently slamming of the seat at night.

A trip lever of 3 inches in chrome will trigger a powerful flush action that requires just 1.28 Gallons for each flush. The pressure that results pushes waste through a fully sealed trapway and guarantees the bowl is cleaned immediately each time you flush. The most important thing is that this Cadet 3 consumes 20 percent less water than conventional 1.6-gallon for each flush. The toilet’s powerful flush eliminates requirement for multiple flushing which further enhances the water-saving features of the toilet. The WaterSense toilet is eligible to a discount located in a municipality with a qualifying status.

The installation of the Cadet 3 should be an simple task since it comes with a seat however, the bowl and tank may be delivered separately.

Overall the toilet is durable, comfortable user-friendly and water-saving. It’s everything you’d expect from a high-end toilet. In addition, the industry-leading warranty of five years ensures its durability.

What makes us so impressed?

  • Complete with lid and seat.
  • ADA compatible as well as WaterSense certified.
  • Reduces water usage because of 1.28gpf.
  • EverClean surface to reduce spots and the growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Comfortable sitting height.
  • Technology for flushing power.
  • Straightforward installation

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • Tank and bowl may be delivered in separate packages, which requires the use of a wrench.

Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron

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Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron is an ADA-compliant two-piece toilet. the specifications of ADA because of the seat’s height as well as length along with its low consumption of water at 1.28 Gallons per flush. This toilet is equipped with Kohler’s exclusive AquaPiston flushing system that delivers additional force to the flush by letting water flow through the bowl from all directions which increases the effectiveness and power that the toilet flushes. This also ensures the toilet is free of all waste after just one flush and without obstructions.

The Cimarron is constructed from vitreous china and has a fully trap way that is glazed. This makes sure that all waste is disposed of to the place it is. The seat is set at a the height of a chair for comfortable standing and sitting. Moreover, the bowl has been elongated to provide extra ease of use. This ComfortHeight(r) feature is an ideal option to bathrooms specifically designed for people with disabilities.

This Kohler toilet is fitted with an approximate rough-in of 10 inches from the center in the drain pipe and the wall. The fact that it is two-piece allows for easier installation due to the fact that it weighs less than a one-piece unit. It will require a brand new trap seal along with T-bolts, nuts and T-bolts to set up the toilet. It also comes with the feature Kohler refers to as DryLock(tm) which is created to cut down on installation time and to prevent leakage of water. It does not come with any scalding coatings, so nearly every cleaning product is employed to cleanse the toilet.

In the end we can say that the Cimarron is an attractively priced and well-designed toilet, given its numerous options. It is however, required to purchase an additional seat, which increases the total price, however should you reside in the Water Sense rebate zone, rebates typically cover the cost. ADA conformity means that it can be used in public washrooms and also in schools.

What makes us so impressed?

  • EPA Water Sense certified.
  • Highly efficient AquaPiston flushing mechanism.
  • Fully glazed trapway.
  • Standard height for greater comfort.
  • Installation is easy and fast.
  • Water consumption is low.

What negatives should You be wary of?

  • There is no seat.

American Standard Baby Devoro

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The American Standard Baby Devoro is designed specifically to be used by children, or for projects where a tiny person is the primary user. It is also an excellent choice for health or education facilities for children.

The toilet is constructed of vitreous China, which is extremely hard, resistant to stain, and simple to keep clean, not to mention its elegant appearance. It consumes only 1.28 Gallons of water for each flush that is less than a quarter of the amount utilized by other toilets. The toilet is in line with the requirements for the HET (High Efficiency Toilet) and while it does not use the same amount of water, it is equipped with an extremely powerful flush, which ensures that every waste item is eliminated within a single flush.

The rim’s height is 10 1/4 inches to allow for ease of access for children and smaller people, but the rough-in remains with a height of 10 inches. With a round front bowl and the round back bowl, it Baby Devoro makes a perfect toilet for small bathrooms. Installation is simple, because of the speed Connect Tank and Bowl coupling mechanism.

The left-hand right side is the chrome lever that can be used to start the flush. Additionally the chrome material complements the stainless steel and chrome fixtures in the majority of bathrooms. The trapway is fully glassed to ensure a clean drainage of waste and avoid obstruction, and it also has a clean dam around the bowl makes it possible to conceal unsightly baby diapers from the world and keep them clean.

If you’re looking for a toilet for your little children to use until they’re old enough to utilize the standard height toilet, then you can’t get it without this baby devoro.

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Why is it different?

  • Made from vitreous China for longevity.
  • High efficiency, minimal water consumption.
  • Achieving the right height for children and people with small feet.
  • A fully glazed trapway is designed to avoid the clogging.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It also has the sanitation dam.

Which are its weaknesses?

  • Package does not include specific size seat.
  • The toilets are more expensive than the other ones.

Toto Aqua CST412MF.10

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Its Toto Aqua CST412MF.10 offers you the option of a consumption of water, which is 0.9 Gallons per flush or an average flush of 1.6 Gallons per flush. This is because of its Dual-Max(r) flushing mechanism with the smaller amount of water designed to clear this bowl from liquids, and the higher flush for solid waste. This means you will get rid of plenty of water within the course of a year. The flushing system operates through the simple press of a button that is located on the top of the tank. The base tray is also large to make sure that no waste is clogging the toilet.

It features a modern one-piece design that is and is finished with an incredible cotton white hue. It is ideal for people seeking a brighter fresh, cleaner and more refreshing toilet appearance. The bowl design is the extended one that works perfectly with the universal height requirements to ensure that accessibility to all of all ages , including those with disabilities. It also targets people who prefer greater comfort since the seat’s height allows people to use it as you would on a normal chair.

The outside and the interior of the toilet are constructed of vitreous china. It can be used to limit any growth in bacteria as well as microbes. When you want to update your toilet for an elegant design it is the best option. The certifications are IAPMO(cUPC(r)) as well as WaterSense however it is environmentally friendly and water efficient. The Aqua falls in the middle of the budget, and despite being advertised as a 10-inch rough-in toilet, it comes with the possibility of a 12 inch rough-in if you think it more suitable for your bathroom.

What is it that makes it unique?

  • Dual-max flushing system designed for high or low consumption.
  • A long bowl with a universal height.
  • It is able to be anchored to the floor and is easy to install.
  • Tank is closely linked to bowl and bowl that minimizes the floor space.
  • WaterSense certified.
  • Available in 12-inch rough-ins too.
  • Value for the money.

What negatives did we discover?

  • The push button seems fragile.

Things to Consider

The 10-inch rough-in bathroom is not different from purchasing another toilet. A majority of the things you’ll consider are features of good toilet. In this guide and explain the reasons to buy the rough-in toilet of 10 inches and also installation advice.

The advantages of a rough-in 10-inch toilet

There are people who are wondering why you need to install the 10-inch rough-in bathroom. There are a lot of benefits to having the 10-inch rough-in toilet particularly if you have small bathrooms.

  • Simple installation – there’s no complicated steps to follow in the installation of the rough-in toilet of 10 inches. In reality, it’s installed the same way like a conventional toilet.
  • It can save up to two inches from the wall and the toilet without sacrificing the comfort. It can be placed closer to the wall, and may even provide the extra space you need to fully open your bathroom door.
  • Utilize the identical technology as models with 12 inches These models are designed to be compact and effective in the same way, with water-saving features.

10 rough-in toilet installation techniques

When you’ve made the purchase of a 10-inch rough-in, your next thing to do is to install it. The majority of them are easy to set up, which means you will save you cash that would otherwise be paid to an expert plumber. It is crucial to get it right the first time to ensure that you don’t pay more than what you’re seeking to reduce.

The following guidelines can aid you in the installation of your toilet:

  • If your bathroom isn’t equipped with a drain to the rough-in toilet that measures 10 inches there is no other option other than to replace a drainpipe.
  • Install the wax ring over the main drainpipe vent.
  • Attach a bolt-holding band to the floor close to the wax ring, making sure that the threads face the toilet you’re planning to place in.
  • The toilet should be gently lowered onto the wax rings and bolts. Be sure that the wax ring remains in place or you could be at risk for leaks.
  • Use an nut to tighten the bolts , and a the wax rings.
  • Combine all the other parts in the bathroom.
  • Look for any leaks, and if there is none can be found, your toilet is set to use.

Price tag

The cost of toilets ranges from $300 to $1000 based on the manufacturer, the type – whether single-piece or two-piece design – as well as the features. If you’re purchasing one specifically for a special need like disabled individuals, for smaller people or to be used for education be prepared to spend more than you would for a normal toilet.

Things to think about when buying the top rough-in of 10 inches for your toilet

From the toilet’s type to the water consumption rating and bowl designs Below are the main factors to consider before buying any toilet.

Space-saving design

The rough-in toilets with a diameter of 10 inches are compact , and their primary benefit is that they are space-saving. The extra space you can gain will enhance the convenience of using your bathroom.

Toilet type

Toilets are available in a one-piece or two-piece designs. There are a few aspects be aware of when choosing on which of the options.

The first thing to note is that the two-piece toilet comes with the tank and bowl separately, and the single-piece unitizes the tank and bowl together. One-piece toilets are smaller dimensions than the other types which makes them the best choice for those with limited space. They are also easy to clean as they do not have hidden areas.

The primary area in which the two-piece design prevails is in the cost. They are a lot less expensive – typically between 15 and 25% less expensive than single-piece toilets. However they may face problems with shipping as one piece might arrive a week than the one you received.

Powerful flushing system for power

The kind of flushing system you choose to use is an important factor to take into consideration since it influences the efficacy and power in the process. A strong system can conserve water because you do not have to flush many times to eliminate garbage. Additionally, you should choose a system that is user-friendly one that gives you the peace you require when you visit the toilet.

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Water consumption is low.

A lot of people are unaware of the impact that a toilet selection can have on the cost of water each year. There are many types of toilets that come that have different capacities for flushing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Toilets should not use more than 1.6 grams per flush. Most of them stick with this figure.

However, certain toilets like those in the Kohler K-3889-0 Highline and the American Standard Cadet 3 in this article are more efficient in water use, with a the consumption rate of 1.28 Gallons per flush. Dual flush systems like that found inside Toto Aqua CST412MF.10 Toto the Aqua CST412MF.10 can also help conserve water as it creates different amounts of water for various types of waste. So, prior to purchasing toilets, take a look at the amount of water it uses.

Cleaning and installation is easy

The toilet you buy will definitely be a great choice if installation is easy. There’s nothing as frustrating than attempting something DIY that’s difficult out, particularly when you have to deal with heavy equipment and tools. Find out how simple it is to set up the toilet.

Of course, you’ll be required to regularly clean your toilet while the simplicity of the cleaning process is an additional aspect to think about. Be aware that a toilet with two pieces is more difficult to clean as they usually have difficult-to-access areas.

The surface material is crucial when it comes to keeping the toilet spotless. In this regard vitreous china is the top choice because it’s extremely smooth, which makes it simple to clean and resistant to the build-up of bacteria.

The surface’s appearance and clean is one thing, while rim cleaning is a different. The most effective toilet for this is one with holes that are inserted through the rims. The holes let water be able to flow through and provide the best clean.

Bowling style

Bowls come in two types that are elongated and round. The first is designed to provide users’ comfort as your legs are naturally placed when sitting in the bathroom, whereas the round style is ideal for those who want to reduce space or people with smaller bathrooms. It is also essential to be aware of the material the bowl is constructed from because some manufacturers have anti-bacterial surfaces that provide the highest levels of hygiene while also keeping the toilet tidy for the next person to the bathroom.

Do not listen to the noise

A noisy bathroom can be frustrating, let alone an unsettling flush that let everyone in the home be aware that you’re making use of the toilet. If you must use the toilet at the middle of the evening, a loud flush could wake all the family members even a newborn baby you’ve worked so hard to get to sleep.

It isn’t easy finding a toilet is silent, the main first thing you have to figure out is whether you are able to stand up to the noise or not. The best method to determine this is to try the flushing system shopping at a retail store, or read reviews when you purchase online.


It is important to look at certifications by WaterSense and EPA in addition to ADA compliance. If you spot an WaterSense certified product, it means this particular toilet is in compliance with the requirements of EPA for high water efficacy and efficiency. Water-efficient toilets can help you save money and also benefit the environment by conserving water for the future generation. The best toilets today are all designed to safeguard the environment by only flushing what is required during flushing.

Comfortable seating

It’s the only thing that’s often forgotten and yet is an essential part that is essential to the functioning of the toilet. Certain models might not have a seat, for instance, the Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron is a great example. So, don’t forget to look through the list of features to be certain of the features you can anticipate. You’ll also find alternatives like soft-close lids that will not accidentally hit on top of the toilet; small features which can improve the comfort of your bathroom and enhance your visit the experience.


If the longer warranty period, the more satisfying and reassures you this product’s good quality and also robust. It is true that different manufacturers provide various warranty terms and, sometimes, people choose the brand name , regardless of the smallest details like warranties. If you’re really concerned about your warranty, then you should consider the American Standard Cadet 3 is an excellent investment.


Does a toilet with larger rough-in sizes be substituted with a 10” one?

Yes , it is possible. However it is necessary to make changes. For example, if you install a rough-in 10-inch toilet in a room intended for a 12-inch toilet, you will have two inches of unfinished space between the tank and the wall. The extra inches mean that your tank is away distance from the shutoff valve that is on the wall. Consequently it is likely that a longer connector would be needed to provide a sufficient reach.

Does it take a lot of effort cleaning a bathroom using rough-in of 10 inches?

Absolutely not, although one-piece models are easier to clean than a two-piece model because it is a single piece with fewer joint joints or crevices. Furthermore, some toilets made by Toto come with extremely powerful G-Max flushing systems that removes any debris within the toilet every flush. Ideally cleaning a 10-inch rough-in toilet is similar to the other types of toilets.

Wrapping Up!

It is clear that the rough-in toilets are of top quality and adhere to stringent environmental requirements. Here are our top three picks:

It’s the Kohler K-3889-96 Highline took the number one spot because we loved its class Five(r) flushing technology which guarantees a plug-free flush and the ability to completely cleanse the bowl. WaterSense-compliant, EPA and CALGreen certified the toilet is able to pass all tests on environmental quality to ensure it is suitable for any commercial and residential setting.

The second will be number two, the Toto Drake CST744SF.10. It’s priced at the lowest end of the cost to meet the needs of those looking for a high quality toilet with a rough-in of 10 inches without breaking the bank.

Our final choice will be an American Standard Cadet 3. It comes with premium features like the soft-close seat that is included with the EverClean surface, 17.5 inches comfort height and a 5-year guarantee backing the model, it is well worth every cent. Many people would say that this is the most comfortable rough-in toilet with 10 inches.

But, which do you believe is the best option for your toilet? We’d love to talk to you.

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